The Man In The Ear

The Ping’an Dynasty was an aristocratic society, and the nobles fought against each other. The winner held the power and called the wind and rain, while the loser was banished and exiled to a remote area as a magistrate.

In order to expand their power, these local nobles often buy manors and call tenant farmers to cultivate them. Since they only need to hand over part of the grain and money, they are exempted from exorbitant taxes. Many people would rather sell themselves as tenant farmers, and the manors will naturally flourish. .

A vast manor always needs someone to take care of it, so the samurai came into being.

Afterwards, the samurai entered the central government and opened a new era of the shogunate.

——Of course, the course of history has little to do with this story, and it’s just mentioned here for the convenience of everyone’s understanding.

Let’s get into the story.

In the Izumo country, there is a powerful local nobleman called Yun Qiweng.

Although he was called Yun Qiweng, he was very young, only about thirty-one or twelve years old.

The manor of Yun Qiweng’s family is the largest in the Izumo country.

It is said that more than half of the common people in the Izumo Kingdom are his tenant farmers, and there are countless samurai guarding the manor for him. Among them, there must be strange people and anecdotes that are different from ordinary people, but it is a pity that these have nothing to do with this story, so I won’t repeat them one by one.

At the beginning of winter this year, Yun Qiweng suddenly suffered from ear problems and was in great pain.

At the beginning, it was just a little hard of hearing, but everyone didn’t care.

Later, it gradually became serious. Yun Qiweng felt that his ears were buzzing all day long, as if something was crawling around, and he often couldn’t hear others talking, so everyone became anxious and invited the best pharmacist in Izumo country. Come to treat Yun Qiweng.

The pharmacist came, but after a long time of consultation, he didn’t know what the disease was, and he was so anxious that he was sweating profusely, and almost left ashamed.

Everyone also thought that it might be a demon, so they invited a famous monk to pray for Yun Qiweng by his pillow day and night.

The monks tried their best to pray for three days, and found out many ghosts who had feuds with Yun Qiweng’s family for generations, but Yun Qiweng’s ear disease still did not improve.

In desperation, the monk had no choice but to put his hands together and said:

“The almsgiver’s family property is very large. Is this illness caused by exhaustion from working day and night? The poor monk knows that Suma is deep in the mountains, with beautiful mountains and rivers, and beautiful scenery, and it is close to the coast. It is an undisturbed place far away from the world. A quiet place. If the benefactor is free, he can go there for a walk to relax, maybe the disease will improve after this, it is unknown.”

Yun Qiweng was sincere when he saw what the monk said, and since he hadn’t gone out for many years, he really wanted to take this opportunity to enjoy the wild scenery, so he went there in low clothes the next day.

Although it is a “micro-service”, the guard of honor is also very grand, with as many as 20 pioneers.

A group of people opened up the mountain and sang, marching towards Suma mightily.

On the first day of entering the mountain, there was a thick fog, and it was impossible to tell them apart three steps away. Even the mountain people who came to lead the way were missing, so the group had to move forward by groping.

I don’t know how long I walked, and there was a faint singing voice in the distance:

“There is a madman in Suma, holding a dead branch in his hand, planting it carefully, and watering it every day. Everyone who sees it looks sideways, making it a laughing stock. The little boy is very puzzled, and he laughs at him.” Madman, madman. There is no dead branch. Roots, how can we survive?” The madman smiled: “People have no roots, wandering around, seeking official career, or seeking wealth, running around and working hard all their lives. It’s nothing like dead branches, I will take care of them, no worries about feed, and sunshine everywhere.” Sprinkle, carefree, how happy!'”

When the attendants heard the voice, they thought they could ask this person for directions, so they cheered up and hurried on their way.

Yun Qiweng was sitting in the car, and he also heard this singing, he felt very strange:

“I have suffered from serious ear problems for the past few years. Even if someone else is yelling into my ears, I may not be able to hear them. Why can I hear this distant singing so clearly? Weird!”

Yun Qiweng thought about it, but still couldn’t get it. He ordered his attendants to stop the ox cart, called two young handymen, and said to them:

“Go find the singing person and bring him here.”

The two handymen responded: “No.” They left side by side.

The two walked along the mountain path for a long time, but the singing still lingered in front of them, and they both became a little scared.

“Hey, let me say, this singer is not a mountain spirit fox monster, is it?”

“Stop talking! My hairs are standing on end…”

The two trembled forward while talking about insignificant words.

After walking for a long time, the eyes suddenly opened up, and the thick fog was behind.

A young man in white clothes, about 14 or 15 years old, held a dead branch in one hand, posing like a nobleman sitting upright holding a long fan, singing the song “There is a madman in Suma…” from the opposite side come over.

The young man sang a few songs, then giggled for a while, walking and stopping, very carefree.

The two handymen took a closer look, only to feel that this young man was as elegant as a white water lily blooming in the still moonlit night, as if he had descended from the world.

Tired of singing, the young man sat down on a big rock by the roadside to rest his legs.

The two handymen came forward, talked like this, and finally said:

“My master invites the young master to meet and talk to each other, do you have time?”


The young man stared blankly at the two of them with a dull expression.

The handyman explained it many times, but the young man still didn’t understand, so handyman A said to handyman B: “I think this man must be the son of a family who lives here. He is born demented and puzzled.” Sophisticated. Somehow we let him get away, and we talked to him nicely, like playing the piano with a cow, it’s just a waste of time, it’s better to take him directly, which saves a lot of trouble.” Handyman Yi Lianlian Saying yes, the two of them took the young man’s left hand and the other held the young man’s right hand, and returned along the original road.

The boy was led away by two handymen who he didn’t know, but he didn’t resist and let them deal with him.

When we returned to the place where the ox cart was parked, the thick fog had cleared.

Yun Qiweng rolled up the bamboo curtain, looked at this delicate young man carefully, and said:

“Is it you who sang just now?”

The young man only took one look at Yun Qiweng, then laughed so hard that he almost fell to the ground.

“what’s so funny!”

Yun Qiweng got a little angry.

As soon as the boy heard Yun Qiweng’s voice, he laughed even harder, rubbing his stomach and shouting, “Ouch!”

“Hmph! So it’s a madman! I still think I’m a fairy.”

Yun Qiweng lowered the curtain, feeling very unhappy.

Hearing this, the young man suddenly opened his mouth and said:

“You have never seen a real immortal, how do you know that an immortal is not like me?”

When I first heard this, I felt like a rogue, but I couldn’t refute it.

“…Then let me ask you, do you know how to heal?”

“I’m neither a pharmacist nor a powerful monk, so how can I cure diseases? Besides, you have healthy limbs and a rosy complexion. What kind of disease do you have?”

As the young man talked, although his words were still presumptuous, they were ashamed to be logical.

Yun Qiweng had no choice but to say: “I have suffered from severe ear disease for the past few years, and it is very painful…” He told the truth about his illness.

The boy waved his sleeves and said:

“I can cure your disease.”

“…Didn’t you just say that you can’t heal?”

“I specialize in treating your disease. I don’t know how to treat other diseases.”

The boy looked up at the sky, and said:

“It’s getting late, why don’t you stay in a humble hotel for one night, and I can also treat your ear problems by the way, and when you go back tomorrow morning, the disease has been cured, wouldn’t it be great?”

Yun Qiweng was a little tempted, so he asked:

“Have you asked for your name yet?”

“My surname is Bai, and I’m known as ‘Bai Shi’.”

The young man smiled heartily, revealing a mouthful of white teeth.

Mrs. Bai led the group into the house, let the attendants sit on the porch, found a charcoal basin for them to warm up, and went to the room to entertain them with wine and food, while he went into the inner room with Yun Qiweng.

When Yun Qiweng first saw Mrs. Bai set up his entourage, he had a sophisticated attitude and moderate speech. He was not at all like an unworldly young man. In the room of a wealthy family in the capital, I was very puzzled: “Could it be that this young man is a descendant of the royal family who lives in seclusion in the mountains?” Although he thought so in his heart, he never said it out. But seeing a woman’s figure reflected behind the curtain, the woman lifted up her long clothes and kept walking back and forth, the fragrance on her body was sent out from behind the curtain by the mountain wind, but the fragrance was It is different from other women, fresh and elegant, very cute. Yun Qiweng was dazed by the aroma, his mind went blank.

Pointing to a futon, Bai said briefly, “Sit down.”


“If you want to get well, you have to do what I tell you.”

Bai said with a blank face.

Yun Qiweng had no choice but to sit down on the futon.

Bai Shi half knelt next to him, making an appearance of “talking with his ears”.

“…What a good man! His appearance is magnificent, his temperament is elegant, his clothes are bright, his incense is not ordinary, his hair is black and shiny, and not messy at all. He is an incomparable beauty! Such a fairy The same people will also come into this world, how can we teach people not to love Sha?…”

Bai’s ear was attached to Yun Qiweng’s, and he uttered a lot of sweet words.

Although Yun Qiweng didn’t know what he was going to do, but these words were very useful, so he let him go.

“Ahhh! I am afraid that Guangyuan, who is known for his beauty, will feel ashamed if he sees such a graceful and luxurious demeanor…”

While speaking, Bai Shi moved away.

“…This posture is almost mistaken for a beautiful woman, such a nice man, if I were born a woman, even if there is a strong blood relationship with each other, I will not leave.”

Bai’s voice became softer and softer, and Yun Qiweng could barely hear it clearly.

Yun Qiweng felt that his ears were buzzing, as if something was about to crawl out, he was greatly surprised and dared not speak.

Bai Shi moved to sit further away, Yun Qiweng could only see his lips moving, but couldn’t hear what he was saying.



A small black thing suddenly crawled out of Yun Qiweng’s ear canal, leaning on the pinna and said in a high-pitched voice:

“Hey, why don’t you continue talking!”

With sharp eyes and quick hands, Bai’s flicked behind Yun Qiweng’s ear, and the thing fell out.

When Yun Qiweng saw it, he was actually a three-inch-long villain, his whole body was pitch black, his face was like a yaksha, and he was extremely ferocious.

After the villain came out of Yun Qiweng’s ear, he ran back and forth on the floor howling with a confused expression on his face, as if he had lost his mind.

Within the time for a cup of tea, the villain fell to the ground and died.

“This, what is this thing!”

Yun Qiweng pointed at the villain and exclaimed.

Bai Shi smiled slightly.

“As the saying goes, ‘loyal words are against the ear’. I think adults are used to listening to good words, and have not listened to good words for a long time, so this thing was born. Now this thing has been removed, but I still want to advise: If you still refuse to listen to good words in the future, you will still Suffering from the same disease, giving birth to the same foreign body.”

At this time, the sky was slightly bright, Bai Shi pointed to Yun Qiweng, and said:

“Go, don’t set foot on Suma in the future.”

Yun Qiweng thought that this person’s origin was unknown, maybe it was a fox ghost transformed, so he hurriedly led his followers and fled down the mountain tremblingly.

The woman who had been hiding behind the curtain, neither showing her body nor speaking, stuck her head out at this moment, looked around, and then walked out on her knees.

Taking a closer look at this woman, she turned out to be a beauty beyond reproach.

“Long Xun-jun, was that your friend just now?”

The woman’s red lips parted slightly, and although her voice was not delicate, it was also refreshing and pure.

Bai Shi smiled mysteriously.

“No, just a madman crazier than me.”

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