Chapter 917 The Abandoned Ancient House

() In order to avoid the ghosts lingering near the supernatural bus, everyone had to choose to enter this dark old forest.

There is a small path in the old forest. It is winding and not too long. You can see the end at a glance.

There is an old house at the end, which seems to have been abandoned for a long time and is inaccessible, but there are two red lanterns hanging on the door of the old house, and the red lanterns are still on at the moment, emitting a reddish light. From a distance, it looks like a pair of strange eyes, hesitant and strange.

The old forest is very quiet, and as soon as you enter it, you feel like you have entered another world. It gives people an unreal feeling.

And what makes people feel very puzzling is that Li Gui seems to be unable to set foot here. He is isolated outside the woods and does not follow someone in. Not only that, even the supernatural rain falling outside is also avoided. After opening this forest, there was no falling.

It is precisely because of this that some passengers who might have been killed by the ghosts were a blessing in disguise and survived.

Yang Jian paid a little attention to the people entering the woods at this moment, and there were quite a few.

Including the couriers who survived on the fourth floor, there were nearly twenty people.

It seems that the number of passengers killed by ghosts after the engine was turned off was not as high as expected.


Those who can get on the supernatural bus are basically ghost controllers. Although their strength varies, they are more or less capable of protecting themselves.

The danger had just occurred, and they had already fled into this old forest, thus reducing the mortality rate to a great extent.

If this old forest hadn't blocked the approach of the evil spirits, most of the people would have been dead by now.

"I don't want to go forward. I decided to wait for the supernatural bus to restart in this old forest, and then find a way to rush back. If we continue to move forward, if the bus leaves, we will most likely be trapped here. Is there any Are people willing to join me? My name is Wanzhou, I own the ghost domain, and I can take people on board as quickly as possible."

A ghost controller named Wanzhou suddenly stopped at this moment. He was unwilling to go further into the old forest. He planned to take refuge here temporarily and then wait for an opportunity to return to the bus.

As soon as these words came out, many people stopped and looked at him in surprise.

"Is that true?" someone asked immediately.

The man named Wan Zhou said: "Of course it's true. Am I joking about this? And I also need someone to help me resist the attack of the ghost, so as not to have an accident when I get in the car. Are we really going to follow Yang Jian there?" It's an old house, they have their own purposes, and I don't agree with that."

After getting through the dangerous period just now, and now feeling a little more at ease, some people have changed their minds again.

Before, he planned to follow the ghost-eyed Yang Jian to find a way to survive. Now that he thought about it seriously, it seemed that Wanzhou's plan was more secure.

"Count me in, I'll stay with you."

"I also agree with this plan."

Someone temporarily formed a small team and chose this ghost control plan called Wanzhou.

To this.

No one paid attention.

After all, no one is familiar with it. Everyone is free to do what they want to do and where they want to go. They are not forced to follow the direction of the ancient house.


Zhou Deng glanced at it, but still said this sentence silently in his heart.

This old forest in Hoi An?

Stop being so naive.

There must be huge terror in a place where even evil ghosts cannot set foot, but the danger has not emerged yet.

Therefore, Lao Lin must not stay for a long time and must leave as soon as possible.

Yang Jian walked at the front. He did not use the ghost domain, but closed his ghost eyes because when he maintained the ghost domain before, he felt something peeping at him in the old forest. The feeling was very creepy. , so he didn't want the ghost eyes to look around and avoid provoking some beings that couldn't be provoked.

"Hurry up. We must leave this old forest as soon as possible. This place is very unusual. I'm afraid something will happen if we stay too long. The danger has not yet appeared. This is an opportunity for us." He said in a suppressed voice.

Li Yang on the side shrank slightly after hearing this reminder, and then subconsciously quickened his pace.

Seeing Yang Jian's accelerated pace, the other messengers also followed closely, fearing that they would fall too far behind.

He had reached the middle of Lao Lin.

There are old black trees with sparse branches and leaves on the front and back. The trunks of this kind of trees are not thick, but relatively slender, but relatively dense. They stand there one by one, as if they have been deliberately arranged. .

And there are no weeds in this forest.

There was only a thick layer of fallen leaves and dead branches on the ground.

There was a layer of mist in the woods, like a layer of haze, giving the forest a cold, ghostly feeling.

"Is this path being swept or something? There isn't a tree blocking the road, and there isn't a fallen branch…" Yang Jian was walking quickly and observing at the same time.

"These trees are not the types of trees we see in daily life. They are withered but not dead."

There were so many unreasonable things that he couldn't even count them.

Still there, no danger encountered along the way.

At least everyone walking along the path was safe. No one was attacked and died inexplicably in the woods.

that's all.

With a heart in mind, Yang Jian finally walked out of the old forest and came to a huge open space. In front of the open space was an old house. This old house was the very old house he saw on the road before. Weird house.

"It's right here."

He pulled out a photo for comparison.

In the photo is a woman sitting on a red wooden bench, smiling and showing a pair of snow-white hands.

No matter how you look at this, she is a very beautiful woman, but if you observe carefully, you will find that this seemingly perfect woman’s smile is slightly stiff, and the position of her hands and feet is also very unreasonable. She is like a beautiful puppet. This photo was taken at the mercy of others.

What Yang Jian paid attention to was the background of the photo.

The background is a very new mansion, the style is Chinese style, exactly the same as the old house in front of you, except that the old house in the photo seems to have been built not long ago, while the one in front of you is older and seems to be abandoned a lot. It's the same as last year, even the paint on the door has faded and looks a bit gray.

"The photo was taken at this location, it's unmistakable."

Yang Jian took a breath, feeling inexplicably nervous.

All the information points to this ancient house, as if this is the source of supernatural events.

Of course, the source is impossible, we can only say that this place is very involved.

It's all involved with ghost post offices, ghost cupboards, and even ghost paintings.

"What kind of person is so insane that he would build a house like this in this place? In the past, the people who owned such a house must have been from a wealthy family."

Zhou Deng also walked out of Lao Lin. He stood in front of the ancient house and looked around, feeling a little emotional.

But after all, his eyes were lingering on the two red lanterns above the door, as if he wanted to take them down.

This guy is trying to make money again.

I want to take away the two red lanterns on this ancient house.

"Those should be supernatural items, right? Kuro Ibaraki , the two red lanterns, I don't know what they are used for."

Zhou Deng looked at Yang Jian: "One for each person, how about we share it equally? After all, I can't eat alone here."

Yang Jian said coldly: "Don't act recklessly, break the balance in the ancient house, and cause supernatural events. I will take the blame for this. If you want the lantern, it's not too late to get it after I leave."

"That makes sense, then get it before you leave." Zhou Deng nodded and looked back with some reluctance.

"Captain, do you want to open the door and go in?" Li Yang whispered.

Yang Jian looked around and saw that there were walls on all sides and there was no other way to get in. Of course, he could also climb over the wall.

He just didn't know why, but he felt that this approach was reckless, even an act of seeking death.

"Open the door, let's go in through the gate." He gave up the idea of ​​climbing over the wall and entering the house.


Li Yang immediately walked to the old wooden door.

This gate is the background of the photo in Yang Jian's hand.

Considering that there may be danger behind the door, Li Yang is the most suitable choice.

"Don't use supernatural powers first." Yang Jian reminded.

"I know." Li Yang reached out and touched the old and faded wooden door.

Nothing unusual.

Use a little force.

The door was slowly pushed open with a creak.

The door was not locked, but was closed casually, as if the owner of this ancient house just went out temporarily and would come back soon.

As soon as the door opened, the first thing that came into view was a screen wall, blocking everyone's view.

"Follow up."

Yang Jian, holding a cracked spear, strode to the front, taking the greatest risk.

Since he is the captain, he should do what he should do by himself, and he will not let others find the way for him.

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