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"Is it Mr. Li Mo?"

Li Mo heard the pleasant female voice and was stunned for a moment before replying hoarsely: "I, I am Li Mo, may I ask you…"

"Hello Mr. Li, it's like this…"

Li Mo listened, and his dull eyes became a little brighter. Before the other person finished speaking, he couldn't wait to ask: "Just experience it once, and then make some useful suggestions to your new store, and you can get a reward." ?" After getting the affirmative answer, Li Mo responded ecstatically, "It's eight o'clock tomorrow evening, right? I'll be there on time."

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Li Mo put down the phone and the joy on his face disappeared. If it weren't for the candlelight dinner that that dead woman arranged, it would have burned down the house, leaving scars on his face and lame legs… Looking at the old room with four bare walls, he tightly covered the pain caused by hunger. My stomach made a sound, so I lay down on the wooden bed and closed my eyes.

The next night, Li Mo ate in a hurry and went out. He followed the address left by the customer service lady yesterday and walked for half an hour. No tall buildings could be seen around him.

The sky had completely darkened. Although it was just autumn, the wind blowing from the opposite side only made Li Mo feel chilly all over. After walking a few more steps, a building came into view.

The building is a three-story house. The outer wall of the house is painted black and red, and through the windows you can see the faint red light inside the house, giving it a somewhat eerie feel.

true ghost events_real ghost stories_ghost stories true events

Li Mo looked at the deserted surroundings and felt that he was a little reckless. With this in mind, he slowly backed away, and when he was about to turn around and leave, a sweet and somewhat familiar female voice stopped him.

"Is it Mr. Li Mo?"

Li Mo stopped. The woman looked at Li Mo, who was stiff, and laughed out loud: "Sorry, our store is a haunted house for customers to experience the feeling of terror and death, so the location is deliberately eccentric, and the decoration is also a bit scary… scary Are you here Mr. Li?"

Li Mo twitched the corners of his lips and said, "I was indeed a little scared, but this also shows that the store owner's design is very good. I'm feeling a little panicked before I even started to experience it."

true ghost stories_ghost stories true events_ghost true events

The customer service lady covered her mouth and laughed sweetly: "The boss will be very happy to hear this. I think there will be many young people willing to come and play after this store opens." As she spoke, she led Li Mo into the house.

Standing at the entrance of the stairs, the customer service lady confirmed to Li Mo that he was in good health, then raised her finger and pointed to the stairwell: "I'm waiting for you to come down here, because the boss requires your feedback to be true, so I can't provide you with all relevant information." For information on the scary rides in the house, please experience all the 'fear' yourself, Mr. Li." After saying that, she smiled at Li Miao, which looked a bit weird against the red light.

Li Mo stepped on the old stairs covered with red "bloodstains" and walked up.

The scene on the second floor is not as weird as the outside of the building, nor is it as dark as the first floor. Li Mo stood at the entrance of the corridor on the second floor, looking at the ordinary and warm corridor with an orange shimmer, and he unconsciously relaxed in his heart. Just as he stepped in, the originally warm light suddenly became dim, and small and strange sounds rang out in the quiet surroundings.

ghost stories true events_ghost true events_real ghost stories

Li Mo's heart tightened. Then he heard a crisp "click" sound, and then a shrill female voice sounded. He laughed silently and played the tape. There was nothing new in this scary trick.

When Li Mo stepped into the stairwell, the shrill female voice suddenly stopped, but his expression became a little dazed, especially after he saw the door that had been burned by fire.

With a "squeak", the door in front of him was opened. Li Mo took a step back with a pale face, but because he didn't step firmly, he rolled down the stairs and made a loud noise.

Li Mo ignored the pain in his body and crawled downstairs. After crawling out only a few steps, he was hit on the head by a cold hard object and passed out. His remaining consciousness allowed him to feel the rising temperature and the crackling sound of the collision of sparks.

ghost stories true events_ghost true events_real ghost stories

The customer service lady looked at Li Mo's real ghost story and sneered. She leaned down and dragged Li Mo into a room on the third floor.

The decoration in the room is very warm, with pink candles symbolizing sweetness placed on a small wooden table covered with floral flowers. The customer service lady put Li Mo on a chair, and there was a woman lying on the chair opposite him. The woman was wearing a beautiful dress and exquisite makeup. If it weren't for the green corpse spots on her fair arms, no one would think that she was a corpse.

She looked at the real ghost story of the fire and laughed softly: "Sister, you once said that your greatest wish is to live and die together with the one you love. If you can't live together anymore, then what's the point? Let my sister finish your death for you."

—Wonderful ghost stories are all in the ghost house:—


This story takes Li Mo's tragic fate as the background and creates an atmosphere full of horror and suspense. The setting of the haunted house not only adds a thrilling element to the story, but also becomes the key to promoting the development of the plot. Li Mo's experience makes people sympathize, and it also reflects the plight of vulnerable groups in society. The customer service lady and her sister in the story, and the complex emotional entanglements between them, add more layers and depth to this ghost story. On the whole, this is a story that combines horror, suspense and social reality, which is thought-provoking and chilling at the same time.

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