Soul Exchange: The Strange Fate Of A Lantern

Gui Cha

"Yingying, what's wrong with you?" Lin Yiqing asked concernedly while having breakfast in the cafeteria. He Yingying has been in a trance since she woke up in the morning and has been unable to recover. Last night she cried to her body for a long time, but no one heard her. Finally, she was tired of crying, so she lay down on the bed and fell asleep. In the morning, when she was woken up by her dormitory classmates, she realized that she was back in her own body, but she was very afraid that she would be out of body again. So she followed her dormitory sisters carefully, not daring to leave even a step.

The four of them were busy eating when a boy suddenly came over. It was the boy who appeared in their dormitory last night – Yue Zhaolin.

"Can I sit down? The cafeteria is full." Except for He Yingying, the three people nodded desperately, because everyone knew that He Yingying liked Yue Zhaolin. But when Yue Zhaolin sat down, He Yingying suddenly stopped eating and ran out of the canteen.

The remaining three people looked at each other.

He Yingying was so nervous for a few days, and found that nothing happened to her, so she slowly returned to normal. She was just curious, what happened that night?

After eating that day, she went to the library alone, looking for some books on Chinese supernatural events. When she looked up, she saw Yue Zhaolin. Yue Zhaolin was wearing a white T-shirt today, which was simple and clean, showing off her slender figure. He Yingying was suddenly so close to him, and she started to blush and her heart beat again.

"Yingying, can I ask you something?" Yue Zhaolin's face seemed a little red. Did he want to confess to himself?

"Um… Lin Yiqing in your dormitory, does she have a boyfriend?" These words made He Yingying, who was still full of enthusiasm just now, fall into the ice hole.

"Do you like Lin Yiqing?" she asked.

"Well… I think we are destined to be a couple, because I had a dream last night. I dreamed that a light appeared at the door of the bedroom. I followed the light by accident, and then I came to a dark place. I saw that lamp. There was a girl sleeping next to the lamp. She was very beautiful, she was Lin Yiqing. I am sure that it was not a dream, but a marriage given to me by God. "

After Yue Zhaolin left, He Yingying felt her heart hurt. She was unwilling to accept it. What Yue Zhaolin saw that night was clearly her, why did she become Lin Yiqing? The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. She turned and left the library and went to the Internet cafe.

She posted a request for help on a well-known paranormal forum, describing the entire incident in detail. After a while, someone responded to her post with a picture:

According to what you said, that lamp is a soul-inducing lamp, and ghosts from the underworld usually carry it when they seduce souls. And ghosts are afraid of salt. When the ghost messenger came to your dormitory, he was sprinkled with salt in your hands, so he disappeared, but the lamp stayed.

This lamp has a guiding function, guiding people's souls from the world of heaven to the underworld. It is unlikely that the soul will be taken out of the body as you said, because it only has a guiding function. If you are sure that your soul is out of body, then it is very likely that the soul that the ghost is trying to guide is yours.

"Am I going to die… That Yan Yan accidentally saved me?" He Yingying was very scared. Was she going to die? But then she calmed down. Since the ghost messenger is not here, as long as one soul is hooked, the mission can be done. Then, it doesn’t necessarily have to be her death! While she was thinking about it, she added the person's QQ. The person's online name was "On Vacation" and his avatar was a green fire. It was a bit scary at first glance, but if you look closely, you can see the small green flame. Very beautiful.

He Yingying: Excuse me, does the ghost mission kill people every time they go to seduce souls? Is the choice of Hao fixed?

On vacation: No, the leaders below issue the targets, and the ghosts can handle them themselves.

He Yingying: OK, thank you.

What are the functions of ghost lanterns_What is the meaning of ghost lanterns_What is the ghost of ghosts carrying lanterns

Before she logged into QQ, an idea suddenly occurred to her. She asked "On Vacation" a few more questions before leaving the Internet cafe.

out of body

The school's masquerade ball opened with great fanfare. The ball was hosted by Yue Zhaolin, the president of the student union, and planned by He Yingying. Lin Yiqing, who didn't like the excitement, didn't want to come, but he couldn't stand He Yingying's teasing, and He Yingying had prepared Lin Yiqing's clothes. The dress was a long silver-white cloak with a collar studded with pearls, which looked very beautiful. Lin Yiqing also fell in love with the cloak, so she followed He Yingying to the masquerade party. The dance was held near a small pond in the school. There were already many people when they passed by. Yue Zhaolin was wearing a black windbreaker and looked even more handsome. Lin Yiqing wanted to walk away when she saw him, but He Yingying pushed her over and left by herself.

He Yingying secretly came to the pond alone. _I took out the soul-inducing lamp from the bag I carried with me. The green flame inside was still beating, but it was not as dazzling. He Yingying took out a piece of paper, bit her finger and wrote down Lin Yiqing's clothing characteristics on the paper.

Then she smiled with satisfaction as she watched the flame in the lantern turn red. At this moment, she suddenly found a girl struggling in the middle of the lake, it seemed to be Mi Tongtong.

"Someone fell into the water!" she screamed and jumped into the water. However, when she jumped into the water, she suddenly lost her direction. She was obviously swimming towards the place where Mi Tongtong drowned, but she never saw Mi Tongtong again. The water was very quiet. She paddled hard, but she couldn't hear any sound. She swam for a long time and felt very tired, but she still didn't reach the shore. She vaguely saw a bridge not far away, and she swam towards the bridge by mistake. She suddenly heard someone calling her on the bridge. Who was it? She raised her head and looked forward, the bridge was closer, she heard a burst of beautiful singing, and then she suddenly lost consciousness.

When she woke up, she was lying in Yue Zhaolin's arms. Lin Yinan was kneeling beside her, holding her hand tightly, and a group of people gathered around her.

"What do you think? Are you feeling better?" Seeing that she woke up, Lin Yiqing asked anxiously. He Yingying looked at the people around her blankly, and suddenly spotted Mi Tongtong's figure. She stood in the crowd and looked at He Yingying with a worried look on her face.

"Tongtong…are you okay?"

"I'm fine. I've been in the dormitory. I just found you fell into the water when I came here." Mi Tongtong replied. He Yingying was stunned and smiled bitterly. What's going on…

She had to stay in the infirmary for one night, and Lin Yiqing stayed with her. In the middle of the night, He Yingying felt very cold, so Lin Yiqing wrapped all the quilts and her own clothes around He Yingying, including the cloak she was wearing.

As soon as the cloak was put on her body, He Yingying felt difficulty breathing and could not speak a word. She struggled desperately to lift the cloak off her body, but her body was very heavy and her movement range was too small. As soon as she managed to free up a little bit, Lin Yiqing discovered it and covered her back up again.

He Yingying suddenly felt very scared. Lin Yiqing, who was gently covering her up, seemed to be trying to harm her. Does she also know about the lamp? He Yingying struggled violently and finally stood up . Who was the ghost holding the lantern ? She glanced at Lin Yiqing angrily and found that Lin Yiqing was still looking at the bed.

Her head buzzed with a buzzing sound, her body was still lying on the bed, and she was out of body again.

I only love her

It was late at night, and He Yingying was walking outside alone. She thought it should be very cold outside because the wind was always strong, but she didn't feel anything in her body. She originally wanted to harm Lin Yiqing, but now she harmed herself. She remembered the bridge she saw when she was drowning. She always felt that there should be clues there, so she decided to go and have a look. Before she reached the lake, she heard a scream of howling. Many people, or rather ghosts, were crying in the lake and reaching out to climb onto the bridge. Then she saw a man standing motionless in the middle of the bridge, holding the lamp in his hand and looking at her intently.

"You're here, let's go, you're the only one missing!" He Yingying heard the man's words clearly from a distance of nearly 100 meters. Someone was here to seduce her soul! She screamed and turned around to run back, but the ghost crawling out of the lake grabbed her ankle tightly.

"Help -" she screamed, and at this moment, a pair of hands grabbed her tightly. She looked up and saw that it was Lin Yiqing.

What is the meaning of ghost lanterns_What is the ghost of ghosts carrying lanterns_What are the functions of ghost lanterns

"How did you see me?" He Yingying screamed. At this moment, she suddenly found a lamp floating behind Lin Yiqing, a lamp with blood-red flames dancing.

"It's so strange, I don't know what's going on, it's just like this…" Lin Yiqing's face was very pale, and she could tell that she was scared, but she still held onto He Yingying's hands until those hands let go of He Yingying.

But Lin Yiqing was grabbed by those hands and disappeared instantly. The moment Lin Yiqing disappeared, He Yingying's vision also went dark and she fell unconscious.

When she woke up again, she found herself lying in the school infirmary . What the hell was holding a lantern ? Lin Yiqing lying next to her was motionless. He Yingying reached out and pushed, and Lin Yiqing fell to the ground. He Yingying stepped forward and tried her breathing. Her breathing was very weak, almost negligible.

She was suddenly stunned. Isn't this the result she always wanted? She had been deliberately trying to harm Lin Yiqing. Now that she had achieved her goal, why was she dissatisfied?

The image of Lin Yiqing saving her kept appearing in her mind. When He Yingying was squatting beside Lin Yiqing in a daze, Yue Zhaolin came in with two bags of snacks in his hand.

"Come on, you two have a bag each." As soon as he finished speaking, he felt something was wrong, "What's wrong with Qingqing?"

He Yingying was stung by his affectionate name. She raised her head and looked at the man she had liked for so long, and said slowly: "You only care about her so much, but never care about me. Do you know? I have always liked you. , I have liked you for a long time, I am no worse than Lin Yiqing, can't you accept me?"

"I'm sorry, I only like Lin Yiqing." After saying this, Yue Zhaolin picked up Lin Yiqing and walked out the door, "I have to take her to the hospital."

He Yingying sat alone in the infirmary, watching Yue Zhaolin's leaving back, and suddenly started crying hysterically. Not only because of broken love, but also because she killed her best sister for someone who didn't love her.

She wants to rescue Lin Yiqing!

I want him back

At night, He Yingying wandered alone by the pond. It was already late at night, the temperature was a bit low, and she was shivering from the cold. The lakeside was still very quiet and nothing appeared. She stayed there all night and returned with no success, so she went to the Internet cafe again.

"On vacation" was not online, so she had to leave him a message.

He Yingying: My friend was taken away by them, what should I do?

There was no reply from "On vacation", so He Yingying had to browse the forum randomly and found that no one had mentioned the soul-inducing lamp, nor was there any explanation in this regard.

So where did the "on vacation" get the news? She was looking down and thinking, and replied "on vacation".

On vacation: It's normal. Isn't this what you want?

What is the ghost of ghosts carrying lanterns_Ghost lanterns What does the ghost lantern mean_What is the effect of the ghost lantern

He Yingying: I don’t want her to die! I just want to fix her up.

On vacation: So you want her back?

He Yingying: Yes, I want her back.

On vacation: Then go get her back from where you left her.

He Yingying: But I no longer have that lamp.

On vacation: You can paste one yourself. As long as it goes to a place with heavy yin energy, it will burn by itself.

After saying that, "On vacation" was offline. He Yingying hurriedly ran out to buy scissors and paper. After a busy afternoon, she made a lamp that was exactly the same as the soul-inducing lamp, and then climbed into bed to sleep. At night, she got up, took the lamp, and went to the lake.

It was about 10:30 in the evening, but there were many girls playing by the lake, and they were all wearing white skirts. He Yingying felt a little strange. At this time, there was usually no one around the lake. She approached them curiously, and suddenly, she was horrified to find that these girls in white skirts all looked exactly like Lin Yiqing. At this moment, they had discovered He Yingying, turned around and began to slowly move closer to her. He Yingying panicked, thinking that they all looked the same anyway, so she turned around and ran away.

However, when she took the girl's hand and ran into the hospital, the girl gave her a hard bite on the wrist. Blood flowed out immediately. He Yingying endured the pain and threw her onto Lin Yiqing, and then Lin Yiqing opened her eyes.

He Yingying stepped forward happily, but was frightened by Lin Yiqing's gaze and backed away… At this moment, Yue Zhaolin also came. Seeing that Lin Yiqing had woken up, he excitedly rushed over to hug her, but Lin Yiqing unexpectedly One bite drew blood from his chest. Yue Zhaolin hurriedly distanced himself from her. Lin Yiqing licked the blood from her mouth obsessively and looked at He Yingying and Yue Zhaolin greedily.

"I want to eat…let me eat…" Lin Yiqing said, and He Yingying just wanted to shout: "Oh my God…"

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The wedding of Lin Yiqing and Yue Zhaolin was held during graduation. Unfortunately, her dormitory sister He Yingying did not come to attend. They haven't seen her for a long time. They heard that she went abroad to study while Lin Yiqing was in a coma, but she still wrote to them frequently.

After three rounds of drinking, Lin Yiqing's head felt a little swollen and painful. She came to the roadside to sit and rest alone. She missed He Yingying very much. Among the sisters in the dormitory, the two of them were the most compatible. It was a pity that she went abroad.

As she was thinking about it, a pair of feet suddenly appeared in front of her. She raised her head and saw an old lady standing in front of her, holding a lamp in her hand, paper and red.

"Girl, this is for you. I wish you good luck and peace every year." After the old lady said that, she put the lamp into Lin Yiqing's hand, turned around and walked away tremblingly. Lin Yiqing returned to the wine table, and Yue Zhaolin handed her a bottle of wine. When she opened it, she found that she had won five thousand yuan in cash. There was a burst of cheers at the scene, but she suddenly thought of the old lady and felt something was wrong.

She put down her glass and ran out.

But there was no trace of the old lady on the road.

Since then, she has never seen He Yingying again.

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