folk Ghost Stories

Hua Xin looks ugly and indescribable. But he is very clever with his words, and he can say the same thing. No matter who he is in front of, he can say something daring and make you laugh. Loved by people. Once, Xiao Qi joked with him: "They say you can rhyme right away, but I don't believe it. There is a bowl here, can you make it into a jingle?" Hua Xin took the bowl, looked at it, and then raised his voice and said: "Listen! This bowl is a rice bowl. It holds both water and rice. Although it has no sides, it is an ancestral treasure passed down from generation to generation. Don't forget this rice bowl. The old man used it to eat. He carried it around with him and filled it with bitter water. I'm so sad. I advise you to keep it well. If you don't have the bowl, you won't have the rice." Xiaosan burst out laughing, then extended his thumb and praised: "Good! You are eloquent, you are really eloquent!"

I remember that when I was a child, at noon, I was delivering food to my grandfather who was working in the burden field, and I bumped into him on the way. He tapped the pole on my shoulder with his pipe and said, "I ate your rice, smashed your cans, and didn't give you the pickles." I asked, "Have you met my grandpa?" He replied: " Why haven't you seen me? I even helped him do some work for a while." I said, "Then you can go back with me to eat. There is a lot of dry food." He said, "It's better to waive it. Anyway, I have a place to take care of the food. Your grandfather I'm hungry, don't waste time!" After saying that, he left humming a little tune.

Speaking of which, this man also had a hard life. His wife died within half a year of marrying him, and he never found her again, so he lived alone. Before liberation, there was not a single ridge of land and not even half a house. They had to work for others to make a living. In recent years, Mr. Han has been visiting Po and living in a dilapidated house in Nanpo. Legend has it that this place is very tight, and ghosts often appear in the middle of the night. He is very brave and is not afraid of this. He told people that two female ghosts had recently made him uneasy. After he fell asleep, they carried him outside the house. Xiaoqi asked him: "How do you know whether you are a boy or a girl when you are asleep?" He sang casually: "Xiaoqi" Qi Xiaoqi listens to me, and sometimes she is caught by ghosts when she is half awake. She lifts her head and feet to the ground and laughs. She sounds like a female ghost, so I feel embarrassed to criticize her." "It's probably that they have fallen in love with you, right?" Hua The letter sang: "They are ghosts and not humans. It is useless to say that you are interested in them. Unless they die and go to the underworld, maybe they will become my subordinates." Xiaoqi said: "Have you not seen Liao Zhai? There are almost ghosts in them, and some of them are ghosts. He is very loyal and helpful." Hua Chang said: "What you said is so unreasonable. I don't know that my uncle is uneducated and I have no connection with Chinese characters. He knows me and I don't know him." Xiao Qi told him: "Ghosts can also be good. The difference between bad and evil is that ghosts who are kind to people are good ghosts, and ghosts that scare people are evil ghosts. It seems that you have met a good ghost." Xiaoqi's few words touched Hua's heart. He couldn't say Allegro and asked hurriedly: " How do you know?" Xiao Qi said: "This is not a lice on the bald head – it's obvious! If the evil spirit had already killed you." Hua said disapprovingly: "I'm not afraid of these!" Xiao Qi said cryptically: "Don't you have a wife? Why don't you have an idea of ​​​​her two? What are you afraid of? I will still give birth to your child." Upon hearing this, Hua Xin scratched his head and said: "Why didn't I think of it? Let's go! Let's go to the pub for a few drinks. Take a cup."

The shopkeeper met Hua Xin and asked, "I haven't seen you for a long time. Is it time to pay back the wine money I owe?" Hua said, "Shopkeeper, look at me, I blush when I mention the wine money. Being upright is a good man, and Huaxin is not a promiscuous person. .Don’t think I have a penny on my body, I won’t be able to owe you any money in the future. Quickly give me a bottle of wine and a plate of fried peanuts. Xiao Qi and I will drink together and we have something to discuss.” The shopkeeper knows who he is. , and quickly brought the food and wine to the table.

Hua Xin and Xiao Qi sat on stools, drinking and pulling. Hua Xin was an amateur at dealing with women, and he didn't know how to deal with those two ghosts. Xiao Qi whispered in his ear: So and so…

At night, Hua Xin pretended to be asleep and snored non-stop. The two female ghosts came before midnight and giggled when they saw Hua Xin sleeping like a dead pig. As usual, lift it up and walk out the door. Hua Xin suddenly raised his arms to hug the female ghost who raised her head. The one who raised her legs looked at it, laughed and hid. The female ghost said anxiously: "What are you doing? Let me go quickly and discuss things carefully, otherwise I will yell." Hua Xin said: "You can scream, anyway, in the slope, except for your sister, no one else You can't hear me." The ghost said lovingly: "Let me go and you'll break my waist. Are you so cruel?" Hua Xin said, "I'm afraid you'll run away." The ghost said softly. He said, "Please put your heart in your heart. I will not leave here. I have fallen in love with you a long time ago." Upon hearing this, Hua Xin quickly let go of his hand and said, "Why didn't you tell me earlier, what is your name?" Seeing no movement, she murmured: "I know this and don't let go. You've been fooled." After a moment, the female ghost giggled and said: "I was just playing around with you. Do you really think I'm gone? Tell you that I I like you. My name is Daukou." Before she could finish speaking, Hua Xin asked anxiously: "How old are you this year?" Daukou said, "I am eighteen years old." Hua Xin said, "So young? I am older than You are more than 20 years older and you are so ugly. Can you like me?" Doujiao said, "I don't mind. You have such a kind heart and your eloquence is so good." Hua Xin said happily, "As long as you like me. We are destined."

The night was pitch black, and only the voices of the two talking could be heard, but their faces could not be seen. Hua Xin asked: "You are so young, why did you die?" Dou Kao said: "It's a long story. My family is originally from the Yellow River, and in the 32nd year of the Republic of China, there was a severe drought and no crops were harvested. There was no way for the whole family to come to your place. I was on the run and begging for food, so my father gave me to the Han family in order to provide me with food. Unexpectedly, the urinal nest was moved to the excrement nest. This family had no intestines and was fond of eating. Seeing that I had a large appetite, they tortured me to death. I'm buried here in the episode "Being a Wife with a Ghost ." It's so annoying to think about it!" Hua Xin was very sympathetic when he heard this. He held Daukou in his arms, stroked her head and said, "I'll work at his house. , I will avenge this revenge for you!" Daukou said very gratefully: "Juhong and I did not misjudge you, it can be considered that we have the support of noble people, and finally have a backer." Hua Xin asked: "Is that sister of yours called Juhong? Cardamom said: "Yes," and called Juhong over.

Juhong came up and said sheepishly: "You two, please do it, I support your marriage." Doujiao said: "But we are ghosts, he can't see our faces." Juhong said: "This is easy to handle, tomorrow Let Hua Xin buy a piece of meat and put it on our table and worship it for seven days and seven nights, and he will naturally see us."

Sure enough, on the night of the seventh day, Hua Xin really saw them. But when I saw Daukou Huan, her eyes were wide open, her face was like peach cheeks, and her body was plump, like a fairy; her orange body was light, and her facial features were straight, like a maid. At this moment, Watson felt his legs go numb and he couldn't help but feel distracted. But you can't act rashly while guarding the orange color. Orange was smart and could see what he was thinking and said, "I have something to do and I have to go out." She turned around and walked away with a smile. Hua Xin took the opportunity to step forward and pick up Daqiao's body and put it on the kang.

Hua Xin and Dou Kao Yun Yu and After the Ghost Wife , Ju Hong came back and saw Dou Kao scratching her nose with her index finger, which made her face red with embarrassment. Daukou said: "Damn girl, you will be like this in the future." Juhong said: "I am not like this. I will only be your maid, not someone else's daughter-in-law." Daukou said: "Don't believe it, you will die at home? Stop talking nonsense and cook some food quickly. We are all hungry." Juhong said embarrassedly: "Look at Huaxin being so poor that he is shaking the pot, what should I do with it?" Daukou said: "That's right, it's embarrassing. It's hard for a clever girl to cook without rice." The attendant took off the ring from his hand, handed it to her and said, "Pawn it, go to the ghost market to buy some wine and food." Hua Xin said, "There is still rice and noodles in the kitchen. I see. Let's just eat something." Juhong smiled and said, "I don't understand what Miss, today is your big day, so the wedding banquet will naturally be held."

Orange took the lady's ring, stepped out of the door and disappeared into the dark night.

Hua Xin said to Daukou: "I'm going to the village to buy some food and bring some vegetables back." Daukou said: "I don't think so, everyone has gone to bed long ago." "What should we eat?" Daukou said: "No. Do you have any noodles? Roll out the noodles and I'll make them." After saying that, he started to take action. Hua Xin said: "It's better for me to do it. I won't leave to do this work." Daukou said embarrassedly: "If I originally did this, how could I let you do it?" Hua Xin said: "Aren't you a newbie? Come on? Since you are busy today, sit down quickly and watch my craftsmanship." So he poured the noodles into the basin, poured some water on it and mixed it up. The noodles were ready in half a pack of cigarettes. Cardamom looked at it and saw that the hardness of that side was just right for rolling noodles. She smiled and praised, "It's really impressive!"

After Hua Xin finished rolling the noodles, Orange came back with wine and food. She put the food on the case and started to fix it. Daukou said: "You should take a rest and let your brother Hua Xin do it." Juhong looked at him and said, "Today is your big day, how can you bother him? Let me do it." Hua Xin Said: "Okay, I'll light a fire."

Not long after, the meal was ready and the three of them sat together and started drinking. As she drank, Orange shed tears. Daukou saw her thoughts and comforted her: "I'll ask your Hua Xin brother to introduce you to one in a few days. There are no three-legged chickens, but there are plenty of two-legged people. Don't worry." I can't find a good man." As soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly heard a sound outside the door. Just as he was wondering, the mistress came over with a smile. When he entered the door, he criticized Hua Xin: "You got a good thing, and you forgot all about your great benefactor, and you didn't invite me to a cup of wedding wine." Hua Xin said: "How can I disturb you in the middle of the night? No wonder! No wonder! Sit down quickly. Let's have a drink." The mistress looked at the cardamom, stretched out her thumb and praised: "Auntie is really a talented person," and then looked at the orange. Orange was so ashamed that she quickly lowered her head. Daukou asked the mistress: "Do you have a family?" The mistress said nothing. Hua Xin said: "His parents died when he was young, and he lived with his brother and sister-in-law. His family was poor. Whose girl suffered with him?" Doukou said: "If you are not afraid of poverty, you are afraid of not being able to survive. As long as you have ambition, wealth will naturally find it. Came to your door." Upon hearing this, Xiaosan valued Daumou even more. She mustered up her courage and said, "From now on, it's all up to my aunt to care about you!" Daukou looked at Juhong and said, "What's so difficult about this? If you don't mind, I'd like to betroth Miss Juhong to you." After hearing this, Xiao Sanyi hurriedly got down and gave Daukou kowtow.

When Boss Han saw that Hua Xin had married a beautiful daughter-in-law, he was very envious and devoted himself to seizing her as his wife. He came up with a plan and called Han Xin to his home and said: "The debt owed by the He family in Puyang is due. Go and get it. There are ten taels of silver here as payment, and you can leave tomorrow." Hua Xin did not dare. He was negligent and left Cardamom the next day. Before leaving, Hua Xin warned him in every possible way to beware of bad guys. Kao Kao said: "Don't worry, I love you, no one can try to take advantage of me."

Hua Xin, wearing a long coat and carrying a money bag on his shoulders, slowly said goodbye to Daukou, lowered his head and went out step by step.

When Boss Han saw Hua Xin traveling far away and coming to the slope alone, and seeing Da Kao's playful smiling face, he suddenly had evil thoughts and couldn't help but pounce on Da Kao. As soon as Daukou dodged, Boss Han jumped away and fell to the ground. Daukou smiled and said: "You are so old, are you still so impatient?" Then he smiled sweetly: "Come on! It's short-lived." The more Boss Han looked at Daukou, the more beautiful she became, especially this smile, which made him want to laugh. Cardamom walked to the stream outside, took off her clothes, and waved her index finger at him coquettishly. Boss Han rushed up in a few steps, pushed her to the ground frantically, took out the dick and handed it to her. I just felt a huge pain, and when I looked at it, the cardamom was gone, and there was a crab as big as a bowl clenched tightly on my body. Cardamom hid behind the willow tree and giggled. At this moment, Xiaosan and Juhong came. Seeing this scene, they asked, "What kind of trick is this?" Boss Han was so embarrassed that he picked up his pants and walked away dejectedly.

Since then, Mr. Han has developed malignant sores on his penis, and the doctors are helpless.

When Hua Xin came back to ask for the account, he was very angry when he heard what the mistress said. Isn't he a person with a strong nose and nose? He rolled up his sleeves and went to settle accounts. Cardamom said: "No need, he is a terminally ill person and he won't live long."

Within a few months, Boss Han died. On the day of the funeral, his temple suddenly caught fire and was completely burned. When Dou Kao heard this, she looked up to the sky and laughed: "The sky really has eyes and avenged my hatred."

Good will be rewarded with good and evil will be punished with evil. This is a historical reference. You should base your life on kindness and never act rashly.

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