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Hu Yidao is a well-known traveling doctor in the world, known as the "Folk Medical Sage". Many difficult and complicated diseases can always be cured by his diagnosis and treatment. In fact, in addition to his superb medical skills, the most important thing is that he has a kind heart and travels around the world to help the world, only taking a meager medical fee and never making huge profits. Hu Yidao also has a habit of staying no more than three days wherever he goes. Three days later, he left for another place to practice medicine, feeling as if he were an immortal or a Taoist.

On this day, Hu Yidao was treating people in Fuxian County, Lingnan. It was the third day. When he put away the medical stall and returned to the door of the inn, he saw a rich-looking middle-aged man standing there. When he saw Hu Yidao, he quickly bowed. Hu Yidao returned the courtesy and asked, "What can I do for you, sir?" "The middle-aged man said: "The official has something to ask the miracle doctor for. Hu Yidao asked again: "Are you…hellip…hellip" The middle-aged man replied: "The junior official is Wang Fuhong, the magistrate of this county. He has an unspeakable secret. I hope the miracle doctor can help." &rdquo

When Hu Yidao was seeing a doctor in the past three days, he heard many complaints from ordinary people about county officials, saying that they always tried their best to increase various local surcharges and plunder people's wealth, making people's lives miserable. Hu Yidao remained calm. After thinking for a moment, he came up with an idea. He smiled and extended his hand to invite Magistrate Wang into the room.

After entering the room, Hu Yidao asked: "What's wrong, sir?" ” Magistrate Wang took off his clothes and saw that his upper body was covered with malignant sores on the front and back. Magistrate Wang said that when the temperature rises after covering him with a quilt at night, he will feel itchy and unbearable. He has been suffering from this disease for more than two years. He did not seek medical treatment locally because he was concerned about his appearance. He only looked for good doctors in other places, but no one could cure him. Magistrate Wang said: "I have heard about the name of the miracle doctor for a long time, but I can't find him. Now that the miracle doctor is here, I am really lucky." If the miracle doctor can cure my illness, I will definitely pay him a lot of money. &rdquo

Hu Yidao shook his head and said, "I have seen your disease before and cured it, but there was only one case." To tell you the truth, no one can cure your disease except me. If I don't treat you, your life may not be saved within half a year. Because the poisonous gas from this sore will invade the heart and lungs, even gods will not be able to save it. Has your sore changed from red to black? When County Magistrate Wang heard that this disease was life-threatening, he knelt down with a plop and said, "Miracle doctor, this is it. You have to save my life!" No matter how much money you want, I'll give it to you. &rdquo

The villain must be treated by evil people_The mantra for curing the villain and the evil person_The mantra for curing the villain and the evil man

Hu Yidao asked Magistrate Wang to stand up, smiled calmly, and said, "If you can follow my doctor's orders, I guarantee that your condition will improve, and I won't take any money from you." However, if you are missing one of the prescriptions I prescribe, it will not be effective. ” Magistrate Wang nodded repeatedly and said: “I will definitely do it!” You must do it! &rdquo

Hu Yidao said: "My lord, please come back first." When I think of a simple way to deal with villains and villains , I will send someone to your house tomorrow. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone else about this. &rdquo

Seeing that Hu Yidao's behavior was different from ordinary people's and that his life was now in his hands, County Magistrate Wang did not dare to neglect him at all, so he listened to his words carefully and went back first.

The next morning, someone really sent a letter. Magistrate Wang hurriedly went into the room to take it apart and take a look. The content of the letter surprised Magistrate Wang. There is not a single herbal medicine in it, and there are only two items listed: "First, your Excellency, you must remember to exempt all privately-set additional taxes. Only by reining in your desire for profit and having a clear mind will be effective in treating your illness; Second, Your Excellency, Remember, you must find someone to beat you up so hard that you will be unable to get out of bed for three days. If it is less severe, it will be ineffective. Why is this necessary? After you implement this method, someone will send you a letter to tell you. These two parties must be strictly observed and implemented, otherwise your life will not be saved! &rdquo

The mantra for curing the villain and the evil man

Magistrate Wang opened his mouth so wide that he couldn't close it for a long time. He couldn't believe that this unilateral was genuine, but he really only received this unilateral, and it had Hu Yidao's signature on it. When it comes to your own life, you’d rather believe it exists than believe it doesn’t exist. However, County Magistrate Wang was puzzled. First of all, he could understand that a relaxed mind would naturally be good for the body. He was willing to give up on this. If his life was gone, what was the use of asking for money? He planned to draft a proposal to cancel the additional tax he had added after meeting with his master. But he couldn't understand the second point. He was obviously a patient. Wouldn't being beaten make things worse? He hurried to find Hu Yidao to ask, but the innkeeper said that Hu Yidao left early in the morning and did not know which direction he went.

When passing by the tea room of the inn, I heard some people talking about Hu Yidao's medical skills, saying that there was no disease that he couldn't cure, and that his tricks were always unique. Magistrate Wang believed in Hu Yidao even more.

After returning to the yamen, Magistrate Wang called the master into a room and ordered him to issue an announcement canceling the private surcharge. Then he said to him: "Master Zhang, come to the corner of the door and get a stick and beat me hard." Give me a good beating, but don't be merciful. The harder the beating, the better. I won't be able to get out of bed for three days. Master Zhang couldn't laugh or cry after hearing this, and said: "Master, you are my master, how can we slaves beat you?" It’s not too late to honor you. "Wang County Magistrate said: "What are you talking about? If I ask you to hit you, hit me. If you don't hit me, I will hit you. Master Zhang said with a sad face: "Then you just hit the villain. If you hit me, I can't hit you!" &rdquo

Helpless, Magistrate Wang had no choice but to tell the truth. The purpose of beating Magistrate Wang was to treat him. Master Zhang thought this was a good opportunity to claim credit, so he went to find a stick and raised it high at Magistrate Wang, but he couldn't bring himself to do it. Magistrate Wang closed his eyes and was about to endure a beating with a stick, but he didn't feel any pain for a long time. He stared at Master Zhang and asked, "What's wrong?" If you don’t treat me, my disease won’t be cured, so feel free to treat me! &rdquo

Curse_The villain will be cured by evil people_The villain and the villain will be cured by local methods

But Master Zhang said: "Sir, my hand just doesn't obey the command and can't move. It seems that the hand that uses the pen really can't play with sticks." Besides, if I hurt you and treat the evil villain with local methods , how can I explain it to your family? Master, I think you should let your family beat you up. "Wang County Magistrate said: "You can't imagine how my wife, concubines and children dare to beat me? And they were not willing to hit me at all. Master Zhang said: "That's true. People's hearts are made of flesh. My family must feel distressed." Otherwise, let the head catcher Niu Da from the yamen come and beat him. He has a lot of energy and is ruthless enough. A few hits from him will do the trick. ” Magistrate Wang said, “Why don’t you call him soon?” Master Zhang had just started to leave when Magistrate Wang stopped him: "What did you tell him?" Master Zhang said: "I haven't thought about this. Let's do this. You take off your official uniform, lie down on your back, and cover your head with a quilt. I will tell you that you are a thief who came in to steal things. If you ask him to beat you, he will definitely do it." I'll beat him. ” Magistrate Wang said, “Then go ahead and call.” &rdquo

Master Zhang went out to find Niu Da who was on duty and told him that there was a thief in the yamen and asked him to give him a good beating. Niu Dayi was furious when he heard this: "Someone dares to sneak into the Yamen. He is so bold. I will beat him to pieces and make him cry for father and mother!" &rdquo

Master Zhang brought Niu Da to Magistrate Wang's room. Before Master Zhang pointed out where to go, Niu Da had already seen it. He laughed and strode over. He opened the quilt to see who the thief was. . Magistrate Wang inside wanted to cover his head to prevent him from seeing his true face. Unexpectedly, this bull was so strong that he ripped off the quilt in one go. Niu Da immediately saw the person in front of him clearly: "Sir, why is it you?" &rdquo

Magistrate Wang saw that he had seen him and couldn't beat him, so he had to lie and said: "I know you are brave, but I just want to see if you are careful enough, so I came to inspect you with Master Zhang." "Then he had an idea and said, "Next, I plan to test your martial arts. You and I will fight without mercy. "This time it was Niu Da's turn to be dumbfounded: "Sir, when did you learn martial arts? Magistrate Wang said: "I just learned it a few days ago. It's very powerful. You just have to fight with the same strength as you would fight a thief." &rdquo

Sutra Mantra_The villain will be punished by the evil one

As soon as Magistrate Wang put on his posture, Niu Da said with a sad face: "Sir, if the little one did something wrong, just punish the little one. Why do you bother to torment the little one like this?" With a small amount of strength, if I hit you with three or two punches, I won't be sued. You can just fine the small one. After hearing this, County Magistrate Wang waved his hand and said, "It's okay, you can go." &rdquo

County Magistrate Wang waited for Niu Da Yi to leave and said to Master Zhang: "You can think of a good plan for me within one day." Otherwise, you can go home and farm for me. Master Zhang had no choice but to say reluctantly: "Okay, okay." I will definitely give you a good idea tomorrow. &rdquo

The next day, Master Zhang led Magistrate Wang to a neighboring county disguised as a businessman. The two entered a gambling house. They spread the thousand taels of silver notes they had on them on the table, becoming two big gamblers and attracting many eyes.

They were playing calligraphy cards. After a few rounds, suddenly, several people dressed as thugs rushed in and captured Wang and Zhang together. The leader shouted: "They are cheating!" &rdquoThe thugs then searched them for a number of signboards. Magistrate Wang argued: "We are not cheating!" "But the leader said: "Some of us are paying attention to you. We have both personal and physical evidence. You still want to make excuses? Hit me hard! &rdquo

After this beating, Wang and Zhang were so injured that they couldn't get out of bed for several days. After the injury healed, Magistrate Wang found that the sores on his body had almost subsided, leaving only faint scars. County Magistrate Wang couldn't help but marvel: "Hu Yidao is really a god!" &rdquo

It turns out that it was Master Zhang's plan to create a crook in the casino, just to get beaten up. In order to keep his job, Master Zhang had no choice but to sacrifice his life to accompany the gentleman.

A few days later, Magistrate Wang received another letter. It was written by Hu Yidao, but it was left behind before leaving. He asked someone to deliver it today.

The letter read: "Sir, I think you have acted unilaterally now and you are not seriously ill." To tell you the truth, the malignant sore you have is not a terminal illness, it is just a stubborn disease. You must be beaten hard to clear the blood vessels on your skin. If I don't say it's more serious, I'm afraid you won't do it. After this incident, I would like to advise adults to think more about the people. &rdquo

After reading it, County Magistrate Wang sighed with emotion: "After this, I will work with integrity from now on." &rdquo

Sure enough, Magistrate Wang later became an upright official.

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