Folk Ghost Stories


During the Tongzhi period of the Qing Dynasty, Gao Delin, a doctor in Lintangzhou, went into the mountains to collect medicinal herbs. While he was busy, a smelly smell blew, and he saw a wind snake as thick as a bowl appearing not far away, raising its head and making a hissing sound. Almost at the same time, a tiger appeared, followed by a roar. Gao Delin was so frightened that his three souls came out of his body, his vision went dark and he fainted.

After an unknown amount of time, Gao Delin woke up. A tiger in front was lying motionless on the ground. Not far away, the wind-blowing snake had been broken into two pieces, and the smell of blood filled the surrounding area. Gao Delin no longer cared about collecting medicine and ran all the way back home. He found a helper, came back and carried the dead tiger down the mountain. Gao Delin soaked two jars of tiger bone wine with tiger bones, made several plasters, and hid the rest.

On this day, an old man came to Gao Delin and complained about his back pain. After taking his pulse, Gao Delin took out a piece of tiger bone plaster and said, "It's okay, just put on a tiger bone plaster." Unexpectedly, five days later, Gao Delin was arrested – the old man was dead! The body turned black, and the old man's son sued Gao Delin. Now Wu Zuo has examined the body, and the conclusion is that he died of poisoning. From the plaster the old man put on his body, it was also found to be highly poisonous. Gao Delin was dumbfounded and told the truth. The county magistrate shouted: "That's nonsense! How can there be such a bizarre thing in the world? How could the wind snake provoke the tiger for no reason? When a tiger and a snake fight, you can actually escape death."

Gao Delin hurriedly shouted: "Sir, I have no enmity with that old man in the past and have no enmity in the recent past. Why should I kill him?"

The county magistrate pondered for a moment and said: "After all, human life is at stake, and I have to do something!" At this point, he pronounced the verdict: "Gao Delin's poor medical skills caused the patient to die of poisoning. Although the crime is unpardonable, he can be excused. The punishment is excusable. Five hundred taels of silver were given to the plaintiff as compensation."

At this time, Gao Delin was ruined and disappeared after the lawsuit.

More than ten years have passed in a flash. On this day, firecrackers suddenly went off in Lintangzhou, and a drug store opened. The owner was Gao Delin!

People came to congratulate one after another, and Gao Delin warmly entertained him. At this moment, someone shouted: "The doctor who executed my grandfather back then is back? It seems that he has made a fortune. Money is tight today, and I want to ask you for some good luck."

Gao Delin looked at him and saw a dark-skinned young man. Someone quickly whispered: "This is the grandson of the old man who made you bankrupt, his name is Li Tiansheng. After the old man's son took your five hundred taels of silver, he started eating, drinking, whoring and gambling. Not only did he lose his family, but he also He contracted a heart disease, and both his husband and wife died of it. Li Tiansheng grew up eating the food of hundreds of families, and now he is a street gangster. It is better to do more than to do less."

Gao Delin came over and said, "It's because I didn't have good medical skills back then. I feel ashamed." Then he took out five taels of silver and put it in Li Tiansheng's hand. Li Tiansheng smiled and left. But a few days later, Li Tiansheng came again. Gao Delin had to hand Li Tiansheng ten taels of silver, and suddenly he fell limp and fell to the ground. Li Tiansheng hurriedly bent down to help him up and said, "What's wrong?"

Gao Delin said: "I suddenly feel dizzy. Can you help me into the room?"

Li Tiansheng helped Gao Delin into the room, and Gao Delin fell asleep. When Li Tiansheng turned around and walked to the door, he saw a large silver ingot on the table. He reached over and grabbed it, but he couldn't lift it.

The strength of the ghost emperor_The legend of the ghost emperor_The legend of the ghost emperor

"Is it a disguise?" Gao Delin suddenly spoke. Li Tiansheng responded: "Yes."

Gao Delin turned over and sat up and asked, "Why aren't you leaving yet?" Li Tiansheng pointed at the big silver ingot and said, "Why can't you lift it?" Gao Delin said , "It's made of wood. It's nailed to the table and you can pick it up naturally." Stop moving."

It turned out that after learning about Li Tiansheng's situation, Gao Delin made up his mind to make him change his ways. He wanted to test Li Tiansheng's character, so he fainted on purpose to test Li Tiansheng's kindness, and then used a piece of fake silver to test whether Li Tiansheng was interested in making money. Unexpectedly, Li Tiansheng went to get it. At this time, Gao Delin deliberately asked about the legend of the Ghost Emperor . If Li Tiansheng was a hypocritical villain, he would definitely sneak away. Unexpectedly, Li Tiansheng not only answered, but also asked directly why he couldn't lift it. It shows that although others are rogues, they are also honest.

Li Tiansheng was about to leave, and Gao Delin spoke again: "Young man, stay here. I have a word of advice. Begging for money is what beggars do, and making money is a man's duty. You have reached the age of marriage. Which girl is willing to marry a beggar? ? You have to think carefully about your disguise."

This sentence touched Li Tiansheng's heart. He had already fallen in love with a girl, but she didn't like him. Seeing that his words had an effect, Gao Delin quickly said: "Now I need a helper here. I wonder if Xiao Zhu is willing? Xiao Zhu doesn't have to answer in a hurry." At this point, he took out another five taels of silver and gave it to Li Tiansheng, " I’ll give you another five taels, and you can go enjoy yourself as much as you want. When you run out of money, you can go back to my shop and work as a waiter to earn money. If you want to ask for money again, you won’t give me a penny!”

Li Tiansheng took the money in his hand, thought for a moment and said, "Okay, that's it."


Li Tiansheng came two months later. He was not only diligent but also very clever. Gao Delin was very satisfied.

On this day, Gao Delin called Li Tiansheng to his side and said, "I want to tell you about my marriage. The woman is the daughter of Chef Zhang."

"Really!" Li Tiansheng's eyes suddenly lit up. He had fallen in love with her two or three years ago.

Gao Delin said: "I have already told Chef Zhang about this marriage, but Chef Zhang said that if it were you, he would not agree. But if it is my adopted son, then…"

Li Tiansheng immediately knelt down and shouted: "My parents have been dead since I was a child, and I have regarded you as my biological father. I am afraid that you will dislike me and I dare not say anything. Now, father, I will kowtow to you."

The legend of the ghost emperor_The strength of the ghost emperor_The legend of the ghost emperor

Gao Delin helped Li Tiansheng up and said, "Son, starting from tomorrow, you will learn medical skills from your father. From now on, this pharmacy will be yours, and I can live my life with peace of mind."

From then on, Li Tiansheng slowly took over the pharmacy. On this day, Gao Delin called Li Tiansheng into the room and said: "When your grandfather died of poisoning, I burned all the tiger bones. Now that I think about it, it was not that my father was not good at medicine, but that it happened for a reason." Then he told the story of his chance encounter with a tiger python. I talked about the fight again. Finally, he pointed to the two jars of tiger bone wine on the table and said, "The tiger fought fiercely with the giant python. During the life-and-death battle, all the energy and spirit in the body was concentrated on the muscles and bones, and it did not subside until death. He was also bitten by the giant python in several places. , it can be seen that the venom in the python has penetrated into the tiger's body and adhered to the bones, so the tiger bones have both the tiger's fierceness and the python's poisonous gas. My father has been thinking about it for many years, but he can't resolve the tiger's fierceness and the poisonous gas. The poisonous gas of the giant python. Now I hand over these two jars of tiger bone wine to you. You must take good care of them. Once they can be resolved, this tiger bone wine will definitely have the effect of bringing the dead back to life."

One day three months later, Li Tiansheng suddenly found Gao Delin and shouted: "Weird things are happening…" It turned out that when Li Tiansheng's wife was cleaning up the house, she accidentally touched the tiger bone wine with her hand, but she shouted: "My wrist is so hot. "

Li Tiansheng was so strange. When he saw the jade bracelet on his wife's wrist, he immediately raised his eyebrows and asked his wife to take off the jade bracelet. He took it in his hand to touch the wine jar. It was so hot that Li Tiansheng almost threw away the jade bracelet.

After listening to Li Tiansheng's words, Gao Delin pondered for a long time and suddenly shouted with joy: "Jade has been an auspicious and evil thing since ancient times. It can just eliminate the fierceness of tigers and the poisonous gas of pythons in tiger bone wine. You can do it now Go dig a hole in the courtyard, then put these two jars of tiger bone wine and all the jades in the house into the hole and fill it up."

Half a month later, Li Tiansheng asked: "Do you want to dig it up and take a look?"

Gao Delin said: "No. The fierce and poisonous atmosphere in Jade Town must be a fight between dragons and tigers. If you dig it out rashly, I'm worried about an accident. Since there is a tiger's fierce atmosphere, the dog will definitely feel it. You put a bone on it and then leash it. If the dog comes, if the dog picks up the bone, it means there is nothing inside." Soon a dog was led and rushed towards the bone. Unexpectedly, after running a few steps, it whined, turned around and ran away with its tail. Without a trace.

Another half a year passed, and the dog finally took away the bones. Li Tiansheng wanted to dig again. Gao Delin said: "Not yet, it's spring now, you go and plant some flowers and plants, and then we decide!"

Another three months passed, and the flowers and plants were growing luxuriantly, before Gao Delin decided to take action. When the two of them saw the pit full of broken jade, they were so shocked that they stuck out their tongues. Li Tiansheng took out the tiger bone wine, and the two returned to the room, opened the mud seal, and a faint aroma of wine wafted out. Li Tiansheng said: "I'll take a sip and try the effect."

"No!" Gao Delin blurted out, "Dad is still afraid. What if…this thing killed your grandfather back then? Dad can't let anything happen to you again." After saying that, he suddenly picked up the jar of tiger bone wine. , raised his neck and took a sip. Li Tiansheng exclaimed: "Dad, what are you doing?" Gao Delin said: "Whether your father is alive or dead, you must remember that doctors are parents and must not be greedy for money and forget their morality. Also, from now on, you must be careful Observe dad’s reaction after drinking and record it at any time.”

Two months later, Li Tiansheng was overjoyed when he discovered that Gao Delin had grown black hair. Although Gao Delin's face was very proud, there was a faint foreboding in his heart. Another half year has passed, and Gao Delin's hair is more than half black. He looks more than ten years younger. His drinking capacity has also recovered, and he will take a few sips when he has nothing to do.

On this day, Gao Delin came back drunk. Li Tiansheng asked his wife to make tea for Gao Delin, while he went to see a doctor. He was very busy at night. After returning to the store, he found his wife crying. Li Tiansheng asked hurriedly: "What's wrong?"

The strength of the ghost emperor_The legend of the ghost emperor_The legend of the ghost emperor

The daughter-in-law covered her face and cried. It turned out that when his wife brought the tea to the back of the room, Gao Delin grabbed her hand while she was delivering the tea and wanted to forcibly molest her. The daughter-in-law struggled desperately and finally broke free and escaped.

Li Tiansheng couldn't believe it and said, "How could dad do such a thing?" His wife said nothing more and just kept crying.

Turning around, Li Tiansheng came to visit Gao Delin and saw Gao Delin combing his hair carefully. Li Tiansheng asked, "Dad, have you sobered up?" Gao Delin hummed and said, "Dad is going out for a while, so there's no need to wait for him to come home for dinner."

Looking at Gao Delin's back, Li Tiansheng frowned. His father has been too abnormal recently. No, I want to follow and have a look. Gao Delin came to the restaurant and came out after a while. There was a man in his fifties beside him. The two of them walked towards the largest brothel in Lintangzhou…


When it was time to hold the lantern, Gao Delin came back drunk, and Li Tiansheng said, "Let me help you go back to your room to rest."

Gao Delin said: "It's okay. Dad is getting younger and younger now." At this point, he glanced at the inner room of Li Tiansheng and his wife, "Dad wants to tell you something. Tiger bone wine is sold for a huge price."

Li Tiansheng said: "Who did you sell it to?"

"Of course he is a noble person!" Gao Delin laughed proudly.

It turned out that more than a month ago, Gao Delin was wandering on the street and met the county magistrate. Now he has become the minister of the Ministry of Rites. After finishing his errands, he passed by Lintangzhou on his way back to Beijing, so he came to visit his old place incognito. Gao Delin knew that the case that year was big or small. In fact, he had saved his life, so he forced the waiter to drink two drinks. After three drinks, the waiter asked Gao Delin strangely why he didn't look older. Gao Delin told Yuzhen how to get rid of the evil tiger bones and poisonous aura. The waiter's eyes rolled around and he smiled and asked Gao Delin to drink again tomorrow. From then on, the two got together every once in a while, first for drinking, and later for prostitution. Today, after the two of them came out of the brothel, they went to drink again. During the dinner, the waiter asked: "Mr. Gao, do you know why I didn't return to Beijing to resume my life? To be honest, now the emperor has a strange disease, and the imperial hospital is helpless. Your tiger bone Wine, if it can really have such a miraculous effect, do you dare to treat the emperor's illness? It should be noted that since ancient times, wealth has been sought in danger, and the opportunity cannot be lost and will never come back. You have to think clearly!"

As soon as Gao Delin said this, Li Tiansheng blurted out: "It's easy for an official like him to ask for our tiger bone wine, let alone our life. But why does he go through such a big circle?"

Gao Delin said: "It's nothing more than trying to reap the benefits. If the emperor's disease is cured, he will come out to take the credit. If there is a mistake, he will not only push it away, but also add insult to injury. But he has something to say. That's right. Since ancient times, wealth has been sought in danger. My son, Dad won't live for a few years, but you are at the peak of your youth. Dad wants you to treat the emperor's illness. Our tiger bone wine will definitely cure the emperor's illness. Not only will you honor your ancestors, but you will also bless your descendants." Having said this, he glanced at the bedroom of Mr. and Mrs. Li Tiansheng again.

The legend of the ghost emperor_The strength of the ghost emperor_The legend of the ghost emperor

Li Tiansheng understood: This was to push him to the fire bed. Seeing this, he really had the idea of ​​​​a wife.

"I won't go!" Li Tiansheng said with a livid face, "Father said that doctors must not be greedy for money and forget their virtues. Besides, the effect of tiger bone wine has not yet been clarified, so it must not be used on patients."

Gao Delin laughed twice, stood up and said, "That makes sense. However, I want to take a closer look at the tiger bone wine. How about giving me a jar?"

Li Tiansheng said: "It is originally my father's thing, why should I discuss it with my child?"

Turning around, Gao Delin went out and soon came back with his servant. He called Li Tiansheng to him and said, "This is the benefactor who saved my father's life back then. He came here specifically for the tiger bone wine. "

After the minister said a few words about his family, he changed the subject and said, "I heard from your godfather that you are not willing to treat the emperor. You are too worried about this." At this point, he pointed at Gao Delin and said, "Your godfather and I We have been together for almost a month. In order to test the effect of tiger bone wine, I went to a brothel with your godfather for several days. Your godfather is very brave. I also know a thing or two about medicine and have sufficient kidney qi. , strong energy. This is enough to prove the miraculous effect of tiger bone wine. A great future is ahead of you, don’t give up easily."

Li Tiansheng choked for a while, and finally said: "Since you are so confident in tiger bone wine, why don't you take a few sips first. As long as you dare to drink it, I will go!" "That's nonsense!" Gao Delin slammed the table and shouted. , "Have you ever been sick? Please apologize to your Majesty!" Li Tiansheng said, "Why should I apologize!"

The servant's eyes became extremely cold, and he said: "In that case, it's better to ask Brother Gao to go there. As for your adopted son, you should go to the border to serve the imperial court."

"Sir!" Gao Delin shouted in horror, "Can you give me a few days? I still have some urgent matters to deal with. If you don't believe me, I will use the tiger bone wine as a mortgage and leave it with you."

The minister smiled and said: "No need, I'm sorry you can't escape from my hands." Then he looked at Li Tiansheng and said: "If you go, it may be a road to glory and wealth. If you don't go, it will be a dead end. Go or not. go?"


"Don't go!" Li Tiansheng said loudly, "As I said, the effectiveness of tiger bone wine is still unclear. My father is proof that his temperament has changed drastically since he drank tiger bone wine. It must not be used on patients now! "

The legend of the ghost emperor_The strength of the ghost emperor_The legend of the ghost emperor

The minister nodded and said, "Since you are determined to serve the imperial court, let me help you!"

Li Tiansheng looked anxious and said: "You are going to give the emperor tiger bone wine with unknown effects. Are you going to save the emperor or harm the emperor? You still open your mouth to serve the court, so you deserve to say it!"

"Ah!" As soon as Li Tiansheng finished speaking, Gao Delin suddenly let out a scream, then tore off his clothes and shouted, "It's hot, it's so hot!" Then his face turned red and he ran out of the door naked. .

Li Tiansheng was stunned for a moment, then chased after him. Gao Delin was jumping around the yard. Li Tiansheng called two guys, and it took a lot of effort for the three of them to restrain Gao Delin. After tying him up with a rope, the three of them gasped for breath from exhaustion. Li Tiansheng checked his pulse quickly. After a while, his expression changed drastically and he ran into the pharmacy like crazy. Half an hour later, Li Tiansheng came back with a decoction and poured it into Gao Delin's mouth. After a while, Gao Delin wilted, closed his eyes and fell asleep.

The waiter walked over and asked, "What's wrong with him? Is it because he drank tiger bone wine?"

Li Tiansheng said: "I'm not a god, how could I know." The minister suppressed his anger and sat aside. At noon, the redness on Gao Delin's face subsided, and a black energy emerged. While holding the lamp, he suddenly started to bleed from all his orifices. After a few convulsions, he died.

Li Tiansheng burst into tears, and the waiter walked out of the house angrily and asked a waiter to report to the official immediately. It didn't take long before the county magistrate, government officials, and government officials all arrived. After the autopsy, Wu Zuo said to the minister: "He died of poisoning. The symptoms were exactly the same as those of the old man he killed more than ten years ago." The minister pondered for a moment, and ordered the Yamen servants to escort Li Tiansheng to the county government office, and ordered the county magistrate and Wu Zuo not to move. They will not leave until Gao Delin is buried in the coffin.

Gao Delin was buried a few days later. Li Tiansheng was released, and the minister returned to the capital.

That night, Li Tiansheng's wife came over and said: "Before my father died, there was a letter that I asked me to give to you." Li Tiansheng took the letter and hurriedly opened it…

It turned out that after Gao Delin reunited with the minister and told him that he drank tiger bone wine and the minister began to call him brothers, he realized that he was in trouble, but he never expected that he was actually treating the emperor's illness. Refusing obviously doesn't work. So he told the minister to let his godson go. After returning home, while his wife was bringing him water, he gave the letter to his wife and asked her to tell Li Tiansheng that he wanted to molest her. The daughter-in-law refused. Gao Delin roared: "This is related to the lives of our whole family. If this were not the case, my son would not be wary of me." The daughter-in-law agreed. Sure enough, the minister asked Li Tiansheng to follow him to Beijing the next day. After Gao Delin returned home, he asked for a jar of tiger bone wine, poured out a glass, took out the tiger bone plasters that had been used to kill Grandpa Li Tiansheng, scraped off the powder on them, put them into the wine, and drank it. Gao Delin knew very well that the minister had laid a dragnet, and he could only deceive him if he died like Li Tiansheng's grandfather…

Ten years later, Emperor Tongzhi fell ill and died long ago. The minister had also retired and returned to his hometown. He was seriously ill and spent a lot of money to seek medical treatment. On this day, a dark-faced middle-aged doctor came to see the waiter. When the waiter opened his eyes and saw the doctor in front of him, he was shaking all over and opened his mouth as if he wanted to speak, but a mouthful of blood spurted out. Turn, dead…

Three days later, the black-faced doctor knelt in front of a grave and said: "Dad, the child has avenged you. After inquiring about the dog officer's condition, it was predicted that the dog officer was most afraid of being frightened. So as soon as the child showed up, he scared the dog officer to death. .”

This black-faced doctor is Li Tiansheng! As for the "Resurrection Tiger Bone Wine", Li Tiansheng tried it and found its effect. He has already used it with confidence and saved lives and injuries.

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