Ghost School Horror Laboratory

"Squad leader, it's so early?" Li Yi chased me on his bicycle and said hello.

I turned around and smiled and said, "It's still early! It's almost time for class!"

Li Yi made a grimace, and then said to me: "Where do you put your car? I'll put it with you. My car is unlocked, so help me lock it together!"

"Let's put it under the century-old tree over there in the laboratory building! It's cooler there, and the car won't be exposed to the sun even at noon!" I said with a smile.

"Okay!" Li Yi said and rode over first.

After Li Yi and I put the bicycle away, we heard screams.

"What's going on?" Li Yi asked, frowning.

"It seems to come from the biological laboratory. Let's go and see!" I said and ran to the biological laboratory first.

Before we got to the door of the laboratory, we saw several girls in our class vomited there, and the rest of them were pale and shocked, with no gleam in their eyes, as if they had lost their souls. Some of the boys surrounded the door, and some fell to the ground like the girls, unable to recover. When I squeezed into the laboratory, I was stunned.

"What's going on! What's going on!" Li Yi squeezed in excitedly and said. As soon as he saw the scene in front of him, he couldn't help vomiting.

I looked at the big pool of blood on the ground, and the biology teacher Lin Dajiang lying in the pool of blood. No part of his body was intact, one eyeball was broken, and the brain matter flowed out from the socket of that eye. It's all over the place. The brain and blood were mixed together, red and white like mapo tofu made with chili sauce, the belly meat was also torn open, all the internal organs were exposed, the intestines flowed all over the floor, and the hands and feet were not intact There is a large piece of meat missing at the base of the thigh, and the bones inside can still be seen…

I swallowed to calm myself down, and immediately said, "Is there anyone with a mobile phone? Call the police now! You all go outside, and protect the scene now!" I said to the male students who were watching in a calm tone.

Those students who were watching the play immediately reacted after hearing my words, and then all exited the corridor, and the students who brought their mobile phones immediately dialed "110" to call the police.

Other students in the school, the principal, the director, etc. also rushed to the laboratory at this time, and I immediately went up to them and stopped them.

"Hu Bo, what happened?" my class teacher asked me.

"Biology teacher Lin Dajiang died." I broke the shocking news.

The principal, director, and my class teacher were all stunned after hearing what I said. The students who came to watch immediately made waves.

The headmaster was the first to come to his senses, and he said loudly to the panicked students and teachers: "Now all the students in each class should go back to the classroom, and all the head teachers should go back to their own classes. If there is any student or teacher If you don’t dare to go back to the classroom, then I will give you all the punishment of expulsion.”

The principal has always been very dignified in the school, so as soon as his voice fell, the noisy crowd all walked towards their class.

"Director Wu, immediately notify the security guards in the security department to come up and help maintain the scene." The principal ordered.

"Yes!" The dean replied, and immediately took out his mobile phone to call the security department.

I was about to follow the class teacher into the classroom, but was stopped by the principal, who said to me: "Hu Bo, you stay here first. I know you have written a lot of detective novels, maybe you can understand this matter a bit." help."

"Yes, principal!" I nodded and responded.

After a while, the police from the police station came to our school and immediately started the interrogation. The interrogation room was set up in the principal's office. Perhaps because my detective novels are relatively famous, I was also fortunate to be able to listen to the trial. They first passed on Wu Fang, the deputy monitor of our class. From Wang Fang's pale face, it can be seen that she is still in shock, but as a class leader, she can still tell what she knows intermittently.

"I am Wang Fang, the deputy monitor of Class 2 (Senior Grade 2). The first class this morning is our biology experiment class. Originally, the biology experiment class was held yesterday afternoon, but because Mr. Lin Dajiang said that he had something to do, so I decided to leave I transferred the class with chemistry teacher Yu Liang. I went to the biology experiment classroom with my classmates early this morning, but as soon as I opened the door, I saw Teacher Lin lying in a pool of blood. I was scared and stupid, and then I didn't know anything."

After hearing Wang Fang's words, the police summoned Mr. Yu Liangyu.

"Tell me why you had to transfer classes with the deceased yesterday? And what is your relationship with the deceased?" the policewoman said to the teacher.

Yu Liang wiped his tears, cried and said: "Lin Dajiang and I are college classmates. We were good friends when we were in college. And I was introduced to this school by Lin Dajiang. We can be said to be brothers in difficulty. If you don't believe this, you can ask the principal or the teacher of the school…"

After hearing this, the policewoman looked up at the principal sitting beside her. The principal nodded when he saw it.

Seeing this, Yu Liang continued: "Yesterday, Lin Dajiang told me that he was a little unwell, so he asked me to transfer classes with him. I didn't think too much about ghost schools at the time, so I transferred with him. Who knows… …Who knows that he heard the news of his death early this morning.”

"You said you were Lin Dajiang's best friend, so do you know who Lin Dajiang had trouble with?" asked the policewoman.

"Dajiang is very popular in school, both teachers and students like him very much. His personality is relatively weak, so he usually doesn't quarrel with others." Yu Liang paused, and then suddenly realized He said happily, "Oh! That's right! Dajiang once quarreled with that gardener, Old Chen. At that time, the big black dog raised by Lao Chen ate all the frogs used for experiments in Dajiang's laboratory. Dajiang was very upset. I was angry, so I quarreled with Lao Chen. At that time, Lao Chen also said that he would kill Da Jiang. Many people knew about this."

"Well! You can go!" The policewoman said to Liang.

"Police, you must find the murderer and avenge Da Jiang!" Yu Liang excitedly ran forward to hold the hand of the policewoman who was recording.

Seeing this, the policewoman immediately said with a straight face: "Okay! We policemen know how to do these things! You go back."

Seeing that the policewoman got angry, Yu Liang let go of her hand and went out. When Yu Liang went out, I found that there was something wrong with his walking.

"Principal, it's your turn!" said the policewoman.

"Oh! Oh!" Hearing this, the principal immediately stood up and sat opposite the policewoman.

"Is what Yu Liang said just now true?" the policewoman asked.

"It's true! It's true! This Yu Liang was indeed introduced by Lin Dajiang, and he is also a good friend with Dajiang. But this Yu Liang is a little narrow-minded, and only Lin Dajiang can get along with him. The old gardener It is true that Chen had quarreled with Dajiang, but that happened the year before last. Old Chen is a widowed old man. I thought he was pitiful, so I asked him to take care of flowers and plants in school. Old Chen has a withdrawn personality and never interacts with others. The only one who lives with Lao Chen is his big black dog. His black dog is usually fine, but if you mess with it, it will be a disaster. If Lao Chen didn't stop it, it would I don’t know how many students were bitten. So I had to ask the finance department to pay for Lao Chen’s black dog to be vaccinated against rabies, so as not to bite the students. The big black dog is locked, and nothing has happened now…"

The policewoman interrupted the headmaster's eloquent speech, and then said: "Principal, please help us call the security guard who was on duty yesterday."

After a while, security was called.

"Last night, did you see or hear anything unusual?" the policewoman said, looking at the security guard.

"Last night, I patrolled the campus. At that time, I saw that Mr. Lin was in the biology laboratory. I didn't know what he was busy with. I also said hello to him, but he seemed to be covering up in a panic at that time. What. I didn't pay much attention at the time." The security guard replied.

"That was the last time you saw the dead man, wasn't it?" asked the policewoman.

"Yes!" The security guard nodded.

"Then do you remember what time it was?"

"Uh! I came out to patrol at eight o'clock, and I arrived at the biology laboratory at about… around 8:15!" The security guard replied.

"Then what happened afterwards? Did you hear any unusual sounds?" asked the policewoman.

"Voice! Oh! By the way, Dahei barked very fiercely last night. I ran out of the door to look around. I saw Lao Chen walking around the campus with his dog. Usually, Lao Chen often yells at night. Walking around with his dog, I'm not surprised, so I went back to sleep," said the security guard.

"How much is that?" asked the policewoman.

"Probably… about one o'clock!" The security guard said after thinking about it.

The female policeman asked Old Chen, a gardener, to interrogate her again. Before the gardener came, a policeman came in and handed something to the policewoman. The female policeman took a look, and then the gardener Lao Chen came.

"What did you do after 8:15 last night?" the policewoman said looking at Old Chen.

"Yesterday! Last night I was a little unwell, so I went to bed early." Old Chen replied.

"Then what time did you go to bed?" the policewoman asked.

"I went to bed at eight o'clock. Because I had a cold last night, I took cold medicine, and soon I fell asleep!" Old Chen replied honestly.

"Have you ever woken up after you fell asleep?" asked the policewoman.

"No! As soon as I fell asleep, it was dawn, and then I heard the news of Lin Dajiang's death."

"Is that all? Is there anything else to add, or do you have someone who can prove that you were sleeping yesterday? Or someone who can prove that you really caught a cold yesterday?" The female policeman stopped writing and said.

"No! Those cold medicines are all left over from my past. Besides, who would go to the hospital for such a small cold!" Lao Chen said disdainfully.

"Okay! You've finished speaking, then it's my turn to speak." The female policeman paused, and then said, "You said that you went to bed at eight o'clock last night and slept until dawn. But you have no witnesses It can prove that you were really sleeping during this time. And the security guard on duty last night proved that he saw you leading your big black dog back to your residence from the teaching building at about one o'clock last night. Our forensic doctor examined the deceased, and after forensic identification, there were traces of dog bites on the deceased. Although the real cause of death of the deceased was the attack by an unknown object, the possibility of being bitten by a dog cannot be ruled out. And we found a shoe print at the scene , that shoe print is exactly the same as the shoe print found in your residence. And we have confirmed from the statements of various witnesses that you had a dispute with the deceased and threatened to kill the deceased. So this series of things is linked to Together, we can assume that you have held a grudge against the dead since the day of the dispute, so you have been planning how to kill the dead. And last night is your best time, so you around twelve o'clock, So you took your big black dog to the biological laboratory to implement your plan. You let your black dog fight with Lin Dajiang, biting Lin Dajiang to the ground, and then you took out the murder weapon you prepared in advance Killed Lin Dajiang. Then you left the laboratory, but when you left, you were seen by the security guards, and you left behind a fatal evidence. You never thought that you would be left behind at the scene and because you were in a panic at the time, you did not think of destroying the shoes. It is because of your unthinking that we found the biggest clue about this case. So now please come back with us assist investigation."

After hearing what the policewoman said, Lao Chen's face turned livid, and he said to the policewoman angrily, "You are slandering. Are you just letting an innocent person take the blame in order to solve the case?"

The female policeman's complexion froze, and she said, "Come here, take him back."

At this time, the door of the office opened, and several policemen came in from outside, handcuffed Lao Chen, and took him back to the police station.

I was still frowning and thinking about the confessions of a few people just now. Although the reasoning of the female policeman is decent, and all the evidence points to the gardener Lao Chen, in my heart, I feel that things are not as simple as I imagined.

"What's the matter? Detective novelist?" The policewoman said to me.

"Officer, I think this matter is not as simple as I imagined. There must be something else in it that we don't know. I would like to ask you to record another statement." I frowned and said to her.

"Little detective, reality is different from fiction, so don't think too much about it. As for the case, there will be a special person in charge. When the person in charge of the case feels it is necessary, he will definitely re-interrogate. All we have done is to file a case first. Alright! I should go back too. Little detective, the book you wrote is pretty good. Remember to let me know when you come out with a new book." The female policeman turned around and left after she finished speaking.

After the policewoman left, I was still immersed in the case.

"Hey! What's the matter? Isn't the case already solved? I heard that the murderer, Lao Chen, has been captured. What are you worried about now?" Li Yi patted my shoulder and said to me.

I shook my head and said, "No! No! I always feel that something is wrong, but I can't tell what's wrong. But I can be sure that this matter is not as simple as I imagined."

Li Yi waved his hands in front of my eyes, and then said: "Little detective, don't think too much. Things are not as complicated as you imagine. Real life and novels are different after all. Reality is not as complicated as in novels. You Just don't think too much about it."

I thought to myself: things are definitely not that simple. I'll take a look at the scene tonight to see if there are any missing clues.

In the evening, I quietly came to the school. I climbed over the wall and ran up to the biological laboratory on the third floor, only to see that the cordon pulled by the police was still there. I crossed the cordon and came to the scene where Mr. Lin Dajiang was killed. Although the body was taken away by the police, the pool of dark red blood was still there. Suddenly, I discovered a strange phenomenon. I found that there were many ants around the pool of blood. And I found that the ants were all running in one direction. I followed the army of ants all the way, and found that all the ants had entered the chemical laboratory next door with only one door. There is only one door between this chemistry laboratory and this biology laboratory, and the keys are held by two teachers, Yu Liang and Lin Dajiang respectively. Suddenly my head jerked, and I felt as if a bucket of cold water had been poured over my head, which made my thoughts suddenly clear.

At this time, I heard a sound of footsteps. I was trying to find a place to hide, but I couldn't find a place to hide. Just then, the lights in the laboratory came on.

"It's you! Is it really you?" I looked at the person in front of me with sharp eyes.

"I guessed that you would definitely come! Sure enough! Everyone believed my words, but you looked at me with a puzzled look. I don't understand why I let you see through ?” Yu Liang looked at me with doubtful eyes and said.

"At first I didn't think it was you. I just felt that something was wrong based on my own intuition. And during the interrogation today, I saw your legs limping. Although you were very careful to cover up, you could still see Your foot was indeed injured when you came out, but it was normal when you were in class yesterday afternoon. So in order to find out the answer, I wanted to see what was going on. But I didn’t expect you to lose your composure and actually You ran to the door yourself, and let me confirm my thoughts. You killed Mr. Lin. In order to cover up your crime, you went to Lao Chen's residence, brought his big black dog, and took You didn’t know Dahei very well, so when you led Dahei away, you were bitten by Dahei and hurt your leg. You set up the scene, and then you deliberately went back from the duty room, I want the security guard to see you and Dahei going back to Lao Chen's residence together. Because your body is about the same as Lao Chen, it is entirely possible that the security guard will mistake you two. So you logically put the blame on Old Chen. It’s just that I don’t understand why you killed Teacher Lin. He is your best friend. You are so ruthless to kill him. Has your conscience been eaten by dogs? And you still use such cruelty You killed Mr. Lin with such a method, and destroyed his body in a mess, don't you hate him so much that you won't let him rest in peace even after he dies?" I pointed at him in a sad tone.

"No! No! I didn't think about killing him. I really didn't think that things would turn out like this. Originally…we…we could be famous together. But I didn't expect…I didn't expect this to happen. Things. Something happened to me… I… Dajiang, I can't have another accident, or all our hard work will be wasted. You know this now, so you can't live anymore. You have to die, you No one will know about this matter after you die. Don’t worry, when I win the Nobel Prize, I will never forget you, and I will burn more paper money for you.” Yu Liang said and connected Door between biology lab and chemistry lab. He whistled, and after a while, a monster walked out of the dark door.

I felt a chill in my heart, which made me cold from head to toe. Originally, I thought that such a monster could only be seen in sci-fi movies on TV, but I didn't expect it to appear in real life. I took a closer look, and the monster was an ant. That's right! It's ants! An ant bigger than a person. It squeezed out of that door, and it was about to walk towards me with its teeth and claws. I suddenly came back to my senses, and suddenly thought that I should escape at this time, so I wanted to run out the door.

Seeing this, Yu Liang immediately whistled to the ant and said, "Quick! Quick! Bebe blocked the door, don't let him get away."

The ant seemed to understand human speech, and immediately ran to the door to block it.

My face turned pale with fright, and I didn't know what to do. I looked around to see where I could escape. Suddenly I saw the door connecting the biology laboratory and the chemistry laboratory. As if I saw hope, I rushed into the chemical laboratory through the door, then quickly closed the door, and locked the door from the other side. I ran to the door of the chemistry laboratory, and I wanted to escape from there, but the door was locked and I couldn't get out. Moreover, the aluminum windows on the other side of the corridor are covered with anti-theft nets, and they cannot get out at all. Although the aluminum windows on the other side do not have anti-theft nets, this is the third floor, and if they jump from here, they will not die or be disabled.

At this time, the door between the biology laboratory and the chemistry laboratory was hit by something, and the door panel was punched with holes by the ant's front claws. I quickly pushed all the lab tables over to block the door. The ant couldn't rush over for a while.

"Bebe, hurry up! Slam it hard. This door won't last long. Beibei, why did you stop? What are you going to do? Bebe, don't! Help! Ah…" Yu Liang's shrill cry There was a sound from the other side of the door, and it disappeared after a while.

I looked at the blood flowing from the door, and knew that Yu Liang might have been killed by that ant. And I can still hear the chewing sound coming from over there.

no! If this continues, I will definitely die here, and then I can only become that ant's dinner like Yu Liang. So I looked around to see where I could escape, and preferably kill the monster along the way. At this time, I saw the century-old tree outside the window, and glanced at the two gas tanks in the laboratory, which belonged to the culinary society and were borrowed here. When I saw this, my heart calmed down a little. I hurried over to unscrew the gas, then took the matches and climbed up the window.

Just then, the ant started banging on the door again.

My heart was in my throat, beating thumpingly in my throat.

The ant finally broke open the only door that blocked it. It crawled across the pile of tables and walked towards me step by step. It may be because of its large size, so it did not crawl like those little ants. so fast. Its bulky body crushed the table to pieces. Through the gap between the door and the ants, I saw only a white skull and a few bones scattered on the floor of the biology laboratory. I looked at those bones, bursts of cold sweat broke out on my body, and all the clothes on my body were soaked in sweat. I swallowed a mouthful of saliva, trying to calm myself down and not be afraid, but my hands and feet kept shaking uncontrollably. I watched the ant approaching me step by step, and it felt like the god of death was approaching me. Although this period of time was short, it seemed to me that centuries had passed. I calculated the distance of that ant from me step by step, just like calculating the length of my life. Just when it was only a few steps away from me, I struck the match with trembling hands and threw it back violently. Originally, I wanted to jump to the century-old tree outside the window when the match in my hand was thrown out. But before I jumped to the old tree in front of the window, the laboratory exploded with a "boom". I vaguely remember that I was thrown far away, and then my vision went dark, and I passed out.

I slowly opened my eyes, and found that the surrounding area was white, and I didn't know where it was. I struggled to get up, but the burning pain in my back stopped me.

"Squad leader, are you awake? Get down! Get down! Your back injury is still not healed!" Li Yi ran up to me and said to me.

"What's wrong with me? Why can't I remember at all? I just remember that Teacher Yu Liang called out a very scary and big ant to kill me. What happened afterwards?" I asked Li Yi eagerly road.

"I don't know what happened. I think you should be more clear as the person involved. But the laboratory was bombed badly. I think Teacher Yu Liang and the ant you mentioned were all killed? Because The scene was blocked, so I couldn't see it. But Lao Chen was released. You kid is really lucky. You fell from the third floor and it didn't hurt you. The branch of the century-old tree was crushed by you Several branches were broken. Speaking of which, that tree was your savior!" Li Yi said.

After listening to Li Yi's words, I tried my best to recall what happened at that time, and finally I remembered everything. Although the matter has passed, but thinking of this matter, I still break out in a cold sweat involuntarily.

At this moment, the door of the ward opened, and the policewoman who was interrogated that day came in.

"Student Li Yi, our police want to know the situation of this incident, please go out first, okay?" The female policeman said to Li Yi in a gentle tone.

Li Yi glanced at me. I nodded to him, indicating that I had no problem. After seeing him, he turned and left the ward, and closed the door behind him.

"Can I ask you to tell us about the situation at that time?" asked the policewoman.

After listening to her, I told her what I had experienced. Although she tried to hide it, I could see that she was as scared as I was, because I could see the strands of hair on her forehead were wet with sweat.

"Can I ask what happened afterwards?" I looked at her suspiciously and said.

"I think what you want to know the most should be in it!" The female policeman said and handed me a diary.

I opened the diary suspiciously.

Saturday February 3 light rain

It worked! It worked! We finally made it. Originally, we used the feed we developed to feed the mice, but we didn’t expect the mice to die, but an ant that often came to steal these feeds grew up, and that ant grew to the size of the little finger. Me and Da Jiang named her "Bei Bei". We must continue to study. And both Dajiang and I firmly believe that this research will definitely allow us to win the Nobel Prize.

Wednesday 14 March cloudy

Beibei eats more and more, and grows bigger and bigger. Dajiang and I tried every means to stop her growth, but all failed. If this continues, the consequences will become very serious.

Thursday March 22 sunny

Beibei killed Dajiang. I know it's none of babe's business. Beibei did such a thing because she was really hungry. I can't let Beibei be discovered, otherwise the hard work of me and Dajiang for so many years will be in vain. I'm going to keep it a secret. Old Chen, I'm sorry. I don't want to do this, but…but I really have no choice…

Seeing this, I closed the diary, and said to the policewoman, "Then what are you going to do?"

The female policeman took the diary from my hand and said: "Yu Liang is narrow-minded. Although he and Lin Dajiang are good friends on the surface, but because he is jealous of Lin Dajiang, he has hated Lin Dajiang since college. So it is convenient for March 22 Wan planned to kill Lin Dajiang and blamed the gardener Lao Chen. Unexpectedly, his student Hu Bo discovered his plot. In order to cover up his evil deeds, Yu Liang wanted to kill Hu Bo, but unexpectedly committed suicide. Eat the bad fruit and be bombed to death."

"The police are trying to hide the truth!" I asked, frowning at the policewoman.

"We don't want to cause panic among the common people!" The female policeman said calmly, and she stood up after she finished speaking and wanted to go out.

"Then what are you going to do with the body of 'Bei Bei'?" I stopped the policewoman and said.

"We will secretly transport it together with the research materials of Lin Dajiang and Yu Liang to the Chinese Academy of Sciences for research. We hope you can keep silent about this matter!" She paused, and then continued, "But even if you say it, it will not Some people will believe what you said about the ghost school , at most it will be a joke or a story, and they will not take it seriously. After all, reality is different from science fiction." After finishing speaking, the policewoman opened the door and walked out.

After hearing what the female policeman said, I couldn't calm down for a long time. But in the end I decided to write down my experience to do justice to Yu Liang.

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