Interview With The Wrong Ghost

In late autumn, at the foot of Huangya Mountain in the hinterland of Taihang Mountains.

The wind was blowing, the fog was thick, and the smoke was lingering. A handsome young man suddenly emerged. The young man was looming in the thick fog, like a whirlwind, speeding towards Fengdu Ghost Town.

This dashing young man is me.

I need to quickly return to the ghost town of Fengdu and report an important situation to the newspaper leaders.

I am a reporter, but I am not a reporter in the human world. I am a reporter for the Underworld Daily. To put it plainly, he is just a reporter. At midnight last night, King Yama convened a one-night meeting with the top leaders of the major news media in the Kingdom of the Underworld. The general idea was that within a week, everyone should identify and redeem all those who had made outstanding contributions to mankind while alive but failed to do so after death. Is Sister Ayuan, the Flying Tiger who was given a reasonable reincarnation, dead , or is her child a good person who was not treated fairly in the world?

My mission is to find out and save Qiao Shengshan, the Flying Tiger Hero of Nanshan Village, Xiaxi Town, Kaling County, who is still working as a handyman for the city god in Calling County and has not yet been reincarnated.

After receiving the interview order, my arms and legs danced excitedly and turned into a whirlwind, whirling towards the Taihang Mountains at a speed of one hundred kilometers per second.

Along the way, I was full of questions: Qiao Shengshan, the famous man who built the canal, captain of the Flying Tigers, and hero of the Flying Tigers, fell from mid-air while working at high altitude and died on the spot. Why didn't the government erect a monument to him after his death? Why was he not recognized as a revolutionary martyr? What's the meaning? I desperately need to solve this mystery. Perhaps, if this mystery is solved, it will be clear why Qiao Shengshan's ghost is still nestling in the City God's house for forty-six years after his death and has not been reincarnated.

In front of the third section of the Chenghuang Temple in Jiuling County, a man ran out of the Ghost Gate and bumped into me. After taking a closer look, I found that this person was none other than Qiao Shengshan, the flying tiger hero I was looking for.

The ending of Feihu Ayuan_The continuation of Feihu 2 fan Zhuo Yuan_Is sister Feihu Ayuan dead

I said, Lao Qiao, what are you anxious about? What's wrong with you leaving in such a hurry?

Qiao Shengshan stared at me for a long time with his eyes wide open in surprise, and finally said something that disappointed me: Young man, who are you? I do not know you.

Qiao Shengshan’s words made me laugh, and I thought: It’s normal for you not to know me, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know you. There are photos of you hanging on the cliffs of Huangya Mountain, drilling holes, loading explosives, and lighting cannons. , are all hung in the exhibition hall of our newspaper office. I read them three times a day. Can I recognize you?

Old Qiao, it doesn’t matter if you recognize me or not, it’s enough for me to know who you are. Qiao Shengshan, the famous Flying Tiger Captain and Flying Tiger hero at the Zhangxi Canal construction site. You died later. During the operation, the rope tied to your body suddenly broke. You floated down like a kite with a broken string, and fell to death under the cliff of Huangya Mountain. Your head was almost hit. It's so bad that I can't tell the difference. When people find you, you are gone.Lao Qiao, I happen to have something to ask you. That’s what happened. I just wanted to ask.

Stop, stop. Kid, stop talking nonsense to me. I have something urgent to do and I don’t have time to fool around with you. There is a time limit for my going out. If I miss something, the City God will punish me again. Sorry, I'm leaving.

Well, good old Qiao, let's do this. I'm a reporter from "Difu Daily". I showed my press card for him to look at and said: I'll go with you. Maybe things will be easier to handle.

No, Qiao Shengshan's gray face suddenly turned blue-black, and he shouted sternly: "Do you know what I'm going to do?" What a waste!

Before I could finish my words, Qiao Shengshan turned into a breeze and left.

I was stunned. I didn’t expect that Qiao Shengshan, the famous Flying Tigers captain and Flying Tiger hero at the Zhangxi Canal construction site, would have such a fiery temper. Looking at Qiao Shengshan, who held his head high and disappeared in a flash, he felt a little awkward: Huh, if you don't let me go with you, I have to go. I want to see you, the flying tiger hero who is extremely famous in the world of Yin and Yang. , what on earth are you going to do?

The ending of A Yuan_Is Sister A Yuan dead in Flying Tiger_The continuation of Flying Tiger 2 fan Zhuo Yuan

Although I am young, I am actually much older than Qiao Shengshan. I am a member of the former Qing Dynasty, and I almost failed to pass the exam. I should be over 150 or 60 years old by now, right? Because I was less than thirty when I died, I looked like a young ghost. And you, Qiao Shengshan, were in your fifties and under sixty when you died, and now you are only in your nineties. How dare you call me a kid? Let’s not talk about this anymore, let’s get down to business. I have to think of a way, yes, I almost forgot, I am a decent ghost, why don't you transform and follow me secretly?

Thinking of this, my thoughts moved, and three or two mantras flashed in my mind, and I immediately turned into a beautiful bird. I spread my wings and flew in the direction of Qiao Shengshan.

Along the way, beautiful scenery passed by my eyes one by one.

I saw the Zhuozhang River deep in the mountains in the west of Jiuling County, and there was a winding artificial Tianhe on the bank. This is the famous Zhangxi Canal. I flew past the beautiful villages, the green wheat seedlings, and the lush woods. I saw the happy smiles on people's faces. I couldn't imagine that without the efforts of Qiao Shengshan and the others, and without Zhangxi Canal, Xiaxi Town would be what it is today. What kind of scene is it? The construction of the Zhangxi Canal has nourished both sides of the Zhang River and benefited all living beings in Xiaxi Town. It is no exaggeration to say that it is a life-saving canal.

I am now a little bird flying in the sky, following the ghost of Qiao Shengshan.

Even though Qiao Shengshan was smart, he would never have thought that behind him, there was a young and handsome old ghost, the ghost reporter of "Difu Daily". Of course, the most he saw was a little bird.

Under me, there is a deep mountain canyon, with peaks and ridges, ravines and sheer cliffs. I'm flying, I'm flying, I've flown over the Hell's Gate where ghosts are worried, Dongjiao Bay where the soul is scared, the Glazed Ping where squirrels slipped, the old beach where sand and rocks fly, the sparrow bottom where people are freezing to death, and Huangya Mountain where it's hard for sheep to climb. I heard Qiao Shengshan singing loudly in front: Split the Guanyin Stream, cut off the Wujian Mountain, drill through the Guapiling, and divert the water into Pingchuan. Suddenly, Ge Luo's shadow appeared, and from the cliff of Huangya Mountain, I saw the figure of Qiao Shengshan back then: Qiao Shengshan was the first to tie a hemp rope around his waist, holding a claw in one hand and a steel drill in the other, flying down, It swayed and swayed in mid-air, so majestic and stunningly handsome. Before coming to Jiuling County, I looked up the merit list of the judge. In more than three years, the flying tiger hero Qiao Shengshan was hoisted to the cliff to drill steel, drill holes, fire cannons, and eliminate dangers more than 5,000 times. He used practical actions to Composed a heroic hymn that touched millions of people.

I thought Qiao Shengshan was going back to his hometown, but he stopped halfway.

He gently pushed aside the dense wilderness and walked slowly towards a tomb.

The ending of A Yuan_Is Sister A Yuan dead in Flying Tiger_The continuation of Flying Tiger 2 fan Zhuo Yuan

The tomb is old, almost fifty years old, and it is completely covered with weeds, with some morning glory and wild chrysanthemums blooming occasionally. At the head of the grave is a newly erected tombstone with the inscription: Tomb of Flying Tiger Hero Qiao Shengshan.

Looking at the tombstone, Qiao Shengshan's eyes were wet with tears, and he murmured to himself: Son, Xiaowen, I know you are a filial son, but the government should step in to erect the tombstone. What does it mean if you erect it? After so many years, the government has never set up a monument for me. It is bare. Who knows that buried here is Qiao Shengshan, the flying tiger hero who fell from the cliff of Huangya Mountain to his death while building a canal? Son, the government has forgotten about us, so who will you show this monument to?

Qiao Shengshan tapped the tombstone with his fingers and sobbed softly: You did something worthless. You spent several thousand yuan to repair the tomb and erect the monument. You took the invoice to the town for reimbursement. The town said that the Water Conservancy Bureau should I went to the Water Conservancy Bureau to manage it. The Water Conservancy Bureau said it was the Civil Affairs Bureau. I went to the Civil Affairs Bureau. The Civil Affairs Bureau said that Xiaxi Town built the canal itself and that the town was in charge of it. When I went back to the town, the town said there was no money and there was nothing they could do. It was explained in one sentence. I was confused, no one really cares about such a trivial matter? Could it be that I have already forgotten that I gave up my life to build the canal?

At this point, Qiao Shengshan shed tears, straightened his back, and suddenly showed the heroic spirit of Captain Flying Tiger: Son, let me tell you, you are older than me and have always kept a low profile and never showed off. People say I am a flying tiger hero. I recognize the flying tiger, but I don’t dare to be a hero. I think I am just an ordinary citizen. People say that I made a great contribution to the construction of the Zhangxi Canal, but I don't think so. I just feel that I have done what a person should do. Don't ask the government for the money to erect the monument. Just treat it as your filial piety to me, okay?

I am not a ghost now, but a little bird that has landed on the tombstone. I can clearly see and hear Qiao Shengshan’s words and expressions.

Old Qiao, tell me, what is going on?

In my hurry, I forgot that I had turned into a little bird. Qiao Shengshan was startled, and when he saw it was a little bird, he cursed: You beast, a little bird has become a spirit, and it actually speaks?

Wow, no, the misunderstanding has become big. I quickly changed back to my original shape and apologized to him: Lao Qiao, I'm sorry, it's me.

It's you? Why did you come with me? Nonsense! Qiao Shengshan's expression changed again.

Because I want to know your almost secret things, I want you to be freed as soon as possible, and I want you to return to the world and enjoy a happy life.

By the way, I added: I just listened to your soliloquy, but I still don’t understand. You were obviously a flying tiger hero who helped build the canal. Why didn’t the government erect a monument for you after your death?

Qiao Shengshan stared at a pair of blood-red eyes, filled with blood and tears. Two streaks of red liquid finally flowed out of Lao Qiao's eyes. No, it was not tears, it was blood.

He suddenly looked up to the sky and laughed, then covered his face and cried bitterly, exchanging tears. The cry was so pitiful that it sounded like a wolf howling. Even I, a ghost reporter with a profound knowledge, had goosebumps all over my body. About a minute later, Qiao Shengshan stopped crying and sighed: Oh, you kid, because you are so persistent, I will reveal to you this injustice hidden in my heart.

good. As soon as I heard this, I got excited and immediately took out my notebook: You tell me, I will record it.

The thing is like this

In fact, we are all ghosts. There is no need to open our mouths to say it. As long as the thoughts are connected and he thinks with his brain, I can receive a clear signal here:

One day in the early spring of 1972, the Zhangxi Canal had been open to water for more than two years.

At around five o'clock in the morning, Qiao Shengshan suddenly received a notice saying that a provincial government official and a cultural troupe were coming to Zhangxi Canal to perform a condolence performance. During this period, it was planned to intersperse a scene of the flying tiger hero crossing the cliff on the dangerous peak of Huangya Mountain. Qiao Shengshan was called upon to perform, and he was asked to record a video. Who would have thought that the Flying Tiger Hero, who had traveled like a monkey between cliffs for three years and performed 5,000 operations without any safety issues, would have failed in his acting this time.When Qiao Shengshan tied the rope and flew down the cliff, and was doing a demonstration, the rope was suddenly cut by a sharp rock, and Qiao Shengshan rolled and fell off the cliff.

After the accident, for a while, the government found it difficult to finalize Qiao Shengshan's sacrifice.

A martyr, right? He did not die during the construction of the canal, so he was not a martyr. He died in the line of duty. There is no way to erect a monument on his grave. How should it be written on the tombstone that he died while performing a high-altitude performance? If anyone questions: Why do you want an old man who is nearly sixty years old to perform a high-altitude performance? What's the point of this kind of performance? In particular, if this matter is investigated, will the county party committee secretary and cultural revolution director still be regarded as such? Therefore, the county decided to suppress the incident in advance. According to current jargon, it means concealing the death accident, quietly burying the body, and pretending that nothing happened.

In this way, it has been delayed again and again, for forty-six years. Until now, Qiao Shengshan's matter is still unresolved. Therefore, there is a strange thing that after the death of the Flying Tiger Hero, a monument cannot be erected and he cannot be recognized as a revolutionary martyr.

When they arrived at Yincao, the city god also encountered a problem: according to his merits in life, he should have a good life, with rich clothes, fine food, delicacies from mountains and seas, and enjoy the happiness of family. However, even if the county magistrate in the human world is suppressed and has not been finalized, how will this life turn around? After much hesitation, Master Chenghuang decided to place Qiao Shengshan's ghost in the Chenghuang Temple as a handyman, and wait until he had the opportunity to talk about it later.

I see.

I decided to report it to the club first and see what he said.

Saying goodbye, I shook Lao Qiao's hand, which was very generous and full of calluses: Lao Qiao, I understand, you have to take care of yourself. I believe that your matter will come to a fair and just conclusion.

What more can I say? I'm just a reporter. Since there is nothing to say about whether Sister Feihu Ayuan is dead , we can only say goodbye.

I turned into a breeze and whirled towards the "Difu Daily" office.

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