Bed Story: The Complete Story Of Rabbit Fairy

When I was a child, I often heard ghost stories about the Rabbit Fairy from the old people in the village. The old people said that the Rabbit Fairy was very powerful. Once possessed by it, it would have a fever, talk nonsense, disown its relatives, and even come out to beat people and bite them like a dog. , but it generally does not harm boys, but only girls, especially those who are beautiful, who are its targets.

Play the picture of the ghost rabbit_The story of the ghost rabbit_The story of the seven rabbits

There was a very beautiful girl named Qin Qing in the neighbor's house, who was once possessed by the rabbit fairy. One summer night, the transformer in the village was destroyed and the villagers were unable to use electricity. Qin Qing went to buy a candle and did her homework under the candlelight. Since the teacher assigned a lot of homework during the day, she didn't finish it until very late. When she finished her homework and was about to blow out the candle, when she was about to take a rest, she suddenly saw A white rabbit sneaked into her house, put on shoes, tugged on its ears, ran up to her, and actually said human words: Do you think I look like you? "

The story of the ghost rabbit_Play the picture of the ghost rabbit_The story of the seven rabbits

She was stunned for a moment. She didn't expect that rabbits could talk. The rabbits in the fairy tales her grandma told her in the past could speak human language to help the weak animals. In this way, she thought she had returned to the fairy tales her grandma told her. After hearing it, he happily answered it: "Like, you are very kind like me."

Play the picture of the ghost rabbit_The story of the seven rabbits_The story of the ghost rabbit

Unexpectedly, the rabbit laughed strangely when he heard her answer: "Okay, from now on I will be you, and you will be me."

Seven Rabbits Ghost Story_Play Ghost Rabbit Pictures_Ghost Rabbit Story

After the laughter, before she could react, the rabbit jumped into her body, and soon she couldn't help but lie on the bed and sleep.

The story of the ghost rabbit_Play the picture of the ghost rabbit_The story of the seven rabbits

After dawn, her mother saw that she had not gotten up yet, so she came to her house to call her, but found that she had a fever and was talking nonsense. Her mother hurriedly went to the village doctor to see her. When the village doctor arrived, he saw her When she was in this condition, she was prescribed medicine for a cold. However, after taking it for a few days, her illness worsened. After a half-immortal in the village learned about her condition, he knew that she was possessed by the rabbit fairy. After getting pregnant, he came to her house, smoked her with straw fireworks, and pricked her with silver needles. After a lot of tossing, she heard her scream in a sad voice: "Don't prick me, smoke me." "Seven Rabbits Ghost Story , please spare me, I will never dare to possess her again." As soon as she finished speaking, she fell to the ground and fainted. When she woke up, The fever has gone away, my mind has cleared up, and I no longer talk nonsense.

Before leaving, the half-immortal told the neighbor that if Qin Qing met the rabbit fairy again, he must scold it: You damn rabbit! Go away, spit on it a few more times and it will scare it away. Later, several children in the village also met the Rabbit Fairy and used this method to scare it away.

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