Murder: Across The River Tower Online Reading

In the early years of Chongzhen in the Ming Dynasty, there was a doctor named Wang Hui in Ganzhou Prefecture, Jiangxi Province. He had a benevolent heart and excellent medical skills. He had great experience in treating some difficult and complicated diseases. He was often able to rejuvenate and save people's lives. His reputation spread far and wide, and people came to see him every day. There is an endless stream of people. However, Wang Hui was a humble man and he never put on airs. He did not need any carriages, horses or sedans to invite him when he went to see a doctor. He could just go there alone, so the residents nearby admired his medical ethics. Incessantly. Wang Hui lived on the riverside. If the patient's home was on the other side, he would drive his small boat across the river and cross the river to the north. Therefore, he usually tied the boat under a loft on the riverside. This building is called Gejiang Building. It was originally the residence of the daughter of a wealthy family. The daughter of this family was called Dagu, and this building was her dressing room. Later one day, my aunt had a few quarrels with her family over some trivial matters. She couldn't think of anything and hanged herself in the building. She was only 16 years old when she died. Since the death of my aunt, this building has been locked and no longer occupied. Wang Hui also felt that it was unlucky, so he did not dare to tie the boat here anymore and changed it to another place.

A few months later, one day he took a boat to the other side of the river to treat a patient. After the treatment, the owner treated him warmly and left him to eat and drink at home until after the second watch in the evening before returning home drunk. Wang Hui declined his master's offer of seeing him off, and sailed alone in the boat. In less than a moment, he reached the building across the river. At this time, the clouds were light and the wind was gentle, the moonlight was bright and clear, the reed flowers on the shore were swaying gently in the wind, and the water and sky on the river were sparkling. It was such a picturesque scene that Wang Hui felt so relaxed and happy that he couldn't help but look up to the sky and scream several times. Before the whistling stopped, he suddenly heard someone calling in a low voice upstairs: "Mr. Wang, are you coming back so late?" Wang Hui was so drunk that he suddenly forgot that this building had been uninhabited for a long time. He looked up following the sound and saw The aunt in the building across the river is leaning on the railing, her figure is graceful, her hair is in a bun with misty hair, her eyes are watery and smiling, her skirt is flying gently in the wind, her appearance is exactly the same as before she was alive. Wang Hui had seen her several times before, so he was very familiar with her voice, appearance, and smile. At this time, he saw a little light in the building, and he felt in a trance, forgetting that his aunt had been dead for a long time.

He used more force to stop the boat downstairs and asked his aunt why she was standing alone upstairs so late. After hearing this, the aunt smiled at first, and then invited him upstairs to have a cup of tea. At this time, Wang Hui was feeling thirsty due to drunkenness. Hearing this, he was overjoyed that two people were killed and one was injured while drunk , so he happily abandoned the water and landed on the edge of the ladder and went up to the building. The aunt invited him into the boudoir to sit down. She saw that the room was clean and tidy, and the furniture and furnishings were still as before. After a while, the aunt brought him tea and asked him to drink it. Wang Hui held the tea in his hand and felt the fragrance was fragrant and sweet. He was so happy that he was full of praise for a while. The aunt was very happy to see him, and then she opened her mouth and said to him: "My family has always troubled you, and I relied on your miraculous healing powers to recover from several illnesses. I still can't forget it. But now that I'm underground, I got sick again." It's a ghost disease. I've already died once and I can't bear to die again, so I asked a good doctor to cure me again." Wang Hui didn't take it seriously after hearing this, and asked his aunt to stretch out his hand to feel his pulse as usual. Thinking that he had just put his hand on his aunt's wrist, he suddenly felt that the touch was so cold that it penetrated his bones. He was shocked and then remembered that his aunt had been dead for several years.

But at this time, he was in Zuixiang, but he didn't feel scared in his heart. Instead, he curiously asked his aunt: "If people are dead, are they still afraid of getting sick?" The aunt replied: "Yes. In fact, ghosts Diseases are the same as human diseases. They are all caused by accumulation during life, not after death. For example, the slave family was trapped in the chest because of negative qi, and the symptoms only appeared after death, so although It seems that people are used to heal ghosts, but in fact, people are still used to heal people." After saying that, he took out a pen and paper, looked at Wang Hui intently, and asked him to write down the prescription. Wang Hui finished writing the prescription and handed it to his aunt in a few seconds, and asked her by the way: "Is there a pharmacy in the dark world?" The aunt replied: "Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva has shown great mercy and has set up a pharmacy in the City of Wandering Death. It's been more than a thousand years." Wang Hui was now in a good mood and was in a good mood, so he drank tea and smoked while chatting with his aunt about the scenery of Jiuyou. The aunt recounted them for him one by one, and they were all the same as what people usually say. Not quite the same.

As he was talking, Wang Hui suddenly asked his aunt jokingly: "I heard that the appearance of the hanged ghost is very scary, but why don't you look like this today?" Upon hearing this, the aunt replied seriously: "I It's too late to thank you for your kindness, how can I let the ugly shape scare you." Wang Hui kept saying that he didn't believe it, and repeatedly asked his aunt to take a look, but she still refused. At this time, Wang Hui happened to be smoking. Seeing that the aunt was still reluctant to show her true colors, he took a puff of cigarette and blew it on the aunt's face. He sprayed it several times in a row. The aunt couldn't resist it and started to surprise him. He shouted: "You must force me to reveal myself. If you scare me, it will not be my fault." Before he finished speaking, he heard ghosts wailing everywhere. Wang Hui took a closer look and saw that his aunt's black hair had fallen down. His face was covered with worry, two eyes like dead fish bulged out and stared at him, a scarlet tongue stuck out of his mouth, there was a brocade silk hanging around his neck, and his hands were hanging down motionless. Wang Hui was so frightened at the sight that his liver and gallbladder split apart. He screamed and fell off the stool. He woke up instantly after a night of drinking. He felt that his legs were as soft as cotton and could not walk, so he could only roll over from the ground. Climbing up, he secretly felt as if someone was supporting him until he walked downstairs. Before he could board his boat, he passed out deep in the reed flowers on the riverside. It wasn't until dawn that Wang Hui woke up and turned around. He looked up and saw that there was no one upstairs, so he hurriedly got up and boarded the boat and returned. From then on, no one dared to go downstairs across the river.

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