Wisteria Crawling The Coffin Author: All Night Fox


Today I want to tell you a story about Feng Shui.

In the eyes of today’s people, the theory of Feng Shui seems to be equated with superstition just like fortune-telling. But the author wants to say here that Feng Shui is actually a profound science, do you believe it?

What is Feng Shui? Literally speaking, everyone should know that it is wind and water. Wind is qi, and qi is divided into air and earth qi. Water is divided into living water and stagnant water. That is to say, Feng Shui is actually a profound knowledge that integrates land exploration and air observation.

A good feng shui treasure will indeed have an impact on people’s lives. But as for burying the ancestors in an auspicious place, whether it can really benefit future generations. No one can say this clearly.

The following story, if you believe it, believe it, if you don’t believe it, just read it as a novel.

Anyone who has read the story of the fox should know that the hometown of the fox is in Jingmen, Hubei, near the tail of Dahong Mountain. According to the terrain, it belongs to the hilly area.

A small town surrounded by mountains. In the early 1980s, with the reform and opening up, roads and bridges were built all over the country. My hometown also followed the trend and planned to build a road with several surrounding towns.

To build roads, of course we have to dig mountains, so for a while, bombing and mechanical digging are just for efficiency, and I don’t know how many cultural relics and ancestral graves of ordinary people have been destroyed.

This story was told to me by my Uncle Hu who participated in road construction back then.

Ok, the text:

In other words, it was when Uncle Hu was in his 20s, when the road was being built near his village, and the road repair team came to the village to recruit labor. Rich people spend some money and buy it. But Uncle Hu’s family has no money, so as a young and middle-aged man, he naturally worked for the village and sent him to work.

Fortunately, the construction site is not far from home, and three meals a day are included, which saves Uncle Hu’s parents a lot of trouble. In this way, Uncle Hu followed the road construction team all the way to open the mountain.

In our country, the mountains are usually the ancestral graves of other people’s villages. If you want to dig someone’s ancestral grave, they won’t fight you desperately.

The construction team also has experience in dealing with this matter. If they can cheat, they can cheat, and if they can scare them, they can scare them. If they are hard and soft, they can just give some money and it will be over. But when Uncle Hu repaired a place called Caojiazhuang, problem occurs.

Before the construction team’s tent had been set up that day, the village head led the whole village to bring up picks and shovels. The leader of the construction team immediately played his cards according to the routine. First, he talked with others from Marxism-Leninism to Mao Zedong Thought. Helpless, the team leader had no choice but to go to the foreman and prepare to bring someone to do it. Who knew that after a fight, no one in the village was injured, but dozens of people in the construction team were beaten up by others.

It was only later that I learned that all the people in the village were descendants of those who had fought against Chairman Li Xianling back then. When these people fight, first, they are not afraid of death, and second, they are all capable of fighting, and one of them can withstand several fights without shouting, and when they fight in groups, they all use the same tactics. move.

This is not good for soft ones, nor hard ones, how can this be good? After discussing for a while, the foreman had no choice but to admit that he was unlucky and asked the government to allocate some money to relieve the disaster. But when the leader of the foreman went to the village head’s house with a sack carrying cash (cash) and wanted to explain his purpose. Before he could speak, they released 5 or 6 dogs as big as calves from the backyard, and the people who were chasing them ran out in embarrassment without even asking for money.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t complete the task assigned by the above, and this village is a must pass on the road map. So the construction team had to report the situation up. As for what method was used to solve it later, of course, Uncle Hu and these young shrimp soldiers don’t know.

All I know is that when they go again, the village head is so enthusiastic. The person serving tea and pouring water apologized repeatedly.

And let the word out, let them dig, and dig at will, they can dig as they want.

Everyone who had already delayed a lot of the construction period, once they heard that work could start, they started preparations overnight.

(The story is a bit long. The fox was going to write it in detail, but due to time constraints, the fox is on the night shift recently. Now he just got off work and is sleepy. He has to wait until the writing is finished and go to bed, so speed up the process and write the result directly. , I’m sorry, when I have time, I will fill up the plots one by one for everyone.)

Let’s start with Uncle Hu digging up a big wisteria.

The wisteria is strange to say, when viewed from a distance, it can be mistaken for a towering tree. Generally, this kind of wild vine can grow as thick as an arm, but Uncle Hu What I saw was a guy who was like a big tree, covering the sky and the sun. The green leaves were facing upwards, and the brown-purple vine body had gone through many years, and the whole cemetery was full. of. Finally, I followed an old pine tree all the way up. How easy is it to dig up such a big guy? Just as everyone was struggling with that wisteria, Uncle Hu went down with a shovel, and all the birds in the forest flew up into the sky with a swoosh. This battle scared everyone into a daze.

Someone said: “Could it be true that you have dug the beard of the mountain god?” Because in our family, all the vegetation on the mountain is the beard and hair of the mountain god.

“Nonsense, how could such a thing really happen?” Uncle Hu said. new year wishes message

That’s right, these are all legends from the mouths of the old people, so what kind of beard is there for a mountain god? So everyone started digging again. One shovel followed by another, and soon saw the coffins buried below. What made everyone even more surprised was that the coffins below the tombs, which seemed to be arranged in a mess on the surface, were actually made of wisteria roots. Neatly.

Seeing this scene, a person in the construction team who knew a little about Feng Shui immediately screamed out, what a crime, this is wisteria picking coffins, there should be a big man in this village.

Hurry up and bury it back.

But even if it was dug up, even if it was buried again, how could it be buried perfectly?

In this way, the feng shui of that place was broken.

As for later, some people guessed who drew the road map, and how it happened to pass by someone’s cemetery. Maybe I knew about the Feng Shui in this village a long time ago, so I came here to break it. The answer to the mystery is unknown.

Postscript, in fact, there are still many people who understand Feng Shui, especially those who are rich and powerful, and they obey them even more. The reason why everyone thinks this is superstition, and the reason, I don’t need to say.

Well, wisteria paving the coffin, let’s stop here for now. Just treat it as a small spoiler, hehe (End)

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