Scary Ghost Story: Nose Doesn’t Lie Full Text

Sculpture of tragic death

Qin Xiaowan had a bad cold. It felt like sticky glue stuck in his nostrils. All smells were blurred. He didn't need to cover his nose when he took a detour back to the rental house and passed the smelly ditch. .

It's all Song Xue's fault. After falling out of love that night, she forced Qin Xiaowan to blow the cold wind on the balcony for most of the night.

In fact, Qin Xiaowan felt that there was no need for Song Xue to be so sad. After all, they were both seniors, and most lovers who wanted to go their separate ways were destined to accept the law of breakup after graduation.

Song Xue didn't think so. After her boyfriend Chengcheng broke up with her, she felt completely wilted. Slowly, she became a little nervous, and she said some irrelevant things to Qin Xiaowan as soon as she sat down.

Song Xue said: "Qin Xiaowan, have you noticed that our eyes can be deceiving?"

Qin Xiaowan nodded.

“Sometimes when we stare hard at ourselves in the mirror, we find that the person is not ourselves. Sometimes when we stare hard at a word, that word becomes less and less like that word. Also, we can only see one person. The surface cannot penetrate the essence.”

Qin Xiaowan still nodded.

"Our ears can also be deceiving, and what we hear is not always the truth, is it?"

Qin Xiaowan still nodded.

"But our noses never lie. There is always a truth hidden in some smells."

Speaking of this, Song Xue's eyes flashed with a strange light.

Qin Xiaowan understood what she meant. Song Xue said that she smelled a strange perfume on her boyfriend that night.

Not long after, Qin Xiaowan realized that Song Xue's words could actually be understood with another way of thinking.

It all started when Mi Lan, who lived together, lost a hand.

Mi Lan's hand was knocked off alive, leaving only the miserable severed limb hanging there.

Because of this, Mi Lan cried all night. It was her hard work for several months and she regarded it as her precious graduation project.

The destruction of Mi Lan's sculptures indeed fits the theme of Mi Lan's works – tragic death.

Qin Xiaowan didn't understand why Mi Lan used such an uncomfortable theme. The sculptures she created were of people struggling before death, which looked quite scary.

Mi Lan muttered to herself in a daze at her work: "I want to die, I want to die, I want to die miserably, hehe…"

Qin Xiaowan walked away quickly. She thought her roommates were crazy.

Nose smells it

Qin Xiaowan found that her cold seemed to be cured, and she could smell it when she woke up early in the morning. This was something she should be happy about, but the smell that penetrated her nose was not a good one.

It was the smell of a stinky ditch. If I guessed correctly, it was the stinking ditch where I took a shortcut every time I came back from school. She immediately thought of Song Xue. Maybe this girl had stepped into the smelly ditch again.

Since falling out of love, Song Xue has been drunk every night. One time I came back and stepped into the smelly ditch. Song Xue scolded her for being wicked when she entered the house. She said that someone had opened the cover of the sewer, so she accidentally stepped in it.

After searching outside Song Xue's door for a while, Qin Xiaowan discovered that the stench did not come from any pair of shoes placed at Song Xue's door. Her eyes quickly fell on Mi Lan's sculptures. The sculpture of Mi Lan that had a hand knocked off had been repaired. The hand that just connected it was made lifelike.

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No, I should say lifelike. So that Qin Xiaowan looked from a distance as if he had received a living hand on a clay sculpture.

That stench came from that hand.

Qin Xiaowan put his nose to the hand and smelled it again and again. Yes, there was a smell on this hand.

Mi Lan came up behind Qin Xiaowan silently, "What are you doing?" Her voice was as cold as if she had been taken out of the refrigerator, which scared Qin Xiaowan and almost knocked over the sculpture in front of him.

"Please stay away from my works." Mi Lan looked very angry. She was probably still worried about her work being smashed.

It's no wonder that since the door of their rental house was broken open but nothing was lost, only Mi Lan's sculpture was smashed, she began to doubt everyone, including Qin Xiaowan and Song Xue.

Qin Xiaowan felt that her eyes were getting weirder day by day, as if she had hidden murderous intent…

Thinking of this, Qin Xiaowan felt that the severe cold was getting worse and couldn't help but tremble.

Listen, that midnight wailing

After going to school, Qin Xiaowan felt a little more relaxed. The air in the school should be purer. Unfortunately, she would be saying goodbye soon, and she was a little reluctant to leave.

When Qin Xiaowan returned to the rental house with a stack of books, she was still thinking about the joy of her threesome with Song Xuemi Lan that day, when she accidentally bumped into a wall in front of her.

Oh, that's not a wall, that's a tall boy.

"Be careful, ditch!" The boy grabbed Qin Xiaowan who was about to fall.

Qin Xiaowan looked at the boy sheepishly, his eyes were very attractive.

"This stinking ditch is not clean."

The boy frowned and said. Qin Xiaowan thought it was funny. Of course the smelly ditch was not clean. However, she found that the boy's eyes were full of fear as he stared at the smelly ditch.

"You don't want to say that this place is haunted, do you?" Qin Xiaowan suddenly wanted to say a few words to the boy in front of him.

"I'm not sure, but there are wailing sounds here every night." The boy still frowned.

"Oh, maybe there's a body hidden down there."

"It takes some effort to stuff a body in. Even if you open the lid, the entrance is too narrow."

Seeing the boy staring at the ditch, thinking, Qin Xiaowan felt it was more fun, and then said: "This sewer is very narrow but very deep. If you want to abandon the body, it will probably be divided into corpses."

"It makes sense." The boy nodded while holding his chin, and gave Qin Xiaowan a meaningful look. Qin Xiaowan thought of Song Xue stepping into the ditch a few days ago, and continued: "It is said that the cover of the sewer a few days ago has been uncovered.”

"Yeah, after all, this is a good place to abandon corpses. The smell can mask the rotting smell of the corpse." The boy thought for a while and then added, "The smell can be masked, but what the ears can hear cannot be masked."

Qin Xiaowan pursed her lips. She borrowed Song Xue's words to further tease the boy in front of her: "But my friend said that what he saw and heard may not be true, but his nose can't lie."

"Is your friend a dog?" The boy seemed to think that he couldn't speak to Qin Xiaowan and shrugged.

Qin Xiaowan smiled and didn't feel angry at all. Before bypassing the road and returning to the rental house, she successfully exchanged phone numbers with the boy and learned that his name was Du Yang.

Before leaving, Du Yang said his last words to Qin Xiaowan: "I live in this building next to the ditch."

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Qin Xiaowan didn't expect that Du Yang would call her at midnight. His voice was trembling on the phone and he said: "Qin Xiaowan, listen, listen…"

In the silent night, there was only the voice on the phone: Uh…uh…

It was the cry of a person being strangled by the throat.

Death is the most beautiful gesture

Are everyone around you crazy?

Mi Lan is still immersed in the creation of her "Tragic Death" sculpture. When Qin Xiaowan was fine, he sat not far away and watched her quietly, but did not dare to come forward. Mi Lan had been looking very scary recently, with his eyes always flashing red, like a bloodthirsty monster.

They originally rented this house together so that they could create quietly. Now that Mi Lan's creative state is really not good, Qin Xiaowan becomes more and more worried.

While she was in a daze, Song Xue came back crying.

"I can't find Chengcheng." After entering the house, Song Xue threw herself on the sofa and started crying.

It was during her intermittent crying that Qin Xiaowan understood what was going on. It turned out that Chengcheng seemed to have disappeared from the world recently. Not only could he not find anyone else, but his phone was also turned off. Song Xue went downstairs to wait for him in his dormitory every day, but she always came back disappointed.

"Maybe, maybe he is avoiding you on purpose?" After hesitating for a long time, Qin Xiaowan said this cruel comfort.

"Impossible, his thesis advisor is also looking for him, he is really missing!"

Qin Xiaowan looked at the despair on Song Xue's face and became speechless. Could this Chengcheng really be missing?

Where could he have gone?

"I guess he ran away with some wild woman!" Song Xue roared angrily, answered Qin Xiaowan's question, stood up, rushed into the room and closed the door hard.

Qin Xiaowan was shaken by the loud "bang", and Mi Lan, who was not far away, just looked back and continued to be immersed in the pile of gray and yellow soil.

What makes Mi Lan so fascinated? Qin Xiaowan was puzzled. His eyes couldn't help but fall on the hand that had been smashed and repaired, and there was a faint smell of stinking ditch in his breath.

Mi Lan laughed and stood up, taking two steps back and staring at the work in front of her. It was another person struggling to die. Mi Lan made a new death pose. Qin Xiaowan looked over and shook his head. She didn't think there was anything special about Mi Lan's new one, not even as good as the one that was broken and repaired.

Naturally, she did not express her opinion, but suddenly a thought came to her mind and she asked: "Why did you choose the theme of 'tragic death'?"

Mi Lan stared at her work with burning eyes, slowly turned around to face Qin Xiaowan, like a successful artist being interviewed by a reporter, her mouth was filled with erratic emotions, and after a long time she said: "Death is the most beautiful gesture. "

After listening, Qin Xiaowan felt a little cold.

The lifelike hand that smelled like a stinky ditch twisted into convulsive movements with a decisive gesture. It is undeniable that it has a breathtaking beauty.

I'm crazy too! Hearing the thoughts that emerged in his heart, Qin Xiaowan shook his head vigorously.

In the evening, Qin Xiaowan persuaded Song Xue out of the room and took her to have something to eat. Mi Lan, who came out all the way, did not join the two of them. She said she wanted to go to the library to check some information and left alone.

After the meal, Qin Xiaowan accompanied Song Xue for a walk around the campus before returning to his residence.

Before they even entered the door, the two heard Mi Lan's cry.

The sculpture she had just made was smashed again. This time it was a leg that was smashed. The mud that had not yet dried was flattened and lay limply on the ground.

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Mi Lan turned back, her red eyes filled with hatred: "The door has been broken open again."

Goosebumps appeared on Qin Xiaowan's cheeks.

Is there someone who died a tragic death there?

At night, Qin Xiaowan stayed awake for a long time.

Du Yang's call came as expected, and Qin Xiaowan found that she seemed to like this boy and liked to hear his voice, even if it was the vibrato of fear. Du Yang once again let her listen to the wailing sound coming from the smelly ditch.

Qin Xiaowan was so frightened that he huddled up in the quilt and shivered.

After hanging up the phone, she faced the wall and recalled the conversation she had with Du Yang that day. Gradually, she felt her back getting colder and colder, and she couldn't help but turn around to see if the window was open.

Turning his head, Qin Xiaowan saw a figure standing motionless behind him. The man's posture was very stiff. He raised his hand and turned his head. With a "squeak", the hand fell down, and then the torso was broken into several pieces…

In the dim light, Qin Xiaowan was so frightened by the terrifying phenomenon in front of him that he bit his quilt. A hand fell right next to her. The hand grabbed Qin Xiaowan's quilt and pulled hard, making several "uh-uh" wails with each pull.

It was exactly what I heard on the phone.

The head that fell to the ground spoke, and the hoarse voice could vaguely be heard as that of a man: "Help me out, help me out…"

Qin Xiaowan didn't dare to move, and almost wet the bed. Only then did the sound disappear from her ears, and then the broken limbs disappeared.

The next day, the first thing Qin Xiaowan did when he woke up was no longer to think about his graduation project, but to go find Du Yang.

At Du Yang's residence, Qin Xiaowan took a few sips of the hot tea poured by Du Yang, but her body was still shaking. Du Yang looked at Qin Xiaowan with his attractive eyes and said, "Do you believe it?"

Qin Xiaowan nodded, clenched the cup in her hand, her eyes with dark circles were filled with red bloodshot eyes, she almost cried and asked: "Is there really a corpse down there?"

Du Yang was silent, the fear in his eyes getting deeper and deeper, and he bit his lip for a long time and nodded.

"I think there's a strong possibility that everything went wrong after that night."

One night, Du Yang, who lived next to a smelly ditch, heard some strange noises, but because he was too tired from working on his graduation project, he was too lazy to get up to see what was going on. But he kept listening to the sounds near the ditch, "Plop…Plop…" It seemed like someone was throwing something into it, and the splashing sound gave him some bad associations. When he got up the next day, he found that the sewer cover had indeed been moved…

Next, he heard that horrible wailing sound every night.

"Why didn't you call the police?" Qin Xiaowan asked.

"Call the police? I'm afraid the police won't believe it. After all, we didn't really find a body inside, and the surrounding residents said they didn't hear that sound."

"Only you heard it."

"You heard it too."

Du Yang raised his head and glanced at Qin Xiaowan. She suddenly felt like she had fallen into an ice cave.

Could it be that the wronged soul has found him, because he can hear his cry just like Du Yang.

The nose doesn’t lie

Qin Xiaowan felt that in order to get rid of all this, it was best to first find out whether there were any corpses in the ditch. But Du Yang firmly opposed her approach. Du Yang believed that if the two of them rashly pried open the sewer manhole cover to retrieve the body, they might not be able to tell the truth unless they found out who the murderer was first. Qin Xiaowan thought that at least he could find out if anyone had disappeared for no reason nearby recently.

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But in such a large campus and the chaotic environment nearby, it is really difficult to find out whether someone is missing or to find the murderer. When they were unable to do anything, the two decided to wait and see what happened. Maybe the evil spirit would tell them the truth.

While Qin Xiaowan was worrying about this matter, Song Xue became even more eccentric, and several of Mi Lan's new sculptures were broken into and broken several times. The ominous premonition in Qin Xiaowan's heart became stronger and stronger.

She found that every time Mi Lan's statue was smashed, the reshaped part was always too vivid.

One day, Song Xue's face suddenly had a different kind of light. She pulled Qin Xiaowan out of her residence and came to a corner of the campus that was usually sparsely visited.

Song Xue said: "Xiaowan, I know who the woman Chengcheng is looking for behind my back is."

"Who?" Qin Xiaowan looked at Song Xue worriedly, wondering what stupid thing she would do next.

Song Xue lowered her voice mysteriously: "I just have suspicions. I smelled the perfume that Chengcheng wore that day on that woman's clothes…"

"But there are many women wearing the same perfume!"

"No, the smell of that perfume is very special, I can't be mistaken." At this point, Song Xue's eyes flashed, "You forgot, I said that the nose can't lie."


Qin Xiaowan still wanted to argue, but Song Xue suddenly showed a photo, which was a photo of Chengcheng.

"I found this secretly in that woman's room."

I really didn't expect that Song Xue had already investigated to this point, and Qin Xiaowan was a little surprised.

"Who do you think that person is?"

"have no idea."

"It's Mi Lan!" Song Xue's eyes almost burst out with fire as she gritted her teeth and continued, "I just said that something has been wrong with her recently, and it turned out that she took advantage of me."

Tai Xiaowan thought all this was incredible, but a thought made her expression change: "Xue, are you sure Chengcheng is missing?"

Song Xue nodded heavily: "Yes."

The wailing echoed in Qin Xiaowan's ears: "Save me out, save me out…"

Leaving Song Xue behind, Qin Xiaowan ran away in a hurry. While running, she called Du Yang. She shouted loudly to the phone she answered: "I think I know who that body is!"

rescue my lover

Song Xue was right what she said that time, her nose can't lie.

Qin Xiaowan was sure that his nose was right. The smell of the stinking ditch was emitting from Mi Lan's smashed and repaired statues. She recalled in her mind Mi Lan's crazy look at those statues with the same proportions as normal human bodies, and shuddered. What are the parts that follow later, those clay sculpture postures, and beautiful limbs wrapped in them?

Is it mixed soil or a severed limb?

The first time I met Du Yang, they mentioned in their conversation that the only way to throw the body into the smelly ditch was to dismember it. Some of those severed limbs must have been thrown into the stinky ditch, and the other part might be buried under the soil.

He was shouting: "Get me out, get me out…"

She said these words in one breath as soon as she walked into Du Yang's residence.

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Du Yang looked at her silently without saying a word.

There was a terrifying silence in the air, and the sound of a bottle falling to the ground woke the two of them up. When Qin Xiaowan turned around, there was only the sound of running footsteps outside Du Yang's room.

When Qin Xiaowan ran back to her rental house, the scene in front of her was enough to make her unforgettable for the rest of her life.

Mi Lan's beautiful sculptures had been smashed. Song Xue still held a hammer in her hand and rolled with Mi Lan on the ground. A sculpture knife in Mi Lan's hand was inserted into Song Xue's chest, and the blood was stained red. Their clothes.

Song Xue was still mumbling: "Chengcheng, I'm here to save you…"

"Kill you, I will kill you, I want you to die miserably!" Mi Lan gasped for air, her red eyes had become hollow.

Qin Xiaowan looked blankly at the pile of broken sculptures scattered all over the floor. Some of those beautiful limbs were only partially smashed, but they still had a breathtaking beauty.

A few days later, Mi Lan was arrested for premeditated murder. It turned out that before she attempted to kill Song Xue, she had already killed someone. That person was a boy in her class. The two of them got into trouble because of the conflicting themes of their creations. There was a dispute…

After the murder, she used the sewage in the ditch where the boy's body was soaked to mix the clay for the sculpture, and finally made the sculpture. The police collected all the body parts of the boy in the ditch. After verification, they were Du Yang, who was missing from their class. Song Xue saved her life because of timely rescue, but she was severely mentally stimulated and had to be hospitalized for treatment.

After that, Qin Xiaowan never saw that boy with attractive eyes again.


A few months later, Qin Xiaowan's painting exhibition was successfully held.

The paintings in the exhibition are the graduation works. Unexpectedly, they have caused a sensation in the city's art circle. Now some people are paying high prices to buy them. There are also galleries that come to Qin Xiaowan to sign a contract. This is what it means to gain both fame and fortune.

The theme of her art exhibition is "Emotions", and the most eye-catching painting is called "Despair".

Qin Xiaowan used exquisite brushwork to vividly express human despair. Those faces are unforgettable and shocking to the soul.

On the last day of the exhibition, a man came to the exhibition hall. He was Chengcheng.

Chengcheng handed the wedding invitation to Qin Xiaowan with great sadness. The bride's name was unfamiliar, and Qin Xiaowan had no interest in guessing who she was.

During the conversation, they mentioned Song Xue.

Chengcheng said that he was sorry for Song Xue and that he had to marry the girl according to his parents' wishes. His mother was dying and he could not be a rebellious son. He should have made it clear to Song Xue at the beginning instead of disappearing quietly to avoid the problem. He didn't expect Song Xue to be crazy about him.

Qin Xiaowan couldn't help but feel sad. After sending Chengcheng away, she thought she would go to the mental hospital to see Song Xue later. She wanted to give Song Xue the last gift on behalf of Chengcheng.

That was a bottle of perfume. Cheng Quan wanted to save up money to buy it for Song Xue. He secretly took Qin Xiaowan to accompany him to see it many times…

When going out, Qin Xiaowan bought a newspaper. Mi Lan's murder was as sensational as her art exhibition.

Qin Xiaowan looked back at the painting "Despair" again.

Mi Lan, you are right, death is the most beautiful gesture. If I hadn't been inspired by your words, how could I have thought that "despair" is the most touching emotion?

She smiled and put the perfume on the tip of her nose: Who said the nose can't deceive people? The reason why Mi Lan smelled of perfume was because she sprayed the trial clothes she got back on her body. She just wanted to see the face of true despair.

As for that photo, Qin Xiaowan didn't know what was going on. Maybe it was because Mi Lan had a crush on Chengcheng, maybe Song Xue was in a trance, maybe… even she misunderstood that Chengcheng had been killed and dismembered, but , it doesn’t matter now.

Song Xue's desperate face, Chengcheng's desperate face, and Mi Lan's desperate face hovered in front of her eyes.

It is very beautiful.

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