Chapter 219 The Setting Sun Like Blood

"Oh," Chung Yixian sighed, pointed at Huang Laoyan and said, "He killed him. Huang Laoyan sneered a few times, he didn't intend to tell her that Youliang didn't die, but received In "Dunhuang Nightmare Picture". Erya didn't believe what Huang Laoyan said at all. Youliang once left a message on the wall of Lijiagou's old house. It can be seen that he still has a deep love for him. How could he suddenly die? Eloped with Concubine Dong Gui? Daoist Jia nodded: "That's right, good and evil fight each other, eliminate evil and do everything, there can be no woman's benevolence at the moment of life and death. The setting sun was like blood, and the top of the West Peak seemed to be shrouded in a red mist. … Continue readingChapter 219 The Setting Sun Like Blood