Water Monkey Water Ghost

In rural villages near rivers, you often hear the word "water ghost", sometimes also called "water monkey". Children in rural areas are no stranger to "water ghost".

In rural areas, the term "water ghost" is often used by adults to scare children, because when the summer heat is unbearable, rural children will sneak into the river to swim.

Rivers in rural areas are much more dangerous than swimming pools in cities.

There is a river next to our village, and in the summer, groups of children will run there to swim. The river is not very deep, but the current is very fast.

Children in the village have long been familiar with the water conditions in the river, and often spend half a day soaking in the river. Children who return to the countryside from the city to escape the summer also like to follow the children in the village to take a bath in the river.

However, if you observe carefully, you will find that a small temple of "Lord Amitabha" was built beside the empty river, which seems a bit abrupt. This small temple of "Lord Amitabha" has a lot to do with the story I want to tell.

I don’t remember exactly when it happened, probably a few years ago. There was a child who returned to the countryside from the city and went swimming in the river with the children in the village.

At that time, I had a dream during the day that there was a flood and people swam to death . There were still many people by the river.

The child in the city saw the child in the village enjoying himself like a fish in the water, so he followed the child and jumped into the river. This was an incredible jump. It turned out that he couldn't swim.

He couldn't swim and struggled desperately after entering the water. The accompanying friends immediately shouted to the adults who were washing clothes by the river when they saw something was wrong.

A child swam over and tried to pull him ashore, but found that he was also sinking, as if something was holding him. The child who rescued the man was so frightened that he shouted: "Something is pulling me, something is pulling me." &hellip&hellip&rdquo.

The trembling voice is probably still fresh in the memory of many people present, and it may even become the source of nightmares for many people.

Originally, the children in the village were very good at swimming, but at this time, they kept sinking. The adults who heard the sound tried to fish them up, but found that something seemed to be competing with them.

I accidentally took my hand off, and the two poor children disappeared immediately, and they sank instantly.

Upon seeing this, the adults hurriedly set up nets to catch people, but found nothing. After receiving the news, the local water conservancy department opened the floodgates and released water. After the water level dropped, people died swimming in the flood , but the bodies of the two children were not seen.

The river was only more than three meters deep. Even if it was entangled with something, it should be at the bottom of the river or washed downstream by the river. But in fact, the body could not be found at the bottom of the river or downstream.

I searched like this for several days and found the bodies of two children in the most unlikely places.

It was already the third day. Not far from the place where the previous accident happened, an aunt who was washing things in the early morning found two swollen corpses that could no longer be seen.

The corpse looked like a dead pig that had been soaked in water for a long time. After all, in rural areas, it was not like no one had thrown dead pigs into the river. People often threw dead pigs that died of illness into the river, but how could any dead pig be long? What about the one with a human head and clothes?

The rotten human face made the aunt vomit on the spot. Imagine what the pork would look like after being soaked in water for a few days. It would be swollen, white with a little reddish flesh, rotten and The sight of the whitish skin…is definitely more terrifying and disgusting than the pork that has been soaked in water for three days.

The adults had looked for that place before, but no one could think of a reason for it. They just thought it was a bit strange.

But the matter did not end with the death of the two children and the grief of the children's relatives.

The aunt who saw the bodies of her two children had nightmares for several days after returning home. In the dream, she saw with her own eyes a female water ghost with hair spread out, a green face and fangs, and a wet body.

The female water ghost grabbed the child's feet in the water. The child was struggling desperately in fear and shouting in terror. The female water ghost said in an eerie voice: "Three more people, three more people…".

The aunt broke out in a cold sweat and talked about it with people in the village during the day.

An elderly and respected grandmother in the village said: "According to legend, the water ghost looks for a scapegoat every three years." Because many water ghosts die in vain and die before their yang life is over. The underworld will not allow these dead ghosts to reincarnate because not dying at the specified time does not comply with the underworld's regulations on reincarnation. They need to find enough people to replace them before they can be reincarnated, and those who replace them will become new water ghosts. Those two poor children probably became the scapegoat of the water ghost…hellip&hellip&rdquo

Later, a drunk adult passed by the river at night and found a woman with disheveled hair and white clothes sitting by the river with her back to him, singing a strange song.

The guy broke out in a cold sweat on the spot, which was very similar to the water ghost that the aunt had seen in her dream. He was immediately frightened so that he woke up and ran towards the village. He was afraid that if he slowed down a little, he would become a monster. He became the scapegoat of the water ghost.

But things didn't end here. There was a mother-in-law in the village who dreamed about the female water ghost.

In the dream, the female water ghost was attacking her two grandsons, desperately pulling her grandsons into the water, while her grandsons were desperately shouting for help.

As soon as the mother-in-law saw that her grandson was in danger, she didn't even care about her own life. She pulled the water ghost out of the water, grabbed the sand from the river and stuffed it into the female water ghost's mouth.

But the female water ghost broke away immediately. Before entering the water, she cursed her grandma fiercely: "Your grandson can't escape." Then she was awakened.

The mother-in-law kept a close eye on her grandsons and refused to let them play in the river, but then tragedy still happened.

A week later, the mother-in-law's two naughty grandsons secretly went swimming behind her back. By the time the mother-in-law found out, it was already too late. Someone saw her two grandsons being pulled into the water by something.

Later, the bodies of the mother-in-law's two grandsons were found. When they were found, it was discovered that the mouths of the two children were filled with sediment from the river.

The mother-in-law was extremely sad and regretted that if she had not dealt with the female water ghost like that in her dream that day, maybe such a thing would not have happened.

By this time, all the neighboring villages knew that the river in our village was haunted by water ghosts. The originally bustling river became extremely deserted, and people in the village did not even dare to wash their clothes.

However, the people in the village have long been accustomed to relying on the river, and many things cannot be done if things continue like this. The old people in charge of the village discussed building a small temple of "Lord Amitabha" next to the village to calm the people in the river. Female water ghost.

What's surprising is that after the small temple of "Lord Amitabha" was built, no one died anymore. People in the village said that the female water ghost in the river was suppressed.

Later, people gradually forgot about the water ghosts in the river, and the river returned to its former liveliness.

Ghost friends, after listening to my story, do you still dare to swim in the river? Be careful, the next target of the water ghost (water monkey) is you, hehe.

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