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Ghost Cry Valley, formerly known as Cock Cry Valley. It is an old abandoned gold mine left by the Japanese during the Manchukuo period. When the Japanese retreated, they blew up wells and destroyed mines. Ten miners were brutally sealed alive and buried underground before they had time to evacuate. Later, on rainy days, people in nearby villages could hear horrifying cries and screams coming from here. This makes this place a forbidding and taboo place to avoid. As a result, this place has an eerie name – Ghost Valley.

For many years, no one has dared to venture into the Ghostly Valley. It is said that once livestock such as pigs, dogs, cattle and sheep enter here by mistake, their manes will stand on end and they will flee in fear.

Unexpectedly, in the ancient town of Wenjichuan, ten miles away from Guiming Valley, there was a gambler nicknamed "Er Baldy". Because he owed 20,000 yuan to the gambling house and was unable to repay the loan sharks, he was forced into desperation by the gambler Gou Hades. , actually escaped into the Gui Ming Valley.

1. Adventure underground

Guiming Valley is only separated from Wenji River by a mountain, but because it is inaccessible, chickens and dogs do not hear it, and there is a gloomy atmosphere in the desolate and dark valley.

After Er Baldy entered the Ghost Crying Valley, he was in a trance from the Yang world, where roosters and dogs barked, with noisy human voices, to the dark, dark and windy underworld. But he knew in his heart that if he walked out of the Gui Ming Valley at this time and fell into the hands of the Dog King of Hell, the consequences would be disastrous. It seemed that the bald man had no choice but to stay here for a while to avoid the limelight before making any plans.

Er Baldy heard someone say that there was once a miner's shed built at the bottom of Guiming Valley. He planned to go to the bottom of the valley to find a house that could protect him from the wind and cold, and settle down first. But just as he was stumbling down the hillside, he suddenly slipped out of his feet and fell into an abandoned mine covered with weeds and leaves. He felt his body sinking rapidly, like a falling stone. With a muffled sound of "bang", he lost consciousness.

I don't know how long it took, but the bald man who was in a coma gradually felt conscious. In the haze, I felt a vague figure not far away. The bald man couldn't help being secretly surprised, and quickly rubbed his eyes with his hands. He saw a miner wearing shabby work clothes with exposed cotton and a wicker helmet, standing motionless with his back to him.

The two bald man calmed down and asked timidly: "Who? Who are you? Why are you here…"

Just listen to the miner say without looking back: "Do you want to know?"


"Really want to know?"


"Okay, if that's the case, then I'll tell you."

"Can you…can you turn around and talk…"

"It's better to just say it this way, so as not to scare you."


"Did you ever hear about the Japanese bombing mines that year?"

"I've heard of it, I've heard of it. It was the year the Japanese retreated…"

"At that time, ten miners were sealed underground. I believe you have also heard about it?"

"I heard… ah -" When Er Baldy heard this, he suddenly thought of something and couldn't help but shuddered: "You… you… can't be…"

"Exactly! To be honest, I was the miner who was sealed underground when the Japanese bombed the mine…"

Next, he told Er Baldy about the tragic experience of the ten miners who were sealed underground when the Japanese blew up the mine, as well as a rare and strange thing that happened there.

Needless to say, when ten miners were sealed underground, they felt sad, angry and desperate. But the instinct of survival motivates them to look for a way out. They first followed the criss-crossing alleys underground, searching one by one, line by line, hoping to find an exit to escape, but they were disappointed. All the exits of the entire mine have been blown up and sealed by the Japanese. After the hope of finding an exit was dashed, they used steel drills to dig out of the mine. However, the rock formation in the mine is not known to be many feet thick. It is not easy to drill through it with a steel drill. In fact, they know in their hearts that this is even more hopeless than the Foolish Old Man who moved mountains in the story. But none of them gave up easily. Ten miners changed shifts and took turns digging. The hard rock was cut out piece by piece, and the cave extended outward inch by inch. Since there was no food in the mine, they had to drink water from the cracks in the rocks to satisfy their hunger. Just when they exhausted their physical energy and were about to lose their support, someone exclaimed that they actually found a "golden gourd" in the rock formation they dug.

The so-called "golden gourd" is a large natural gold nugget sandwiched in the rock veins, also called "dog head gold". This naturally occurring natural gold nugget is rare and extremely valuable.

Upon hearing that the "golden gourd" was discovered, the ten miners were like the Nether Demon's information flashing back, and their spirits were lifted, and they all became excited. When they dug out the "golden gourd" from the rock formation and shined it with a mine lamp, they saw that the natural gold nugget was bright yellow and was as big as two fists. As the old saying goes, every inch of gold counts. In other words, one inch square of gold weighs one pound. How many kilograms do these two fist-sized gold nuggets weigh? Ten miners took turns weighing the "golden gourd", and they all said it weighed more than twenty kilograms.

Looking at this golden "golden gourd", they couldn't help but be excited and all energetic. They propped up one by one and began to dig…

They didn't know how many days had passed in the mine without daylight. Later, they actually dug through the rock formations on the cave wall. Unfortunately, when they drilled out of the mine, they found it was an abandoned mine. I don't know how many feet it is from the bottom of the well to the top of the well. Without a hoist, it would be impossible to go up. By this time, hope was completely dashed. They fell down one by one in despair and could never get up again…

As the old saying goes, money is something external to the body. If you don't bring it with you in life, you won't take it with you in death. But these ten miners trapped in the mine have been unable to part with this windfall. Before they died, they made an appointment to come here together to find this "golden gourd" in the next life.

In order to prevent this "golden gourd" from falling into the hands of others, they drew lots to choose one person, and the ghost after death stayed in the mine.

The miner told Er Baldy that he was the one chosen by lot to stay behind. His ghost lingered for decades after his death and he never reincarnated. Just stay here, waiting for the other nine miners to come and get the "golden gourd".

Hearing what the miner said, Er Baldy couldn't help but take a breath of cold air. He said in his heart, no wonder he always turned his back to her and refused to turn around to speak. It turned out that he was… Just as the bald man was thinking wildly, he heard the miner say: "What? This is the situation, and things are not the same." That's it. If you still want to know something, just ask. I don't want you to go on the road with regrets…"

"What…" Erbaldie tasted an ominous flavor from these words: "What do you mean by this…"

"What do you think?" The miner suddenly took a breath, and squeezed out an eerie and strange voice from his hoarse throat: "You have come to this place you shouldn't be, and you know you shouldn't be. Knowing things, can you still leave here alive…"

As he spoke, the miner slowly turned around – what the bald man saw was a skeleton wearing a wicker helmet and a miner's uniform.

Er Baldy tried hard to control his trembling body, put his head in his hands and closed his eyes tightly, holding his breath… But he could feel that there was a cold and desolate air approaching him step by step… Wait for him When he finally dared to open his eyes, he saw a big bone-white hand, with long nails stretched out, slowly grabbing at his chest… The bald man couldn't help but screamed, and then passed out.

2. Unexpected return

The Dog King of Hell originally ran a dog butcher shop. Because he makes a living by killing dogs and selling their meat all day long, he has an evil aura about him. As soon as the dogs in the town saw him, they would tuck their tails and stand there shivering. From this, he got this nickname. Later, the King of Hell relied on this bad reputation to open a gambling bureau in the backyard of the dog butcher shop, where he used his unjust talents.

The ferocity and cruelty of the Dog King of Hell is well-known in Wenjichuan. Once anyone owed gambling debts and failed to repay them overdue, he would threaten them by chopping off their hands and removing their legs. This time Er Baldy was forced into a desperate situation by him and escaped into the Ghostly Crying Valley.

During the lantern lighting time that day, Dog Yama was having dinner. His men hurried in and reported that Erbaldy had returned to Wenjichuan.

As soon as the Dog King heard that Er Baldy had returned to town, he immediately put down his job, picked up the sharp knife used to peel the dog and walked out, eager to lead people to catch Er Baldy. Unexpectedly, at this moment, the two bald man walked into the dog meat shop with great arrogance.

Seeing Er Baldy coming to the door, Dog Hell's men swarmed up and pushed Er Baldy to the ground with all their hands and feet. I saw the two bald man twisting and struggling and shouting: "Let me go, let me go, I have something to say…"

"Okay, let him go first." The Dog King of Hell asked his men to let go of the bald man and stand aside. He casually pulled up a chair and sat down. He casually played with the sharp knife used to skin dogs in his hand and said, "I want to see what he has to say."

The bald man got up from the ground, patted the dirt on his body and muttered: "A gentleman doesn't come to the door, I've never seen anything like this, and he doesn't ask about the indiscretion, he will be pinned to the ground as soon as he comes in…"

"No, I, the Dog Hell King, am not a gentleman. I only know how to kill people to pay for their lives and debts to pay back money." As he spoke, the Dog Hell King stretched out his hand; "Bring it here."

"what's that?"

"Hey, you're pretending to be stupid. You're paying your debts."

When this matter was mentioned, the bald man drooped his head: "Money… no… no…"

"What the hell? No money? Hey, you're a bald guy. If you don't have money, how dare you go back to Wenji River so arrogantly? Come on, take the bald boss to the backyard, tie him to a dog pole, and take off one of his legs first. , to save him from running away again.”

"Don't… don't… I'm here to tell you something important."

"Don't do this, I, the King of Hell, will accept the money. As long as there is no money, there is no need to discuss anything."

"But what I'm talking about is exactly about money. It's a windfall that fell from the sky."

"Really? Then I'd like to hear what kind of windfall you can get from reading the Netherworld Demon's information ?"

"This… is a matter of confidentiality. I can only tell you."

"Hey – you bald man, you are trying to cheat on me. Well, let's go to the backyard and find a place to talk. If you dare to play tricks on me, my dog, the King of Hell, will skin you alive."

As he spoke, the Dog King got up and took Er Baldy to the house where he lived in the backyard. He closed the door and closed the curtains and said, "Can we talk this time?"

The two bald men peeked into the courtyard through the crack in the door and saw that no one was following. Then he turned around and said to the Dog King: "Take off your cotton-padded jacket first and let me see your chest."

"What do you want to do?"

"Just do as I say, and I'll tell you what's going on later. Anyway, I won't hurt you."

"I don't think you have the courage."

While talking, the Dog King took off his cotton-padded jacket and exposed his chest as Er Baldy said.

The Erbaldy Man stepped forward and looked at it carefully. After the Dog King put on his clothes again, he said mysteriously: "Do you know where I went?"

"If you fart quickly, no one will ask you riddles."

"I went to Ghost Valley."

Hearing Er Baldy talk about Ghost Crying Valley, the Dog King of Hell couldn't help but take a breath of cold air: "No wonder I couldn't scan your shadow after all the trouble. So where did you go? Are you brave enough?"

"It's not because you, the dog King of Hell, forced you to do it."

"But I don't understand, what does this have to do with the windfall that fell from the sky you are talking about?"

"Of course it does matter. The windfall I'm talking about is in Ghost Valley."

Next, Er Baldy fled into the Gui Ming Valley, accidentally fell into an abandoned mine, met the ghost of the miner in the underground mine, and followed up everything about the "golden gourd". The Dog King of Hell told it again.

When the Dog King of Hell heard that there was a "golden gourd" in the underground mine of Ghost Ming Valley, his blood surged all over his body and his eyes glowed green. But when he calmed down and thought about it, he couldn't help but be filled with doubts.

"Didn't you just say that there is a miner's ghost in the mine who wants to kill you to silence you? But how did you get out of the Gui Ming Valley alive?"

"Birthmark." The bald man unbuttoned his clothes, exposed his chest, pointed to a birthmark on his chest and said, "It's because of this birthmark that I saved my life."

Er Baldy said that after he learned the secret of the "golden gourd", the ghost of the miner guarding the "golden gourd" wanted to kill him and kill him. But when she stretched her bone-white claws toward his chest, she discovered the birthmark on his chest, so she retracted her claws and let him go. And told him a secret. It is said that the ten miners who were buried and died underground agreed to go to Gui Ming Valley to look for this "golden gourd" when they were human in the next life. In order to make it easier for them to recognize each other, before they died, they heated the "golden gourd" with a stone miner's lamp and left a mark on each person's chest. Therefore, when the ghost of the miner discovered the birthmark on the bald man's chest, his eyes lit up. When he took the "golden gourd" and put it on the birthmark to verify, it matched perfectly. Based on this, it can be concluded that Er Baldy is the reincarnation of a miner who was buried and trapped underground. Then he was sent to the mine.

Hearing what the Erbald Man said, the Dog King quickly threw off his cotton-padded jacket, puffed out his chest and said, "I also have a birthmark here, which is exactly the same as yours. Could it be that I am too…"

"Now you should understand why I asked you to take off your cotton-padded jacket just now. It was to look at your chest. Because I have seen such a birthmark on your chest before. That's why I came to tell you about it."

"But why don't I remember anything about the 'Golden Gourd'?"

"If the ghost of the miner hadn't told me, I wouldn't have known anything about it. It must have been that we drank Meng Po soup when we crossed the Naihe Bridge after our death…"

"So, the seven reincarnated people besides the two of us will definitely not remember this."

"That must be the case. How about letting that 'golden gourd' go until now?"

"God help me, let's go quickly——"

As he spoke, the Dog King picked up Er Baldy and walked out.

"What do you mean? What do you want to do?"

"Silly Paozi, it's not for me to say this. Let's go to Gui Ming Valley and get that 'golden gourd' back, and we can make five by one…"

"If you ask me, you are an out-and-out stupid robe."

"what do you mean?"

"If it were so easy to get the 'Golden Gourd', would I still be running around to tell you about it?"

"What's going on?"

"The ghost of the miner guarding the 'Golden Gourd' said that only nine reincarnated people can take away the 'Golden Gourd'. That's why I came to you. We have to find another seven who are like us. , the person with this birthmark on his chest."

3. Between life and death

The Dog King of Hell and Er Baldy originally thought that finding seven people with the same birthmark on their chests in the vast sea of ​​people would be like finding a needle in a haystack, and they might not get anything like a monkey, a horse, or a horse. But things went surprisingly smoothly, and there seemed to be ghosts and gods helping. The two of them just waited in the town's bathhouse for less than a month before they found everyone. It turns out that these seven people, like the Dog King of Hell and Er Baldy, were all reincarnated in the ancient town of Wenjichuan. After they learned the whole story, they couldn't help but feel happy and excited. He impatiently urged the dogs King Yama and Er Baldy to take them to Ghost Ming Valley.

The Dog King of Hell and Er Baldy also felt that this matter should be done sooner rather than later, so as not to have long nights and dreams and leak the news. After a little preparation, they took the rope and went to the Ghostly Valley on a dark and windy night. However, before leaving, the Dog King specifically emphasized that he should keep the matter secret. It is not passed on to parents, and it is not passed on to wives. Don't let any news leak out.

With two bald men leading the way, they found the mine entrance without much trouble. They first tied one end of the rope to a big tree nearby. Then, with Er Baldy taking the lead and Dog Hell behind him, the nine people followed the rope down the mine shaft and came to the mine cave.

The dark mine was eerie and creepy. The two bald men in front were holding a flashlight and timidly groping inside, while the people behind followed suit, following carefully, not even daring to let out any air. Just like the Japs engineers in old movies detecting mines… Just then, Erbaldie screamed in surprise. Everyone looked along the flashlight and couldn't help but gasped at the same time. I saw a white skeleton on the ground. The two bald man quickly moved the flashlight, but what he illuminated was another skeleton… As the flashlight slowly moved, people saw ten skeletons one after another. The first nine skeletons were lying on the ground and arranged in sequence, but only the tenth skeleton stood leaning against the rock wall of the mine, with two long armored white bone claws holding a bright yellow object – people almost thought at the same time that it was probably the legend. The "golden gourd" in.

As soon as they saw this "golden gourd", the fear that shrouded people's hearts was instantly swept away. Nine people cheered and surrounded them, and 2918 big hands reached out to the "golden gourd" at the same time. At this time, they saw the skeleton standing leaning against the cave wall, collapsing and collapsing, and the The "golden gourds" were scattered on the ground together. Then, people heard a hoarse voice coming from the top of the mine: "You are finally here, and I can finally leave. Workers, see you in the next life…"

The sound was as misty as smoke, gently passing over people's heads and drifting out of the mine. At this time, Er Baldy had grabbed the "golden gourd" from the ground.

Next, people couldn't put it down and passed the "golden gourd" weighing twenty kilograms around. When it finally reached the hands of the Dog King of Hell, he carefully put the "golden gourd" into his arms, turned around and left. The people behind followed closely and filed out.

Dog Hell grabbed the rope first and pushed it up the mine shaft. But when he climbed out of the well, without waiting for the people behind him to come up, he took out the sharp knife used to skin dogs from his waist and cut the rope with a bang… Erbalzi and others were trapped underground in this way.

After the dog Hades cut off the rope, he hurriedly left the wellhead and rolled and crawled out of the Gui Ming Valley.

It was around three or four o'clock in the middle of the night, and there was silence all around. The dog Hades took advantage of the darkness and ran all the way to Wenji River. He wanted to return to his dog meat shop before dawn without anyone noticing. To avoid being discovered and his whereabouts exposed. Unexpectedly, haste makes waste. Just as he was still more than two miles away from Wenji River, a car sped towards him. Hearing a "bang" sound, he was knocked away more than ten steps. Then it fell to the ground with a "snap". He felt a "bang" in his head and lost consciousness.

When he woke up, he found himself lying in the ward of the county hospital. His wife who was guarding the bedside told him that three nights ago, he was hit by a car on the road two miles away from Wenjichuan. The vehicle involved in the accident ran away. It was a three-horse car transporting a pregnant woman with dystocia to the county hospital. While passing by, they found the dog Yama lying on the road, and rescued him and sent him to the county hospital.

After the Dog King heard what happened from his wife, he suddenly stood up from the hospital bed and said, "What, you mean a three-horse carriage transporting pregnant women brought me here?"

"Yes, thank you for meeting her. I heard the rescue doctor said that if he had come an hour later, his life would not have been saved."

"Where's the pregnant woman?"

"God bless, good people are rewarded. I heard that they gave birth to the child when they saved you in the car. After sending you to the hospital, they went home. What a good person. He even saved the person's name. Refuse to stay.”

"Why, you didn't even leave your name?"

"Yes, people show kindness without repaying it."

"What kind of kindness is there without repaying it? Come on, we have to find them quickly." As he spoke, the Dog King of Hell was about to get out of bed. His wife quickly pressed him down and persuaded him: "Okay, no matter how urgent it is, don't worry now. When you get better, we will definitely find the savior. Repay him well."

"What are you going to repay? I'm in a hurry to ask them for my things."

"Do you want something of yours?" His wife couldn't help but be startled, and then took out a bright yellow thing from under his pillow: "Is this what you are talking about? It was given to me when they left. They said it was in the house at that time. I found it next to you.”

When Dog Hell saw the "golden gourd", he couldn't help but be stunned. I thought to myself, are there really such people in the world today? In times of crisis, save lives. Not only did he show kindness without repaying it, but he also returned such a large piece of gold intact to him…

The wife of the Dog King of Hell saw that he was stunned and didn't say anything, so she tentatively asked him: "Did I say this thing is yours? Where did you get it? You said it, couldn't it be something else?" You must have done something outrageous…"

"It's harmful to nature? It's not just harmful to nature. I'm trying to get money and kill my life."

"What? What did you say?"

"There's no time to talk, let's leave quickly."

"Go? Where?"

"Ghost Valley."

"Ghost Valley? Go…what are you going to do…"

The Dog King didn't wait for his wife to ask any more questions, so he ran out of the hospital like crazy, took a taxi, and hurried towards the Gui Ming Valley.

Later, a group of nine people including the Dog King, Er Baldy and others, after many twists and turns, finally found the home of the pregnant woman who rescued the Dog King, no, it should be said that he saved the lives of nine of them. While they were expressing gratitude and expressing their gratitude, they also unexpectedly learned a strange thing. The newborn baby actually had a strange birthmark on his chest just like the nine of them.

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