The Sutra Of Corpse Clothes

Han Sheng took care of the Yinbat leader and fell asleep. Looking at the riding cloth hanging around the leader’s neck, he smiled bitterly in his heart. There are really all kinds of things in the world, and there are all kinds of strange things to ward off evil spirits. It was stolen by bats to avoid lightning, everything has a spirit.

Zhu Biao was snoring loudly in the stove, he drank too much wine brewed by Shanren.

Han Sheng lit the oil lamp, took out the “Sutra of Corpse Clothes” from his arms, and began to watch it under the lamp.

This is a handwritten book, the font is thin and elegant, and there is no name on the signature. Han Sheng guessed that this is Liu Bowen’s handwriting.

Turning to the first page, a line of teeny small script came into Han Sheng’s eyes:

Tai Chi overturns Tai Chi, and Qingtian has no deadline. The silkworm reappears in the sun, and the corpse accompanies the king.

I am Liu Ji from Qingtian, the word is Bowen. In the first year of Hongwu, Taizu ascended the throne and served as the imperial censor at that time. In the third year of Hongwu, he was given the title of Uncle Cheng since he was called “the founding minister of Yi Yun, the minister who guards the main body of the country, and the high-ranking doctor who protects the army”. Hongwu four years, retired and returned home. In the eighth year of Hongwu, I expected that Taizu would send an imperial envoy to Qingtian to give him his death soon, so he died three days earlier and was given the posthumous title “Wencheng”.

I hide in this Wolong Valley, and use all the different techniques I have learned in my life. The stars are changing, the seas and fields are changing, and if there is someone who is destined to break the silkworm in the future, I should give this book to each other for the benefit of the common people.

This line of verses and the following self-statements seem to be added afterward. The following is the text. Han Sheng continued to read with great interest, and the book said:

The world’s sorcery is nothing but natural phenomena and man-made techniques, and nothing is outside the rise of yin and the decline of yang. Therefore, yin qi invades the body, and when it enters the surface, it is evil, and when it enters the interior, it is demon. People in the world often use masculine techniques to ward off evil spirits, or Zen scriptures or Taoist talismans, and secret mantras to invite Daluo.

I don’t. The evils of the world, I will use obscenity to control them. Natural males, females, mists, ghosts, forests, black witches, what are the spirits of all things , hair, blood, blood, dung, sputum, eye wax and earwax. also……

Seeing this, Han Sheng couldn’t help but be overjoyed, scratching his ears and scratching his cheeks. It turns out that there are so many treasures on people’s bodies. No wonder the extremely dirty riding cloth can be used to resist the bombardment of lightning. It’s incredible…

The next book is divided into two parts for men and women, respectively describing the collection of filth on men and women and the use of evil spirits, especially when talking about women’s secret filth, Han Sheng actually has a fever and dry mouth. sense.

He closed the book at once, the heat gradually subsided, and his mood gradually calmed down.

The oil lamp wick was beating, and Han Sheng was lit up again. He was about to open the book and then look down, when he heard the sound of “Squeak” in his ear, and looked back, the leader of the bat had woken up and was opening his eyes. He looked at him with two huge red eyes.

Han Sheng approached and carefully inspected its injuries, and found that it was much better, and the inflammation had subsided.

“Squeak”, the leader propped up and sat up, blinking his eyes to go to the ground.

“Do you want to go back to the cave?” Han Sheng guessed what it meant.

Alright, Han Sheng picked up the “Sutra of Corpse Clothes”, took off the flashlight hanging by the mountain man behind the door, gently picked up the leader, blew out the light with a puff, and walked out of the door.

The moon is curved, the breeze is coming, and the coolness refreshes the skin. Han Sheng walked towards the entrance of the cave under the cliff, turned on his flashlight, and got into the cave.

When he returned to the bat cave with the leader in his arms, countless shadow bats screamed together, and the female shadow bats also got up from the stone platform to greet him.

Han Sheng put down the leader and looked at the pink and fleshy little Yin bats who were born less than a day ago. His heart was sweet, after all, this was his first delivery in his life.

“I’m leaving, I’ll see you later.” Han Sheng said to the Yin Bat leader and his wife, making gestures.

“Squeak”, the leader called a middle-aged Yin bat with red hair, and motioned it to lead the way for Han Sheng.

The red-haired Pubic Bat blinked and leaped towards a hole on the side.

Han Sheng took a few steps and looked back. In the darkness, the leader’s huge red eyes flashed with tears.

This is not the way to come. Han Sheng shone his flashlight on the cave wall and found it very strange.

No matter what, the shadow bats won’t harm me, just follow.

The cave was wide and narrow, and after walking for more than an hour, a faint light finally appeared in front of the cave, and the entrance of the cave arrived.

When Han Sheng walked out of the cave, he was very happy. It turned out that this was the entrance of Linggu Cave.

“Squeak”, the red-haired bat said hello, spread its wings, and flew into the hole.

At this moment, fish maw white has appeared in the east, and it is about to dawn.

“I’m home, stupid.” Han Sheng turned to greet him.

Benben was so excited that he burst into the bamboo forest, trotting all the way without even looking back, alas, after all, he hasn’t returned to his doghouse for several days. Han Sheng didn’t stop it, so it would be better to go home and report a letter first, so as not to worry about his father. At this time, Lan’er might have already woken up to make a fire to cook.

The crows in the bamboo forest had probably woken up, and Han Sheng heard a few “quack” crow noises. In the endless bushes not far to the left, there is the Tai Chi halo that Liu Jinmo and Wu Daoming dream of.

A strong desire struck his heart, and he looked around to see that no one was there, so he measured his steps, walked three feet from the entrance of the cave, and then took another fifteen steps to the left, and burrowed into the bushes.

It was just dawn, and the light was still very dim. Han Sheng found the place of the Tai Chi halo with the five-color circular earth ring, surrounded by green grass.

Huh, what is that?

Han Sheng saw strangely that a pot-lid-sized soil bag was raised upwards in the middle of the Taiji Tuhuan, and there were also some slightly raised small soil bags scattered around. He tiptoed over and squatted beside the dirt bag.

After a while, seeing that there was nothing moving , what did the misty ghost forest have with the black witch clan? Han Sheng stretched out his fingers and gently scooped the soil on the bag to both sides, revealing a dark brown with yellow color between the soil. Plaque, hard, I don’t know what it is.

During the hesitation, I saw that the thing actually wriggled.

Han Sheng was shocked and stared at the thing with wide eyes…

The broken soil slowly rose and slid down both sides. A huge turtle-like thing slowly turned over and drilled out from the ground. There are basically symmetrical red spots, while its head is golden yellow, its neck is covered with golden warts, and its limbs are webbed between the toes.

This thing stared at two round black eyes, looking at Han Sheng suspiciously.

It might be a tortoise on the mountain, Han Sheng thought, but the more he looked, the less he looked like it. He didn’t know that this was the female golden-headed tortoise that Wu Daoming drove away from the old locust tree by the pond in front of Zhu Biao’s house.

At this moment, some small heads emerged from those small earthbags in the soil, looking around, it turned out to be some small turtles.

Han Sheng remembered that when he came with his father last time, he didn’t find these turtles. Could it be that they hatched from Tai Chi eggs? Or how many of these things are born out of thin air.

Han Sheng was puzzled.

At this time, he suddenly noticed that the behavior of these turtles seemed a little strange.

Han Sheng saw that the necks of these tortoises seemed to be very stiff, and they were very inflexible to rotate, which was different from the turtles he had seen before. Out of a healer’s instinct, Han Sheng paid attention to their necks.

After a while, he discovered that there was a strange hair growing on the wart-like necks of those tortoises. In fact, it was two twisted hairs, one white and the other black, and the ends of the hairs were slapped together. roll.

It was really strange, he flicked the strange hair with his fingertips while thinking, and the big tortoise seemed to be very frightened.

The tortoise’s neck immediately moved freely, and Han Sheng saw that the big tortoise made a 360-degree turn in circles. Han Sheng was overjoyed, and stretched out his hand to pull all the strange hairs off the necks of the little turtles.

Holding those black and white hairs in the palm of his hand, Han Sheng felt like he knew each other. How could he know that these were Wu Daoming’s boy yin and yang cones, a very domineering feng shui hidden weapon.

What the hell? There was still a hint of embarrassment in the sniff, and Han Sheng left it on the ground.

The female tortoise seemed to be very grateful to Han Sheng. She stretched out her hard claws and scratched in the soil. After a while, five soil eggs, one white, green, black, red and yellow, were found, and she pushed it with her front paws. In front of Han Sheng, he nodded and motioned him to put it away.

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