Short Ghost Story

Today’s story was provided to me by a netizen. It happened not long ago on the 15th, when a vicious traffic accident occurred in the Shanxi section of the Beijing-Kunming Expressway. A Jinbei car that was traveling normally was hit head-on by a large trailer truck in the opposite lane that drove over the isolation belt due to fatigue. Six of the seven people in the Jinbei car were killed and one was seriously injured.

The friend of the netizen's husband, who was also a partner in the company, was also among the victims. During the National Day holiday this year, the two of them went on a trip together. They were laughing and laughing as if it was yesterday. Within a month, they were separated forever.

After hearing the sad news, netizens were both sad and shocked. She always felt that this car accident was extremely strange and bizarre.

The lover of the friend who died rushed to Shanxi immediately. The local police did not let her see the body. Netizens searched for news pictures and saw that the Jinbei car had been severely twisted and deformed under the heavy impact. One can imagine how tragic the car accident was.

Because the five-year-old daughter of the friend who was killed has a psychic constitution and is often "scared", the family has a queen exorcism master who dreams of serial car accidents and kills many people . A man who lives in Tianjin has a cousin. Master Chumaxian.

After the car accident, her friend and lover contacted the master and asked her in grief: "Master! Why on earth is this!? You are well-known and have been a friend of our family for many years. Didn't you see something beforehand?" "

The master let out a long sigh and said to her: "It is an iron rule in our industry not to care about life or death and not to reveal secrets. Please tell me, is there Y on this trip?" My friend and lover were shocked, Y, It was the driver who was driving at the time.

Y has been a partner of a friend who was killed and the husband of a netizen for many years. In the first half of the year, he had frequent nightmares due to hauntings in his home, so the friend who was killed introduced a Tianjin master he knew to Y.

Not long after that, Y took the initiative to contact the master and said that at about two o'clock the night before, clear bursts of women's cries could be heard from the house their family rented. The cries were choked and desolate, making people feel chilly and creepy. .

After finally falling asleep, Y dreamed that someone pinched his chest fiercely and warned him fiercely: "I know you are looking for someone to deal with me. If you dare to do this again, I will make you go away without any return!" Master At that time, Y was encouraged and comforted, telling him not to be afraid. This kind of thing must be eradicated to ensure safety.

Not long after, this tragic car accident occurred. The master told the lover of the slain netizen: "This Y is not clean. I knew that the person following him was a evil ghost, but I never expected that you would drive out together. The evil ghost with such great grievances could drag a car of people to be buried with him. This is the first time I’ve seen him in many years.”

Netizens said that the friend who died was tall and tall, about 1.8 meters tall, and showed great talent. He is an honest and upright person, and no one around him has anything bad to say about him. Who would have thought that in his prime, he would be killed in a car accident and pass away like this? Every time I think about this, netizens feel sad and regretful.

A friend's lover told netizens that the night before yesterday, when she was half asleep and half awake, she faintly heard someone knocking on the door. The lightness and intensity were very similar to the feeling her husband had when he came home from a business trip at night. When I listened carefully again, it was completely silent in the dead of night and nothing could be heard.

That night, my friend's lover dreamed of her deceased husband for the first time. The couple wept relative to each other, and neither of them spoke. My friend and lover always felt that my late husband was cold for some reason, so they hurriedly prepared paper cold clothes and burned them for him.

She told the netizen who provided me with the material that her lover cared about and loved her daughter the most during her lifetime. If there was anything she couldn’t let go of, it was her daughter who was just five years old. She must do her best to raise her daughter and nurture her into a talented person. Don't think about it so that your late husband can go on the road with peace of mind.

We often say that we don’t know which one will come first, tomorrow or accident, so cherishing the moment and living up to every moment of joy, anger, sorrow and joy in life is the wisest move to live up to this life and leave no regrets.

When will injustice be repaid?

I can't help but wonder what kind of deep hatred the evil spirit who took Y had with him did not hesitate to destroy a car of 6 innocent lives, but he also promised to do what he said, so that Y would "never come back."

Perhaps it has ten million irrefutable reasons to seek revenge, but after the great revenge is avenged, there is only nothingness left, and it also adds to the unforgettable pain of five families who have lost their blood relatives, and the dream of sworn hatred. Seeing that many people died in serial car accidents , why bother to come…

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