Yellow River Ghost Coffin Listening To Songs Chapter 123: Possession By The Residual Soul

"Dragon Slayer, what happened to my father? Why hasn't he woke up yet?" Chu Xuan asked from the side.

My grandfather turned to look at Chu Xuan and licked his lips, "Miss Chu, I told you a long time ago, don't call me the Dragon Slayer Hero. It sounds awkward. My surname is Liu Ming Nian Dao, and my courtesy name is Bingshou. You can just call me Bingshou." , let’s go and see your father again.”

Chu Xuan nodded slightly. Although the aloofness on her body had subsided a lot at this time, there was still a coldness in her bones. Although she looked beautiful, it was difficult for people to feel close to her.

Chu Xuan led the way, and several people walked into a private house not far from the road. Chu Chenfeng was lying on his back in the private house at this time, with a sleeping bag covering his body and another sleeping bag spread under him. His face was pale and his eyes were closed tightly.

My grandfather's slap wasn't too hard. Chu Chenfeng hasn't woken up yet, so that's new. But it's not bad. It would be really troublesome if he wakes up and jumps into the pit again.

My grandfather came closer, knelt down and felt his breath under his nose with his fingers. He was still breathing, but the breath was very weak. He grabbed his wrist and checked his pulse, and his brows suddenly furrowed.

Chu Xuan saw him and asked quickly, "What's wrong? Tu… No, Liu, Liu… Brother Liu."

Brother Liu?

Hearing Chu Xuan call my grandpa this way, several people, including the little ghost monkey, looked at her in surprise at the same time, feeling that her "brother Liu" was too inconsistent with her cold appearance.

My grandfather subconsciously looked at Xiao Laodao. Xiao Laodao watched my grandfather's mouth move slightly, revealing a hint of a smile, which was quite metaphorical.

My great-grandfather spread Chu Chenfeng's wrist and said to Chu Xuan calmly: "Your Majesty was invaded by external evils. Judging from the Yin veins, the external evils are incomplete, and there is a trace of the root cause."

"Brother, what do you mean by this?" In fact, Mr. Xiao only knows some Feng Shui and Guanyu methods. Compared with my grandfather, a professional master of exorcism and ghost hunting, he seems to be a novice. He couldn't help but ask my grandfather. .

My great-grandfather explained: "In other words, Master Chu is possessed by a ghost, but this ghost is a remnant soul that was deliberately dispersed by someone. A person has three souls and seven souls. After death, seven souls return to the earth, and three souls die. The three souls are what we call ghosts. The missing one of the three souls is the remnant soul. Only one soul has invaded the body of the master of Chu. There is a certain connection and attraction between the souls of the unified ghosts. This remnant soul is attached to Chu. The purpose of the Great Master is to use the body of the Great Master Chu to explore the other two souls, do you understand?" After saying that, my great-grandfather looked at Xiao Laodao and then at Chu Xuan.

Perhaps because my great-grandfather’s words contained too many jargon and contained too much information, neither of them reacted immediately, and their faces were blank.

After a while, Xiao Laodao finally took a deep breath and said, "I understand now, the other two souls are in that deep pit."

"That's right." My grandfather nodded, "This must be an anti-theft method set up by the owner of the tomb. He uses magic to separate the three souls of others. One soul is placed in the jade coffin hall, and the other two souls are placed in the deep pit. People who enter the ancient tomb will be possessed by one soul and jump into the pit to search for the other two souls. At this time, the centipedes inside will eat up their bodies."

Chu Xuan seemed to have just listened to Xiao Chang at this time, and looked very anxious, "Then, Liu, brother Liu, what should I do? Please save my father."

My grandfather glanced at Chu Xuan and felt that "Brother Liu" sounded more awkward than "Dragon Slayer", "Miss Chu, don't worry, there will always be a way."

"What solution?" Chu Xuan asked.

"These ghosts must have been imprisoned by someone using evil magic. The most direct way is to go down to the deep pit to find the remaining two souls, and then unlock the two souls. The two souls will attach themselves to your father. Wait. With the three souls gathered together, I can beat out the ghost that is attached to your father."

"Can't one soul be beaten?" Xiao Laodao asked.

My grandfather shook his head and said, "I don't know. I have never encountered such a situation. This should be a magic or witchcraft from the Western Regions. It may have been lost a long time ago. I have never seen it, and I have never heard my father say it." .”

"Why don't you give it a try? The centipede in the pit is so fierce and tight that you can't hide even if you go down." Xiao Laodao said.

My grandfather looked at Chu Xuan and said, "As long as Miss Chu agrees, I will give it a try."

Chu Xuan hesitated and asked my grandfather, "Is something going to happen to my father?"

"I don't know. The worst possibility is that your father's soul will be knocked out all the way."

Upon hearing this, Chu Xuan's expression suddenly changed, "Then… then I'll go to the pool to find the other two souls." After saying that, he turned around and left the house.

"Miss Chu, it's very dangerous to do this…" My grandfather wanted to chase her and stop her, but he was held back by Xiao Laodao.

Xiao Laodao said to my grandfather in a low voice: "Brother, the Yellow River Ghost Coffin listens to the song . Sand Wolf is a group of people who commit all kinds of crimes, including murder and robbery. We don't have to worry about them."

If Xiao Laodao said this in the past, my great-grandfather would definitely agree with it and sit on the sidelines. But now, for some reason, when he saw Chu Xuan, my great-grandfather thought of Shan Xueer, maybe because these two women are thieves. Their origins are very similar.

At this moment, the shadow of Shan Xueer appeared in my grandfather's mind again. Shan Xueer's frown and smile, as well as the resentful eyes he looked at, made a sense of guilt arise spontaneously. My grandfather felt that he should atone for his sins. It's time.

After writing this, some people may ask, does your grandfather like Shan Xueer?

What do you think?

This experience was told by my grandpa when she asked her about her relationship history. Later, my grandma pestered me to tell stories. There was really no story to tell, so I told my grandpa’s experience. Gave it to my grandma.

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Getting back to the topic, my grandfather shook off Mr. Xiao and said, "No, I can't watch a living girl die."

After saying that, my grandfather ran out of the house, rushed to stop Chu Xuan, and persuaded her to come back. Chu Xuan reluctantly agreed with my grandfather to try his method first, and if it didn't work, he would think of something else.

Afterwards, several people took off Chu Chenfeng's shirt. My uncle asked Xiao Shishi to apply a handful of boy's blood on Chu Chenfeng's back between the shoulder blades, and apply a large area with his palm. Xiao Shiyi's fingers were no longer bleeding at this time. , in order for my grandfather to cast the spell smoothly, he bit the wound again, and blood immediately flowed out.

After smearing the boy's blood, my grandfather grabbed Chu Chenfeng's shoulder with one hand and slapped the blood stain with the palm of his hand.

This is considered an extreme method to expel ghosts from the upper body. Of course, it must be combined with mantras and ghost exorcism skills. If ordinary people do this, it cannot be said that it has no results, but the results are very small.

After clapping a few times, Chu Chenfeng let out a muffled groan, and immediately after, his chest rose and fell faster, and a stream of white foam emerged from the corner of his mouth. When my grandfather saw this, he quickly stopped.

At this moment, Chu Chenfeng unexpectedly stood up from the ground, raised his feet and ran out.

When my grandfather saw it, his heart dropped. He failed. He only woke him up by swatting him, but the remnants of his soul were not exposed. He still had to run and jump into the pit.

Chu Xuan quickly grabbed one of Chu Chenfeng's arms and called him dad while pulling him, but Chu Chenfeng seemed not to hear him. My grandfather rushed over and raised his hand, knocking Chu Chenfeng unconscious again.

After putting Chu Chenfeng back on the sleeping bag, Chu Xuan started sobbing while kneeling next to him.

My grandfather couldn't bear it and said to her: "Don't worry, Miss Chu. I will definitely find a way to save your father. Don't cry."

When Mr. Xiao heard what my great-grandfather said, he glanced at me helplessly and sighed: "Since ancient times, a good man has been saddened by beauty. It seems that I can only sacrifice my life to accompany the gentleman and go on an adventure with him. However, before I go to the grass basin, Brother, can you accompany me to visit the ancient tomb first? If I don’t dig out this tomb, Xiao Benxuan will die in peace…"

In the tomb passage, the Yellow River Ghost Coffin was listening to songs . Chu Xuan accompanied my great-grandfather and Xiao Laodao all the way down. Chu Xuan meant that my great-grandfather was willing to help her, and she was also willing to help my great-grandfather. I don’t know what evil is in the ancient tomb. One more thing. The individual also has more care. Xiao Shiyi and the little ghost monkey were left to guard Chu Chenfeng.

As we walked, my grandfather asked Mr. Xiao, "Brother Xiao, why do you have to dig out such a big tomb? It seems that you have a deep grudge against this ancient tomb."

Xiao Laodao smiled coldly, looked at my grandfather, and then at Chu Xuan next to him, "It's not just a deep hatred, it's a hatred between the country and the family."

These words made my grandfather confused. Xiao Laodao went on to say: "This matter has nothing to do with you. If you know too much, it will be bad for you. Just don't ask."

While talking, the three people came to the two stone gates. Chu Xuan looked up at the Western Regions inscriptions on the stone gates and read: "One person lies in a coffin."

When my grandfather and Mr. Xiao heard this, they hurriedly asked: "Miss Chu also understands Western language."

Chu Xuan nodded, "I learned a little bit when I was young."

Xiao Laodao pointed back at the other stone door, "Miss Chu, look at what's written on it."

Chu Xuan walked over and said: "Eight people's blood sacrifice."

Hearing Chu Xuan read this, my grandfather and Xiao Laodao looked at each other, wondering why monk Changyang was lying in the jade coffin.

"Eight people's blood sacrifice", there were indeed several foreigners tied to pillars in the hall, with cuts on their arms and legs, and the blood flowed into a concave mortar; "One person lying in a coffin", the foreign monk They must have been forced into the coffin by Chu Chenfeng and the others, but what was the purpose of doing this?

None of the three people can figure it out.

After looking at the two stone gates and pondering for a while, without any clue, the three people got into the stone gate with the words "one person lying in the coffin" and came to the jade coffin again.

When I walked up to the jade coffin and illuminated it with a lantern, my grandfather discovered that inside the jade coffin, at the head of the jade coffin, there was a jade box that looked like a pillow, but there was no concave arc like a jade pillow in the center.

Xiao Laodao wanted to take the jade box out of the coffin. As soon as he picked it up, he found that the jade box was connected to the coffin board by a piece of animal hair. The connection point was exactly symmetrical with the skull on the surface.

Xiao Laodao said to my grandfather: "This jade box is empty and the weight is wrong."

My grandfather thought for a while and said: "The evil ghost before was probably imprisoned here. This animal hair should be connected to the eyes of the skull on the surface. If you smear blood in the eye sockets, the evil ghost will run out of the jade box." , Brother Xiao, I think you should put the jade box back as usual, this thing is unlucky."

Xiao Laodao nodded and threw the jade box back into the jade coffin. Afterwards, the three people carefully inspected the jade coffin and found nothing else.

Old Taoist Xiao seemed unwilling to give in. He held the lantern and walked around the hall. After two rounds, he still found nothing. Apart from the jade coffin, there was nothing else in the hall.

Finally, Xiao Laodao became angry, stared at the rubies on the pillars, and said to himself, "If we can't find the burial objects, I can't come here in vain!"

He turned around and called my grandfather: "Brother, lend me the sword in your hand."

My grandfather handed him the Liangyi Yin Yang Sword. Xiao Laodao took the sword and used the tip of the sword to pry the rubies.

At this moment, my grandfather suddenly realized it and shouted: "The trap cannot be pried!"

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