A Tale Of A Policeman And A Thief

One night in early autumn, the police escorted the thief out of the dark alley. The thief felt unlucky. The object of his crime tonight was the policeman’s home. The policeman was also angry, he thought the thief had deliberately come to his house to make trouble in order to challenge his majesty. The two of them walked with their emotions in their own hands. Not much to say.

At this time, a gust of wind came. The policeman and the thief shuddered at the same time. The thief suddenly remembered something, turned his head to the police and said, “Do you know what day it is today?”

“The day you were arrested!” The policeman glanced at the thief and replied angrily. The thief turned his head back helplessly and swallowed everything he had to say. The police snorted and said nothing.

The two walked to the street, only to find that there was no one else on the street at this time. And the shops on both sides of the street were also closed, and even the shops that were still open late at night had their lights turned off. Except for a few street lamps that were still shining brightly, the rest of the street was completely dark.

The police also felt a bit of depression in their hearts. But he still behaved calmly. The thief in front just drooped his head and walked silently with handcuffs behind his back.

The two are going to the police station. But the location of the police station is not on this street, and they still need to turn into another alley at the corner to reach their destination. However, when they came to the corner and were about to turn into the alley, the thief was unable to gain a foothold. The police thought to themselves that the thief must have been afraid, and wanted to stay here and refused to go any further. So, he pushed the thief hard. But the thief was pushed back a few meters and returned to his original position. The policeman was very angry and cursed.

“Fuck you! You want to die, don’t you!”

The thief did not show any panic, and to the surprise of the police, the thief became very calm at this time. He said in a low voice, “If you don’t want to die, don’t go any further!”

When the police heard the thief’s words, they couldn’t help being furious. Came up and gave the thief a kick. However, after the thief was kicked, he remained calm, as if the police hadn’t kicked him. And still said to the police in a low but sincere voice: “I didn’t play tricks. I didn’t want you to let me go. Just, please believe me and don’t go any further. You can put me Take me somewhere else. Then take me to the police station in the early morning. Even if you send me in, I will be detained for half a month at most. However, if we continue to follow this alley If we leave, then we’ll have to die!”

The police originally wanted to give the thief two more feet, but the thief was so sincere that he stopped the extended foot in the air.

“What the hell are you doing! Are you trying to play tricks?”

“I’ve said it all, I didn’t play tricks with you.” The thief glanced at the policeman’s face, and suddenly repeated the question just now: “Do you know what day is today?”

The policeman paused for a moment, but then asked back.

“What day? What day did you say?”

“Today is the Ghost Festival!” The thief said in a very, very low voice.

The police couldn’t help shivering when they heard it. He quickly reached out and took out his mobile phone and glanced at it. Yes, the electronic watch on the mobile phone had already indicated that it was 12 o’clock. It is now 00:12 in the morning on the 14th day of the seventh lunar month. Suddenly another strange whirlwind blew over. The policeman’s hand trembled and dropped the phone to the ground.

There’s no reason the police wouldn’t have that reaction. Because when he was on duty the day before, he had talked with his partner Lao Wang about the ghost festival. At that time, Lao Wang told him that the Ghost Festival, as the name suggests, is a festival for ghosts. It was a folk festival about the underworld. According to legend, on the day of the Ghost Festival, the gate of the ghost will open, and some hungry ghosts or ghosts will run out of the underworld to look for the food offered by people at this time.

But at that time, the police didn’t really believe what Pharaoh said. So Pharaoh immediately told the police two examples that he had personally experienced.

The first example happened ten years ago, when the police had not been transferred to the police station where Lao Wang was. At that time, the city leaders resolutely decided to expand the size of the city in response to the reform of the economic system issued by the central government. Demolish some of the original dilapidated houses and build some modern buildings instead.

The government sold these construction sections to construction companies and contractors in the form of tenders. Later, some contractors and construction companies brought in a large number of migrant workers and migrant workers to act as workers on construction sites. As a result, the average quality of workers has dropped a lot, so accidents happen every day.

On this day, Pharaoh and some criminal police officers were on duty at the police station. Suddenly, a policeman patrolling outside panicked and ran in to tell them that a very bad group fight was taking place on a construction site not far from the police station. Both parties involved in the disturbance were construction site workers. When Pharaoh and the others heard it, they immediately stood up and rushed to the trouble spot.

When they came to the scene, they found the crowd fighting. However, due to the relatively large scale and people holding construction tools such as shovels in their hands, it was difficult to control it for a while. Some police officers could only stand by and watch at a loss. At this time, the captain of the criminal police team immediately took out his gun and fired a shot at the sky. The brawling crowd immediately quieted down. The other detectives also took out their guns and held them in their hands. Just like that, the fight was brought under control immediately. After evacuating the fighting crowd, the police immediately found a chopped body lying on the scene, along with some severed organs, and blood everywhere. The scene can be said to be quite tragic.

Later, after everything subsided, everyone gradually forgot about it as time passed.

Two months later, on the thirteenth day of the seventh lunar month, it was Lao Wang’s turn to be on duty again. He slept at home all day and then came to work at night. At that time, he was on duty with another detective who had experienced the bloody incident last time. As soon as 12 midnight arrives, they are officially on duty. Both of them rested very well during the day, so they both seemed in good spirits. Not long after, a panicked migrant worker ran into the police station and reported to the two of them that there was another fight at the construction site where the last incident happened. Pharaoh took a closer look at the migrant worker, and suddenly he had a strange feeling. But he couldn’t remember what was wrong for a while, so he immediately got up and rushed to the construction site with his partner. After Pharaoh and his partner walked out of the police station, they always trotted behind the migrant worker. At this time, his partner suddenly asked Pharaoh in a low voice, “Do you think there is something wrong with that migrant worker?”

Pharaoh glanced at his partner, and it seemed that he and Pharaoh had the same idea – they both felt that way.

“Well, a bit! However, I can’t tell what’s wrong!”

By this time they were not far from the construction site. A yellow warning light could be vaguely seen on the construction site, and some swearing sounds could be heard from there. The two immediately quickened their pace. However, when they came to the entrance of the construction site, they stopped. Because the two of them saw a very terrifying thing.

At that time, there was a tradition in the construction site, if there was an accidental death of a worker due to carelessness during construction. Other workers would replace his posthumous photo with a large photo and hang it in the most conspicuous part of the construction site after his death. At this moment, the fear of Pharaoh and his partner comes from a large photo hanging on the railing of this construction site. They could see clearly that the person in the photo was none other than the migrant worker just now.

Pharaoh was too frightened to say anything. His partner also froze in place and made no sound. At this time, the yelling in the construction site ahead had disappeared. All that was left was a yellow warning light and a suffocating silence. The two tremblingly looked towards the back of the migrant worker who was standing under the warning light. It was found that his back began to gradually become blurred, and his clothes began to disappear, revealing the blood-stained back and the wound that was still bleeding black.

Suddenly the warning light went out. Pharaoh immediately felt pale, and he suddenly turned his head to the large posthumous photo on the railing, only to realize that the migrant worker in the photo was looking at him and smiling…

Later, after Pharaoh woke up, he found himself lying on the sofa in the police station. His partner sat on a chair beside him with a pale face, smoking a cigarette.

Later, when this matter had passed for a long time, Pharaoh asked the partner what happened at that time. According to his partner, Pharaoh collapsed suddenly after seeing the posthumous photo at that time. And his partner stood up strong, and at that moment, a black cat without a tail suddenly came out with a “meow” from nowhere. But it disappeared instantly. Then the warning light came on again. And that posthumous photo has also returned to normal. So his partner was able to carry him back to the police station with great fear.

That was just the first example that Pharaoh told the police, and the second example below is that the police have had a little personal experience.

That was the second year after the police were transferred here. He became the Pharaoh’s partner right away. Lao Wang’s original partner retired and moved to the south with his eldest son’s family.

At that time, the police department changed a lot. Due to the increase in the number of new young police officers, some old police officers had to retire. Lao Wang is relatively lucky, because he has a good relationship with the director, so he has not been fired. But his good friend, Lao He of the Forensic Department, was not so lucky. He was laid off the following year the police were transferred.

Old He used to be best at taking pictures of corpses. His Eagle camera has been used for more than 20 years, and he takes it with him every day like his baby. However, when the authorities decided to retire him, he voluntarily handed over the camera, even though the authorities had agreed that he could own it.

He died of a heart attack a month after he retired. On the day of the funeral, almost everyone including the director came. Everyone was saddened by Lao He’s death while comforting his family. Old Wang was even more sad. In private, he proposed to the director, now that Old He is dead, should he give the eagle camera that he used during his lifetime to his family as a souvenir. But the chief seemed embarrassed, because at that time after Lao Ho refused to have that camera and handed him back to the bureau. The bureau handed the camera over to the new forensic doctor. As a result, the money to buy a new camera was added to Lao He’s retirement allowance and returned to Lao He’s wife. After hearing the director’s words, Lao Wang shook his head helplessly, and together with everyone, he said some condolences to Lao He’s wife, and then left sadly.

But then something strange happened. It was in a murder case, and the new forensic doctor, Xiao Zhang, suddenly found that the photos he took were quite strange when he was taking pictures of the dead. The deceased’s eyes were obviously closed, but in the photo taken, the deceased’s eyes were open. This is very confusing to Xiao Zhang. But because of the seriousness of the accident and the complexity of other procedures, Xiao Zhang didn’t think too much about it. After hurriedly making the file, I handed it over to it. Still, he was impressed by the event.

Later, in another murder case, Xiao Zhang took pictures of the body again. This time, he had to pay attention. Because the weird thing happened again. The dead man in his photo opened his eyes again. Xiao Zhang began to perceive the strangeness of the problem. He discussed the matter privately with the chief. However, the Secretary’s answer to him was, don’t make any noise, so as not to have a bad influence. Then just let it go. This time, Xiao Zhang is even more difficult. After all, this incident happened to him, and the director will definitely not be affected. No matter how weird it is, and it makes him feel uneasy, he can only resist it by himself.

So, instead of listening to the chief’s words, Xiao Zhang told the police who graduated from the same police academy as him. After the police learned about this, they were not particularly convinced. At this moment, Xiao Zhang had already handed in all the photos he took, and he couldn’t come up with any evidence to prove his words. Therefore, the police promised to accept Xiao Zhang’s strange thing with suspicion in their hearts. But he didn’t give Xiao Zhang any help. Later, in a small chat with Pharaoh, the police told the matter. But Lao Wang immediately had a strange thought in his heart. He thought of the camera Lao He used during his lifetime, when Lao He handed it in. The bureau immediately assigned it to Xiao Zhang. And now that Lao He is dead again, strange things have happened. Then the strange thing must have something to do with Lao He’s camera.

Thinking of this, Pharaoh immediately found Xiao Zhang. Ask him to give him his camera. Xiao Zhang felt very confused, but out of respect for Lao Wang, he gave the camera in his hand to Lao Wang. After Lao Wang took the camera, he just said, “I’ll get you a new one tomorrow!” and left in a hurry.

The next day, Lao Wang really brought a brand new camera to Xiao Zhang. Strange to say, since Xiao Zhang changed Pharaoh’s camera, the weird pictures didn’t appear anymore. Xiao Zhang immediately found Pharaoh again and wanted to talk about it. But Lao Wang gave Xiao Zhang a gesture of prohibiting speech, and signaled him not to mention it again in the future.

A few months later, on the night of the thirteenth day of the seventh lunar month, Pharaoh was on duty again, but this time his partner was a young police officer. After 12 o’clock that night, the two went to work. However, the police discovered that Pharaoh had brought a camera for no apparent reason that night. He didn’t know that the camera was used by Lao He before his death, and it was also the camera that Xiao Zhang took the weird pictures.

Pharaoh quickly snuffed out a cigarette. Then, after instructing the police to close the doors and windows of the police station, he walked to the photo development room alone. As he was leaving, he told the police, “Don’t go anywhere, just watch here! Don’t open the door until I come back.”

Of course the police thought it was weird. But he did not go against Pharaoh’s words. He has been wandering in the hall of the police station since Pharaoh left. About fifteen minutes later, the police suddenly heard a cat meow. He turned around sharply, and found a black cat without a tail squatting on the window sill near the sofa, scratching the glass with its sharp front paws. The police were really startled. But when he looked again, the cat suddenly disappeared. The policeman rubbed his eyes. At this time, Old Wang had come out of the photo-processing room, and his face was quite pale. The police found that the camera in his hand was gone.

“You? What have you been doing?”

“It’s okay! Did anyone come in just now?”

“No Huizhou Public Security Chief died , no, there is! There is a cat that scratched the glass outside just now!” The policeman said, pointing his finger at the window sill beside the sofa.

After hearing what the police said, Lao Wang said nothing. He just let out a sigh of relief, then lay on the sofa and gradually fell asleep.

This is what happened at the time. It’s just that the police didn’t know what Pharaoh did in the photo lab at that time. It was not until yesterday when Lao Wang was talking to the police about the Ghost Festival that he told the police the truth. In fact, he went to the washing room at that time just to wait for Lao He to appear. Then give him his camera back. As for what he saw in the dark washroom and what happened to Lao He, he didn’t mention a word. Maybe that was the promise Lao He made him make. This is the second example that Pharaoh told the police about ghosts appearing on the Ghost Festival.

Looking at the policeman at the moment, he immediately became a little nervous because of the thief’s words “Today is the Ghost Festival!” But he quickly calmed down. After all, those things were very ethereal to him, and he had never experienced them at all. After having this thought, he immediately calmed down again, bent down and calmly picked up the mobile phone on the ground.

Suddenly, the police seemed to feel a little strange, he immediately paused, and then turned his head to look at the thief. The behavior of the thief at this time was very strange. The Huizhou Public Security Chief died . He stood motionless, like a statue. Although he stood very stiff, he still said to the police in a low voice: “Don’t move, pay attention to your shadow.”

As expected, the policeman didn’t move any more. He slowly moved his eyes to the shadow stretched by the street lamp beside him. Suddenly, his heart stopped beating at that moment. Because, he found that his shadow did not know when he had left his own feet. And he was still moving away from himself towards the street light, just like a turtle crawling on the ground. Although it was slow, it was so firm. The policeman’s eyes widened and he opened his mouth to say something. But soon he heard the faint voice of the thief again.

“Don’t talk! Don’t move! Or you’ll die!”

The policeman swallowed a large mouthful of saliva. A thin layer of sweat was already oozing out of his forehead and the tip of his nose. At this moment, another shadow suddenly slid towards the street lamp at his feet. The policeman lowered his head and glanced at it, and almost didn’t scream out in fright. That’s the shadow of a thief. But unlike the shadow of the policeman, the shape of the shadow of the thief seems to be very irregular, it feels like there are many shadows overlapping together, and because the size of the shadows are different, the shape of the overlapping shadows looks different. It’s weird going up.

The policeman immediately looked up at the thief. Now even the policeman himself believed that he was not far from the brink of collapse. Because, he saw three strangers suddenly appeared behind the thief. He now understood why the shadow of the thief became so blurred, because the shadows of these few people overlapped together.

The three men were all dressed in black tunic suits. Their faces are very pale, especially under the dim street lights, it is even more terrifying. Now they stared at the back of the thief together. The thief dropped his head to his chest and stood motionless.

The police wanted to call him, but he didn’t dare. He was afraid that the three men would come behind him. At this moment, time seemed to stand still, there was not even a wild dog on the street, and there was a dead silence everywhere. The police are now beginning to believe the story Pharaoh told him. He also regretted not listening to what the thief had just said. The three men standing behind the thief at this moment should not be human anymore, they should be ghosts. The police were convinced they had died for it. However, in an instant, he suddenly thought of another detail. It is the black cat without a tail that suddenly appeared in Lao Wang’s story. I have seen the cat myself. It seems that as soon as the cat appears, the ghosts will disappear. Thinking of this, the police finally had a glimmer of hope. He longed for the cat to appear as soon as possible so that the three ghosts would disappear.

After an extremely oppressive silence, among the three men, the man on the left finally spoke.

“Xiao Lin?”

Colin? The police froze. Do they know the thief in front of them? The thief’s body trembled slightly. Immediately, he responded timidly, “Brother.”

The police got it. It turned out that the thief had met his dead brother. Bad luck this time, he thought. If the three ghosts are the thief’s brother, then his current situation is very dangerous. How can my elder brother see his younger brother being arrested by the police? Besides, they are all ghosts now, and it can be said that killing him is as easy as breathing. However, things did not develop as the police expected.

At this moment, the man standing in the middle spoke.

“Why steal something?”

The thief lowered his head and said nothing.

“I’m asking you! Why are you stealing?” The man in the middle said indifferently.

“Clap!” Suddenly, a loud slap sounded. The policeman’s eyes widened because the three men didn’t even move. But the thief did get a slap in the face. Because his head shook just now. “Pa” is another slap. The thief’s head swung the other way again.

“Why steal? Say it!”

“Snapped”! “Snapped”! “Snapped”! Three in a row this time. The thief fell to his knees at once. The corners of his mouth seemed to be bleeding. Because the police saw a black liquid dripping from his mouth to the ground. It can be said that the police are no longer afraid at this time. After all, what happened in front of him was a normal thing. The thief’s older brothers may have treated the thief this way before they were alive. However, the police wanted to know which of the three hit the thief.

The thief still didn’t say a word. The three older brothers also stood motionless behind him. “Crack”, “Crack”, “Crack”… This time I didn’t even have a word, I just had to fight. The police could see clearly that the thief had received at least a hundred slaps on both faces. The blood that spewed out of his mouth had gathered in a large pool on the ground. But the thief remained silent.

Finally, after about 20 minutes, the applause disappeared. The thief knelt on the ground, panting heavily. At this moment, the man standing on the right among the three spoke.

“Grandma misses you so much! She asked us to tell you that there was a passbook in her original pillow, and the password was your birthday. We won’t come to see you again in the future. Just do it yourself!”

The thief suddenly stood up and turned around, but it was too late, his brothers had completely disappeared.

Soon everything was back to normal. Time seemed to start to flow again, and the air relaxed a lot. It gives a feeling of relief and rebirth. The policeman breathed a sigh of relief, looked down, and saw that his shadow had returned. Look at the shadow of the thief, also stepping on his feet. It seemed that those three men were indeed ghosts.

At this moment, a faint cat meowing sounded. The two looked at the voice together. A black cat without a tail was walking towards the two not far away. When the black cat approached the thief, it lowered its head and spat something out of its mouth, and immediately disappeared into the nearby woods.

When the thief picked up the thing that the black cat spit on the ground. He couldn’t help crying aloud. And he cried very sadly, calling “brother” while crying.

The police are a little weird. He leaned over and saw that it was a candy ball that could be bought almost anywhere twenty years ago.

Later, in the early morning, the thief told the police that the three men who had appeared earlier were his older brothers. Their family was very poor when he was young. Moreover, their parents died very early, and the four brothers barely survived by relying on their grandmother to do needlework for others. None of his three older brothers went to school. At a very young age, he started working for people to earn money. He’s the youngest, so he’s lucky, but it’s also thanks to his three sensible older brothers. They never let him go out to work with them. And he saved the money he earned from part-time work for him to study.

However, the poverty of the family did not allow him to hone the qualities he should have. Instead, he developed a habit of stealing. He often steals candy or toys from other children. Finally, his brothers knew about it, and the three of them taught him a lesson at home together when grandma was not at home. He was weeping because of the slaps his brothers gave him. But it also made his three older brothers feel pain in their eyes. Later, later that day, his three brothers together took out the sugar balls they had bought with the money they had earned from their part-time jobs that day and stuffed them into his pockets. He was smiling happily. The brothers also laughed happily. He hasn’t stolen anything since then.

Later, he was admitted to a boarding high school. And just when he was studying in this school with peace of mind, a bad news gave him a fatal blow. His grandmother and three older brothers all died from gas poisoning. This was something he hadn’t thought of anyway. In grief, he dropped out of school. Since he has no technology or high education, he has no choice but to wander into the streets and spend all day with some thugs. So, once again, he went against the wishes of his brothers for him and simply became a thief.

It was such a process. After listening to the thief’s account, the police finally understood why his older brothers who had turned into ghosts would beat him so mercilessly after learning that he was stealing again.

The policeman sighed. Just as he was about to reach the door of the police station, he untied the thief’s handcuffs.

“While there are few people now, hurry up and leave!”

“You… are you going to let me go? Aren’t you afraid I’ll steal something again?”

The policeman glanced at the thief.

“Your brothers have already told me that you won’t steal anything again!”

With that said, the policeman straightened the big brim hat on his head, turned around and walked towards the police station.

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