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Su Li is a materialist and never believes in ghosts and gods. But since she found a boyfriend named Da Zhuang, hallucinations have become sticky in her life like bird flu. Su Li had to leave a thought: Who is really having trouble with me?

Da Zhuang is a freelancer who loves photography and makes a living from it. However, he has been suffering from shoulder pain for several years, with no apparent reason. He went to many hospitals for treatment, but with little effect. Su Li always reminds Da Zhuang not to tire himself too much. But Da Zhuang said: "Actually, I wasn't busy with anything. I just carried the photography equipment on my right shoulder, but why is my left shoulder sore?" During the few months I met Da Zhuang in Zurich, Da Zhuang's weight actually increased. Inexplicably, I gained 40 kilograms, but I didn't feel fat at all.

Da Zhuang has his own studio, where he has food and accommodation, but it is located in a remote place, almost in the suburbs. Su Li rarely went to his place, but every time she went, Su Li would find that Da Zhuang had found a few beautiful girls to take artistic photos next to the haystack, and it was inevitable that he would become jealous. But he has a strong heart and a strong will, and never flirts with women. This is what Su Li admires about him, and said that "I will marry him life or death."

It was very windy that day, so Su Li took leave from work early. At a corner not far from the company, she bought a lifestyle magazine. On the cover was a star she liked, with bare shoulders and chest, and a face. Pretty.

It takes at least two hours to take a bus from East City to West City. When Su Li returned to her newly decorated new house, it was completely dark. When she turned on the light, she suddenly heard a "bang" sound coming from the balcony. Su Li's hair tightened for a moment, and there was a sense of oppression approaching his chest. She tiptoed over and found that the window that had been opened during the day had been blown by the wind and the grappling hook was broken.

Su Li closed the window and was about to turn around and leave when a thunder exploded above her head, scaring her so much that she covered her ears. It's raining, and the rain is pouring down.

Su Li walked to the living room and took out the magazine from his bag. At first glance, oh my God, there was a vague shadow behind the star. It was clearly a female skeleton, staring at Su Li with her deep-set eyes. Su Li threw away the magazine and rushed to the phone.

Da Zhuang rushed over quickly. It turned out that he was buying film in the OCT not far away.

Su Li hurriedly went downstairs, and when she got into the strong off-road vehicle, her hanging heart finally fell.

"You were so startled on the phone, what's going on?" Da Zhuang asked Su Li.

Su Li said she saw a ghost on the cover of a magazine. Da Zhuang comforted Su Li and said: "There is no ghost, it's just an illusion!"

The off-road vehicle rushed towards Route 7 in the suburbs. The speed of the vehicle was suddenly increased to 160 yards, and the wipers on the car glass made a "chirping" sound. Su Li reminded Da Zhuang: "It's raining so hard outside, can you drive slower?"

Soon enough, Su Li saw a white shadow flashing on the road more than thirty meters in front of the car. Before Da Zhuang had time to apply the brakes, the off-road vehicle rushed over, splattering the glass with blood. The wheels of the off-road vehicle slid for a long distance before being stopped.

Su Li screamed: "Da Zhuang, you knocked a girl in white away. She must have died. Do you want to send her to the hospital?"

Da Zhuang, who was hiding in the cab, hesitated for a few seconds, then started the car and left the scene. Da Zhuang's explanation was: The person must be dead, and it would be useless to send him to the hospital. It's better to run away while there's no one behind or behind you.

The helpless Su Li nodded timidly. They returned to the studio in fear, waiting for the end to come.

Strangely, the next day, Su Li and Dazhuang did not learn about the car accident on Highway 7 from the newspapers, and no one from several nearby hospitals sent a girl in white for treatment. The blood stains on the car glass also miraculously disappeared.

Su Li is full of doubts. Da Zhuang clearly hit and killed a girl, so why was there no sign? Su Li called Da Zhuang: "How about we go to the scene and have a look. There should be some brake marks on your off-road vehicle last night." &rdquo

But there were no traces at the scene and they questioned the police who were on duty on Route 7 last night. The policeman said to Da Zhuang, who was hanging a "big gun barrel" camera: "That's normal. Why do you have to make something happen to be satisfied? You journalists who do news just like to make trouble over nothing." &rdquoIt turned out that the police regarded Da Zhuang as a photojournalist.

Su Li spent a week in a daze, still unwilling to give up, so he went to Da Zhuang's studio.

The bathroom door was closed tightly, but the sound of "gurgling" water came from inside. Su Li stepped forward and knocked on the door, but there was no response. He looked around, but there was no figure of Da Zhuang. She called Da Zhuang and asked him where he was. Da Zhuang said he was in the city. So, who could be in the bathroom? Standing in the living room, Su Li heard the sound of the door lock of Da Zhuang's bedroom turning and twisting. Although it was very weak, the feeling was strong. Su Li muttered: When I went in just now, the large bedroom was empty. Where did the people come from?

The sound of water still came from the bathroom. Su Li made up his mind and slammed against the bathroom door.

The door opened. Inside was a scene that shocked Zuli: a young female corpse lay prone in the bathtub, with bright red blood flowing from her back. Su Li rushed out of the room like crazy, but was held by a hand. Su Li turned around and saw a purple hand covered with black sores. Su Li's body suddenly softened and collapsed on the ground…

When Su Li woke up, he was already lying on the bed. Da Zhuang snuggled next to Su Li and asked with concern: "Su Li, what happened to you? When I came back, I saw you lying in the living room without any consciousness. What happened? What happened?"

Su Li pointed in the direction of the bathroom and replied weakly: "There is a female corpse in the bathroom, still bleeding. I'm sure she is the girl in white who was killed by you on a rainy night." &rdquo

Da Zhuang smiled: "But there is nothing in the bathroom, this must be your imagination!" Impossible. Su Liming clearly saw her lying in the bathtub, how could she not be there? But there really wasn't one in the bathroom. Su Li recalled every detail of his experience and reluctantly classified it as a hallucination.

However, the hallucination was verified again in Zurich at noon two days later.

That day was Saturday, Su Li came to Da Zhuang's studio, and Da Zhuang led a few girls to take pictures in the wild. Su Li was so bored that he picked up a stack of photos that Da Zhuang had placed on the coffee table and flipped through them. When Su Li overlapped these photos and flipped them quickly like flipping through a book, a shadow appeared. Sections jumped out from each photo to form a complete squirming snake shadow, which quickly Climb to a closet in the big bedroom.

Su Li rushed to Da Zhuang's bedroom and rummaged around where the shadow had stopped. Su Li didn't find the snake shadow, but he dug out a film roll from the top of the closet.

Why did Da Zhuang put this film here? Aren't all his films placed in the darkroom? What does this film under the guidance of Snake Shadow mean?

Su Li curiously opened the film and observed it in the sunlight, finding that it clearly recorded the entire process of a girl being raped by three gangsters. In the picture, a naked girl opens her eyes with despair. She is staring in the direction of the camera. Su Li's heart was strongly shocked in an instant, and a bold idea came to mind: I must develop these films and send them to the police station, and I must bring the evil gangsters to justice.

What Su Li didn't expect was that the recorder turned out to be Da Zhuang. Su Li threw the developed photo at Da Zhuang and roared hysterically: "Da Zhuang, you devil, why are you doing this? Why are you treating a weak woman so cruelly? Why…"

Da Zhuang grabbed Su Li hard and persuaded her to calm down and let her listen to his explanation. From Da Zhuang's intermittent narration, Su Li learned a surprising secret: It turned out that the humiliated girl turned out to be Da Zhuang's ex-girlfriend, and the three gangsters turned out to be Da Zhuang's classmates in college. Da Zhuang tried all his tricks to abandon the girl named Jing , but Jing accepted death and insisted on marrying Da Zhuang. Da Zhuang invited three male classmates to rape Jing, who was working as a librarian in the university library. He also filmed the process of Jing being raped and used this to blackmail Jing. In grief and anger, Akira later hit a car and ended his young life. For unknown reasons, the three gangsters who raped Jing jumped off the building and died one after another for no apparent reason. Only Da Zhuang was still alive.

Thinking of the series of things that happened to him after getting acquainted with Da Zhuang, Su Li finally came to the conclusion: Jing's innocent soul has not dissipated in Da Zhuang's life.

Why do Su Li always have hallucinations before his eyes? Why do Da Zhuang’s shoulders always hurt? Why does Da Zhuang’s weight increase by forty kilograms out of thin air?

The unprecedented coldness seeped out from Su Li's bones, and her body had already shrunk into a ball. After being insulted, Jing has always been riding on Da Zhuang's shoulders. Su Li considered Jing with a girl's mentality. After all, she and Da Zhuang had a love affair. After all, Da Zhuang did not participate in the rape. Jing's original intention was to let Da Zhuang live alone. Who knew that Su Li's intervention disrupted the situation? Jing's plan, so Jing is hinting to Su Li: Leave Da Zhuang, he can do anything, Da Zhuang is the real devil!

After Da Zhuang was sentenced to prison, Su Li went to the prison to see him once. Da Zhuang said that his shoulder still hurts and he still weighs forty kilograms more. It seems that Jing still has not let go of the ruthless Da Zhuang, and she is still riding on Da Zhuang's shoulders.

Su Li was speechless. She stared at the sky above Da Zhuang's head and couldn't help but shed tears for Jing.

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