Dark Words

Not long ago, the teacher assigned an interesting extracurricular homework: to ask everyone to learn a special skill, such as ventriloquism, magic or a rare language, etc.

Seeing that the teacher was about to check the homework, Liu Fang remembered it. At night, she was lying on the bed thinking hard, what special skill should she learn to do business? Suddenly, a chirping sound came to her ears. She followed the sound and saw that it was Liu Ling who was on the opposite bed, sitting on the bed and whispering something to the wall.

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Liu Fang's first reaction was that Liu Ling was practicing a certain language. As soon as she rolled her eyes, why not learn from Liu Ling by herself. Thinking of this, she listened carefully.

The language Liu Ling speaks is not difficult, just a few syllables tossed and turned, Liu Fang quickly mastered it. After chanting for a while, she felt a little anxious, so she got up and went to the bathroom.

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On the way back, she kept talking about it, for fear of forgetting it. Just after reading a few lines about the heroine of the ghost head legend , a dark wind suddenly blew in the corridor, and the lights above the head flickered. Then, the ground melted into a swamp, and a pair of skeleton hands reached out and grabbed her feet. Suddenly, she froze in fright. Only now did she understand that Liu Ling spoke the language of beckoning ghosts. Liu Fang regretted unceasingly: How did I learn such a deadly thing!

Soon after the ghost head told the heroine , a ghost covered in carrion emerged from the ground. It slowly approached Liu Fang, then grabbed her and said, "My wife, I have found you." I will never quarrel with you again, don't run away from home again!

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It turned out that the ghost regarded herself as its wife, and Liu Fang let out a sigh of relief. She thought she might as well just make the mistake and get the ghost away as soon as possible. So she pretended to be angry and said: How do you know I'm here? I don't want to talk to you, so get out!

Seeing this, the ghost took two steps back. Liu Fang couldn't help but get excited: I will be able to escape immediately.

I know you are acting. said the ghost in a low voice.

It was found out, and Liu Fang's heart rose to her throat.

Baby, what you said just now was the code word we agreed upon. As soon as I heard you read the code words, I knew you had sex with this girl. There must be danger here, so you pretended to be angry and drove me away on purpose, right?

Just as she was about to continue dealing with the ghost, the ghost said first, "Did someone cast a spell on you and trap you in this girl's body?" I will rescue you now! After speaking, the ghost stretched out his hands and tore open Liu Fang's stomach.

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