"Chang Chen Tells Ghost Stories" Mysterious Red Shoes

The name of the following story is called the mysterious red shoes.

It used to be a mansion of a rich family, and then the mansion mysteriously disappeared. Many years later, people built a charity hospital here. There is a strange thing in the hospital. It is said that people will always be on the ground. Seeing a pair of floating red dancing shoes, when people want to get close to it and want to take it away, they will have such a feeling. They can't bear it and dare not slip into it, so people can only let it exist mysteriously. , but no one has seen what those red dancing shoes look like.

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One night, the wind outside was very strong, and the whistling wind was faintly mixed with a sad and mournful cry. If the wind stopped, the sound would be even more gloomy and desolate. Zhiwei and his girlfriend Meng Shu were sitting in the nurse's duty room and dozing off. Oh, it's 11 o'clock and I should go to the ward rounds. Zhiwei said to his girlfriend Meng Shu, I will accompany you? Come on, don't go to the ward rounds, take a rest when you're tired, and Meng Shu will leave after speaking.

Zhiwei felt bored, so he took out a book and started to read. He really didn't know who put this book in the drawer, but the name of the book was actually called the mysterious red dancing shoes.

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Suddenly the light went out, and the whole room was plunged into darkness. Damn it, the wind broke the wire again. Zhiwei took out matches and candles, and just as he was lighting the candles, the door of the duty room opened ( door opening), Meng Shu is that you? Zhiwei looked out the door, the corridor was empty and dead, not even a single figure.

Zhiwei looked down unintentionally, ah! ~~ Red dancing shoes! Could it be that the pair of red dancing shoes that the old people said mysteriously appeared at the door, and when Zhiwei was still in shock, the pair of red dancing shoes walked towards Zhiwei step by step,

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~~Have you forgotten, what I said 70 years later I will kill you! Hahahaha~! An eerie woman's voice is echoing in the room, and the last few wild laughter have not stopped Roland's ghost show , and the red dancing shoes dance around Zhiwei, and the leisurely red dancing shoes make Zhiwei With his head covered and his face turned, he somehow felt that the whole hospital had collapsed, and the hospital had mysteriously turned into a mansion.

And Zhiwei was standing in the lobby of the mansion, and Zhiwei saw a young woman reclining on the sofa in the lobby, a young woman who was speaking with a microphone, she was wearing a red dress, her feet were raised high A pair of red dancing shoes were revealed, which were exactly the same as the mysterious red dancing shoes in the hospital. Awei, you are so unfeeling, you want to dump me, do you have the heart to let me spend the rest of my life with that dead old man, have you forgotten the oath you made, Awei, in short, you must appear before 12 o'clock today Otherwise, I will hang myself wearing a red dress, hey, you know, people who die in a red dress at midnight will become ghosts after death, and I will lock your life in 70 years,~hahaha Ha ha! After a burst of wild and familiar laughter, the hostess hung up the phone and started dancing in the hall, the red shoes were spinning.

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At 12 o'clock in the middle of the night, the hostess opened the door of the room so that her lover could come in and rescue her. She tied the ropes on the beams , stood on a high stool, and put Leaning her neck on the rope, waiting quietly, Zhiwei knew that she would not commit suicide, she just wanted to scare her lover, the pointer of time was gradually approaching 12 o'clock, slowly approaching, and approaching again It's getting closer. Suddenly a strong wind blew outside the room. The sound of the wind was exactly the same as that heard in the hospital, and there was also a miserable cry of mourning. The moonlight outside was as terrifying as red eyes. The hostess seemed a little desperate because her lover didn't show up. Just when she had no choice but to get off the stool, a big black cat came in from the outside strangely. Suddenly, a gust of wind blew through the rope, and with a bang, the door was closed.

At this time, the hour hand of the old clock on the wall was pointing to 12 o'clock. The body of the hostess in red was trembling and struggling in mid-air, and the pair of red dancing shoes were scrambling in mid-air. She, but who knows that she can't move her feet, at this time a man who looks exactly like her Zhang appeared outside the door, he slammed on the door desperately, Zhiwei wanted to send him a distress signal, just listen~ bang! With a bang, the man knocked open the door, while the hostess' body was suspended in the air motionless, her bare feet were hanging limply, and the red dancing shoes on her feet mysteriously disappeared.

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And the black cat that appeared mysteriously meowed, ~Meow! The cry was like the dying cries of a strangled man, and the cat's eyes glowed a hideous green, flickering like a will-o'-the-wisp in the wilderness. At this time Zhiwei felt the mansion under his feet tremble violently, just when the mansion was about to collapse. Zhiwei accidentally saw the calendar on the wall which read ~ April 4, 1921! ~Meow~! (loud meowing) Ah! With a terrified cry from Zhiwei, he suddenly woke up from his sleep, and found himself lying in the duty room of the hospital.

Zhiwei, what's wrong? Meng Shu beside him asked with concern, Zhiwei, what happened to you? At this time, Zhiwei was still thinking about what the woman said when she was dying! ~Remember, 70 years later, I will kill you today! Binghahahaha! Quickly tell me what day it is today, Zhiwei grabbed Meng Shu's arm fiercely and asked, April 3rd, 1991, no, it's April 4th after 12 o'clock, what happened? April 4, 1991, it's not good to go! Suddenly the light in the duty room went out, (door opening sound) the door of the duty room opened, ~ a pair of mysterious red dancing shoes appeared at the door of the duty room! This is the story of the mysterious red dancing shoes that I want to tell you.

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