Chapter Twenty

"This is the old woman looking at her." The old woman looking at her said nonchalantly. "The old woman Qiubo smiled." Said the old woman Qiubo. "Well, the Fairy Lingzi is no longer in the way," the old woman Qiubo suddenly changed the subject and said, "Now we can talk about the person next to you." The old woman Qiubo snorted, seemingly displeased. "The old woman Qiubo replied coldly. "But Daoist Xian Lingzi said that senior's eyes are like autumn water and his appearance is as beautiful as a fairy. He must have seen it before. "Hmph," the old woman Qiubo seemed a little annoyed, and said angrily, "Do you think the old woman's 'disabled eyes' are vegetarians?" the old woman Qiubo said angrily. … Continue readingChapter Twenty