Ghost Eyed Man Chapter 945: Unbalanced Speed

()The hatchet has a strong curse no matter how it is used.

After Yang Jian cut off the five fingers of the ghost, there were also wounds on his hands. The wounds were deep and seemed to be caused by decay, but they were very regular.

His fingers dropped one by one.

This rot goes deep into the flesh, is irreversible, and appears quickly.

But the wound did not spread further and soon stopped again.

"You're obviously making money by trading your own injuries for Li Gui to be dismembered." Yang Jian's face was expressionless, indifferent to such wounds.

He picked up the two broken fingers, not wanting the ghost to find the puzzle piece again.

He threw his finger into the red coffin.

With the help of the red coffin's ability to suppress supernatural power, these ghost fingers were rendered ineffective.

After doing all this, Yang Jian stopped.

The ghost did not continue to attack other people here, so he did not further dismember the ghost.

There are too many dangers here, and it is impossible for Yang Jian to use all his strength to deal with a fierce ghost.

"Daqiang is dead." Upon seeing this, Eagle looked at Daqiang's body and said slightly silently.

Another messenger on the fourth floor died.

How many messengers are left now?

Yang Xiaohua, whose life and death is unknown, herself who is cursed and about to die, and Li Yang and Yang Jian.

In other words, except for Li Yang and Yang Jian, the two fierce men who broke into the ghost post office, the native messengers were almost extinct.

"He was a bit unlucky. He was targeted by a ghost, which triggered a certain fatal murder pattern of the ghost."

Yang Jian turned to look at it and said with an indifferent expression: "Mourning clothes are not necessarily able to isolate the attacks of evil spirits. They can only isolate the vast majority, just like the corpse of the old man in the coffin."

"Rising up now can only suppress most of the supernatural beings. We need to fight against those missing areas."

"So today's condolences, even if we have done the right thing, the danger will still exist, but it is much better than before. After all, Daqiang was the first person who died undeservedly. Although the others died , but it’s all because the balance has been broken.”

Eagle said: "If this continues, I'm afraid you and Li Yang are the only two people who can go to the fifth floor. If you have the strength to go to the fifth floor, even the red letter delivery task will still not be difficult for you."

"No, there is another person." Yang Jian said.

"Is it me? I was cursed by the music box and I won't live long." Eagle said.

He is no longer so afraid and taboo. He speaks when he needs to speak and asks when he needs to ask.

Yang Jian looked in one direction: "Liu Qingqing is not dead yet, she is still alive."

"But the first seven haven't arrived yet. Even if she is still alive somewhere, it will only be temporary." Eagle sighed, feeling physically and mentally exhausted.

Because this letter delivery task is really too difficult, too difficult.

Although in theory it is possible for ordinary people to complete the task and successfully send the letter, the various conditions combined are too harsh. If you make a mistake, you will have to pay a heavy price if you want to correct it, or even the whole group will be wiped out.

Yang Jian did not reply to him, but walked to Da Qiang's body, picked it up, and then threw it directly outside the patio, disappearing directly into the ancient house.

But before that, Yang Jian kept the mourning clothes he was wearing and threw them to Zhou Deng.

"No matter if I don't take care of you, I will need your supernatural power for the next actions, but if you mess around, I will not hesitate to chop off your head and strangle you directly."

He showed no mercy and continued to beat Zhou Deng.

Because Yang Jian was worried that this guy would start wandering around again after getting the mourning clothes.

There are only a few people left dead now, and they really can't stand the torment. Moreover, the first seven are getting closer and closer, and the ancient house is getting more and more dangerous. Even Yang Jian does not have the confidence to fully cope with the situation in the next few days.

"Captain Yang, aren't you still worried about me?" Zhou Deng said with a smile after taking over the mourning clothes.

"It doesn't matter, you won't have a second chance to cause trouble anyway." Yang Jian said.

If he dares to mess around in the last few days, he will really do it without hesitation.

"If you continue to guard, I don't believe I won't survive today."

Yang Jian said to the remaining people again.

After the supernatural outage just now, calm returned to the ancient mansion. Apparently, he had dealt with all the ghosts who had the ability to move. The ghost with a palm resting on the black Taishi chair also lost the ability to move.

It's missing five fingers, the puzzle pieces are broken up, and the horror level is clearly downgraded.

Now he couldn't even push the black Taishi chair. He could only stand there like other ghosts without moving.

As long as the ghosts don't mess around, the situation is safe.

Even if Li Gui and Yang were only a few meters apart.

While waiting, keep an eye on the time.

Six o'clock, seven o'clock, eight o'clock in the morning…

Hour after hour passed, and the passage of time could not be felt in the ancient house, because it was still a dark and depressing environment whether at night or during the day, so the time could only be confirmed through timekeeping tools such as watches and mobile phones.

Ten days earlier.

A subtle, but very disturbing thing happened.

The body of the old man sitting in the red coffin actually tilted at this time. He was no longer sitting so straight, but his body was leaning back slightly, as if he was about to lie down again.

However, the old man's body did not lie down, but kept leaning back in a weird posture.

And after this abnormality appeared, the balance in the ancient house was also broken.

All the ghosts almost took two steps forward in unison.

Darkness came, approaching again.

"What's going on?" Zhou Deng was startled and quickly backed away.

Yang Jian watched everything with his ghostly eyes, and he said coldly: "The old man in the coffin can't suppress these evil ghosts anymore. The ghosts continue to invade."

"It's unlikely. Isn't it true that the old man in the coffin becomes more powerful the closer he is to Tou Qi? Because the old man's body is in a state of resuscitation." Zhou Deng said.

Yang Jian said: "The old man is recovering, and the ghosts here are also recovering after losing their restraints. Do you think it is the old man who recovers faster, or these ghosts who recover faster?"

"Everything is calculated. On the fourth day, the old man's ghost revives, and the other ghosts appear on the fourth day. So at first, the old man is strong and the other ghosts are weak. But as time goes by, the balance will tilt and finally be broken. That limit should be twelve o'clock tonight."

"So, the ghost feast begins on the fifth day."

"The ghosts have revived, the ancient house has become a desperate situation, and everyone will die tragically, just like a gluttonous feast for the evil ghosts."

After hearing these words, the hearts of the remaining people gradually sank to the bottom again, becoming cold and cold.

"What I'm most worried about now is not these ghosts, but that this old man can't make it to twelve o'clock, and the out-of-control situation will appear in advance. Even if it is half an hour, no, ten minutes in advance, we will all be wiped out here." Yang He said with a solemn expression.

"If everything has been calculated, there should be no problem. The old man has not yet laid back in the coffin, which shows that the confrontation is still going on." Zhou Deng said.

Yang Jian's ghostly eyes rolled: "If it were just ghosts inside and outside the ancient house, the old man's existence should be enough to maintain the balance, but don't forget the ghost-eyed people . When we got off the bus, there was an external supernatural invasion here, so the external supernatural Strength was probably the last straw.”

What he cared about was the medium that was triggered before.

The old woman carrying the bamboo basket.

It is suspected that the ghost that came off the bus is consistent with the source of the ghost in the 301 incident in Dachuan City.

Moreover, the old woman had already entered the ancient house, Yang Jian was sure of this.

This is a potential danger.

As for when this danger will erupt, it is unknown.

"Is it an alien supernatural being?"

Li Yang also looked stern when he heard this. He also thought of the old woman carrying the bamboo basket.

He had caught a glimpse of the weird old woman when he was passing by the patio to get a lantern.

Although it only passed by in a flash, he would never forget it.

However, now, Li Yang did not find the old woman again. It seemed that the old woman disappeared after entering the ancient house, but he believed that this terrifying ghost was still lingering in the ancient house.

The baby's cry that suddenly sounded but disappeared before was probably related to the old woman.

As time continues to pass.

Every hour, the old man's body in the red coffin leaned back a little. Although it was not much at first, after 12 noon, the old man who sat up was almost completely lying in the coffin.

The price of the loss of balance is that the evil ghosts invade the ancient house more deeply.

The five-meter safe distance is gone.

There was only a little more than one meter left.

It seemed that in just a few hours, this ancient house would be completely invaded.

"There is absolutely no way we can survive this unbalanced speed until twelve o'clock at night."

Yang Jian, Zhou Deng, Li Yang, Fan Xing and the eagle in the corner all realized this, because they all knew that no matter how they calculated, they would not be able to survive today.

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