Chapter 508 Zhang Hui’s Death

When we got off the Pingan Hotel, the car was already ready on Wande Road.

When Yang Jian walked downstairs with him, he met Zhang Lei, Wang Jiang and Huang Ziya on the way. It seemed that they were being questioned by a staff member from the headquarters and seemed to be investigating something.

"Yang Jian, didn't you go to the headquarters for a meeting? Why did you come back? Where are you going now?" Zhang Lei greeted.

"We're going out to have a meal. Why, what's the matter with you guys getting together?" Yang Jian walked over and asked at the same time.

Wang Jiang on the side said: "There is something special. I heard that Zhang Hui is dead. No, the headquarters just sent someone over to inquire about the situation and see if they can get any clues."

Zhang Hui?

Yang Jian thought for a moment and said, "Who is he?"

"You are so noble and forgetful. You are the ghost controller who survived the training base with us before." Zhang Lei said: "I have read his file before, so I know a little bit about him."

"Oh, it's him, but I didn't check his file." Yang Jian said: "He is dead? What on earth is going on."

"I don't know either. I just received news in this regard that he died this morning, probably around six o'clock, but the body was discovered two hours ago, and it has been found there now. Yi took over, do you know Chen Yi? One of the three people in charge of Dajing City." Zhang Lei said.

Yang Jian said; "I met Chen Yi at the airport when I came to Dajing City before, but this matter is indeed a bit special. If a ghost controller dies at this juncture, something big might happen. But didn’t Zhang Hui also stay at the Ping An Hotel? I didn’t notice anything when I came down.”

"He didn't die in the Pingan Hotel, but in a small hotel outside." Huang Ziya looked at Yang Jian and said: "A few days ago, Zhang Hui suddenly left the Pingan Hotel in a hurry for some unknown reason. That time He never came back after that, until now the news of his death came.”

"Chen Yi felt that this matter was involved and might be a clue, so he asked someone to come over and question us."

Yang Jian narrowed his eyes: "Chen Yi suspects homicide?"

"At present, it seems that this possibility cannot be ruled out. After all, he was the only one who died in this incident, and there was no supernatural incident at the scene, and Chen Yi also successfully dealt with the ghost in his body." Zhang Lei said in a deep voice: "There is no evil ghost. After resuscitation, there was no supernatural event, but Chen Yi died mysteriously. In this case, the possibility of homicide is very high."

"But who dares to assassinate a ghost master in Dajing City?" Yang Jian frowned slightly.

After hearing this, he was also more concerned about the living top and the dead top . After all, the dead Zhang Hui had spent time with them before.

Don't be afraid of just in case. If it is an unknown supernatural event, then they may be involved or even in danger.

"Who knows? I have just arrived in Dajing City not long ago, and I don't know much about the situation here. Maybe he has offended someone, or there are some evil forces at work. The circle of ghost controllers is large and chaotic. Plus, being around the supernatural all day long, it’s not surprising anything happens.” Zhang Lei shook his head.

Yang Jian felt that it made sense after hearing what he said: "Then you can accept the questioning slowly. I'll leave first."

He didn't continue to pay attention to Zhang Hui's death. He still had a lot of things to deal with, so he couldn't care about other people's lives.

"Mr. Wan, let's go."

Wan Delu was standing far away at the moment, not daring to get involved in this kind of conversation. When he saw Yang Jian approaching, he immediately followed him.

A limousine has stopped at the door.

Wan Delu hurriedly stepped forward and opened the car door, smiling and saying: "Brother Leg, sit in the back and I'll sit in the front."

Yang Jian was a little confused, but when he was about to get in the car, he saw a sexy long-legged beauty sitting in the back seat. She had bright makeup, a smile on her face, and said in a sweet voice: "Hello, Mr. Yang. "

He looked at the beautiful woman, especially at her face.

"Who is she? She seems familiar… I think I've seen her in some advertisement or movie."

Yang Jian recalled it, but couldn't remember it. After all, there was a difference between watching a commercial movie and watching a real person. It just felt familiar.

Wan Delu smiled and just said: "Brother Leg, get in the car first, let's talk about anything in the car."

Yang Jian is not stupid, of course he understands that this was arranged by Wan Delu, but with his worth, it is probably not difficult to arrange for one or two second- and third-tier celebrities to accompany him.

After getting in the car, while the car was driving, the long-legged beauty came over proactively with a smile on her face.

Yang Jian was unmoved and just said: "Actually, I'm not very interested in these things. Mr. Wan doesn't need to bother so much. Of course, I say this not because I am a gentleman or a decent person, but because people like us are It’s not normal, Mr. Wang will know if he comes into contact with other people in the future.”

"What Brother Leg said was that I was negligent this time." Wan Lude said with a smile, his tone was very polite.

Yang Jian thought again: "But after today's incident is over, Mr. Wan should leave Dajing City as soon as possible."

"Leaving Dajing City?" Wandelu was stunned for a moment: "Is there something going on?"

"It's nothing, just a piece of advice. If you don't want to leave, it's okay. Anyway, I think Dajing City may be uneasy recently," Yang Jian said.

The ghost incident and the ghost painting incident are two S-level supernatural incidents that are about to collide in the suburbs. If they lose control, the consequences will be unimaginable.

When Wan Delu heard this, his heart trembled, and then he said: "Where should I go after leaving Dajing City? If Brother Leg is not stingy, please give me some pointers."

"Judging from the current situation, Dachang City is good." Yang Jian gave a suggestion.

"Didn't the people in Dachang City move away after the last incident? There are no people in Dachang City now." Wan Lude said with some surprise: "Isn't it not good to go there now?"

"It is precisely because of the accidents that have happened to the top and the top of the dead , so the probability of an accident next time will be very low, at least much better than other places." Yang Jian said calmly: "Besides, I live in Dachang City, how can it happen again? Lie to you?"

"I understand, I understand, thank you Brother Leg for your advice." Wan Delu suddenly became excited.

He already knows that Dajing City is no longer safe, and other cities are not safe either abroad. Now it seems that Dachang City may be a very safe city. After all, this is what Yang Jian said himself, and it is worthy of belief.

As a businessman, you should seize any opportunity.

And this was an opportunity. Wande Lu planned to start relocation after returning, moving the company headquarters, family and relatives to Dachang City.

Given his financial resources, this was no trouble at all.

At this moment, the beautiful woman accompanying him and the driver also silently remembered these words in their hearts.

This is the conversation of the top people in society, especially Yang Jian, a mysterious figure who even wants to be polite to the CEO of a listed company. The information revealed from the mouth of such a person is amazing inside information and forward-looking.

"Mr. Yang, do you want to drink? Do you want me to have a drink with you?"

The beautiful woman on the side was full of enthusiasm, fetching a bottle of expensive red wine with a flattering smile.

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