Folk Ghost Stories

Gu Yuanwai often claims to be the underworld official of the underworld. He once said to me, "The underworld respects chaste women, but they also have certain standards. They divide chaste women into three levels, upper, middle and lower, based on their spiritual realm: those who miss family affection and covet wealth are the lowest; those who can restrain their passions with reason Those who are in the middle; my heart is as gray as death, and I regard the world of mortals as an illusion, and regard me as the selfless and supreme one. However, this high-class chaste woman is very rare. I think of the time when the king of hell respectfully invited some chaste women to the hall, and saw a The old woman arrived slumped, walking as if climbing stairs, and her body slowly rose into the air. When she arrived in front of the temple, she actually stepped on the roof and left. At that time, we, the underworld officials, all looked at each other in shock. I just heard the King of Hell sigh. He said, 'This old woman has achieved enlightenment, soared into the sky and became an immortal, and has escaped reincarnation forever.'"

He also said that many "good officials are also divided into three grades. Those who care about the law and protect themselves wisely are the inferior ones, those who are greedy for false fame are the middle grade, and those who are loyal to the country regardless of themselves are the superior ones." "The underworld hates the radicalism of the world, saying that it is a sin in the world. The source of fantasy is the underworld, ghosts, and ghosts , so no mercy will be used to make these people lose more than they gain. The smarter you think you are, the ghosts and gods are actually smarter than you. However, they do not hate the wisdom of mortals. The so-called natural talents are meant for achievement. Some extraordinary worldly things. However, if ghosts and gods make mortals extremely intelligent and like Cao Cao, there will never be peace in the world." "People in the world have many voices doubting the Yin Division. In fact, the Yin Division's wishes are like "Spring and Autumn" blames the sages, all for the common people of the world. Just people sometimes do wrong things because of paranoia , and villains sometimes do good things occasionally. These are all treated fairly. The world cannot pick up on details. That’s why I wonder about karma.”

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