A Missing Morgue Watchman (2)

So, everyone told everyone about the past in the morgue in detail, and then went home to sleep.

Early the next morning, the Master ordered Pengfei to cut the grass in front of the morgue, and Sun Wei to invite Granny Li over. Not long after, Sun Wei came back alone. It turned out that Granny Li was not at home these days, but Pengfei went there all morning and did not come back. It wasn't until dusk that he ran back with a gray face, panting like an ox, with a piece of grass stuck to his legs and a stinky smell on his body.

"It scared me to death… I thought I couldn't come back." Pengfei almost couldn't breathe.

"What's wrong?" the village party secretary asked anxiously.

"I went to cut the grass early this morning. I didn't know that the grass in the morgue was harder than the last, so I gathered my strength and prepared to do a big job. At this time, something strange happened again. I cut it with the knife and found that the grass was harder than the last. There was bright red blood flowing out from the broken part, damn it! At first I thought I was dazzled, but then every piece of grass I cut would bleed. I was so panicked at the time, and when I turned around and saw the dead witch , it was incredible. ! Grass grew again in the place where I just cut it. I was trapped in the grass alone, and I couldn't tell the difference between south, south, north and south. I wanted to escape, but I didn't know that I couldn't get out after running for more than an hour. I was so scared at the time Ah…I sat down on the ground.

I just wanted to take a breath, God damn it! My ears started ringing again. 'Bride, my bride…' Those shrill cries came from far and near, and then from near to far, ringing in my ears non-stop. At that time, I thought of what the master said yesterday, what is to be tortured to death by a kid and what is to never be reincarnated. To tell you the truth, I was so scared that I peed my pants. Oddly enough, the screams stopped as soon as I peed. A flash of inspiration occurred to me, and I remembered that I once heard an old man say that if you encounter a ghost hitting the wall, peeing is the most effective way. So I immediately took off my pants, and sure enough, wherever my urine hit, there was no grass growing, faster than I could mow it. If I had known, I would not have brought a sickle with me today, but would have picked up a few buckets of excrement to pee in. It would have been easier and safer. But now I know it's too late. I've already walked more than ten meters into the grass. I can't urinate for such a long time, but I have no other way. I just squatted on the grass and held it in, held it in, and held it in again! I ended up holding it in for a whole day, and I finally urinated in a tract of more than ten meters long outside the morgue…" Pengfei said as he drank a bottle of mineral water.

After hearing this, Sun Wei was surprised and amused at the same time. Even the usually expressionless master raised the corners of his mouth and asked, "Did you really only hear these two sentences, 'Bride, my bride.' outside the morgue?" "I just came back from the hell gate, and what I just experienced… I will never forget it in my life. There are only two sentences that are unmistakable, but they are evil enough." Pengfei said.

"Okay, then please ask Sun Wei and Pengfei to go to the morgue with me again tonight." The master's voice was a little loud. When Pengfei heard this, he couldn't drink the half bottle of mineral water anymore.

——The first battle of wits

This night. Sun Wei and Pengfei followed the master to the grass in the mortuary, set up the altar, set up the incense burner, put up the magic charms… and completed a series of preparations. The master kept standing in front of the altar, ringing the bell and muttering mantras. After chanting for half an hour, the talisman placed on the altar actually started to rise without any wind, and the candles on both sides flickered on and off, swaying as if they were about to go out, but they never went out. At this time, Sun Wei and Pengfei felt their hearts leaping into their throats, and they looked around with all their energy. The master continued to recite the mantra as if nothing had happened. Suddenly, the black smoke from the candlelight on the altar became thicker and thicker, and soon it surrounded the master.

At this time, those shrill screams sounded in everyone's ears again. "Bride, my bride…" The wailing comes from the top of the head and reaches people's ears. It feels like it will penetrate into your body through your ear holes and slowly torture you. Sun Wei and Pengfei couldn't see the mage through the black smoke, and their hearts were raised in their throats. Sun Wei squeezed the palm of his hand tightly with five fingers, and Pengfei had already recited "Namo Anituo Buddha" dozens of times in his heart. The master's hand suddenly stopped, and he hit the bell hard against the black smoke, which immediately opened a corner.

After a gap opened in the black smoke, the wind suddenly started blowing from the ground in the morgue, making people feel bone-chillingly cold. The wind stopped, and suddenly the surrounding area was enveloped by a sudden thick fog. The three of them were trapped in the thick fog, and their field of vision began to become smaller and smaller. At this moment, the shouting in his ears suddenly stopped. The night was eerily quiet. Sun Wei and Pengfei hugged each other, sweat dripping from their foreheads, always paying attention to every move around them. It's not that they don't want to run, it's just that they don't have the strength on their four legs now.

One minute, two minutes… I don't know how much time passed, but there was nothing strange around them, and the two of them vaguely felt that the fog began to disappear. Among the two, Sun Wei was the bolder and took a few steps forward. Sun Wei looked carefully through the mist and felt much relieved. It turned out that Nongmu was gathering towards the master's right hand little by little. The master's left hand was raised on his chest and he was still reciting the mantra. It seemed that the master was subduing the ghosts. After a while, the fog cleared, and Sun Wei could see clearly. It turned out that the master's right hand was holding a person's skull, and the six holes in the skull's eyes, nose, mouth and ears were sucking away the surrounding twilight air. Pengfei also saw this scene clearly and let out a long sigh.

The two of them walked over quickly, and Pengfei asked first, "Master, did you successfully capture A-Liang?"

"No." The master smiled peacefully.

"Master, please explain clearly." Sun Wei said respectfully.

"Didn't Donor Pengfei encounter a ghost hitting the wall here today? Just imagine, if Donor Pengfei encountered the fierce ghost A Liang today, would he be driven away by Donor Pengfei's urine? Plus The evil ghost who was wailing above your heads just now can only mechanically repeat these two sentences, "Bride, my bride…". I expected that the evil man would not be able to control A Liang to deal with us today, so I found a few little ghosts. Come to scare us. Now that the little devil she placed in front of the morgue has been caught, we can clear out this bush early tomorrow morning. If we can set up our battle here, our chances of winning will be much greater. By then, I would also like to ask two of you to come over and help." The master was obviously a little excited after he said that.

"Then what are we here for today?" Sun Wei was puzzled.

"Today I thought I was just going to catch little ghosts, so it wouldn't be too dangerous. So I'll take you to see it and build up your courage, so that when you actually go to catch A Liang, you will have some experience and won't be in a hurry." The master said earnestly and thoughtfully. "Master, where did that thing in your hand come from? Can you give me one? I think I will be more courageous if I have a treasure like this." Pengfei said with excitement.

"This is a ghost-catching skeleton commonly used by our Taoist priests on Maoshan Mountain. There is a gluttonous ghost inside. Ancient books say that he can eat all the resentment in the world to feed himself. But one thing to be careful about is that this skeleton must not be broken. If the skeleton is broken, all the resentment inside will be released, which is extremely dangerous. Pengfei Donor, since you sincerely want it, why not give it to you." The master said calmly.

Pengfei happily took the skull with both hands. He thought about the fright he had received this morning, and seeing how powerful this skull was, he had wanted it for a long time.What to be careful about

——The second battle of wits

After dawn, the three people returned to the village meeting hall together. Pengfei immediately described the situation to everyone in a vivid and vivid way, and even added some words of jealousy about how brave he was at that time and how he was able to adapt to changes, while Sun Wei sat quietly aside. When other people heard that the mage had caught several little ghosts outside the morgue, everyone clapped their hands and applauded.

, suddenly, the mage said to Pengfei: "Donor Pengfei, please go to the morgue again to help me arrange these spells."

Pengfei was startled, hesitated for a moment and said, "Are you still going?"

Sun Wei asked: "How should the master's talismans be arranged outside the morgue?"

The mage took out seven three-meter-long talismans from his luggage bag, ordered Sun Wei to hang them on the trees around the altar, and then went to find a plate of black dog blood in the circle surrounded by the seven trees. Draw a Bagua diagram according to the lines of the Bagua in the Book of Changes. "Three consecutive rounds of Qian, six breaks of Kun, shake up the bowl, cover the bowl with Gen, empty in the middle, full in the ridge, empty in the upper part, and broken in the lower part." Sun Wei secretly recited the formula instructed by the master several times in his heart. As soon as Pengfei heard that he was looking for black dog blood, he flew out. The village party secretary recommended himself to the master to mow the grass outside the morgue, and said that he would help the master catch ghosts tonight. In fact, after listening to Pengfei's words, he became more and more confident about catching ghosts. He could also take this opportunity to establish a heroic image in the minds of the villagers so that he could compete to be the village chief.

It wasn't until the last ray of light disappeared in the west that the three of them finished the job at hand. The master changed into a Taoist robe and came to the door of the morgue. He solemnly said to the three village party secretaries: "The souls of wronged people are tangible and intangible and cannot be seen by mortal eyes. I will wash your eyes with pomelo leaves later." Pengfei and Sun Wei, each of you hold a corner of my cinnabar ink net. If you see a huge black shadow coming straight towards me later, open this net and wrap it tightly.

Village party secretary, use this willow branch to drive away the kid who came to stop Pengfei and Sun Wei from closing the net. One thing you must remember is that no matter what happens, you must not step out of the Seven Talisman Bagua circle, otherwise there will be ghosts on the ground and evil ghosts emerging underground, and the situation will be extremely dangerous. "The three village party secretaries swallowed hard and nodded.

After the Master finished everything, he wiped the eyes of the three of them with cow's tears, then handed them the cinnabar net and willow branches, and sat cross-legged by the altar, closing his eyes and meditating. The three of them, the village party secretary, held the magic weapon handed over to them by the mage tightly in their hands and looked around with great vigor.

One hour passed, two hours passed…it was twelve o'clock in the middle of the night.

The village party secretary and the three of them suddenly saw groups of human-shaped shadows struggling to come out of the ground. At the same time, bursts of miserable cries for help reached their ears from far and near from all directions. The three of them were terrified.

Suddenly, all the humanoid shadows seemed to turn around and stare at them, motionless. After a pause, they seemed to have been ordered by someone and rushed madly towards the village party secretary, Pengfei, and Sun Wei. The wailing voice suddenly increased by dozens of decibels, accompanied by a surge of humanoid shadows. At this time, the mage shouted: "Xuan Tian is above, the ghost appears!" The cinnabar on the seven spiritual talismans flashed, and then each spiritual talisman glowed with yellow light, forming a circle. Below, only fractional shadows penetrate the aperture. The shadow that rushed into the aperture suddenly turned into a "person" with hands and feet! It's just that these "people" moved sluggishly, and walked towards the village party secretary and the others with open teeth and claws, as if they were about to pounce forward and bite them off, which made people feel scared. The mage turned to the village party secretary and shouted: "Hit." The village party secretary was startled for a moment, then understood immediately, picked up the willow branch in his hand and hit the "person" who rushed into the circle of light. "Willow branches will kill new ghosts, and every dozen will be shorter than one foot." It turns out that the words of the older generation are not false at all. The village party secretary's willow branches are everywhere, and those "people" suddenly become "shorter". A few more hits and they retracted to 10 feet. The village party secretary kept his hands on his hands, and the enemy's offensive finally slowed down. The shadows outside the aperture suddenly circled upward and began to gather bit by bit. The village party secretary won the first battle and proudly held a willow branch to challenge the big shadow. The shadows outside the aperture are getting bigger and bigger, and the dark wind outside is blowing bigger and bigger. When everyone is watching the shadow's next move attentively. The shadow flew towards the wind with a "whoosh" and rushed straight over. But this time it was not the village party secretary and the three of them that it rushed towards, but the seven spiritual talismans. The seven divine palaces were hit by the shadows one by one. There was a "boom, boom, rumbling" explosion, and the seven talismans fell down silently, and the light circle Also disappeared. A huge shadow rushed down towards the mage from above his head. While Pengfei was still staying in place, Sun Wei had already grabbed a corner of the French net and rushed towards the black shadow. Pengfei reacted immediately and ran over. The two of them set up a net on the left and right of the mage to cover the shadow. Suddenly, both of them felt that there was a fierce beast contained within the French Open, and it was charging left and right. Pengfei and Sun Wei couldn't hold it tight for a moment, so they relaxed, and the shadow immediately rushed out of a gap and escaped. The village party secretary looked on with regret.

The black shadow escaped from the law and was hovering above their heads, ready to attack. Pengfei looked back at the mage anxiously, and saw a sudden burst of white light between his eyebrows. Then the white light spread from his eyebrows to his arms, and moved from the arms to his fingertips. The mage shouted angrily: "Here!" The white light shot out, hitting the black shadow in the middle. , the black shadow fluttered down, and the mage immediately shouted: "Use the French net to catch the wronged ghost, the magic power will not last long!" Sun Wei rushed forward in three steps and two steps at a time, leaned over and covered the black shadow with the French net, Pengfei rushed over and pressed on Sun Wei again. Although the shadow in the French Open was still struggling, both of them felt that this time the shadow in the French Open was not as powerful as before.

The scattered shadows nearby rushed over one after another, and were beaten away one by one by the village party secretary with willow branches. Everyone feels that this time it should be successful.

The mage also got up and wanted to go and take back the French net. But the situation took a turn for the worse at this moment! The mage's feet were suddenly held tightly by two hands reaching out from the ground. The flesh on the strange hand was completely rotten, and countless insects were moving in and out of it. Pengfei and the others felt their stomachs churning. Before the three of them had time to be surprised, their feet were also held by two hands. The black shadow in the net immediately rushed out at this moment, hovering high in the sky and wailing loudly: "Bride! My bride…"

The mage was shocked and said to himself: "Why can they still come out of the ground when they have clearly drawn the Eight Diagrams with black dog blood to seal the remains of the dead?" As soon as he said this, the mage immediately thought of something. On a very crucial matter, he shouted angrily at Pengfei: "Pengfei, did you bring the blood of a living black dog or a dead one?"

"How do I know? The dog dealer at the corner of the street sold these to me at a cheaper price!" Pengfei replied loudly.

When everyone heard this, they were shocked. The mage even let out a long sigh. Only Pengfei kept scolding him, saying that if he had the chance to go back, he would immediately close the dog dealer's stall. The village party secretary immediately cursed, if I go back with my life, I will release you immediately… Before the village party secretary could say the word "hire", a black shadow suddenly circled down in the sky, forming a snake-shaped black belt. , wrapped him tightly. Outside the morgue, the village party secretary's heart-wrenching cry for help suddenly rang out, along with the faint sounds of bones breaking, making everyone panic.

Just when everyone was feeling desperate, Pengfei had a flash of inspiration and took out the skull that the Master had given him yesterday. He thought wildly, but the human head and skull didn't react at all.

"Master, didn't you say that this thing can absorb all the resentment in the world?" Pengfei shouted.

"This is what is written in the ancient books, but think about it, if this thing can deal with Master Aliang, would I give it to anyone casually?" The mage also looked particularly impatient.

Pengfei cursed, threw the human head and skull on the ground, and cursed that the ancient Chinese books were all lies, just like the work reports they usually wrote. Something strange happened again at this time. As soon as the skeleton fell to the ground, bursts of thick black smoke immediately came out of the six holes on it. When the mage saw it, he was shocked and screamed: "Donor Pengfei, if you smash the skeleton, all the resentment inside will be released, and I will die."

The black smoke became thicker and thicker, and it condensed on the skull, forming a black hole. Suddenly, the skeleton stopped releasing black smoke, and strong winds came out of the black hole, as if it was going to suck the whole world in. The black shadow and the strange hand disappeared as soon as the wind blew up, and screams sounded one after another outside the morgue. But at this time, the village party secretary had been strangled unconscious. How could he resist the suction of the black hole? Sun Wei immediately rushed forward and hugged the village party secretary with one arm and tightly hugged a big tree with the other. At this time, Pengfei and Master also hugged a big tree with both arms. The strong wind whistled loudly in the ears, and the suction force of the black hole became stronger and stronger. The surrounding sand and rocks had been sucked in by the black hole, and they saw that they were about to be sucked away. The master sighed, took out a knife from his arms and cut the other hand. Blood gushed out, but strangely, the master's blood was not red, but golden. The master dropped the knife, reached out to catch the blood he shed, and kept chanting the curse. After chanting for dozens of seconds, he sprinkled the blood in his hands into the black hole and shouted, "Everyone, run away." After the black hole was sprinkled with the master's blood, the suction force immediately decreased, and the four people immediately left the morgue in a mess.


When we returned to the village, it was already dawn and everyone was exhausted. Sun Wei immediately found the hospital in the village and bandaged the village party secretary and the master. Unfortunately, the village party secretary has been dead for a long time, and there is almost no intact bone in his body. But the master only suffered from serious blood loss, and he was much better after the blood transfusion. Sun Wei saw the master dejected and asked what happened? Why does the master bleed golden blood?

"Actually, my blood is also red in the eyes of ordinary people, but you can only see it is golden after applying it with cow's tears." The master said sadly, "That is not ordinary blood, but the crystallization of my Taoism for decades. After After the battle last night, although I didn't die, I also lost all my magic power." (It turns out that Maoshan Taoist priests can still condense their lifelong magic power into their own blood after failing in the battle. In an emergency, they can cut their veins and sprinkle blood. When Sun Wei heard this, he felt very guilty. Pengfei sighed: "We lost, we lost this time!" But at this time, the Master said another even more surprising news: " If we lose the battle, within seven days, the evil man will definitely bring ghosts to our door…"

The next day, Sun Wei, Pengfei and the master all went back to the village meeting hall to discuss countermeasures. As a result, bad news came again. A child in the village died for no reason. Everyone was shocked, and the mage stayed where he was for a long time without saying a word, with a solemn look on his face. Ten minutes later, the master said to Sun Wei: "Let's go and see the child's body." So the three of them rushed to the house of the villager who had the accident. The dead child's eyes were black, and the skin on his body was tightly attached to the bones, as if all the flesh in the middle had been sucked out, making him look like he was dead. Everyone was silent.

On the third day, another child died for no reason, and the circumstances were the same. For a time, rumors spread outside the village. Some people said that A Liang wanted to kill everyone in the village!

On the fourth day, the third child died for no reason, and people in the village began to talk about moving out. Pengfei and Sun Wei were fed up, but the master came over and said, things are starting to turn around!

Sun Wei and Pengfei both looked at each other, and the master asked them: "Have you heard of 'Siluo Bottle'?" Both men shook their heads. "We cultivators call those head-dropping masters who practice evil arts but have not yet mastered the practice as 'Siluo Ping'. If a head-dropping master like 'Siluo Ping' is back-bitten by the evil ghosts he has attracted during his cultivation, , if your vitality is seriously injured, you must rely on absorbing the essence of boys and girls to heal the injury. Now seeing that children in the village are being killed one after another, and the death conditions are the same, it is very likely that the evildoer is also injured. It is probably the accident of Pengfei's benefactor. He released all the resentment in the skull and hurt A-Liang. At this time, the evil man who controlled A-Liang had merged with A-Liang's spirit, so his vitality was greatly damaged. Now he has to absorb the essence of boys and girls. Come to heal my wounds. Although I have lost all my magic power, evil people cannot do harm to others during this period of time." Pengfei and Sun Wei both felt that things were promising after hearing this. "The essence of the 'silo bottle' boy and girl must fly out of the page~ant with his head at night. As long as we catch him at this time and put him in this legal net or prevent him from returning to the physical body before dawn, 'Si Luo Ping''s head will turn into a pool of blood, and his physical body will die immediately. By then, the crisis in the village will be lifted." The master said that his joy was beyond words. So the three of them began nervously planning a "head-catching" operation.

–season finale

The setting sun reluctantly sets on the western hills, and everything is ready. After the fright in the past few days, almost no one in the small village dared to go out at night. Every household turned off the lights early and went to bed. The night was eerily quiet.

Sun Wei lurked on the road leading from the morgue to the village, and Pengfei lurked in an ordinary farmer's house. Each of them held a cinnabar ink net (the cinnabar ink net had been cut in half by the master). The master took out a tape with a baby's cry on it, placed it at the window of the house, and played it loudly. The two village party secretaries also specially found a bold peasant woman holding a toy baby and pretending to coax the child to sleep. The recorder had been playing for less than two hours. Suddenly, Sun Wei's vision blurred. A black shadow flew past like a swift arrow. The sound of wind blew past his ears. Sun Wei followed closely behind with a law enforcement net. Sure enough, the black shadow flew straight to the place where the baby's cry came from, and then broke through the window. When the peasant woman saw the bodyless monster, she screamed loudly and rushed out of the room. Pengfei immediately jumped out from the corner, pulled out the French net and tried to cover the monster's head. The strange man was shocked and backed out of the window. Pengfei chased him out in a hurry. Sun Wei surrounded him from behind and blocked the monster's retreat. The monster had no way to escape and stopped in mid-air. The mage followed closely and walked out.

At this time, the three of them took a closer look and saw that the strange hair was like silver threads and his face was criss-crossed. Who could this be, Granny Li? Sun Wei and Pengfei were both really surprised.

It turns out that two years ago, Li Xuanyue did not intend to harm anyone after she turned into a ghost, but she could not be reincarnated because of her resentment. Grandma Li, who loves her daughter eagerly, searched everywhere for a solution, but she couldn't come up with the money, and almost all the mages rejected her. Until one day, she met a mysterious temple priest in black in front of Zhongkui Temple. He said he could show her a method for free, but he was afraid that she would not do it. How could Granny Li refuse? So Miao Zhu told Grandma Li to put a mentally disturbed person in Li Xuanyue's coffin on the first seven days of September, and let them both be cremated together, so that all the resentment on Xuan Yue's body would be transferred to the person who died in vain. If you recite the mantra for blessing, the person who died in vain will turn into a loyal ghost for you to send. Then, Miao Zhu told Granny Li the incantation and the specific method of refining it.

Granny Li secretly repeated the words of the temple blessing several times in her heart, and then went back to the morgue to see Xuan Yue. As a result, she found that A Liang was taking off her daughter's red wedding dress and wanted to help her wash her body. A Liang also said that Xuan Yue is his bride and he should take good care of her and not let her get dirty all day long. Granny Li was surprised at first, and then after asking a few tentative questions, she discovered that A Liang had some mental problems. He mistook Xuan Yue for his deceased girlfriend. So Granny Li's evil thoughts only came into being. She lied to A Liang that the coffin Xuan Yue slept in was their new bed, and asked him to sleep in it with Xuan Yue. Aliang believed it, and until he was burned to death by the fire, he thought he was in the bridal chamber with his former girlfriend. Later, Granny Li began to practice alchemy.

The camera turned and returned to two years later.

"You have killed so many people!" Sun Wei shouted angrily.

"How many? They all deserve to die." Granny Li sneered. "Two years ago, when Xuan Yue died, my family was so poor that we couldn't afford a penny. I wanted to borrow some money from the people at the morgue to help Xuan Yue organize a funeral. But what I got was countless cold looks and insults! I thought that two people who had also lost their loved ones would understand each other, but it turned out that this was just my own wishful thinking. After I became a ghost and surrendered, the first thing I did was to use them to test surrender. I wanted them to despise the poor. taste."

"The deaths of dozens of people on the TV station and on the construction site, and the death of the rich man were all your fault!" Pengfei continued to ask.

"That's right, although I got rid of Xuan Yue's resentment, she still refused to be reincarnated. That silly girl had to wait for the heartless man no matter what. So, she stayed in the morgue. Several little ghosts outside the morgue I put it up to warn them not to harass my daughter, but what happened? They all came here to seek death on their own, it’s not that I didn’t let them go." Granny Li said confidently. "What about the village party secretary? Shouldn't he be dead?" The Master took a step forward and asked.

"Shouldn't he die? Ever since my wife became ill, he has been withholding our family's relief funds. If he hadn't enriched his own pockets, would my wife have had to go to the construction site and fall to death? Everyone in the world should die! A few days ago Those two kids deserved to die because they wanted me to replenish my energy! If it weren't for the hundreds of dollars you two gave me, I would have killed you on the day of the secret wedding, but now I will never be soft-hearted." Li At the end of the sentence, the mother-in-law's eyes turned red and the corners of her mouth were bleeding. She seemed crazy and rushed towards Sun Wei with her mouth open.

"No need to quibble, your viciousness will be punished today!" Sun Wei said loudly, while opening the French Open and coming forward. Granny Li was startled and stepped away. Pengfei immediately turned around and used the law enforcement net to guard the corner of Granny Li's escape. The two of them were one behind the other, and the two French nets were about to cover Granny Li's head in the middle. Grandma Li suddenly flew into the sky from the middle of the net. Sun Wei and Pengfei were not expecting it, and they stayed in place for a while. Granny Li, who was just one step away from being caught, was about to run away. Suddenly, a black object flew over Sun Wei's head and headed straight for Granny Li's head. The sound of "pop" had already hit Granny Li. It turned out that the mage had sharp eyesight and quick hands. As soon as he saw Granny Li leaving the net, he immediately picked up a stone from his feet and threw it over. Granny Li fell to the ground, and Sun Wei rushed forward, opened the French net and tightly wrapped Granny Li. In the French Open, Granny Li's head was still struggling from side to side. Suddenly, Granny Li screamed and turned into blood, flowing out from the side of the net.

"Injustice…" The master stood aside with his hands clasped together and sighed!

The next day, the Master said he would go back to Maoshan and ask his senior brother to take A Liang back for salvation. Also, he wanted to check on that black-clad temple priest…

A few years later, at the village chief's appointment meeting, Sun Wei delivered an inaugural speech: "In the coming days, I want to shift the focus of the village's work from protecting the interests of high-income people to protecting the interests of low-income people. I hope I can give the most cordial care and the most timely help to the villagers living at the bottom. …"

The audience burst into applause!

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