Volume 1 Mysteries Of Life And Death

Behind closed doors at home, the sun and the moon are rushing by. The New Year is approaching. Xiao Jiannan gets up in the morning and goes to the backyard to exercise his muscles. A set of fists and kicks had just been completed when the postman delivered a letter. When Xiao Jiannan saw the letter, he was startled. No one should know that he was living in seclusion here, so who wrote this letter?

I looked at it carefully and found that the handwriting on the envelope was not familiar. I hurriedly opened the envelope and saw the clip of Chen Haonan's dead brother , only to see it read:

Brother Xiao:

It has been several months since we last said goodbye, and my brother is still alive!

That time when Brother Xiao was sent away, we fought with the little devils. In the end, all the brothers died, the bullets were all gone, and I jumped off the cliff.

Chen Haonan's brothers_Chen Haonan's dead brothers clip_Chen Haonan's brothers are so loyal

I was seriously injured and returned to Cuijiatun after narrowly escaping death with only one breath left.

Brother Xiao, now I am holding my breath and not leaving, just because I want to see Brother Xiao again. The box has not been opened until today, and I am worried. But the day the box is opened, brother may not be able to see it. It seems that everything will As the military advisor said, there is a certain destiny somewhere.

That matter, you and the military advisor both talk about science, but I don’t understand it. But in the past few months, the twenty-four people who went to work with the brothers, except me, have had troubles one after another. Now even the brothers on the mountain are involved, leaving no one alive. Now I only have one left. The tone is bad, so Brother Xiao, you have to listen to your brother and stop pursuing it!

Chen Haonan's brothers_Chen Haonan's dead brothers clip_Chen Haonan's brothers are so loyal

If Brother Xiao can see this letter from Brother, please come to Cuijiatun. Brother will give the box to Brother. On the day when the box is opened, please let me know in front of my grave.

It seems that Brother Xiao's life-saving kindness to me can only be repaid in the next life.

Di Cui Er Kua Zi

Brothers clip_Chen Haonan's brothers_Chen Haonan's brothers are so loyal


The second day of the twelfth lunar month in the twenty-third year of the Republic of China

After reading the letter in a hurry, Xiao Jiannan was completely stunned. He sat on the chair and felt great joy and then great sadness in his heart. He was happy that Cui Erkuozi had a lucky escape, but he was sad that Cui Erkuozi's time was running out! After putting down the letter, Xiao Jiannan calmed down a little and decided to go to Cuijiatun in Changbaishan , outside the customs, to visit Cui Erquan without further delay. After thinking about it, he called Cui'er and asked her to help pack her luggage. He went to several pharmacies in Peiping to buy some medicine and take it with him. When it was afternoon and all the belongings were packed, Xiao Jiannan got up and headed outside the customs.

Brothers clip_Chen Haonan's brothers_Chen Haonan's brothers are so loyal

In the evening, Xiao Jiannan left Jianguomen, passed through Gaobeidian, Tongzhou, and arrived at the important town of Jizhou. The city gate was closed, so he had to stay in an inn that night. The next day he got up early and hurried on his way, and soon arrived at Shanhaiguan. Shanhaiguan has been a battleground for military strategists since ancient times. After Japan occupied the three eastern provinces in the 20th year of the Republic of China, China and Japan used Shanhaiguan as their boundary and conducted intensive inspections. Fortunately, Xiao Jiannan was very cautious and waited in line all morning, and finally successfully passed through Shanhaiguan and entered Liaoning. Xiao Jiannan identified the direction and found the way to Mengjiang County. Xiao Jiannan has been sleeping almost non-stop these days, and has been on the road, fearing that he will not be able to see Cui Erquanzi for the last time.

On this day, Xiao Jiannan went to a shopping mall and found a small shop to make tips. I had just ordered a bowl of noodles and sat down at the table to use my chopsticks when I heard two diners at the table next to me chatting quietly. Cui Er's crotch was mentioned in the conversation. Xiao Jiannan's ears were immediately focused and he heard one of the diners say: "Brother Chen, have you heard that Brother Cui Erkuozi's team in Changbai Mountain was broken up by the little devil!"

Brother Chen next to him replied: "How come you haven't heard of it? I passed by Fengtian City a few days ago and saw a large notice!" When the man named "Brother Chen" said this, he shook his head and sighed, and said: " Even the team of Brother Cui Erkuozi was dispersed. Alas, it’s over!” After hearing this, the person who spoke first also sighed and said: “Who says it’s not the case? It is said that Uncle Cui was dying before he died. He also hacked to death dozens of little Japs, which really made us Chinese look good, but when he died, all his corpses were left intact!" After saying this, he breathed out again and again.

Brothers clip_Chen Haonan's brothers_Chen Haonan's brothers are so loyal

Brother Chen said: "But how did I hear that the little devil didn't catch Cui Erye? Maybe he's not dead!" The first one said: "Yes, it's really not sure! Besides, it's not that easy for the Cui family's team to It's over, just watch, it won't be long before Mr. Cui can still pull up a team!" When the two diners said this, their tone became happy again, and they talked about the deeds of Brother Cui Da Kuozi. legend. Xiao Jiannan listened to the words of admiration expressed by the people in the Northeast for Brother Cui Erkuozi. He felt happy and sad at the same time. He did not interrupt at the moment, ate the noodles in a hurry, got up and continued on his way.

Along the way, Xiao Jiannan couldn't help but feel a lot of emotions when he finally entered the territory of Mengjiang County in Jilin early the next morning, and once again walked on the road he had fled with Cui Erguozi more than half a year ago. After finding his way over three mountain ridges and across a single-plank bridge, he finally arrived at Cuijiatun on the evening of the third day.

The descendant of Cui Erkua opened the door and saw the simple and honest Xiao Jiannan outside. He was startled for a moment, then his eyes were full of surprise, and he wiped his hands hard on the apron on his chest, not knowing what to say. Xiao Jiannan asked: "Brother Cui…are you still there?" Xiao Jiannan's heart was beating wildly when he asked, for fear that the woman would spit out the word "no". The woman was stunned for a long time, and then she immediately said: "Yes, yes!" Then she hurriedly led the way. After hearing this, Xiao Jiannan couldn't help but let out a long sigh of relief, and his heart, which had always been in suspense, was relieved. When the woman turned around, Xiao Jiannan noticed that her belly was slightly bulging, as if she was five or six months pregnant. After seeing a hero, Xiao Jiannan felt happy and sad at the same time.

The woman took Xiao Jiannan into the big house. She saw that the windows on all sides were covered with quilts, and an oil lamp was lit in the house, making it very dark. Cui Er was lying on the kang with his hips, his cheeks sunken, and he was so thin that he had lost his shape. Hearing someone coming in, Cui Er's crotch bowed slightly. Xiao Jiannan rushed to the kang in two or three steps. He grabbed Cui Er's crotch's hands and said, "Brother, I'm here to see you!" Seeing that it was Xiao Jiannan, Cui Er His hips froze for a while, and the corners of his mouth moved several times, but no sound came out. His eye circles were already red.

Xiao Jiannan held Cui Er's hands tightly on his crotch, feeling a myriad of emotions at the moment and too excited to express. After a long time, Cui Erquanzi weakly said a few words: "Brother Xiao, I…I thought I would never see you again in this life!" Xiao Jiannan couldn't help but burst into tears when he heard this. The stream drips down.

The two were silent for a long time, and Xiao Jiannan asked, "Brother Cui, where are you injured?" Cui Erquanzi said, "When I jumped from the mountain, I broke my spine and my five internal organs." Xiao Jiannan heard this. He was shocked when he said that, knowing that the medicine he had brought with him seemed to be of no help. Looking at Cui Er's hands, Xiao Jiannan asked again: "Your hands?" Cui Er smiled and said, "You can still move, but you can't hold the gun." Xiao Jiannan asked, "Brother, this What's going on?" Cui Erkuozi shook his head and said, "It's hard to explain in words!"

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