Chapter 68 Washing Hands In A Thin Golden Basin

Mr. Zhang San is an old master who was a tomb robber in the late Qing Dynasty. He hangs three talismans on one person. The world often calls him Zhang San Lianzi. His real name is unknown. Even though he was working in the Kunlun Mountains and was an official, he only used his real surname. Real name.

But most of Mr. Zhang’s real name is unknown even to his disciples and family members. Why is this? Just because everything he did in his life was against the law, both black and white were familiar with each other, and he also had his name in the green forest.

Before the Republic of China, China was still a monarchy. If a heinous crime was committed, nine ethnic groups might be punished. If one person committed a crime, his relatives and friends would be implicated. Therefore, people in the green forest never used their real names, only their font names, names, etc. The nicknames are commensurate. Even if some people are famous all over the world, they will only leave their nicknames in the world until their death.

Although Mr. Zhang has a long history of crimes, he was rewarded by Emperor Xianfeng when he was young, and he is also very skilled in worldly affairs. He has made friends with countless princes with the rare and ancient relics he obtained through fighting. The officials and servants did not dare to touch him at all, so his disciples He has a large number of people and countless wealth, and heroes from all over the world are willing to make friends with him.

One year, Mr. Zhang had the idea of ​​retiring. He knew his destiny and was tired of making a living in the world. He planned to retire to the mountains and forests and spend the rest of his life in peace. So he sent out invitations and invited friends from all over the country to come to Zhang's house for a banquet.

Since he is working in the underworld, he cannot do without the Xiling bandits who control the 613 provinces in the south, seven and north. Back then, they were a family of officials and bandits, so Mr. Zhang naturally wanted to join the gang. Pull out the fragrance of Changsheng Mountain.

At that time, the power of the Xiling group of bandits was declining. Many people did not know that the third master was the one who touched the gold captain Zhang Sanlian. In addition, although the bandit leader at that time had a higher status, his reputation was far less than that of Zhang Sanye Yin Yang Fist Guo Gandou , so His move made more noise than the bandit leader's withdrawal, and was a grand event in the green forest at that time.

Who wouldn’t want to broaden their horizons among those lagging behind? On the fifteenth day of the sixth month of the lunar calendar, there were indeed a large number of guests gathered together. The people who arrived were all gangsters and thieves. Tables and chairs were lined up from the main hall to the main door, and both sides of the corridor were also crowded with people from many generations. People with low status can only stand on the edge and have no place to sit.

After arranging the seating order, we must first open the incense hall, kowtow to the ancestor Wusheng Zhenjun, and perform the incense pulling ceremony. In fact, this is just a formality, but the common etiquette cannot be avoided after all, and I don't dare to neglect it. Seeing that the moon in the sky is full and the stars are almost all out, I invite the leader of the Xiling Pirates to sit in the main hall. Under the throne, the masters of ceremony on both sides carried an incense burner in front of the hall, with nineteen large incense sticks inserted in it. The incense formation was three in front, four in back, five on the left and six on the right, with a single incense stick inserted in the middle.

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After the gongs and drums were played, the salute was imminent, and all the gangsters who were watching the ceremony fell silent. At this time, Mr. Zhang came out and half-kneeled in front of the bandit leader. At that time, it was easy to join a gang on Green Forest Road, but difficult to pull out incense. Most people did not dare to pull out incense. Ordinary thieves wanted to quit, unless something serious happened to their parents or their wives and children, and the person in charge of the family had to go back. Only then did he dare to mention the matter of washing his hands in the golden basin. The helmsman sent someone to check that it was indeed the case, and then he was allowed to pull the incense, otherwise he would be killed without mercy. Although Mr. Zhang has a different identity, he still has to go through this scene. He must first state the reason for pulling the incense in front of the chief thief.

Mr. Zhang first reported the reason for withdrawing from the group. He was simply saying that he was suffering from an old illness and had his wife, children and children involved, so it was difficult for him to commit murder and swindle goods again. He also hoped that the master and the helmsman would be noble and allow the disciples to escape unscathed.

After hearing this, the bandit leader quickly helped Zhang Sanye up and said with a smile: "Congratulations to Third Brother for washing your hands in the golden basin. It is very valuable to bravely retreat from the rapids. In the world, the black and white are in dire straits. It is really not easy to survive until this day. There are The Tao is – storms and clouds always come together, gatherings and separations are always indefinite, pulling out the incense and withdrawing from the group, loyalty remains."

So Mr. Zhang, accompanied by the chief of thieves, came to the front of the hall, stood beside the incense burner, and recited the hymn to pull the incense: "The sky is filled with stars in all directions, and the ever-victorious mountains are among them; I have been wandering in the world for decades, and I have received many favors from my brothers. Come and take care of me. Today, I have to leave, so I beg you to be tolerant. I go back to support my mother, and my life is still connected with my brothers. The soldiers are coming to report to me. There is fire and water. There is loess below and sky above. We are closely linked to all the brothers; the hammer breaks the teeth and the mouth cannot open, the yin and yang fist fights , the steel knife cuts out the courage and the heart remains unchanged; the younger brother has a false saying, five thunders hit the family and it will be difficult to save; I wish the Kuixing from far away gathers the golden light, and is victorious, the incense covers Kunlun, and replaces the sky. The teachings will be passed on forever.”

No matter who pulls the incense on the green forest road, they must recite this hymn, saying that they have an old mother to support, which is the excuse of "filial piety comes first". No matter what they do to stop others, even if they have a big excuse , and it is impossible to prevent others from fulfilling their filial piety. Although the Third Master has been orphaned since he was a child, he still has to recite the chant according to the original text without changing it at all. In the process of reciting the chant, not even a single word is missed, nor can he stop to think of words in the middle, otherwise it will be If he is considered guilty and has evil intentions, the thieves around him will immediately attack him with knives and chop the person chanting into pieces into pieces.

There are 19 lines in the whole hymn. Every time a line is recited, a stick of incense will be pulled out. When Mr. Zhang finishes reciting all the hymns, the incense in the furnace will be finished. At this time, the helmsman immediately held his hands and said happily to him: "It's easy to go, third brother. Whenever you miss home, come back and have a glass of water and wine." This is considered a ceremony. From then on, Mr. Zhang and Lu Lin said His secular affairs are no longer involved. People all around came forward to congratulate him at the same time. Firecrackers were set off outside the house, drums and drums were played, and the servants immediately came to the banquet. For a time, there were water and land, cups and glasses intertwined, and both the guests and the host were enjoying themselves.

During the banquet, the group of thieves exchanged cups, and someone suggested: "Today is the big day for Mr. Zhang to pull out the incense and withdraw from the gang. Heroes from all walks of life gathered together, and the banquet was full of fine wine and delicacies. It was so enjoyable, but there was nothing to drink with it. This is called It’s hard to enjoy yourself by drinking too much. There are many rude men and husbands on our green forest roads. We can’t imitate the literati and poets in ordering the drinking. So what should we do? If you are brave, you might as well ask the experts to tell your proud life experiences in public during the banquet. , when it comes to being strange, brave, or beyond the reach of ordinary people, we should each drink a big bowl to praise it."

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The group of thieves exclaimed that it was wonderful. Mr. Zhang was a casual person, and he knew it well. This was because everyone wanted to take the opportunity to hear what happened to him back then. He was just happy today, so there was no way he could make any excuses, so he was at the table. He spoke out in time. However, Zhang Sanye did it privately by hanging talismans and touching gold. He did not want to reveal it in front of the public. He just cut it off and told everyone about some of the adventures he had experienced in his life.

Mr. Zhang originally came from a well-known family. After his family was ruined, he lived in the countryside since he was a child. He participated in solving several strange cases when he was young, and became famous among the bandits in Jiangnan. Later, he became an officer, fought against the Taiping Army, and suppressed the Naozi. , and followed Mr. Zuo to suppress the Xinjiang rebellion. He had been on the battlefield for many times in his life, often in battles, and had countless adventures in his life.

No matter which part of the third master's deeds was told, it was like "the stars and the moon have no luster, and the rivers flow backwards", which made everyone intoxicated. After he told the story, he asked the other seniors in order to describe their traces. Groups of thieves traveled from north to south and traveled thousands of miles. In addition to killing people and setting fires, they also did many major things. Their experiences are also often sensational. People in the green forest prefer to show off these heroic things. The speaker is really excited, and the listener is fascinated. I don’t know how many empty wine jars were turned over during the dinner. This meal was full of wine, and from then on He drank until it got dark and drank until it was bright again, and then he got drunk and left.

After more than a month had passed when all the black and white matters were sorted out, Mr. Zhang returned to his hometown with his family. He still had to pick up talismans and seal gold in front of the ancestor's shrine, and he had no plans to do so in the future. I'll be a gold captain again.

There are only three ancient gold-touched talismans left in the world, which have been passed down from generation to generation. According to ancient rules, you cannot fight upside down without hanging the talisman. Mr. Zhang has a son, a daughter, and four disciples. Excluding his daughter, there are a total of five brothers. The Zhang family are all Feng Shui masters. The only people in the world who are qualified to hang talismans are Mr. Zhang and his group of disciples. If there are too many, there are far less than ten people, but there are only three real talismans. , it takes a lot of thinking to decide who to pass the gold-touching talisman to.

The four disciples of Mr. Zhang are all outstanding. One is Elder Liaochen who later became a monk in Wuku Temple. Elder Liaochen at that time had not yet been ordained, so he did not leave his real name in the green forest, and no one knew his lay family. First name and last name. This person has been a powerful thief since he was a child. He is nicknamed "Flying Sky Robber". He never fails to steal mansions from wealthy families. He is very good at flipping over the head and has mastered the skills of looking for dragons and dividing gold to fix acupuncture points. Professor Zhang Sanye. His heart is as hot as fire, he likes to take care of the injustices in the world, and he always has the heart to save the world and save people.

The other one is the golden abacus. He comes from a merchant family, knows how to use strange tools, and is shrewd and nimble. What is rare is that he has an upright heart, but he thinks too highly of himself and does not take ordinary people into consideration. From then on, an abacus made of pure gold Never leaving your hand, the abacus beads and frame are engraved with the numbers of heavenly stems and earthly branches. His abacus is not used to calculate accounts, but is specially used to calculate the five elements and calculate the eight directions. He and Mr. Zhang met in the early years and had an extraordinary friendship. They were half master and disciple, half friend.

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The third one is Sun Guofu, who has yin and yang eyes. He was originally a child of an aristocratic family. Because he was born with yin and yang eyes, he was "able to see ghosts" since he was a child, so he was kicked out of the house and wandered around. Later, he was met by Mr. Zhang and took him in. apprentice. This person has a kind heart, is full of knowledge, and has a Taoist mentality. In other words, he is relatively traditional and conservative. Although he has learned many skills, he is not willing to engage in profit-making activities, and he never participates in the activities of dividing spoils and gathering righteousness in the green forest. So he always uses his real name wherever he goes.

The last youngest son is a close disciple of Mr. Zhang San. He is nicknamed Iron Motou. He is full of hard skills. He has become a bandit and a gangster. He has killed countless people in the past, but Zhang San I said that his temperament and temperament were very similar to one of his brothers in his early years. I wanted him to be a capable and honest man, so I took him under his wing.

On this day, Mr. Zhang called his disciples and grandchildren to the front of the hall, put three ancient talismans on a jade plate, and told everyone that it is better to choose a day than to hit the sun. Today, the golden talisman will be handed down. There is no banquet in the world that never ends, no matter it is Those who have obtained the talisman or those who have not obtained the talisman must start their own business from today on and go out to work according to their own abilities. But there is one thing. If you learn the Dragon-seeking Technique of Touching the Gold Captain and Divide the Gold Points, but don’t let the person who touches the Gold Talisman fight you upside down, you may be lucky enough to come back with your life once or twice, but if you break the ancient rules, Sooner or later, you will not be able to avoid a fatal disaster. If you don't listen to the master's words, when death is imminent one day, don't blame the master for not making it clear.

The disciples all knew that Mr. Zhang San was extremely intelligent and everything he said was right, so they naturally did not dare to disobey him. They all came forward and prostrated themselves, saying: "It is up to the master to decide who to pass on the three golden ancient talismans. Disciples." We have no more words to say.”

Mr. Zhang nodded. Although he had five disciples including his son, he had already decided who would get the golden talisman. He asked his son to exit the room first. It turns out that the secret technique of touching gold has been passed down for thousands of years and has many internal rules. One of them is that the true talisman is not passed down to the descendants of the family.

It is completely different from the unruly folk thieves. This business rule is based on fighting for profit and extremely damaging the fortune. Even if the captain steals the treasures from ancient tombs, most of them are to save the world and save the people, but those treasures are many. It is not an ordinary thing that can be seen in the world. If it is revealed in the world, it will definitely lead to open and covert struggles. After investigation, the person who fights against the tomb to get the treasure has committed a lot of sins. Therefore, there is the saying "Be one generation and rest for three generations." said. Starting from the third master’s son’s generation to his great-grandson’s generation, no one can engage in the business of robbing tombs by hanging talismans, otherwise they will be sent by heaven, their descendants will be cut off, and their family will be ruined.

The craftsmen of the old society also said that in the butcher shop where pigs were killed in the past, there was a legend about a butcher who suffered retribution on the ground in Jinan Prefecture, Shandong Province. It was not an ordinary folk talk, and it was particularly credible. Because these skills are all passed down from generation to generation from generation to generation, there are clear records of how many generations of butchers have been made.

For all butchers, one generation every three generations will never be a butcher. Although they must inherit and learn the skills of their ancestors, they cannot start their own business to slaughter animals. It is said that this is due to concerns about killing too many animals and fear of being unable to succeed. However, is this really the reason? , no one can explain it clearly to this day. In short, among every three generations, one generation must be unable to maintain the ancestral business and must learn other crafts to make a living. When he has offspring, he can work as a butcher.

The Mi family has been butchering pigs and sheep for generations. When it was passed down to the "Mi Butcher", it was a big taboo. The skill of killing pigs was passed down to his generation. According to the convention, he should not use the butcher knife again, but he didn't take it to heart. , still slaughtering pigs and opening butcher shops. One day, the butcher got up before dawn in order to kill an old sow. He lit a candle alone in the slaughterhouse, put the old pig on the ground, and touched the pig on its neck. Bloodline, I wanted to bleed the old sow with my knife, but suddenly the pig acted like a human being and said: "I was supposed to die on May 15th, but today is only May 14th. The time is wrong, how dare you kill me?" .”

The butcher's courage is beyond comparison with ordinary people, and the butcher Mi got up too early, and he was sleepy. He thought he had heard wrongly, and actually heard the pig speaking human language, and without thinking much at the moment, he inserted the knife. Let the old pig struggle and moan, but it would still be indifferent.

But then the next day, it was May 15th, and the butcher Mi still got up so early to slaughter the pigs. Unexpectedly, he was even sleepier today, and he didn't even bother to light the lamp. Anyway, he was familiar with it, and he felt the darkness and moved the knife, but he didn't hear anything today. The pig being slaughtered spoke, and the slaughter went smoothly, and it seemed to be less laborious than before. When the pig's hair was shed, the butcher Mi was still wondering: "Hey, it's strange. The pig was killed today without even screaming. Is there any movement? And…and why is there no hair on the pig's legs? They are so smooth and smooth, and feel as soft as a white-striped chicken…"

Thinking of this, Butcher Mi suddenly woke up and found that he had not entered the slaughterhouse at all, but was sitting in his own home. The bed and floor in the room were all bloody. He was holding a snow-white and fat woman's thigh in his hand, and Butcher Mi's penis was The soul left the shell and the seven souls ascended to heaven. How dare you believe that the tragedy in front of you is real? He actually cut his wife into pieces and slaughtered her as a pig while sleepwalking. The blood all over the room was still hot. As a result, Butcher Mi hanged himself that day. Before he died, he wrote the words "The time is not right" on the wall with blood.

Regardless of whether this is an anecdote from the countryside or a real deed, in short, people who rely on their craftsmanship would rather believe that they have it than that they don’t have it, so Mr. Zhang is unwilling to let his son do gold-financing again. Colonel. As a result, the only people who can hang the talisman are Mr. Zhang's four apprentices. Among them, Sun Guofu, the "yin and yang eye", is a scholar without a crown. He is not willing to fight against others. He is willing to make an ordinary living, either opening a library to teach apprentices, or making divination for others. He chooses the two houses of yin and yang. There are many skills, so you don’t have to worry about making a living.

Seeing that the "Yin Yang Eye" had made up his mind, Mr. Zhang took out a book. This book was called "The Secret Technique of Yin and Yang Feng Shui in Sixteen Characters", which recorded in detail what Mr. Zhang knew and learned in his life.

The secret technique of touching gold is actually a branch of "Yi". The ancient Zhou Tian hexagram has a total of sixteen characters. It has been passed down to later generations and only the Bagua remains. This Bagua is divided into innate Bagua and acquired Bagua. It is said that the Xiantian Bagua was obtained by Emperor Fuxi from the tortoise shell pattern, and the Acquired Bagua was performed by King Wen of Zhou. In fact, they were both created by later generations. There is not much difference between the two. They are both numbers of the hexagrams with "dragon" as the symbol, so the interpretation The hexagram of Zhouyi should belong to the dragon hexagram. Although there are phenomena of ups and downs in these Bagua refutations, upon closer inspection, they are all numbers of revitalization. Therefore, from the beginning to the end of the Book of Changes, it is all about the Qianyuan Way of Heaven.

The other Bagua, which has been lost since the Western Zhou Dynasty, is a Yin hexagram, mostly with stars and phoenixes as symbols. The ancients believed that the number of ancient hexagrams was too complete, and that they had discovered all the mysteries of creation in the world. If they did, they would be jealous of ghosts and gods. If it is left unlucky, half of the sixteen hexagrams will be destroyed and will no longer exist in the world.

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