I, Shi Cheng, am an ordinary but extraordinary person.

I have lived in a mountain village called Chengdong since I was a child. I completed my nine-year compulsory education in Chengdong Primary School and Chengdong Middle School. Of course, high school is also in Seongdong High School.

Chengdong is a remote place, but it is not isolated from the world, and it has an unusual mystery.

Chengdong, Shi Cheng lived a different life here.


I was assigned to Class 914. Class 914 only had one very big window, which faced the very old iron door of Chengdong High School. The fourth uncle said that this was an extremely bad Feng Shui position.

The fourth uncle is a Feng Shui master. In fact, you can say that he is just an unemployed vagrant, but he is a wealthy boss in our village. In his words, the ghosts and gods protect him and he protects the ghosts and gods. The fourth uncle is very respected by people. The reason is that people respect ghosts and gods, and the fourth uncle is the messenger of ghosts and gods.

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I was deeply influenced by my fourth uncle, and I would rather believe that something like this exists than that it doesn’t exist.

In Seongdong High School, life will not be ordinary.

Remember the face, remember the teacher is our class teacher, a woman wearing only a white skirt and red shoes, she has a mysterious beauty. The first time I saw her, I seemed to have seen her before.

Class 914, calm, calm and terrifying, everyone's soul feels like it has been taken away and moved, numb, only numb.

Song Qi is the first feather-like boy I have ever seen. He is transparent. This word is the most accurate way to describe him. I like this kind of boy, so we became very good friends. He said that I was his first friend. The school blocked the road to the icehouse and no one dared to approach him.

As a result, the school was about to explode. This matter was discussed every day among classmates. It was rumored that the icehouse was a place where ghosts lived.

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Because of this incident, I began to feel disgusted with the food in the cafeteria.

During lunch time, all the other students left, and Song Qi and I were the only ones left in the classroom.

"Song Qi, don't you want to eat?"

"Ah? Um…right!" Song Qi hurriedly stuffed the red package into the table.

"What is that?"

"Just… lunch box." He was in a panic, his face not very pretty.

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"Let's eat together, I haven't eaten yet." I sat next to Song Qi, looking forward to the delicious food.

"No, you can't eat it." Song Qi hurriedly ran out holding the red package. Song Qi changed color and turned into a blue enchantress.

He must have some secret,

I wanted to follow him, but in a blink of an eye, he was gone.

After having lunch in the playground, I planned to go to the classroom.

"I won't hurt you." This is what he often said to me. From that moment on, I felt that he began to have color, which was white, very pure.

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The school is a black mountain village ghost story . I think there will always be some unexpected things happening in it.

Uncle Chen, who is in charge of the canteen, is from our village. He always likes to chat with me.

"A Cheng, something strange has happened recently. All the meat and vegetables in the icehouse have disappeared. And there are traces of being burned by fire. You said in such a cold place, why do you want to let the fire start? It's really strange. Yesterday this happened The key was obviously placed on me, and I checked the door several times, but the meat yesterday was gone again." Uncle Chen kept nagging me, and I had an ominous premonition.

He was afraid that the school would fire him, so he hid the incident. It didn't happen for a day or two, but things happened one after another. The ghost incident in Huoshan Village 1 Shanai Download was not covered by paper. Uncle Chen was fired, and what happened? He was accused of being a thief by the school leaders.

The day he came home, he found me.

"A Cheng, I know that you have been with your fourth uncle since you were a child, and you know a little bit about it. That thing was not done by humans. I saw it last night. I think I am a dying person." His expression was neither pain nor fear, but calmness. Looking at his staggering steps, I found that my heart was ice cold. How could I comfort him? I believe in this fact. When people see ghosts, they follow them.

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Later, the school installed cameras around the icehouse. I think those leaders must have sworn to drive away the thieves and guard against this trick. Who knows, there will still be less meat the next day. There is no one in the image. All we can see is that the door is opened, and then a blue light emits from the black icehouse.

A week later, Uncle Chen left. When he left, the Yintang turned dark. They said he was taken away by ghosts.

The school leaders went to his home and solemnly apologized, saying they wanted to clear his name.

Now that everyone is gone, what use can such hypocrisy be?

I didn't intend to keep this matter a secret, I told Song Qi, the boy who started to have sex. But his words were still transparent, with a hint of chill: "No one has killed anyone, Shi Cheng. But you have to know that I will not harm you."

The school said it was a non-superstitious place, but they still couldn't explain the lack of meat in the refrigerator, so they invited their fourth uncle.

The fourth uncle cast spells around the icehouse, covered it with charms, and then left. I am the only one who knows that he hates this school. In fact, what he hates is the school's feng shui.

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