What’s The Matter

Zhang Guozhong took a closer look at the big girl next to the bed. She was dressed so badly that she could not help but die , but she had a beautiful face and looked much prettier than the rural girls he saw along the way. Even in his own school, she could Consider a middle and upper level.

Captain Li came over at this time, “Young man is awake? This is the girl from Li Daming‘s family. I heard that you can see Zhuangke, and came here early in the morning.” Zhang Guozhong’s heart was broken. He originally came to the countryside to verify “” The Map of Maoshan is false, but now from the village chief to the villagers, everyone thinks that he is here to dance for the villagers, and he is treated like a guest. In fact, he just flipped through the Map of Maoshan about twice to understand something. The fur in the fur, he can’t understand a lot of classical Chinese and is too lazy to ponder. Now it’s good, he is regarded as a savior, and he ate a Chinese New Year dinner at Captain Li’s house yesterday. It hurts the feelings of the peasant brothers. Forget it, go ahead. Anyway, more than a dozen so-called gentlemen do not look down on it. I am so young, and it is not ashamed to look down on it. Falsehood, in fact, deep in Zhang Guozhong’s heart, he still hopes to be blinded by a cat and a rat like last time. After all, he has a short mouth after eating people, not to mention there is a good-looking rural girl who is looking forward to him.

The person who made the trouble was Li Daming, who seemed to be a relative of Captain Li’s family. It is said that he dug the river bank two years ago and dug out a large coffin. Since then, he has sat down with the root cause of his illness, talking to himself every day, saying that he is two people. The list of jinshi or something, every day is a matter of fact. Every day, I eat some pickles and drink some water. People are getting thinner and thinner every day. Seeing that they have become thin and chopping wood, Li Daming is the main labor force in the family. My daughter Li Erya and some relatives and friends helped her. The family was originally poor. In recent years, asking a husband or something has turned the family upside down.

To be honest, at the time, Zhang Guozhong didn’t know what to do, so he had to take out the set of words he used to criticize people.


“What did you say?” Judging from his eyes and tone, it seemed that Li Daming was not the one who said this.

“I asked what your name is!” Zhang Guozhong slapped the table with a very strong tone. First, he was preemptive, and second, he was emboldened.

“The next name is Cheng Mingke, the character is Xiangzhang, and the name is Lufeng Lay, Jiaqing Gengwu Year Jinshi, only eight buckets high, learning to be rich five cars, you wait for a little hairy boy, why come to me…”

Li Daming is a farmer. He never read it in the early childhood. What is his name and name? He is still only eight fights high. Yicheng, in the past, the husband was not as powerful as Zhang Guozhong. When he saw Li Daming, he immediately became scared like a grandson. It is not shallow in “the way”.

When Zhang Guozhong wanted to come, just like last time, dip a pomelo leaf in vinegar and stick it on Li Daming’s head, and it would be all right, but the previous work still needs to be done, which is to cross-examine Li Daming first and let the villagers see I still have some workload, and the power of the proletariat will always prevail over all monsters.

“Since you are from the Qing Dynasty, why are you here? Talk!!”

“Hahaha, little hair boy, dare to ask this seat,” Li Daming’s eyes were dull, but he had an indescribable ferocity, “Today I will show you how powerful this seat is!” Li Daming said, Suddenly he rushed towards Zhang Guozhong, his hands tightly grabbing Zhang Guozhong’s neck. Zhang Guozhong was thinking, just now this kid was still claiming to be a jinshi, why did he suddenly become a jinshi now? Only the officers of the Kuomintang reactionaries are called military seats. Could it be that Li Daming is a spy? After thinking about it halfway, Li Daming had already rushed over. Zhang Guozhong didn’t react at all to this sudden change. He only felt that the power of his hands was astonishing. His face was blue and purple, and he couldn’t say a word with his tongue out.

At this moment, Captain Li’s eyes widened, and just after he realized it, he shouted, he’s here again, come here! At this time, seven or eight young and strong villagers around him rushed up and grabbed Li Daming’s arm.

In fact, this is not the first time this kind of thing has happened to Li Daming. In the past, there were several gentlemen who either dared not enter the house, or dared to enter the house, and they would encounter such a thing, and when this happened, they were as thin as firewood. Li Daming, who was born, will be extremely powerful. It takes seven or eight strong guys to pull away. One gentleman was almost strangled to death in just a few seconds because of his old age. Fortunately, the doctor in the village came in time. Acupuncture and moxibustion was artificial respiration again, and it was only relieved. Since then , no one has dared to come to see Li Daming .

As for why Li Daming’s crash was so violent, the gentlemen couldn’t say why, but they just said that this thing has become a climate, and it is not easy to cure it.

Zhang Guozhong slowly opened his eyes, and the first thing he saw was a doctor with a white coat, scolding the surrounding villagers: “How many times have I told you, don’t do this kind of feudal superstition in the future! Li Daming is suffering from spirits. Splitting up, what’s the use of praying to God and worshipping Buddha? You have to believe in science! And you Li Tiesheng, as the captain, you actually took the lead in doing this kind of thing, how will you do other people’s work in the future? If this child dies, how can you explain it to his family? ?…”

At this time, Zhang Guozhong’s mind was in chaos. His personal experience told Zhang Guozhong that what happened just now was not as simple as schizophrenia! That kind of pinching power is definitely not his own power. It is like a lathe in a factory. It is bones rather than muscles that emit power. What’s more, Li Daming is skinny, his hands are like chicken claws, where are there any muscles? ? If you want to break it apart, it feels like you are using your fingers to break a pair of pliers, and you can feel it from the nerve endings that it is absolutely impossible.

At this time, Zhang Guozhong’s doubts about “The Map of Maoshan” were almost disintegrated. Although he received atheist education since childhood, Zhang Guozhong was a Chinese after all, and there are legends and myths for five thousand years. After all, there are some things in Zhang Guozhong’s head. With the indelible traces and things he had never seen before, Zhang Guozhong had already deeply felt that what the peasant brother in front of him needed was definitely not a doctor or medicine, but something supernatural.

Captain Li patted Zhang Guozhong on the shoulder, “Young man, you have persisted the longest in front of him.” “Me? Persisted the longest?” “Yes, the other gentlemen were pinched as soon as they entered the house. And you not only sat face to face with him for a long time, but also had a right conversation with him, and he can answer your questions, it seems that you are indeed not small.”

Zhang Guozhong was dumbfounded once again. This Captain Li was so determined that he thought he was a big jumper.

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