The Return Of The Resentful Girl(9)

I pretended to be calm.

"I don't know what you're talking about."

Li Daxian smiled slightly, and I always felt that her demeanor was different from before.

"You were hiding well, but the aura on this talisman exposed you."

"Now it's not just me who knows. Your sister-in-law and that evil ghost both want to fight for your body. If you want to live, you have to listen to me."

I still couldn't escape this old witch's plot, so I simply stopped pretending.

"How do I know if you really want to help me?"

Li Daxian's wrinkles folded into wild arcs.

I really had no choice.

I had no choice but to agree: "I listen to you."

Li Daxian took out a porcelain bottle with several dark pills inside.

"If you eat one pill every night for seven days, it will change your destiny and hide your breath."

How could there be a life-changing medicine in this world? If it were that easy, my destiny of breaking the pillar would not attract so many covetous people.

Under the sunlight, Li Daxian's eyes were faintly shining with green light. I didn't dare to confront her head-on, so I whispered, "I understand."

I just said that I knew it, but I would never put my life in the hands of the old witch.

So at midnight, I poured out a pill and wanted to throw it into the toilet.

But Li Daxian is still outside the door!

There was not much expression on her face, and she looked even more like an evil ghost.

"Eat, you eat it for me!"

Her strength was frightening. She pinched my chin with one hand and forced me to open my mouth. With the other hand, she picked up the pill and stuffed it into my mouth.

What a strong earthy smell!

She didn't give me a chance to spit it out and forced me to swallow it.

After she left, I picked at my throat, but I couldn't vomit.

I hate it so much that if it weren't for her, how could I be thrown by my mother to sacrifice to the mountain god? How could I be like this?

Li Yufen, no matter what you are, I will let you die without a burial place!

Looking at the veins on my wrist, a new plan slowly formed in my mind.

I took out the knife I kept under the bed and slashed my wrist, and blood started to flow.

I know that my blood will attract ghosts, but I don’t care so much now.

Fortunately, there was a restraint in my body that weakened my breath, otherwise I might have been torn into pieces right now.

A small bowl of blood flowed out. I took out the talisman paper in the book and began to look at the drawing methods of ghost-calling spells.

After finishing the painting, I felt as if all my strength had been drained away.

But enough.

Use the blood of the person who broke the pillar to draw a ghost-calling talisman, and all evil ghosts within a ten-mile radius will be summoned.

Thinking of Li Yufen's fate, I was so excited that my facial muscles twitched.

Li Yufen, tomorrow is your death day!

Introduction: My sister-in-law was abducted to give birth to a son, but she failed to live up to expectations and became pregnant with three daughters.

My mother found the secret recipe for begging for a child: baby girl soup. She chopped her sister-in-law's daughter to death and made her drink her flesh.

On the first seven days of the child's life, my sister-in-law was wearing a bright red dress and was hit and killed.

Li Daxian said that his sister-in-law was born with the fate of a fierce ghost. Seven days later, his sister-in-law came back.

My sister-in-law died on the seventh day after she ate soup made from her niece’s flesh and blood.

My sister-in-law was wearing a bright red dress and died in the woodshed. Her eyes were wide open and covered with whites. I screamed in fright.

My mother gave me a backhand slap, and I was knocked to the ground and fell on my sister-in-law's cold body.

"Bitch girl, what's the ghost's name? If you die, you will die. Take it and bury it quickly to avoid any bad luck."

My mother called my brother in.

The strange thing is that my brother tried his best and couldn't drag his sister-in-law even half an inch.

At this moment, Li Daxian from the village came.

She touched the blood on her sister-in-law's neck, and her hazy eyes shone with turbid light.

"It's bad. This woman was destined to break the pillar, and she died on the seventh day of her child's life."

Li Daxian raised what his sister-in-law was holding, which was a bunch of hair, some white and some black.

"You're going to turn into a ghost and seek your life."

My mother and brother were spitting on my sister-in-law's body, but now their faces turned pale.

"What, what is the fate of breaking the pillar?"

Li Daxian chuckled.

"This is a good destiny. Her horoscope cannot form four pillars, nor can it generate five elements. It cannot enter yin and yang, and is not bound by cause and effect."

"Once you become a powerful ghost, you can compete even if the ghost king is born."

"On the day when she returns to her seventh soul, your whole family will die!"

The sister-in-law's eyes suddenly moved without warning, and they turned black and looked straight at Li Daxian.

Extremely weird.

My mother and brother both saw it and were so frightened that they knelt on the ground and begged Li Daxian for help.

Li Daxian pointed at me.

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"come here."

I stood still and my brother kicked me directly.

Li Daxian's withered hands held me tightly, and his breath was as thin as a poisonous snake.

"The survival of your family depends on this girl."

Li Daxian said that my sister-in-law was abducted and she has deep resentment towards my mother and brother. I am the only person in this family who has not harmed her.

So I can only carry the body.

Li Daxian's expression turned sinister again as he spoke.

"I taught you how to make soup for a baby girl. You can only fight her until death."

"No matter what she is, I will tell her to never come back!"

I pulled on Li Daxian's pants.

"Please, I, I don't dare to carry my sister-in-law on my back. You must have another way. I beg you."

My brother pulled my hair and dragged me all the way to my sister-in-law's body. My face came into contact with the ground, leaving bloody marks.

I could even smell the rancid smell coming from her.

"Zhang Qiaonan, stop talking nonsense, don't you want to watch us die?"

Li Daxian urged from the side, saying that he would be buried today, otherwise he would miss the time for the ceremony.

I suppressed my fear and put my sister-in-law's cold arms on my shoulders.

I stood up shakily, feeling as if I was carrying a cloud of mist, as light as if it didn't exist, yet extremely cold and clammy.

Li Daxian led me to the mass grave at the top of the mountain, leaving my mother and brother at home.

My brother and my mother breathed a sigh of relief. I gritted my teeth. I knew, I knew my life was nothing to them!

The fog was particularly thick today. Li Daxian was walking in front, but his figure seemed to disappear.

I thought of my sister-in-law who died in vain on my back, and I felt an increasingly strong fear in my heart.

"Li, Li Daxian, wait for me!"

I yelled.

Li Daxian acted as if he hadn't heard anything and kept walking faster and faster.

"Ho ho."

It's my sister-in-law's voice!

My sister-in-law is mute and her throat makes a whooshing sound when she laughs. My brother found her laughter unpleasant and often beat her. As time went by, she stopped laughing and would only laugh like this in front of me.

My legs were weak and I almost fell to the ground.

The touch on the hand becomes a little brittle, like paper!

I turned my head, and a paper face suddenly appeared in front of me!

The sister-in-law on the back is a paper doll!

Where did that really go?

I knelt on the ground and let go of my hands, but the paper man clung to my back as if it was alive.

"Li Daxian, Li Daxian, help me!"

I rolled and crawled towards the figure in the mist, getting closer and closer.

Just when I was about to hold Li Daxian's hand, she suddenly grabbed me very quickly, turned her head, and saw a pale and bloody face, with a cruel red light shining in her eyes.

"Ho ho ho ho."

"Are you looking for me?"

It’s my sister-in-law!

I couldn't stand the stimulation for a while and fainted.

It was the pain that woke me up.

Li Daxian looked serious, holding a steel needle in his hand and pricking my acupuncture points.

"Baby, you're obsessed."

I'm alive! It was all an illusion!

I touched my back and it was empty.

Li Daxian pointed to the pit in front of him.

"I have already buried your sister-in-law here. You just fell into her trap. She was able to seduce you right under my nose right after she died."

"It seems we can't wait until the next day."

As he spoke, Li Daxian took out a human-shaped yellow talisman, pulled out a piece of my hair, and wrapped it around it.

"What do you want to do?"

Li Daxian directly put the charm on my back, and the skin suddenly felt like being pressed by ice cubes, making me gasp in coldness.

It got heavier and heavier, and I had no choice but to kneel on the ground.

"This Zhenyuan Talisman is passed down from my master's sect. It can make evil ghosts disappear before they form. As long as you stick to this Talisman and lie on her coffin for one night, I guarantee that she will never be seen again." You can’t come out to harm others.”

The weight on my back was like a huge mountain, and I was pressed to the ground, struggling to survive.

Li Daxian is extremely cold and indifferent.

"If you don't crawl over, you will be crushed into pulp."

I climbed into the pit step by step.

It turned out to be a bright red coffin, as thick as blood.

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The moment I lay on top of the coffin, the weight on my back finally disappeared.

I turned around and saw that Li Daxian had already disappeared.

Damn damn it!

The coffin continued to exude a cold atmosphere.

I touched the scarlet coffin and whispered softly.

"Sister-in-law, I've been so good to you, how could you come to me in the first place?"

"Have you forgotten that you were locked in the woodshed and who secretly brought you food?"

My sister-in-law is not from the village, she was bought back by my brother.

I still remember the disgusting expression of excitement on my brother’s face the day he carried his unconscious sister-in-law back.

"Mom, look at it, how beautiful it is. The son you gave birth to will definitely be good!"

My mother scanned my sister-in-law with eyes that looked at the goods.

When my sister-in-law woke up, my brother realized something was wrong.

She is mute.

The sister-in-law opened her mouth wide and made a hoarse and unpleasant sound.

I knew she was screaming, she was shouting to let her go.

But all I got was a violent beating from my brother.

My mother spat.

"You lose money, don't give me a mute child!"

But the human traffickers have long since left, and they can only suffer this loss.

So my sister-in-law was locked up in the woodshed. Every night I could see my brother going in, followed by the sound of my sister-in-law's resistance. After a burst of punches and kicks, my brother came out with a satisfied look on his face.

Not long after, my sister-in-law's belly grew bigger as if she had blown air.

That day, Li Daxian, who had not been back to the village for a long time, came back, and my mother quickly invited her to our home.

Li Daxian is a famous psychic from all over the country. The most important thing is that she can know the gender of the fetus.

My sister-in-law’s first child is a girl.

My mother immediately became angry and scolded her for being a loser. She dragged her back to the woodshed by her hair.

My brother took a very thick wooden stick and hit my sister-in-law hard on the stomach.

I saw my sister-in-law struggling desperately at first, but then a pool of blood flowed out from her body, and she stopped moving.

My brother is not afraid of breaking his sister-in-law's body. Anyway, Li Daxian will give him the elixir to heal his body.

Not long after, my sister-in-law became pregnant again, still a girl.

Finally, Li Daxian diagnosed the third child that his sister-in-law was pregnant with to be a boy.

My mother began to feed her eldest grandson delicious food and drinks.

But Li Daxian made a mistake. On the day my sister-in-law gave birth to the baby, I was waiting next to her in the bedroom with hot water.

With a loud cry, my mother happily took it, but when she touched it, it was without a handle.

My mother immediately took her newborn niece to Li Daxian's house to ask for an explanation.

The sister-in-law knew that her daughter might not survive, so she desperately tried to stop her. She crawled from the bed to the door, with blood streaks all over her body, and she screamed "Ahhhh".

I quickly supported her and reassured her that I would not let anything happen to my niece.

My sister-in-law's eyes shed tears of emotion.

My mother missed her grandson so much that she cursed her directly in front of Li Daxian's house, attracting everyone in the village to watch.

"You're a bastard who pretends to be crazy! You can't even tell whether the child is a boy or a girl!"

My mother suddenly became very excited as if she had thought of something.

"I'm afraid my first two are both eldest grandsons, but they were aborted by you!"

My mother sat on the ground and cried. When other people heard what she said, they also began to doubt Li Daxian.

Li Daxian opened the door with a cruel smile on his lips.

"You want grandsons, right? Then I'll tell you a recipe to ensure that your next child will be a boy!"

The folk remedy Li Daxian mentioned is called Baby Girl Soup.

It means cutting a newborn baby girl into pieces, spending seven or forty-nine days, and boiling it with the five poisons into a pot of soup, and then letting a woman who wants to get pregnant drink it. When the Yin Qi collides, the next child will definitely be a boy. .

Li Daxian looked at my mother with cloudy eyes.

"Especially the flesh and blood of close relatives is the best raw material for making soup."

My mother looked at Li Daxian suspiciously.

"Is this okay?"

Li Daxian snorted coldly: "You will know after you try it."

I took my mother's hand and begged.

"No, Mom, this is murder, she is your granddaughter!"

My mother shook me off, her eyes paranoid.

"Even if I have to use you to make soup, I will try it. The old Zhang family must not be without heirs!"

I shuddered.

After returning home, my mother asked my brother to find Wudu, and she personally chopped and killed the newborn baby in front of her sister-in-law in the woodshed.

"Let me take a good look at you, you loser!"

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"If you don't have another son, this will be the fate of everyone else!"

With the knife in hand, the sister-in-law, who was chained, squirmed wildly, trying to save her daughter.

But it's no use.

My sister-in-law's newborn daughter's life ended in violent cries.

Seventy-seven forty-nine days later, a pot of fragrant baby girl soup came out of the pot.

When my brother was giving soup to my sister-in-law, her eyes kept staring at me, like a ghost.

I've tried my best, but there's nothing I can do!

Just because of this, do you want to be the first to kill me?

Resentment suddenly welled up in my heart.

In this case, don't blame me for following Li Daxian's order and letting you disappear into ashes.

I looked at my watch and saw that it was almost midnight. I tried my best to ignore the strange wind noise in the mass grave and buried my head in my arms.

There was a sudden spin, and I was dragged off the coffin.

Zhao Jiuye's wrinkled face appeared above my head.

I screamed and moved back a few times.

"Girl, where did this talisman on your back come from?"

"The person who posted the charm wants to kill you!"

The yellow talisman held by Master Zhao Jiu instantly turned into a stream of light and flew towards the foot of the mountain.

I got excited and argued, "No way, Li Daxian couldn't possibly harm me. She asked me to lie on my sister-in-law's grave, saying that she wouldn't be able to harm anyone else!"

Zhao Jiuye's expression turned cold.

Why me again, why!

I lowered my head to hide the strong hatred in my eyes and asked in a low voice: "Master Zhao Jiu, what should I do now? I have been lying on the murderous coffin for several hours."

Zhao Jiuye took out a black flag from his pocket.

There are little jumping figures painted on it, which look a little weird.

Zhao Jiuye put the flag into my hand: "This is the soul-avoiding flag. When you go home, hang it in the center of the hall, and then add your own blood. No matter which evil spirit comes, it will protect you." Life."

"Remember, there must be blood, otherwise it won't recognize you!"

I nodded repeatedly and went down to the mass grave at night.

The lights at home were dimmed, so I walked into the hall quietly and hung the soul-avoiding flag in the center.

"What are you doing?"

Li Daxian's voice sounded from behind, and in the darkness, her eyes actually glowed green.

I lowered my head: "I didn't do anything."

Li Daxian suddenly went crazy. Her hands pinched my shoulders tightly. In my frightened eyes, her nails became longer and longer.

She is not human!

"Where's the talisman I gave you? Why did you come back early!"

"Who gave this to you? How dare you hang the soul-calling flag in your home!"

As he said this, Li Daxian used his hand to pull the soul-avoiding flag, but unexpectedly, a black mist popped up from the soul-avoiding flag and hit Li Daxian hard on the chest.

The back of Li Daxian's head hit the corner of the table, and black blood flowed out.

Is this, dead?

I slowly came closer, and an insect with a green glow all over its body crawled out of Li Daxian's mouth.

I covered my mouth tightly and ran back to my room without looking back.

Li Daxian died with worms crawling out of her mouth. Before she died, she said that Zhao Jiuye's soul-avoiding flag was a soul-calling flag.

But she is not a human being, so how can we believe what she says?

It's just that the black flag does make me a little uncomfortable.

I turned over and forced myself to fall asleep, not thinking about what Zhao Jiuye said about having to drip blood into the flag.

The next day, when the rooster crowed for the first time, I quietly got up from the bed and pretended that I had just returned from a mass grave.

My mother was sitting anxiously in the yard. When she saw me coming back, her eyes suddenly widened.

"Damn girl, why are you back? You should be with your sister-in-law!"

Accompanying sister-in-law? Will you die with your sister-in-law?

I couldn't help but said with resentment: "In your opinion, trading my life for yours and your brother's is a sure win!"

My mother looked ferocious: "If it weren't for your brother, I wouldn't have given birth to you. Your life is mine!"

My brother came out shirtless. When he saw me, he immediately started shouting and wanted to send me back to the mass grave.

I held on to the door tightly and refused to let go. There were evil ghosts on the mass grave, as well as my sister-in-law who died in vain. If I went there, I would die!

A low hoarse voice came.

"If you survive a whole night, this girl is destined to be lucky."

Li Daxian, who was originally dead, appeared at my doorstep unharmed.

She walked in slowly, her eyes dark and strange.

It's like there are roots in the soles of my feet, and I can't even scream.

Li Daxian touched my back with his hand. It was not the touch of a living person, but something like a cold and hard carapace.

She held the human-shaped talisman between her fingers. The original yellow talisman was soaked with red blood.

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"The yellow talisman is soaked in blood. It's done. That thing has been wiped out."

My mother and brother were overjoyed and thanked Li Daxian profusely.

Li Daxian ignored them and gave me a weird smile.

After she left, my legs went weak and I fell to the ground.

"Mom, Li Daxian," I swallowed, "Li Daxian is not a living person!"

"You can't believe what she says!"

My mother looked at me with disgust.

"Are you scared out of your mind? Go back to work!"

I lowered my head and stopped talking.

Since you don't care about my life, then you all should die!

Soon the day of my sister-in-law's first seven days came, but because Li Daxian said, my sister-in-law had already been wiped out, so my mother and my brother didn't care.

The two of them are busy buying a new sister-in-law these days.

It was twelve o'clock at midnight, and the wind was howling loudly. I hid under the soul-avoiding flag given by Mr. Zhao Jiu, and did not dare to move.

"If you don't want to die, come down here!"

It’s Li Daxian again!

She is not a living person. Last time, the Soul-Rescaping Banner knocked her unconscious. She can't hurt me now.

My teeth chattered and I tried to ignore Li Daxian.

When Li Daxian saw that I was silent, he directly started to drag me.

The soul-avoiding flag is useless!

Li Daxian's dark, wrinkled face came very close.

I screamed.

"Who are you! What do you want to do!"

Li Daxian did not answer, but just said: "Is this what Zhao Jiu gave you? Did he also let you put a drop of blood in it?"

"Yes, so what? He is trying to protect me. Unlike you, you are not a human being at all!"

Li Daxian's eyes squinted: "What a joke, he is the master of the soul-calling flag. As long as you drop blood into it, your life will be in his hands."

At this moment, there was a knock on the door outside the house.

A ghostly voice came: "Xiao Nan, open the door. It's my sister-in-law. My sister-in-law can speak now."


I stared at the door in horror.

I have never heard my sister-in-law speak before, and hearing her now just makes my hair stand on end.

Suddenly, the knocking on the door became violent.

"Open the door, open the door!"

Li Daxian said coldly: "Do you know whether it is to summon spirits or to escape spirits?"

I nodded repeatedly and said tremblingly: "Now, what should I do now?"

A meaningful smile appeared on Li Daxian's face.

The next day, someone died in my family.

My mother and brother died miserably. My mother's stomach was opened and her internal organs were spilled all over the floor. My brother's crotch was smashed to pieces and he was scared to death.

It was daylight, and I knelt on the ground and kept crying.

When the village chief arrived, he was frightened by the cruel sight before him and gasped.

He told me to go back to my room and the villagers would help my family with the funeral.

I buried my head deeply and didn't dare to raise it. I was afraid. I was afraid that when I raised my head, they would see the smile on my face!

Sister-in-law, sister-in-law, you are really my good sister-in-law. You helped me withstand many beatings when you were not dead, and you were able to help me deal with two enemies after death.

You are so, so good!

When the Qingming Festival comes, I will burn some more paper money for you!

In the bedroom, I stared at my appearance in the mirror. There were several scars on my thin body, the most hideous of which was just under my ribs.

That was left on me by my mother's own hands three years ago.

My brother has been in poor health since he was a child. His organs have been failing since the day he was born.

Li Daxian said that because of his weak constitution, it would be difficult for him to live beyond the age of 18, so my mother went to hospitals everywhere and asked for folk remedies just to cure my brother's illness.

But even so, my brother's body is still declining day by day.

Until one day, my mother heard somewhere that organ matching has the highest probability of success among relatives.

She could have another child to save my brother.

I am my brother’s mobile organ bank.

Other people's children grow up in love, but I grew up on the operating table.

As long as the organs could be successfully matched, I almost gave them to my brother, including kidneys, lungs, and even intestines. Maybe it was because I was lucky, but I managed to survive them all.

My brother also gradually got better because he had my organ.

The day my mother took me out of the hospital, I naively thought that from now on I would be like other people's children, with love and sugar.

But not long after, my brother fell ill again, and the doctor said it was rejection.

My mother pinched my shoulders with a ferocious expression.

<img src='×2147483647&quality=80&type=jpg' alt='Real events in the movie "Curse"_How many people died in the movie "Death Curse"


"Impossible, they are brothers and sisters, impossible!"

"In this case, then replace another lung and another kidney!"

I cried and said I couldn’t change it, I only had one left and it would kill me.

"Just die, you were born for your brother!"

My brother, my brother, my brother again!

I broke down and shouted: "He is just a short-lived ghost!"

My mother screamed, slapped me in the face, took me home and locked me in the woodshed.

Hungry and thirsty, I began to regret saying that.

I don’t know how long it took, but my mother opened the door excitedly. I thought she was coming to let me out, and cried that I didn’t dare anymore.

My mother touched my head gently.

"Don't be afraid, this is the last time."

The next second the sound of a sharp knife piercing the flesh was heard.

My mother said, "Where are the lungs? Where are the lungs over here?"

She turned her wrist and started stirring. I almost fainted from the pain.

"Li Daxian said that cutting a small piece of lung and offering it to the mountain god will keep my child safe."

My brother urged impatiently: "Mom, hurry up."

"Ah, found it!"

When I woke up, I found myself thrown on the hill behind the village, with wolves howling from time to time.

Damn, damn!

Fuck the mountain god, fuck Li Daxian!

The excessive blood loss caused me to have delusions. I even felt that there were many ghosts in front of me, and the cold breath kept squeezing into my body.

Just when I thought I was going to die, a peaceful voice sounded in my ears.

"The fate of breaking the pillar?"

Then I fell into a warm embrace.

The person who saved me was a monk.

Only then did I realize that I was destined to break the pillars and was not bound by the reincarnation of cause and effect. I was the favorite body of ghosts and monsters.

The monk said: "I have placed a restriction in your body. As long as you don't take the initiative to expose it, those things will not notice your constitution and cannot seize it."

After speaking, he also gave me an introductory secret book so that I could practice and enhance my yang energy.

I thanked him and returned step by step to that home that was scarier than hell.

This time, I must make up for the harm I suffered.

Not long after, my brother bought the movie for his sister-in-law .

My sister-in-law has fair skin, a beautiful face, and a bookish air about her that I don’t have.

I hated her from the first sight.

So I kept telling my mom and my brother how dishonest she was because she was a distraction. From then on, my mom and my brother rarely hit me.

In front of my sister-in-law, I pretended to be pitiful.

My brother aborted two of her children.

When I went to deliver the food, I waited quietly for my sister-in-law to finish eating, and then cried and said, "Sister-in-law, I'm sorry, what you just ate was a folk remedy my mother found, saying that this way you can have a son."

"I was forced too!"

There was deep hatred and despair in my sister-in-law's eyes.

Seeing that the time was almost up, the book the monk gave him said that if a person dies with hatred and obsession, there is a chance that he will become a ghost.

Baby girl soup was the last straw for my sister-in-law.

I put the collected hair of my mother, my brother, and Li Daxian into my sister-in-law’s hands.

"Sister-in-law, I heard that you can curse a person with his hair. This is their hair, just take it as a consolation!"

"Sister-in-law, I really want to throw their hair on the mass grave. I heard that ghosts recognize people by their smell, so let the ghosts take their lives."

The sister-in-law's eyes flashed.

The next day, my sister-in-law was killed in the woodshed while wearing a bright red dress, holding the bunch of hair tightly in her hand.

I was deliberately slapped by my mother on my sister-in-law's body, and I wiped my sister-in-law's neck with my own blood that I had prepared in advance.

As expected, Li Daxian fell into the trap and was thrown into confusion.

Mr. Zhao Jiu thought that I didn’t recognize the soul-calling flag, but in fact I had seen it in that book. Although I didn’t know why he wanted to harm me, he just happened to help me.

Last night, I walked to my mother's room through the secret door in the hall and bedroom. As expected, my brother was also sleeping in it.

I quietly hung the soul-calling flag in the corner, and my sister-in-law's soft voice echoed in the room.


It's a pity that Li Daxian couldn't be killed together.

Thinking of this, I suddenly felt a little scared. I tested Li Daxian with the soul-calling flag, but she was neither alive nor dead. What on earth was she?

No, I can't sit still and wait for death. Since the damned people are dead, there is no need for me to stay here anymore.

I took out my luggage that I had packed a long time ago. When I opened the door, Li Daxian tilted his head and looked at me.

"Where could you run to?"

What she was holding was the blood-soaked yellow talisman.

"You are the one who broke the pillar, and you are connected with the evil ghost on the mass grave."

"Where do you think you can run to?"

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