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I know that when I say this again, life has changed. But you must not be afraid, nor be afraid. This is just a love song.

When I sat in front of the black screen, I knew she was coming again. At 2:40 midnight, she arrived on time. Her beauty fills the void in me. I suddenly saw her teary eyes. Bleeding two holes.

"What's wrong?" I asked? I pressed her. she wept. So she wept.

"I'm leaving tomorrow, will you still remember my existence?" She, her face, and her sadness filled my heart instantly.

"The past time is so pleasant, I really don't want to leave." She said, still talking, red eyes, blurred flesh and blood.

"Yeah?" My sad interface, my teary eyes, how can I convince you that this is a true story.

How to read the full text of repentance without a way Hate the World Ghost Cultivator_Eighty-eight Buddhas Great Repentance-Gatha of Confession Before the Buddha_How to read the full text of the confession has no way

I see her every night, but in fact she is already dead. In a beautiful traffic accident three years ago. The red umbrella she held was trembling in the wind and rain. Her white dress, and delicate hands. All pink into a light butterfly. Her heart is broken. His people are drunk. Paper drunk, gold fan. He gave up on her. In which city she was waiting for him, looking for him, but he avoided seeing him. In the end he slept with another woman. She is heartbroken. She is completely heartbroken. She walked silently to the long street, which kind of rainy long street, she held the original red umbrella, and died in her favorite way. After walking down this long and dilapidated street, he suddenly accelerated. She finished the final daze on the evening news. She collided with a car. It is the indifferent city that dies.

I've seen her on the evening news. She was covered in a white cloth. Only the whitest hand that held the umbrella was exposed. Ningyu's hand. Like midnight orchids wet my nightmares.

I pray before the Buddha, let me meet her? Because I am disabled, a motorcycle accident many years ago left me in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. So I can only have such a dream.

In order not to let me die, they fulfilled all my desires. Those relatives who I will never repay in this life. I only have a computer now. Just a computer. I sit in front of it. Before I knew it, I fell asleep. In my coma, I did see her. There was no blood on her face, only whiteness. She came to me. Exactly in my screensaver.

Hate the World and Ghost Cultivation_How to read the full text of repentance_There is no way to repent_The Great Repentance of the Eighty-eight Buddhas-Repentance before the Buddha

"You're here," I wasn't surprised at all. I pushed away her hand that was caressing the top of my head. My hair is already messy. I haven't washed my hair for three months. My beard has grown to the edge of hell. But my eyes are still so bright.

"How are you, how are you over there?" I continued my questioning. She smiled, and she sighed. Suddenly she smiled again.

"Yes, world-hating ghost cultivator , it's good over there, there are no such troubles over there. It's heaven over there. I think I'll go to heaven. She said, because I'm a good person. She said, in fact, I've always been a good girl. I always wanted to be a good girl," she said with a smile.

I understand she hasn't left yet. I sincerely wished her: "Yes, you will definitely go to heaven."

We started talking like this, in the dark, ghost after ghost. Apparitions again and again.

She loved that man so much. I hate this life so much. She has called everyone. I have called everyone.

I drowsy during the day, do not eat, and do not have a good meal. I am awake at night. Waiting for her visit. Ren's family begged me in every possible way, but I just didn't change my hatred of the world and ghost cultivators , I was already a useless person. No matter how childish I am, the doctor will diagnose me, and I will be completely paralyzed and blind after three months. These days, I keep asking her about the ethereal spirits in those places.

She always told me nicely, but I know that such a violent death can only go to hell with a wicked smile and blood on his face. Because it's not a good death. But she chose it. this way. And she came to coax my baby dreams time and time again when I fell asleep at the computer desk. A bowl of clear stream water. It is my worship to her. I even burned incense. I just sneered as my mother cried over and over again, horrified by my behavior.

I was waiting for such a day, and she finally came, tonight. She came and told me in person that it was fine over there. There are flowers and weeds in heaven, as well as cars coming and going, and rabbits running.

She told me to go, as long as you swallow these bottles of white medicine. So I took out the sleeping pills that I had accumulated secretly every day for my final appointment with her. Swallow the whole bottle. Then I suddenly saw her smirking at me in the dark, she had already turned into a ghost and was watching over my past. I was so scared, I wanted to run, but it was too late. I was tightly held by her legs by her bewildered hands. When I turned around, I saw her screaming at me sadly, her white teeth were exposed. and slender fingers. She lunged at me.

"I want you to accompany me…accompany me? I miss you so much…" Her voice was intermittent, floating straight towards my heart. She has nothing left, only ethereal clothes. And the disgusting head, her head had already been crushed in a car accident, but in the past three months, she still pretended to be innocent with long hair to coax me every month. Keep telling me how beautiful heaven is. In fact, she has long been tortured in the pan of oil and dismembered in hell. This is her painful cry that I saw only when I went to hell. I thought it was too late to run, dozens of iron chains added to my body. Dozens of streaks of red fire were stabbing at me, and she was still screaming at me as she was being tortured in agony. It's the devil's laugh. There is no sympathy in hell, and you can only be free if you keep dragging others into the water.

I am so sorry. I turn back. Seeing me in the room, my mother threw herself on my dead body and cried bitterly. She didn't even see the tears I left them on the computer.

"Farewell, mother. At the beginning you opposed my dating with her desperately, and she came to me again and again from all over the world. The third time, you invited me to die, and I had to bend to your will. With other girls Hug, and let her see that she is penniless, she told me that she does not plan to go back this time, if I don't want her, I rejected her again in hatred: 'If you want to die, you die, don't bother Me!' For you, mother. You said cruel things to her, I thought she would go. Who knew that she really left. It was so ruthless. She told me through crying on the phone twelve times that she was going to go , you will regret it! She said to me. She repeated the words for the last three times. Mother, she left and completed the most beautiful traffic accident in the city three months ago. And I was also behind her I got into a car accident on my motorcycle on the third day. That car accident didn’t deserve it at all. Such a wide road. But I got it. All of this is you, my good mother, and it’s all yours"! I can't say anything about you, you are so good to me. Best computer ever sold for me again. Want me to forget Sisi in the world of the Internet. But, but you don't know, she comes every night. Laughing at me on every screen while I'm lethargic. I know this computer has used up half of your life savings. But I'll leave it to you. The last thing I do with it is write this last statement. If unfortunately the power goes out and you don't see it. Then it means our fate is over. If not, then mother, I would like to be your son in the next life.

Don't cry, mother. The mother who raised me for twenty-three years. I have seen your tears, and I want you to see mine. Sweet tears. Life is meaningless to me. I just have to leave. With my guilt and deep hatred for you.

Mother, even if you passed out in front of my bed, it's useless. I don't come back anymore, I don't need to kill chickens for me to call my soul, and I don't need to use unsatisfactory eggs to erect my heart. Mother I will not come to you. I only hate my own life, I hope you can go to heaven after a hundred years, instead of coming here to find me and continue a wrong circle.

mother, mother! I love you and I hate you! "

Ghost love, my ghost love! After my arrival, Xixi also went to catch her next reincarnation. I am the only one left to endure the last torment and the most painful punishment for her in hell. leave. Separation is the most painful punishment in the world, and it is also in hell. she left. Either on earth or hell. Leave my willing pain in this darkness.

Only the cross of repentance can take me out of this period of emptiness.

——They say that the seasons are becoming more and more impermanent, even the rain is hurting, and the whole world is like dust in the wind, so let us hug each other tightly and become sand, don't be afraid… If the end of the world, there will really be a judgment , all human beings are left with the two of us, no matter what price we pay, I am willing to crucify you with no regrets!

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