The Man In The Ear

“The one who sang just now, is that you? At first hearing these words, I felt rogue, but I couldn’t refute them. The young man was talking, although his words were still presumptuous, but they were ashamed to be logical. Like such a fairy Humans will also come into this world, so how can we teach people not to love evil? Although Yun Qiweng didn’t know what he was going to do, these words were very useful, so he let him go. I think my lord is used to it. If you don’t listen to the good advice for a long time, this thing was born. Now this thing has been eliminated, but I still want to advise: If you still refuse to listen to the good advice in the future, you will still suffer from the same disease and give birth to the same foreign body. … Continue readingThe Man In The Ear