Chapter 9 Ghost Signal

Shirley Yang asked: "What is a ghost signal?" I said to Shirley Yang: "You don't know, there have always been such legends in the army. Some troops stationed in remote mountainous areas often receive inexplicable signals on the radio. These The signals were intermittent, some were calling for help, some were warnings, and the content was all kinds of strange. … Continue readingChapter 9 Ghost Signal

Concubine Yang Becomes A Rat After Her Death Chapter 47 The Tenth Corpse

More than half of the corpse moths that emerged from the female corpse have been burned to death by the fat man. Although the rest are not small, they are just blind moths after all. It's not a big threat, and the corpse moths outside the "cave tomb" have already dispersed, and the ones that just flew in were quickly smashed down by us. … Continue readingConcubine Yang Becomes A Rat After Her Death Chapter 47 The Tenth Corpse

Yunnan Insect Valley

I know that the fat man must have reached the point where there is no need to delay when he yells like this, but there is still nowhere to go for the "Longchen Bead" whose life is at stake. Zhuzi, the head of this corpse became so weird. If you don't do it, you can't stop. Why don't you just dig the head of Xianwang and go back to study it. … Continue readingYunnan Insect Valley

Wuxia Coffin Mountain

Only now did I understand what Professor Sun meant by “ghost sound”, but no matter whether “ghost sound” is an ancient piece of music imitating the lament of ghosts, at least it shouldn’t appear in this ancient tomb, wouldn’t it really be a veritable “ghost sound” sound”? I shook my head and said, “This time I entered the coffin gorge to fight, and I came to Dan Ding and Zhou Tian’s hexagram. It’s important to do the right thing. It’s best not to have any side effects, and don’t care about the ghost sounds and bird sounds, it’s all with us. Relatedly, if there is any worry, just set a fire to burn the two lacquered coffins. … Continue readingWuxia Coffin Mountain