General Money

That night, the old leader dreamed of a general wearing ancient armor and holding a halberd, standing majestically in front of him. He asked the general: "May I ask who you are, the general?" After waking up from the dream, the old leader thought about it and thought that he might as well believe it and try to enshrine it as the general entrusted in the dream. If it doesn't work, don't offer it. That's it." The old leader was quite reluctant to give up, and asked the general if he could continue to serve him, so that he could be taken care of by the general again. … Continue readingGeneral Money

Chapter 34 Chen Yuanyuan

"Sir, Ke'er thinks that Chen Yuanyuan still likes Wu Sangui. Chen Yuanyuan, surnamed Xing, named Yuan, styled Yuanyuan, is from Wujin, Jiangsu Province. Ke'er smiled calmly: "Senior Qiubo, Ke'er has nothing else to say, I only hope that you can use the Fenghou Ghost Pot Get rid of Peng Gu in Xianggong's body, and then I can wander around the rivers and lakes with him as a concubine and stay together for the rest of my life. Secretary Xing nodded, confirming that what Keer said was true. Xian Shengzi was stunned, now he finally understood the relationship between Secretary Xing and Ke'er as concubine and concubine, and what surprised him most was that the "ghost pot" was actually on Secretary Xing's body. … Continue readingChapter 34 Chen Yuanyuan

Chapter 28 Chisel Dragon Formation

This time, the treasure of the late Jin Dynasty was obviously processed according to the tomb by using the “Chisel Dragon Formation”. Whether it is digging the treasure directly or destroying the “Nine Terraces” with institutions, it is very dangerous. The number of chiseled dragon arrays is different. This “chiseled dragon array” deployed by the national power of Jin in the future, and the nine “town towers” must be the most mysterious and evil things that can be found all over the land of China. Breaking through the “Chisel Dragon Array” without breaking through the “Eye of the Array”, even if only one of them is not broken, may be a narrow escape. … Continue readingChapter 28 Chisel Dragon Formation