Couple In Painting

The most jobs these days are from wedding companies, and there are a lot of people getting married during the National Day holiday. Looking at the display rack, I felt that the newlyweds were a good match. The bride was beautiful and the groom was dashing. Sigh… You said whether to mourn or not, everything was ready, but the last step was left. Guess what, the bride and groom went out to celebrate with their friends, drove drunk, and got into a car accident, and two people died on the spot. It's great to be a couple underground. … Continue readingCouple In Painting

Sleeping Beauty

I seem to have slept all night, but I don't remember anything from last night, even the room in front of me is very strange to me. I looked at the girl's face in the mirror, as if I had met a stranger. This woman has been visiting you day and night since the beginning of your fall, always sitting on your bed and weeping, who else could it be if it wasn't your mother? A little girl about seven or eight years old in a hospital gown jumped up to me and said with a smile, "Sleeping Beauty, did the prince wake you up with a kiss? Mom said you were Sleeping Beauty. You have been sleeping for a long, long time. Until a prince will kiss you awake. … Continue readingSleeping Beauty