Meaty Chewing Gum

Xiao Ming had just entered puberty and was very rebellious and disobedient. His parents were very worried and had a headache. They didn’t know how to teach him well. In school, chewing gum is very popular. Although chewing gum is not expensive since Xiao Ming did not listen to his parents, Xiao Ming’s parents gave him less and less money for phone calls, and Xiao Ming was very distressed.

In school, every classmate is afraid of being isolated. That kind of feeling is very uncomfortable. Xiaoming doesn’t want to be isolated from his classmates, and he doesn’t want to lose friends, so Xiaoming spends all his money on chewing gum, even when he is in class. , are still chewing gum. Every time he was caught by the teacher, Xiao Ming would go out like a hero with righteousness and dignity. When Xiao Ming was in school, his classmates in their class liked watching the series of Young and Dangerous movies very much. At that time, Xiao Ming admired the young and bewildered young men and thought they were very handsome, very loyal, and had a kind of heroic spirit. In the period of adolescence, people’s minds are not yet mature, and it is not easy to distinguish right from black and white. Looking at the vigor in the movie, I thought that I could do this too.

Xiao Ming thought he was a hero, chewing gum in his mouth, also learned from the movie, Xiao Ming’s classmates are also very obsessed with these young and dangerous movies. Because of the pheasants in this item, Xiao Ming is very fond of him many students in the class, and Xiao Ming also seems to be very loyal in the class. It’s just that Xiao Ming usually has no money to buy chewing gum, so he can only save some pocket money that he only has, even his own breakfast money. However, Xiao Ming still didn’t have enough money to buy the chewing gum he wanted to eat. Xiao Ming was also very troubled by this. It would be great if someone was willing to give him chewing gum for free. Such an opportunity will appear in the future. An old woman who sells snacks grabbed Xiao Ming one day. She tried to squeeze an ugly smile on her wrinkled face, and she said, “I found that you are a loyal person. My good boy, I will give you free chewing gum in the future, but I have another condition: you cannot tell others about this, otherwise, I will not give you free chewing gum. If others know that I will only give you If you eat chewing gum for free alone, they will not buy it from me. They will think that I am partial and only good to you. As long as you let your classmates come to me to buy chewing gum, I will be satisfied. ”


Xiao Ming nodded happily, and he said: “Let’s just say this, I won’t tell you about you, and I will also introduce my classmates to come to you to buy chewing gum. Don’t worry, I am a very good person. Loyal people, more loyal than those young and dangerous boys in the movie, can pregnant women eat dead pork, do you know what my nickname is? My nickname is, pheasant, and it is the most loyal one.” The old woman nodded with satisfaction, “I didn’t see you wrong at last. Sure enough, you are a very loyal person. I also believe in you, old woman. I believe that you can keep the secret between us for me and bring me a lot of guests. Make my business more and more prosperous.” Xiao Ming felt that when the old woman said these words, there was an indescribable strangeness, Xiao Ming couldn’t help fighting a cold war, but, under the temptation of chewing gum, he still compromised.


The old woman handed him a handful of chewing gum, Xiao Ming quickly put the chewing gum into his pocket, he couldn’t wait to take one, put it in his mouth, and chewed hard. Xiao Ming felt that something was wrong. The chewing gum in his mouth had a bloody smell. Xiao Ming had never eaten this flavor of chewing gum before. He thought it was a newly developed flavor, and he didn’t take it too seriously. Eat chewing gum, you won’t care about other things.

Xiaoming eats this kind of chewing gum every day. As long as Xiaoming doesn’t eat such chewing gum on a certain day, he will feel that something is wrong. Xiao Ming was a little scared. He wondered if this old woman put something in the chewing gum, like a drug, it would make him addicted, and he didn’t want to eat other chewing gum. Just as Xiao Ming had promised, Xiao Ming kept introducing his classmates to the old woman’s shop to buy chewing gum, and many classmates felt the same way. It always felt that the innermost chewing gum had a special taste, an indescribable fragrance that they had never felt before. Xiao Ming wanted to quit this kind of chewing gum. He felt that he had been controlled by this weird chewing gum. As long as he left the chewing gum, he seemed to be addicted to drugs, and he felt unspeakably uncomfortable. When Xiao Ming put the chewing gum in his mouth, he felt that the strong bloody smell became more and more familiar. He thought it was the smell in his mouth when he broke his mouth when brushing his teeth. Xiao Ming thought in horror, could it be this? It’s the smell of human blood. Only then did Xiao Ming think that this kind of fragrance, no matter what kind of food, can make such a taste, only human blood and human fat can make such a taste.


Xiaoming came to the old lady’s canteen. There were many people in the canteen, all of whom Xiaoming knew. They were all his classmates. Xiaoming had a bad feeling. These classmates should be controlled by chewing gum. How is chewing gum made? The old woman stood behind Xiao Ming gloomily, and said faintly, “You guessed it right, all the chewing gum you eat is made of fat. How about it? It tastes pretty good. Well, haha.” Xiao Ming said in horror: “Where do you get so much fat to make so much chewing gum?” The old woman smiled proudly, “The people who come to eat these chewing gums are eating other people’s fat today. , and tomorrow other people will eat these people’s fat. So I have an inexhaustible, inexhaustible amount of fat that can be used to make more chewing gum, as long as people have eaten my chewing gum, there is no way Those who forget the taste will ever be able to quit. As long as they have eaten my chewing gum, they will never be able to escape, never refuse me, knowing that they have been made into a chewing gum!”


Xiao Ming fell to the ground. He could already predict his own death. He could predict that in the future, he would be made into delicious chewing gum and chewed in his mouth by others. Xiao Ming fled from the old woman’s shop in fright, and the old woman’s terrifying laughter seemed to be heard behind him.

Xiaoming ran home, he was very scared, and Xiaoming’s parents also felt very strange. Xiaoming has been acting very strange recently. His parents thought that something happened to Xiaoming, and they were very worried. Under their concern, Xiao Ming finally told them what happened. Xiao Ming’s parents were shocked, so they took Xiao Ming to a temple and invited a high-ranking monk to deal with the old woman.

When they came to the canteen, the old woman had already fled. She should have calculated that she would be subdued, so she ran away ahead of time. The eminent monk saw many mutilated corpses of children and chewing gum made of them in the canteen. The eminent monk took care of all this and settled the dead soul, so he left. Can dead pork be eaten by pregnant women? Outside another school, a new commissary opened, selling human-flavored chewing gum.

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