Rebirth: The Ghost-eyed Businesswoman’s Terrifying Resurgence On The 19th Floor

This is an old building from the Republic of China period. Under normal circumstances, such a building should have been demolished long ago. However, due to the influence of some supernatural power, this building has always been located next to the streets of Dahan City. Although It exists, but it never intersects with reality.

Because it is in the ghost realm, it is an independent supernatural space.

Although the building is old, covered with moss, the walls are dark and black, and there is a cold atmosphere everywhere, the overall structure of the building is well preserved, without any defects or damage.

There is a circle of neon lights surrounding the plaque at the gate. The red and green lights illuminate the three words "Ghost Post Office" on the plaque.

This is a real post office building, but adding the word "ghost" next to the plaque makes the surrounding atmosphere suddenly become gloomy.

But today.

This incomprehensible and strange place was forced in by Yang Jian, taking Li Yang and Sun Rui with him.


The door of the ghost post office has been invaded by the ghost realm. At this moment, before anyone showed up, the door was slammed open by a huge force. Logically speaking, with such a powerful force, the door should have flown out, but the post office But the door just creaked and swung a few times in mid-air, and then slowly closed again.

Under the dim, yellowish light, three unexpected figures came to the hall on this floor.

At a casual glance, the place you see is all old-style buildings from the Republic of China period. The floors on the ground are old, peeling paint or even cracked, and seem to be about to rot.

In addition, there are huge black and white portraits hanging on the nearby walls. Those portraits are not celebrities, but very strange people, both male and female, and all have different clothing styles. , the old ones include retro gowns and cheongsams, the newer ones include suits, floral skirts…

"Is this the inside of the ghost post office?" Yang Jian frowned. He felt that his ghost eyes were suppressed to a certain extent. This suppression was not serious enough to completely affect him, but he could feel it.

He can't use it below the fourth level of ghost realm.

Only a fifth-level ghost realm can ignore this suppression.

In other words, this place can suppress ghosts to a certain extent, provided of course that the terror level of the ghosts is not high.

"It's unbelievable, I really rushed in." Sun Rui touched the cane in his hand restlessly, his eyes were very solemn, he could feel the weirdness of this place.

There seemed to be a cold atmosphere in the air.

Li Yang looked very uneasy and looked around. He felt that there was an indescribable strange feeling in this building.

It was like a cage, sealing something terrible.

It's like a dull coffin, locking people in here and unable to get out.

"I'll go take a look first. If something unexpected happens, you should turn around and leave here immediately and ignore me." Yang Jian said calmly.

Whether his ghost eyes are completely suppressed or not, he can evacuate at any time.

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"Captain Yang, be careful. This place is full of weirdness and it's not simple." Sun Rui reminded, also worried that Yang Jian would fall into trouble here.

After all, this is Dahan City, his territory. If anything happens to Yang Jian, he will also be in trouble.

"I think you should worry about yourselves first." Yang Jian replied.

Then he slowly walked deeper into the building.

The situation on the first floor is not complicated. On the 19th floor , the hall is slightly empty. The glass lamp above the head is dim and yellow. It cannot completely illuminate the place. It looks dark and depressing. The wooden floor under the feet is slightly dull. It felt soft, I guess the wood inside was almost rotten, and there was a lingering musty smell.

Continuing to walk forward for a short distance, Yang Jian saw a zigzag-shaped patio. There were rooms on the first floor downstairs. The doors were made of wood, also old and mottled, with copper nails nailed on them. The house numbers are 11, 12, 13… These numbers are not difficult to analyze.

The first number in 11 is the floor and the second 1 is the room number.

Raise your head slightly and look up.

This building has five floors, and the structure of each floor is basically similar. You can clearly see the corridor upstairs and the doors to each room.

"There are seven rooms on the first floor. If the five floors are added up, there will be thirty-five rooms." Yang Jian secretly calculated in his mind.


There is nothing special about this number, but if you add another number and it becomes thirty-six, it will be different, because the number thirty-six corresponds to another supernatural event.

Supernatural bus.

That supernatural bus has thirty-six seats, no, strictly speaking, that bus has thirty-five seats, and the extra seat is the driver's seat.

"Coincidence or is there some deeper involvement?"

Yang Jian squinted his eyes slightly and observed the rooms: "In addition, the door styles of these rooms, as well as the house numbers, are similar to those of the rooms in the Caesar Hotel, but they are just similar in style. It should be a coincidence. The probability is higher, after all, they are all products of a certain period."

Of course he thought so, and he didn't rule out that they were involved.

"There is only the first floor, but there are no stairs leading to the second floor? It's a very strange layout, as if the first floor and the second floor are deliberately separated, and people on the first floor are not allowed to go upstairs. But in this case, why are the people upstairs Do you want to have a room again?”

He was paying attention to the details and trying to figure out something.

However, reasoning is not Yang Jian's strong point, and he still prefers a more direct approach.


But at this time.

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Suddenly, the door of a room on the first floor was opened, and the sound of the door opening echoed in the silent post office, which seemed particularly clear.

"Huh?" Yang Jian looked over there sharply.

Not only him, but Sun Rui and Li Yang who were standing at the door also heard the noise, and they all searched for the source of the sound and looked over.

In this scenario, any disturbance is worth paying attention to.

The door that opened was number 11.

That is room number one on the first floor.

At this moment, a man with thin cheeks, a withered expression, and gloomy eyes walked out of the room. He was not walking in the direction of Yang Jian, but in the opposite direction, as if he was going to another room.

But then the man suddenly stopped and spotted Yang Jian standing not far away, staring at him with a sinister gaze.

Unexpectedly, there was a hint of coldness.

But he was not surprised at all by Yang Jian's sudden appearance. This reaction was abnormal, because if he suddenly found another stranger standing there looking at him, he would definitely be shocked.

"Newcomer? Haha, another unlucky idiot." The man laughed mischievously, ignored him, and continued to turn around and leave.

But before he took two steps, Yang Jian's cold voice sounded: "Stop, or I will kill you with my own hands."

His temper was out of control again, and he couldn't stand the insults and ridicule.

Of course, the most important thing is that he should leave this person to ask about the situation.

Because Yang Jian can be sure that this person is a living person, not a ghost, nor a ghost controller.

"Are you talking to me?"

The man stopped at the door of Room 13, turned slightly and looked at him, his eyes full of warning and threat.

Yang Jian said calmly: "Otherwise, who do you think I am talking to? Do you know that based on what you just said, I can think that you are provoking me, and it would not be too much to kill you."

"Haha, you're not old, but you're quite harsh in your words. Where are you hanging out? Your tone doesn't sound like a good person."

The man also laughed, his voice a little hoarse: "Unfortunately, no matter how aggressive you are outside, you still have to lie down when you come here, otherwise you will never survive for a few days."

"It seems that you do know some of the situation here. This is good and saves me a lot of trouble." Yang Jian nodded, although he strode over.

"Want to take action? Since you don't want to live, I will send you on your way. You will die sooner or later anyway." The man immediately took out a pistol from his clothes and pointed it directly at Yang Jian.

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Yang Jian's expression didn't change, and he still kept walking.

This thing has long been useless to him, let alone an ordinary gun, even the special gun he encountered in his hometown is useless to him. This is not just a big deal, but it has been tested.

"Isn't this guy afraid of guns?" The man with thin cheeks couldn't help but change his face slightly when he saw Yang Jian like this.

Ordinarily, he would have been so frightened that he would have froze in place, or even collapsed on the ground.

When did firearms cease to be a deterrent to newcomers?

"If you want to die, don't blame me." The next moment, the gun in the hand of this thin-cheeked man went off.


The sound was loud and echoed in this silent and eerie post office building.

At such a close distance, even someone who has never practiced firearms would not be able to miss it.

But the next moment.

The thin-cheeked man saw the strange newcomer in front of him swaying slightly, and then he strode towards him.

A blackened hand pinched his neck tightly.

The palm was stiff and cold, as if it was being strangled by a dead person, and its strength was astonishing. A living person simply could not do this.

"How can it be……"

The man felt suffocated for an instant, and even vaguely heard the sound of his spine cracking and about to break.

"You did it first, Sun Rui, watch this guy."

Yang Jian's eyes stared at him, flashing slightly red.

Before the thin-cheeked man could react, a huge force directly pulled him off the ground, and then he flew backwards. He faced the ground and fell heavily on the rotten wooden board. , the body rolled several times before stopping.

The man's nose suddenly started to bleed, and several of his teeth were broken.

But he didn't fall down and fainted. He groaned and hurriedly turned over and tried to get up.

But the next moment,

But a golden cane pressed against his eye socket, heavy and arrogant, as if it was going to crush his eyeball.

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"Lie down obediently and don't move. If you struggle again, this thing will pierce your brain."

Sun Rui held the cane and squinted his eyes slightly, his face as sick as a dead person and numb, like a corpse that had been dead for several days, eerie and terrifying.

This tone and appearance left no doubt that he would brutally kill the guy in front of him.

"Are there any new people?"

The man with thin cheeks had blood all over his face, and his remaining eye could barely see the person in front of him clearly.

Sun Rui didn't speak. He just took out his phone and took a picture of the person in front of him, and then said, "Say your name."

"Wan, Wan Xing." The thin-cheeked man said through gritted teeth.

"I hope what you said is true. If it is false, I will definitely kill you. I always keep my word and keep my word." Sun Rui took the photo and left his name so that his assistant could check this person's files and information.

As the person in charge, he could uncover three generations of a person's ancestors.

"Damn, there's no signal, so it won't be of use at the critical moment."

Sun Rui looked at the satellite positioning phone in his hand. He couldn't contact the outside at all, but he could connect to Li Yang's satellite positioning phone.

"Wanxing, what happened?"

However, at this moment, another person came out of the previously opened door of Room 11. She was a woman with messy hair and disheveled clothes. She looked about twenty-four or five years old. Although she was wearing heavy makeup, she could not hide the uneasiness in her eyes. and panic, and his face was also full of haggard.

Yang Jian turned to stare at this woman: "Come out and stand over there. You don't want me to be violent."

"Don't mess with these people, do as they say." Wan Xing roared.

He was already scared at this moment.

The few people in front of me were not normal at all. One was not even afraid of a gun, one was about to stab himself through the head, and the other didn't even blink when he saw this scene.

Since when have newcomers become so perverted?

The woman was startled for a moment and didn't know why, but she still walked out of the room obediently.

"Is it another living person?"

Sun Rui looked up: "It seems that your guess, Captain Yang, is correct. All the missing people came here. Although I didn't find their files, there is probably nothing wrong with them."

"A group of ordinary people involved in supernatural incidents are as unlucky as me." Li Yang complained.

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"It's just, what do these ordinary people do in this place?" Then Sun Rui became confused again.

It is unreasonable for ghosts to kill people. If there were ghosts here, it stands to reason that they should have been dead long ago, but judging from their appearance, they seem to have been here for a while, otherwise they would not think that Yang Jian is a newcomer. .

"Messengers, if I guess correctly, they should be the messengers in this ghost post office. They are responsible for delivering letters. I have met such people before. It was a guy named Li Yue. Most of them are now He is already dead, and we have also investigated a person named Guo Tao, who is also suspected to be a messenger. This type of person has been moving around the country." Yang Jian walked over slowly,

"Although the number is small, it already poses a great threat. I have reason to suspect that what they are doing is related to supernatural events."

"So Captain Yang, you tracked it down here? Found this ghost post office?" Sun Rui said.

"If it's just like this, it's not enough for me to come here. I have my reasons." Yang Jian waved his hand, pushed away the golden cane, then stretched out his hand, and a bullet fell on the man's head. On the body.

"Do you think this thing can kill me?"

Wan Xing froze when he saw the bullet falling on his body.

An inexplicable fear surged into my heart.

Yang Jian continued: "Tell me everything you know, and I will consider not killing you. If there is anything to hide, you can die today,"

Wan Xing's fear subsided slightly, but he still did not dare to get up from the ground. He just nodded slightly and said: "As long as you are willing to let me go, I can tell you anything."

"Of course, I have always kept my word. Although my methods were a little violent, it is undeniable that I am a good person. Although some people outside have maliciously slandered me, they are all rumors and cannot be trusted." Yang Jian said.

Sun Rui nodded and said: "Captain Yang is indeed very trustworthy and a good person. You are lucky to meet him. If it was me just now, your head would have been smashed by me now."

He knocked on the ground, and the golden cane made a dull sound.

This isn't flattery, it's true.

Which person in charge has a good temper? Not to mention that this guy dared to shoot the person in charge.

In anyone's hands, this guy is already a corpse.

"What do you want to know? I will never hide anything I know." Wan Xing broke out in a cold sweat, fearing that the cane next to him would hit his forehead.

As for whether these guys are good people?

I wouldn't believe it even if I beat myself to death.

I am not a good person, these people are more ruthless than me.

Moreover, these do not seem to be newcomers. They actually know about the messengers and have even had contact with other messengers.

This is completely unlikely to happen.

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