This is what a colleague said. The housework of his childhood playmates.

The father of a colleague’s playmate, A, is a local deputy director. Director B was not only his superior at that time, but has always been his superior. When A joined the army, it was because B rescued him from the Japanese. A is a soldier, B is a squad leader, A is a company commander, and B is a battalion commander. After changing jobs, one deputy bureau and one director.

Needless to say, the relationship between the two people is that the two families are as close as a family. My colleague’s playmate is called Godfather B.

During the Cultural Revolution, B suffered. The charge is his honesty. A, standing in line is more active, and it’s safe and sound. So B’s family came to A and asked him to help clear it up. A fully agreed, and as soon as B’s family left, he went to give B another medicine. A’s psychology, later people guessed, is that he is afraid that he and B will not be able to draw a clear relationship and draw a clear line. If B’s ​​family does not come, he is still worried, but if B’s ​​family comes, he must prove with practical actions that B is his class enemy.

The medicine he prescribed was a life-saving medicine. A knew clearly, and reported it without pain or itch, and couldn’t get rid of the relationship between the two for so many years. If you want to do it, you have to do it absolutely. That night, B was tortured to death.

B died, and A breathed a sigh of relief. He wants to reward himself. Get some meat, get some wine. Then there is the water that almost stews the meat.

Let me explain, B did not live in the cadre compound at that time, but lived in a one-story house close to the outskirts of the city. Where to drink water, go to the well to draw. The well is not far from his home. The shape is an octagonal well. There is a pulley on it. B took his son, the playmate of his colleague, who was only 7 or 8 years old at the time, to fetch water.

B fetched water, but did not go down to get the bucket, but uncharacteristically asked his son to hold the rope, leaned forward to look into the well, and then fell headfirst. There were also passers-by nearby. Seeing this scene, they all ran to rescue him, saying that this would not be life-threatening. However, when the crowd arrived a few steps away, his son let go. Filled a bucket of water and smashed Jia down to the bottom of the water.

If he is rescued again, A will be finished according to the public opinion. Everyone took it as an accident. Although there are doubts, such as why you don’t take a bucket, why you look into the well, why such an adult will fall into it, etc., but the word “accident” can also be explained. Just as they were about to leave, A’s son woke up bored and wailed loudly. He cried and said, “Godfather is in the well, and godfather hit my hand.”

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