The Strange Story Of "Face To Face In Time And Space"

As soon as they came and met each other, the instructor said that after many years, she still remembered the feeling of sadness and joy in her heart, as if she were seeing a relative she had never seen again. The instructor wondered, could this person be from a minority group? Unexpectedly, something even more bizarre happened later. The instructor said that she could not remember the specific time. It was probably after she was thirty-five years old that she began to repeat the same dream frequently. I was stupid and couldn't understand it at the moment, so I asked the instructor, who said that there are many reasons for nightmares. Why do you think this dream is unusual? I just vaguely feel that the law of conservation of energy does not seem to hold true when two selves from different periods meet face to face. … Continue readingThe Strange Story Of "Face To Face In Time And Space"