Bed Story: The Complete Story Of Rabbit Fairy

When I was a child, I often heard ghost stories about the Rabbit Fairy from the old people in the village. The old people said that the Rabbit Fairy was very powerful. Once possessed by it, it would have a fever, talk nonsense, disown its relatives, and even come out to beat people and bite them like a dog. , but it generally does not harm boys, but only girls, especially those who are beautiful, who are its targets. There was a very beautiful girl named Qin Qing in the neighbor's house, who was once possessed by the rabbit fairy. … Continue readingBed Story: The Complete Story Of Rabbit Fairy

Black And White Animals At Night

There is a strange saying in our hometown: When you go out in the middle of the night, if you encounter any animal lying there motionless on the road, you must not go forward, let alone chase it. Especially black or white ones. It turned out to be a big white rabbit. The local hares were all gray, so he decided that the domestic rabbits had lost their way and escaped. The white rabbit was grazing there motionless, seemingly defenseless. The rabbit not far away was gone, but a white object as tall as a person appeared out of thin air. When you are on the road late at night and see black or white animals, don't touch them. … Continue readingBlack And White Animals At Night