Chapter 34 Chen Yuanyuan

"Sir, Ke'er thinks that Chen Yuanyuan still likes Wu Sangui." Ke'er seemed unable to understand Secretary Xing's theory of class struggle, so she told him the story she heard from He Shen.

It is said that Wu Sangui's ancestral home is Gaoyou, Jiangsu, but he himself grew up in the windy and frosty Liaodong. His appearance is both Beixiong Nanxiu, with two hearty eyebrows and a straight nose bridge on his fair face, he can be called a handsome man. It is said in ancient books that "Sangui's giant ears are long and accurate, without beards, he looks forward and looks forward, and his dignity is like a god. General Yanling is beautiful and handsome, good at riding and shooting, his torso is not very big but brave and powerful. He is resourceful and romantic. Admire yourself."

Wu Sangui, who became famous at a young age, has both a legendary experience and a handsome appearance. His rough and elegant temperament caused a sensation in the capital. He was so overwhelmed that he left the famous line "Bai Bai Tong Hou is the youngest".

Chen Yuanyuan, surnamed Xing and named Yuan, styled Yuanyuan, was born in Wujin, Jiangsu. He changed his surname to Chen from his adoptive mother Chen's family when he was young. He lives in Taohuawu, Suzhou, and belongs to Liyuan. Chen Yuanyuan has both color and art, and is famous in Jiangzuo. She is as beautiful as a flower, like a cloud coming out of Xiu, and her voice is humming. In the mid-spring of the 15th year of Chongzhen, Tian Hong, his relative, was robbed and entered Beijing. When he was in Tian's house, he met Wu Sangui, a handsome and only 31-year-old general soldier of Shanhaiguan, and they fell in love at first sight. In order to curry favor with Wu Sangui, who held the military power, Tian Hongyu gave Chen Yuanyuan as his concubine, and bought a generous dowry to Wu's mansion.

After Li Zicheng's peasant army broke through the capital, his general Liu Zongmin took Chen Yuanyuan away. Wu Sangui, who was guarding Shanhaiguan at that time, was furious and shouted: "Why can't a man be born if he can't protect himself?" Li Zicheng's peasant army was defeated. Li Zicheng killed 38 members of the Wu family, and then fled the capital in a panic, abandoning all the looted luggage and women on the road. Wu Sangui took the revenge of killing his father and taking his wife, and chased and killed the peasant army day and night to Shanxi to exterminate them. Wu's generals found Chen Yuanyuan in the chaotic capital, and flew to the camp, and the two finally reunited. Since then, Wu Sangui led her to fight in the north and south, from Qin to Shu, and then monopolize Yunnan. In the middle of Shunzhi, Wu Sangui became the king of Yunnan and wanted to make him a concubine, but Chen Yuanyuan refused. Afterwards, Wu Sangui did not marry, unexpectedly, the concubine was so jealous of Lin Yu, a Jiangnan ghost doctor , that she framed Wu's concubines and killed them unjustly. , the name is silent.

After Ke'er finished telling Chen Yuanyuan's sad love story, there were still crystal tears hanging from the corners of her eyes.

The old woman Qiubo heard all these words in her ears, and she couldn't help but sighed: "The little girl is pure and kind-hearted, and she is different from the worldly people. The old woman is very grateful, why don't I accept you as an apprentice."

Ke'er smiled calmly: "Senior Qiubo, Ke'er has no other thoughts, but hopes that you will use the Fenghou ghost pot to get rid of Peng Gu in Xianggong's body, and then I will be able to wander the world with him and stay together for the rest of my life."

"But the corpse has already hidden in its tail hole, and the old woman can't guarantee that it will be expelled." The old woman frowned and said with a sigh.

Immortal Son suddenly heard the word "Fenghou Ghost Pot", and then fixed his eyes on the small skull in the old woman's hand, feeling an inexplicable excitement in his heart.

"Is the skull in the donor's hand the Fenghou ghost pot from five thousand years ago?" He said in surprise.

The old woman looked at him and ignored him, she just talked to Ke'er.

Xian Lingzi snorted, and said teasingly, "Son of Fairy, so what, you treacherous swindler still want to play against it?"

The fairy son was delighted when he heard the words. Fenghou's head is a sacred object that people in all dynasties have dreamed of. It is said that it has been lost. It's almost trivial. Although the cultivation level of the hermit in Bowang Mountain is extremely high, as long as Master Wuyu arrives here in time with the "Asura Worm", Pindao can easily take the "Ghost Pot" into his pocket. But first of all, it is necessary to confirm its authenticity, so that people cannot be deceived.

"Hehe," Xian Shengzi heheed twice before he said slowly, "Pindao heard from Master that Fenghou was the originator of Zhu Youshu in ancient times. The head is shrunk, and all the unpredictable skills of a lifetime are injected into it. It is called the most precious treasure of the Central Plains. For thousands of years, I don’t know how many people have wanted to get it, but no one has ever known where it is hidden. , Even great masters like Yuan Tiangang and Li Chunfeng in the Tang Dynasty had no chance to meet. Therefore, the poor believe that the little skull in the hands of the benefactor is likely to be a fake, and people in the world are good at deceiving, so we have to be careful."

"You're talking nonsense!" Ke'er argued angrily, "My husband stole it all the way from the Blue Moon Valley to save my concubine. How could it be fake?"

Secretary Xing nodded, confirming that what Keer said was true.

Song Laoguai watched with cold eyes, and hurriedly tugged Ke'er in a low voice: "Auntie, that bull-nosed old man is trying to deceive us, don't be fooled."

Xian Shengzi was stunned, now he finally understood the relationship between Secretary Xing and Ke'er as concubine and concubine, and what surprised him most was that the "ghost pot" was actually on Secretary Xing's body. If I knew it earlier, I could have robbed it on the way here. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. What a pity, what a pity.

"Miss Ke'er, are you talking about the legendary 'Blue Moon Valley Void'?" He smiled kindly, thinking to himself that this little girl is innocent, and it is easier to find out from her.

Ke'er accepted Song Laoguai's advice and kept his mouth shut.

Seeing that she didn't speak, the Immortal Son cast his eyes on the old woman with Qiubo: "Sponsor, should I call you 'Quiet' Mrs.? Since Mrs. Chen is Chen Yuanyuan, we can know that the Taihe Palace has been in the past three hundred years. I reverence you and Wu Sangui, and in the golden hall there are always treasures of the general's experienced wooden handle sword and the real martial arts seven-star sword of "subduing demons and controlling monsters". Well, this sword happened to be brought by Pindao today, please take a look at it. "

After finishing speaking, she offered the huge sword respectfully with both hands, and glanced at the Fenghou skull in her hand out of the corner of her eye.

This True Martial Seven-Star Sword is as long as a person, and weighs more than sixty catties. It is impossible for ordinary people to bear it.

"'The sword of wisdom hangs high, often suppressing demons and controlling monsters', it is indeed Wu Lang who carried the sword with him back then, and the years are passing by, and things are different." The old woman Qiubo stretched out a slender hand, and gently picked up the sword , as light as grasping a chopstick.

The old woman's arm strength is so strong, Xian Lingzi was horrified, he believed that his physical strength was the best in the Taihe Palace, but he had to use his true energy before he could dance flexibly, unexpectedly she grabbed the sword without paying attention.

The old woman in Qiubo glanced at Xian Lingzi, and sighed: "Xian Lingzi, the old woman heard you say that this sword is the "treasure of the town" of the Taihe Palace forty years ago, and the king's saber should not be lost. If it falls into the hands of a traitor, the old woman will give it to you." After saying that, he handed the Zhenwu Seven Star Sword to him.

"Thank you, Mrs. Chen Yuanyuan, Senior Chen Yuanyuan." Xian Lingzi took the sword with both hands, his wrists sank, and he could hardly hold it.

"From now on, let's call the old woman 'Quiet' teacher." The old woman with autumn waves said quietly.

"Yes, Master." Xian Lingzi replied respectfully.

Xian Shengzi was dumbfounded, and hurriedly said: "Master, this sword is a token of the head of the Supreme Harmony Palace, how can you give it to others indiscriminately."

The old woman Qiubo snorted and said angrily: "This sword belongs to my husband. The old woman can dispose of it as she likes, so what does it have to do with you?"

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