The Righteous Bird From The Villain's Liaozhai Story

There was a wealthy family in the south of the Yangtze River. There was a maidservant who was beautiful and intelligent. The master was very fond of her and would not let her get along with ordinary servants.

At that time, there was a prefect who was about to resign and gave a good bird called "Qin Ji" to this wealthy family. The bird was extremely intelligent and dexterous and could speak human language. The master asked the maid to raise the bird. Apart from managing its food, she is not allowed to do anything else.

One day, the maid was feeding the bird food, and the bird suddenly said: "Sister, feed me, I should find a good brother-in-law to be your husband."

When the maid heard what it said, she felt a little shy, so she slapped it with her fan, so that the bird was not afraid.

From then on, no matter what the bird said, the maid would sometimes play with it and joke with it, sometimes answer it seriously, and sometimes laugh and scold it. From then on, it became normal and the maid no longer cared what it said.

It turned out that the maid lived alone in a room, and the bird hung inside her door. The bird whispered to the maid in the cage, like a pair of companions, and no one else could come to interfere.

Another day, the maid was taking a bath in the house when she suddenly heard a bird calling: "Sister, my wife is so beautiful. I feel ashamed that I am not a man. Otherwise, I would have died if I saw her like this."

The maid pretended to be angry again, went up to beat it naked.

It happened that the bird had just finished bathing, and because it was quite tame, the maid did not close the cage.

As soon as the maid came and beat it, it spread its wings and flew out, flying around the roof beams in the house.

When the maid saw it flying around, she was afraid that it would fly away, so she wanted to catch it even more eagerly, but the bird really broke through the window paper and soared away.

The maid immediately became anxious and at a loss, not knowing what to do. She was very afraid of being beaten by her master, so she was very anxious, so she came up with a cunning plan. After putting on her clothes, she put the birdcage under the eaves. She went straight to her master and cried, saying: "My maid accidentally left the birdcage outside. The evil man closed the door while bathing in the house. Unexpectedly, he was killed and let the bird go. I am willing to let the master punish me." I don’t have any complaints, it’s just that I was careless for a while.”

The master had always been very sympathetic to the maidservant, and he knew that everyone was jealous of the maidservant. As expected, he did not pursue the maidservant's poor guarding, but instead pursued the others. The maid escaped prosecution.

After further investigation, they could not find out who had let the bird go, so they ignored it.

More than ten days later, the maidservant was ordered by her mistress to visit Mrs. Liang in the same city.

Mrs. Liang had a son named Liang Xu who was still married. He was studying in his study during the day. A bird flew to his desk and said in human language: "I have found a good wife for you, why don't you go?" take a look?"

Liang Xu was surprised to see what kind of bird it was. It turned out to be a Qin Ji, so he put down the book in his hand and came to chase it away.

The bird flew slowly out of the courtyard, and Liang Xu followed him there. He saw a charming woman wearing a blue dress and a red skirt. Liang Xu slowly looked at the woman and saw that the woman had an extraordinary face. He excused himself and followed the woman in, and walked straight into the inner room. Listening to the woman and her mother talking nonchalantly, I learned from their words that the woman was a maid from a wealthy family.

However, the maid's appearance and movements, virtuous and elegant, had already touched Liang Xu's heart.

The maid saw a young man standing aside and looked at him from time to time. The two of them were also quite attached to each other, but they couldn't exchange a word with each other.

After a while, the maid said goodbye and went back.

After going back and replying to the mistress, he returned to his room. The empty cage was still beside him, and the bird could be seen with its eyes closed, its feet curled up, and squatting on it to rest.

When the maid saw the bird, she felt happy, as if she had found a treasure, and was ready to catch it and put it in the cage.

The bird shouted loudly: "I was almost exhausted from running around for my sister. Fortunately, I found a good marriage. Why do you still use this cage to trap me?"

The maid felt strange about what he said, so she asked, "What is a good marriage?"

Bird explained to her one by one, and the maid immediately understood why Liang Xu rushed out and happened to meet her. These were all caused by Bird.

The maid then let go of her hand and stopped catching it. The bird did not fly away. She stopped on the couch and said to the maid: "Although I can't fly out with you on my back like the Kunlun slave, my sister's worries have nothing to do with it." I can't tell you, are you really interested in him? "

The maid lowered her head shyly and did not answer.

Niao Xueren said with a smile: "This is how children behave. I already understand it. I am worried that someone will come, so I will go for now."

After saying that, he spread his wings and flew away. After a while, he disappeared from sight.

The maid originally admired Liang Xu's magnificence and felt ashamed that she had become someone else's decoration. She thought about it and tossed and turned. In the middle of the night, she didn't know what to do.

The next day, seeing that no one was there, Niao came to the maid's house again. The maid waved to it, and it flew down and into her house.

The maid told her problem to the bird: "Master loves me very much, so he will definitely not let me marry Liang Sheng. Besides, Liang Sheng is a young and talented man. Even if he admires women, how can he regard the maid and his concubines as the ones he admires?" Where is the target? Your hard work has been in vain. I’m afraid there will be no results. This is a helpless thing!”

The bird understood the meaning of her words, spread its wings again, and went back at night. Taking advantage of the night, it entered the maid's house and replied to the maid: "Liang Sheng's feelings for you can be found in his poems. It can be seen that he is indeed interested in you." Then he recited Liang Xu's poem: "It's better to have a white fan, just like a red face.

If you take advantage of Luan's wish, you will eventually cross the Phoenix together. "

The maid was very happy after hearing this, so she told the bird her thoughts and let the bird fly away early in the morning.

Since Liang Xu saw his maid, he sat in his study and missed her morning and night. When I got up in the morning, I looked up and saw a bird. Before Liang Xu finished speaking, the bird suddenly lowered its wings and flew down. It stopped on the low wall, talked to Liang Xu, and told him about the maid's love. Deep worries also spoke to him.

Liang Xu was very happy after hearing this, and asked the maid if she knew the words.

The bird replied: "I can recognize it quite well."

Liang Xu immediately picked up the pen and wrote a few lines, describing his thoughts and vows to become friends with his maid forever.

Put yourself in the letter, seal it, put it on the ground, and the bird will fly down, pick up the letter, and fly away.

Liang Xu sighed in horror, this is really strange.

After a few days, no birds were seen again. No matter how long Liang Xu waited, he never heard of the maid. While I was feeling lost there, I suddenly heard that a servant girl from a wealthy family had died and had been hastily buried.

Unconsciously, Liang Xu's heart was touched, and he doubted whether the person who died was his beloved, so he asked people, and it turned out that his beloved was dead. He was so sad that he almost burst into tears, but he couldn't figure out why or how. What if he died for no reason?

There she knew that the bird went back with the letter in its mouth. After reading the letter, the maid took off the jade and gave it to the bird, asking it to go back and reply to Liang Xu to express her feelings and tell her where her parents were, begging Liang Xu to go. Looking for her, asking him to give her parents enough money, so that it will not be difficult to redeem her from a wealthy family, and they can become a long-term couple immediately.

The bird was also happy for her, happily agreed, and flew away with the jade pendant in its mouth. Halfway through, he suddenly encountered a bad boy and was hit in the cheek with a projectile. The bird then fell to the ground and died.

Not long after, the maid's disaster also befell her.Haunted House Ghost Story

At first, the master thought the maid was beautiful and intelligent, so he favored her so much. The master of a wealthy family planned to marry her as a concubine, but the maid would not be willing, as she often complained behind her back.

It turned out that the servant girl lost the bird and falsely claimed that someone else had let it go, so she blamed everyone. Although no one was severely punished by the master, the servants looked at her sideways and held a grudge. Seeing that the master wanted to marry her as his concubine, he thought that if she relied on the master's favor and made irresponsible remarks behind his back, how could they have a good life together? So everyone rose up to object, saying bad things about the maid.

They heard the maid chatting with you in the house, often not stopping until midnight, so they falsely accused her of having an affair with someone. When the master heard this, he became very jealous, so he led people to search the maid's room and found Liang Liang. Xu wrote a letter to her, which made her furious, so she arrested the maid, severely interrogated her, and tortured her.

The maid felt that the things involved were absurd and unruly, and no one would believe her if she told her, so she stopped talking about it, but she had no way to prove her innocence. She refused to acknowledge her, and the master did not wait for her to die. He forcefully ordered people to put the slave girl in a coffin, carry her to the wild, and bury her hastily.

Liang Xu could not clearly know the cause of the maid's death. He could only hold the jade pendant sadly, sit alone and feel sad, and slowly lay down on the chair and fell asleep without realizing it.

Suddenly, he dreamed of a woman in fluttering feather clothes, who came to him, rolled up her sleeves, and said to him: "I'm Qin Ji. My sister is of the same kind. It's just because she practices kindness that she can be reincarnated as a human being. She and I We met by chance, and I was worried that he would be insulted by vulgar people, so I introduced her to you first, hoping to promote good things for you. Unexpectedly, before the matter was completed, I was attacked by evil people and was beaten to death. I have suffered a lot, been falsely accused, and died in Jiuquan. Even so, there is still a chance of recovery. If I don’t come to you, there will be no one to help me!” Liang Xu was in a dream. , bursting with joy, immediately stood up and asked what he wanted him to do.

The woman raised her hand, pointed in one direction, and said, "Walk a hundred steps toward the countryside, and my sister's grave will be there." After saying that, she immediately fell to the ground, turned into a lone crane, and flew up into the sky. ,flew away.

Liang Xu woke up from his dream and immediately asked his servant to prepare his horse and follow him to visit outside the city. He suddenly remembered that there was a place called Beibao Village outside the city, which seemed to fit the cryptic meaning of Baibu in the dream, so he went there directly and saw the place where the maidservant was buried. However, he did not dare to dig out immediately. So he stayed in the village, and at night, he gave his servant some money and asked him to go with him to dig up the maid's grave.

The burial was not deep, but after a while, the coffin was revealed. Liang Xu quietly clung to the coffin, listening to see if there was any movement inside. He seemed to hear the sound of breathing inside, so he immediately opened it. The maidservant was indeed resurrected. Liang Xu What a pleasant surprise.

There was a nunnery nearby. Liang Xu prepared some gifts and went to visit him. He told the nun in the nunnery about his affairs in detail. The nun was also willing to do good and agreed to his request generously. Liang Xu went with him to help the maid out of the coffin. Liang Xu carried the maid on his back and took her to a nunnery. The nun was given some money and then went back to let the maid recuperate in the nunnery.

More than a month later, the maid was as radiant as before.

Liang Xu then begged the nun to arrange their marriage and asked her to help him and tell his mother that the maid was the daughter of a poor family. Liang Xu also tried his best to tell his mother that he wanted to marry his maid.

As expected, Mrs. Liang went to take a look. Although she had only met the maid once, she could still remember that she was a maid from a wealthy family.

The maid cried and told her story. Liang Xu also said on the side that he and his maidservant were inseparable from each other.

Mrs. Liang always loved her son, and she did not go against his wishes and brought her maid home to be his wife.

Moreover, because of her maid, she no longer interacts with wealthy families. The wealthy family also always felt grateful for Qin Ji's kindness because they only had Liang Xu as a maid. When someone caught a bird, they would definitely buy it and then let it go. People were puzzled by his behavior.

It was only after the wealthy family declined that the nuns revealed the secrets, so the story spread everywhere.

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