Bloody Omen: Horror Waiting For Money?read Online

Following the old woman's fingers, Qian Bugou saw eye-catching blood stains. Qian Bugou discovered that not only these two people, but also others were the same. They were either possessed by demons or had lost their souls, like stiff and soulless corpses. "The cold hand pushed Qian Bugou down the black whirlpool with a gentle push. The tree trunk shook coldly, and a few drops of liquid dripped down and fell on Qian Bugou's lips. The bloody tip of the knife rested on Qian Bugou's lips. Putting it on his chest…he fainted. … Continue readingBloody Omen: Horror Waiting For Money?read Online

Ancestor Adults Read Online

Rizzo, I am mother, you know that? Besides, Li Zuo has lost his memory now, and he doesn't remember the marriage he promised me at all. Makita continued: "My father's head is connected to my aunt's head; on top is my grandma's head; on top is my uncle's head; on top is my great aunt's; on top is my great-grandfather and His brothers'; above, my great-great-grandfather's…" If I don't carry on the family line, my relatives will die. Makita's voice appeared behind me like a ghost, "The place where you fell now grew from my father's head, my ancestor's head. … Continue readingAncestor Adults Read Online