Chapter 70

The name of the deceased was Shenjiro, and his elder brother would come from Iwate Prefecture, Japan in the near future. It is said that this person was an onmyoji with a great reputation in Japan, and wanted to personally participate in the investigation of the case. Xu Feng pondered for a moment, then said: "Didn't there be a corpse robbery case in Babaoshan last year?" Taoist Master Xufeng thought for a moment and asked, "Where is the file of the last corpse robbery case?" This incident probably has something to do with the Hakka nanny, Xu Feng thought to himself, this case happened a few days after she came to Beijing, she must have secretly stolen Shenjiro's body for You Liang to heal his broken arm. … Continue readingChapter 70


So B’s family came to A and asked him to help clear it up. If B’s ​​family does not come, he is still worried, but if B’s ​​family comes, he must prove with practical actions that B is his class enemy. Where to drink water, go to the well to draw. The shape is an octagonal well. B fetched water, but did not go down to get the bucket, but uncharacteristically asked his son to hold the rope, leaned forward to look into the well, and then fell headfirst. If he is rescued again, A will be finished according to the public opinion. Although there are doubts, such as why you don’t take a bucket, why you look into the well, why such an adult will fall into it, etc., but the word “accident” can also be explained. … Continue readingWorse