Chapter 5 The Second Aunt Mouse

Blind Chen and his gang were all accustomed to robbing ancient tombs. They were all so bold that they didn't care about spending the night in Yizhuang Zanguan. They made up their minds and went to Laoxiong Ridge, which is "shrouded in mist and mountain roads are like silk". The Yizhuang was far away from the crowds, and I found it only when I was about to turn on the lanterns. I saw that the Yizhuang seemed to have been rebuilt from an abandoned mountain temple, but the scale of the ruined temple was not small. It was divided into three entrances, and the resting top of the main hall collapsed. Half of the way, the roof tiles were covered with weeds, and under the cold moon and stars, there were groups of bats flying in the air. The broken wooden mountain door with peeling paint was half closed and creaked when the mountain wind blew.

Although everyone was brave, they couldn't help but beat their hearts when they saw this scene, and they bravely pushed the door open and came in. Blind Chen had already found out in advance that there was originally a corpse keeper in this pavilion. She was a middle-aged woman. She did this job because she was ugly, lived alone in the mountains, and did not interact with others. However, she also fell ill two days ago. He died, and now his body is parked in the back room. No one is taking care of him in this deserted mountain village.

It was already dark, but there was no rush to rest. Blind Chen wanted to check the entrance and exit first to avoid any accidents at night and to escape. Immediately, he led the crowd, lit a leather lamp, and stepped into the main room. He saw seven or eight dilapidated black coffins parked inside. They were all "beds" in the hotel for the dead. Over the years, they had not been packed in. How many corpses. In front of the coffin are wooden tablets, each with the name of the spirit owner written on it. The smell in the house is strong and gloomy. The corpses are made into zombies with arsenic to keep them from decaying. Laoxiong Ridge is very remote, and a corpse exhumer comes about once every six months. At that time, the corpse in the coffin will be taken away. The corpse keepers in the yizhuang are responsible for guarding the corpses to prevent the corpses from mutating or deforming. It was eaten by wild animals.

Huamaguai was born in Chuchu, and he was considered a relatively superstitious person among the bandits. When he went out to work, he worshiped mountains and rivers. As soon as he entered the house, he found an incense burner on the altar table and burned a few sticks of incense for the dead in the coffin. , muttering words in his mouth: "I was passing through the barren mountains and missed the place where I stayed. I stayed here for one night. I didn't want to disturb you. I hope you all will take care of me…" Before he finished speaking, there was a sound in the coffin, and a cold wind suddenly hit the ground. People, lights and candles are dim.

A dark wind blew through the Yi Zhuang, and the lamps and incense candles in the hands of the thieves were about to go out. The old coffin boards placed in the house creaked, as if extremely long nails were scratching the coffin lid. The sound made people's skin crawl with hair.

Blind Chen saw any movement and hurriedly put his hands on the dagger at his waist. He never liked using guns and only brought a dagger for self-defense when robbing tombs. This sword has an origin. It is the "Little Divine Edge", the precious sword used by the emperor at that time. It is often placed in front of the sword with the magic spear, soaked in cold light and extremely sharp. At this moment, he took out the blade and took a look, only to see the flickering light of the blade. He knew that the "Zanguan" was not very clean. If there were no ghosts causing trouble, there would be evil things hidden there.

Blind Chen immediately waved his hand, and he and several of his accomplices spread out in a fan-like manner, surrounded them, and opened the lid of the coffin one after another to see if there were any changes in the zombies in the coffin. Luo Laowai also pulled out his two guns and followed them to check. With this alarm, the strange noise in the coffin disappeared by itself, and only the sound of the mountain wind whimpering outside the house, shaking the bricks and ancient trees, was particularly sad to hear.

This group of people are all giant thieves who dig graves and tombs all year round. It is said that "people with high skills are bold", and it is most taboo for thieves to show the slightest hint of timidity in front of their colleagues. They patrolled between dozens of old coffins several times. Seeing nothing unusual, they placed tripping ropes in the coffins containing the corpses. The rope was soaked with cinnabar powder, and rigor mortis could not be bent, so it was trapped in the coffin by the tripping rope and could not come out. Then the coffin lid was closed, the door was closed, and he left the main hall.

Returning to the dilapidated yard of Yizhuang, I saw that there were no stars and moon in the sky, and the wind and clouds were rolling in the mountains. It seemed that there was a high probability of a heavy rain at night. The way to perform the "Wang" formula is to look at the traces of mud to identify the color of the grass. It will be easier to perform after the rain has washed it away. Down the ridge is the boundary of Pingshan. After the rain in the morning, we can go to see the situation of the ancient tomb, so the group of thieves immediately decided to stay in Yizhuang for the night. This group of people all carry murderous weapons and ink sticks to ward off evil spirits. How can they take lightly a mere morgue.

I walked around the yizhuang twice and found that every house was dilapidated and filthy. Only a small room next to the back door was still habitable. This room is where the corpse guardian usually lives, and it is also the only room in the Hotel of the Dead prepared for the living. Luo Laowai walked the mountain road for a day and wished he could stop and rest early. He said "please" to Blind Chen, kicked open a wooden door and stepped into the house.

Luo Laowai turned around after entering and saw an upright dead man standing behind another door panel. The body was covered by a large white cloth, only a vague outline was visible. There was a wooden spiritual tablet erected above his head. A life lamp burned out until it was as big as a soybean. Even though he, Luo Laowai, had killed many people in his life, he never expected that there would be a corpse poking behind the door. He was so frightened that he broke into a cold sweat and subconsciously reached out to pull the revolver.

Blind Chen then entered the room, hurriedly pressed Luo Laowai's hand, and looked at the spiritual tablet on the head of the corpse. There was a yellow straw paper talisman on the wooden sign. He raised the oil lamp and illuminated the paper talisman. The talisman drawn on it was very special. look familiar. I used to learn Taoism in the mountains, so I was familiar with some runes. This rune is the "Corpse Cleansing Rune" in Zhang Chenzhou's rune. It says: "There are Liujia on the left, Six Ding on the right, thunder and lightning in front, wind and cloud behind. Thousands of evils and filth will be purified by Qi, and they will be as urgent as laws and regulations."

Then he gently lifted up a corner of the paper talisman, looked at the line of words on the spiritual tablet below and read: "The second aunt of the rat, Wushi's position… must be the woman who was keeping vigil at Changuan. She died just two days ago. According to local custom, you have to stand up like a zombie on the door panel before you can put it into the coffin. I heard that this woman is also a hard-working person. I am not in conflict with her, so I can just let her stay here."

Blind Chen's three subordinates all had a bitter background, otherwise they would not have fallen into the trap of being a thieves. They have always sympathized with those humble and humble people. When Blind Chen said this, they all readily agreed: "The big shopkeeper said The worst thing is that since ancient times, the poor have not bullied the poor. We have all been forced to go to the end of the mountain to occupy a side and do heroic deeds and heroic deeds. Why bother a dead man who is suffering."

Although Luo Laowai had the intention to burn the corpse so as not to expose it to the house all night long, but seeing that it was difficult to go against the will of the public, and since he had to rely on these people to steal the ancient tomb, he had no choice but to endure it and followed Blind Man Chen into the house. Hua Maguai hurriedly cleared out a clean place and asked the two of them to sit down. Due to their status, the other three followers did not dare to sit on an equal footing with the bandit leader and Luo Shuai. After that, he sat on the ground, ate dry food to wrap his belly, and drank some soju to keep away the cold.

Halfway through eating, I heard thunder and lightning outside. Several thunderbolts fell one after another, shaking the roof tiles, and then there was a heavy downpour. Blind Chen sat cross-legged and drank, closing his eyes and meditating on the various news he had learned today. He imagined the scale of the Pingshan Tomb. When he heard the rumble of thunder, he calmly told Huamaguai, Hong girl and Kunlun Mo. He said to the three of them: "It's not peaceful in Yi Zhuang. You need to be careful tonight and don't sleep."

Huamaguai and others quickly stood up to accept the order, and then everyone drank wine and kept vigil. During the chat, they accidentally mentioned the story of the second aunt Wushi. They thought her name was weird? Does it look like a mouse? It's just that the body is covered with white cloth and her face cannot be seen. It's really hard to imagine her appearance.

Luo Laowai had smoked enough cigarettes and felt full of energy. He had been attracted to the red girl for a long time and wanted to take her as his eighth concubine. However, this woman was too hot-tempered and she swore not to marry after the great changes in the family, so she refused at all. Agree, and she is good at the ancient color magic tricks of the Moon Gate. She is a master at deciphering the secrets of ancient tombs. She is indispensable for tomb robbing and coffin opening. Luo Laowai is a heavy smoker, he is just greedy for money, and he is not very serious about sex. In addition, Miss Hong is Chen Blind's right-hand man, so he has no choice but to put this idea aside, but tonight he will spend the night in Yizhuang, a barren mountain. A car mother is very bored, so how could she not find a chance to talk to Miss Hong.

At this time, when he heard Huamaguai talking about the appearance of the female corpse, Luo Laowai said: "How does it look? You'll know after you take a look." After that, he walked to the door and raised his hand to lift the veil covering the corpse. Looking at the white cloth through the light of the lamp, everyone was shocked. Luo Laowai was even more fussy: "Fuck grandma, is there really a big rat in the world that has become a sperm?" Even the mute Kunlun Moleh opened his eyes wide. His eyes widened as he stared.

The female corpse's skin was bloodless. The color of the corpse was not white but gray, and there was a layer of less obvious black energy hidden deep in the bloodless gray. The facial features of the second aunt Mouse are very narrow, with a small nose, small eyes, slightly pointed ears, obvious protruding teeth, and purple lips protruding forward. Except for the lack of mouse hair, she looks like a rat face.

Seeing the unseen and strange looks of everyone, Blind Chen shouted: "Nao Nao, unfortunately, he always boasts that he is the Xiling bandit who has excavated the most imperial mausoleum. When he saw an ugly and weird female corpse, he also punished her." So strange."

When picking up dishes at the foot of the mountain to pick up tongue leaks, Blind Chen was experienced and experienced, and he investigated every detail. Luo Laowai and others only focused on inquiring about the ancient tombs of the Yuan Dynasty, and did not pay attention to other things, so they did not Knowing the origin of Second Aunt Mouse, they had no choice but to let Chen Blind tell them.

The most common theory about what happened to the second aunt Mouse is this: more than ten years ago, the guard of this Yizhuang was a man named Wu, and the mountain people called him "Yizhuang Laowu". The Tujia people in the nearby mountains like to eat blood tofu very much. Blood tofu is made by mixing pig blood and tofu, kneading it into a lump, putting it in a bamboo sieve, hanging it on the fire pit to dry, and then you can eat it in many ways.

One day, Laowu of Tianyizhuang also cooked a pot of blood tofu for toothpaste. Just looking at and smelling this stuff will make you salivate. It was not cooked yet, but it was already full of aroma. Yizhuang Laowu was drooling and was watching the pot when he suddenly heard a rapid knock on the door. Yizhuang Laowu hurried to open the door, but there was no one outside, not even a ghost. When he turned around again , I saw a young woman squatting by the pot to eat bloody tofu. She probably knocked on the front door, and when Lao Wu opened the door, she jumped in through the back window.

Yizhuang Laowu was furious and thought, could it be that the female thieves from the mountain came to smash the open fire? The master is not dead yet, and it is not your turn to eat blood tofu secretly. He picked up an ax for chopping firewood and smashed it. The woman lowered her head and just ate. When she heard the golden wind, she hugged the pot and started eating. Escape out the door.

Yizhuang Laowu chased her closely and finally caught up with her in a mountain col. He struck the woman with an ax and chopped it right on the woman's buttocks. As blood flowed out, a thick rat tail fell out. When Yizhuang Laowu saw that this was a rat spirit, he was a person who had been guarding dead bodies all year round, so he was naturally very courageous. When he was furious, he planned to kill them all. He raised the ax and wanted to chop again, but the woman cried and begged: "Today I smelled the fragrance of blood tofu in the pot, and I really couldn't resist the temptation, so I came out to steal food, but my husband chopped off my tail. I will never change back to my original shape. If my husband doesn’t mind my ugly appearance, I would like to marry him and spend the rest of my life together.”

Lao Wu of Yizhuang has been a bachelor for many years. He has been guarding Yizhuang for many years. Men try to avoid him, let alone any woman who is willing to marry him. It is because of the long drought that there is no dry dew. A closer look showed that although the woman had a rat face, she still had the body of a woman, so he married her that night. A few years later, Yizhuang Laowu went to the mountains to collect medicine to treat his wife's illness. As a result, he was licked by an old bear. They had no children. When Yizhuang Laowu died, only Wu was left as a widow. She still relied on guarding Yi. Zhuang makes a living.

The elderly people in the village all know that the actual situation is not like this. Wu Shi is not a big rat who turned into a spirit, but a woman who fled from the mountains and was taken in by Lao Wu of Yizhuang. Because she looks so weird, The young people in the mountains made up random stories, and the rumors grew more and more. As time went by, they all called her the "Second Mouse Aunt". Many mothers used her to scare their disobedient children: No matter how naughty you are, beware of being rattled in the middle of the night. The second aunt hugged her. Children often don't dare to cry anymore when they think of the big rat-like woman.

Blind man Chen is young, well-educated, extremely intelligent, and has the ability to read faces. It is not surprising to know that there are people with such deformities in the world. However, they are destined to suffer misfortunes, just like ugly people wearing rags. How can they be born in this life? ? I am here to point it out for everyone and stop them from making nonsense speculations.

Luo Laowai also felt that what he had just done was self-defeating and had lost his identity, so he had to find another way to talk. He wanted to show off his knowledge and take the opportunity to gain some face when he came back, so he asked Hua Maguai: "Kaizi, I heard that your ancestor was a famous autopsy expert." Kisaku, can you tell why this second aunt died?"

Huama turned around and looked at the female corpse. She only rolled her eyes twice before she saw the difference. Her face suddenly changed color slightly and she replied: "Mr. Hui Luo, I'm so young. I saw that this female corpse's lips are dark green. Her facial features were blocked, and her stomach was full of corpse poison. Could it be that some rice dumplings in the Yi Village had eaten the corpse… and threw her to death?"

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