The Legend Of Pear Blossom

Wu Sheng came back from a visit to a friend, trusting his horse to let the horse rein, he walked into a fork in the road, and was in a daze, only to see a small town not far ahead. Seeing it from afar, the town is full of flowers, which is too beautiful to behold. Looking at it, Wu Sheng couldn’t help but be amazed that there is only one kind of flower blooming in the whole town – pear blossom.

Wu Sheng found a small shop to live in. Anyway, he was not in a hurry to go home. He wanted to stay here for a few days and see what was so weird about the town.

The name of the town is Pear Blossom Town, which is named after the pear blossoms in the town. Wu Sheng searched for a day, but he didn’t find any kind of miscellaneous flowers. There are many ancient buildings in Lihua Town. Several famous wars in history did not affect this place. In modern times, there have been years of wars. The town has the ability to survive in the cracks without any damage.

Wu Sheng lived here for many days, studying and writing in the evening, exploring the quiet and scenic spots in the daytime. On this day, Wu Sheng went straight to the west corner of the town, which was originally a taboo in Lihua Town. He just said: “Listen to me. That’s right.” This made Wu Sheng even more curious.

In the west corner of the town is a larger pear grove, with a radius of tens of miles. The pear blossoms are as white as snow, densely packed, one tree and one twig, like clouds and fog. Wu Sheng was wandering casually, and suddenly, an octagonal building suddenly stood in front of him. The building is three stories high, and the body of the building is carved with pear blossoms. The carvings are exquisite. Wu Sheng became more and more curious when he saw it, and he climbed up to the third floor without realizing it. In the room on the third floor, there is only a clay statue, a female body, at first glance Wu Sheng thought it was Guanyin, but when he walked over to see it, it was a young woman with a beautiful face, fresh and pleasant. He liked it, but couldn’t change his dandyism, so he took a pen and wrote a poem on the back of the woman’s body: “Yi Ren lives in a high-rise building, her skin is like creamy fat, she is admired by young students, lovesick for no reason, the statue is not sympathetic, but why is it so, can it be a dream?” In the meeting, talk and talk to become a confidant.”

Wu Sheng stared at the statue for a while, lamenting that such a beautiful woman is hard to find in the world. When I got back to my residence, I had a headache for no reason. I called the doctor, but they couldn’t find out Mingtang, so I only prescribed a few doses of pain relief medicine for him. Taking the medicine didn’t help, the headache was getting more and more painful, and there was no one to take care of him, Wu Sheng thought sadly, if he suffers from this strange disease, he might die in a foreign land.

With a splitting headache, Wu Sheng even began to babble, and the night was dark. In a trance, Wu Sheng saw a woman quietly coming to the bed, and was surprised. She opened her cherry lips lightly: “Young master, don’t be surprised. I appreciate your talent. I know that your son is seriously ill, so I came here to relieve my troubles.” When I grabbed the air with my hand, I grabbed a handful of petals. Wu was sick and went to the doctor in a hurry. According to the woman’s instructions, he sipped a few petals in his mouth, and immediately his cheeks were full of fragrance, and most of his headache disappeared.

The woman went to the window, took off the qin bag on the wall, and took out Wu Sheng’s guqin. After a little flicking, beautiful notes flowed out, like a yellow warbler coming out of the valley, like pearls falling on a jade plate. Wu Sheng listened to it pleasantly, The headache is half gone again. He turned over and climbed out of bed, watching the woman’s fingers scrambling and dancing on the strings. Suddenly, his mind froze, and his eyes poured on the woman behind, who actually sprinkled a little bit of unwashed ink, and then looked at the woman’s appearance, which was somewhat similar to the statue in the octagonal building.

Wu Sheng opened his mouth and almost yelled, so he said to the woman: “My sister is very skilled at the piano, how about a song for Xiaosheng?” The woman nodded, and Wu Sheng began to sing slowly and softly. It is: “Yi Ren lives in a high-rise building, her skin is like creamy fat, she is admired by young students, and loves him for no reason—” With a loud voice, the woman got up from her seat, and said angrily, “I see that the young master is a scholar, so he must be gentle and polite. Frivolity!” The woman was ready to leave, but Wu Sheng hurriedly pulled her shirt, “Sister, don’t blame me, just now I saw that my sister was concentrating on the piano art, and looked like an old friend of Xiaosheng, so Xiaosheng would be rude.” The woman’s face eased, and she said shyly Said: “To tell you the truth, the little girl’s name is Lihua. She has been in love with the young master for a long time, so she doesn’t hesitate to meet her at night. If you love me, you only need to rely on me for three things, and you can be a long-term husband and wife.” Wu Sheng was overjoyed and hurriedly said, “Let’s not talk about three pieces, even thirty pieces are acceptable.”

So Lihua said three things. First, don’t ask her where she came from, she will tell Wu Sheng when the time is right; second, she can only meet Wu Sheng at night, and she will leave in the morning; third, Wu Sheng Don’t ask outsiders to tell you about her. Wu Sheng agreed with all his mouth, and immediately hugged Lihua to bed, which was indescribably beautiful.

At dawn, Wu Sheng felt that there was no one on the side of the pillow, and thought of what Lihua said, knowing that she would go by herself. The doctor came to see Wu Sheng again, and said that after searching through ancient prescriptions all night, she finally found a cure for his headache, and was surprised to learn that Wu Sheng had recovered. Wu Sheng smiled and said nothing, only hoped that the sky would get dark soon so that he could meet Lihua again.

In the blink of an eye, it was the Mid-Autumn Festival, and Wu Sheng missed his mother. Wu’s father passed away early, and his mother had high expectations for Wu Sheng. It happened that the family members came here and said that the old lady was critically ill. Wu Sheng was very worried and wished he could fly back home. He asked Lihua to go with him, but Lihua faltered and said, “It’s not easy for me to meet people. Since my mother-in-law is seriously ill, I can’t stop you from being filial. You go home and stay for a year or two. I’ll go find her.” you.”

Wu Sheng reluctantly bid farewell to Lihua, only to find out when he returned home that his mother was not sick at all, seeing him wandering outside, so he made up a lie to let him come back. She has already arranged a marriage for Wu Sheng, and she is the daughter of a local high-ranking official, urging Wu Sheng to get married. Wu Sheng was not willing to obey, but he couldn’t be forced, so he had to tell the truth about his private life with Lihua. Wu’s mother was so angry that she guessed that Lihua was not the daughter of a good family, so she resolutely refused to recognize her daughter-in-law.

Wu Sheng locked himself in his room and concentrated on his studies. He wanted to make a name for himself in the coming year, so that he could separate from his mother and set up his own family. Even if his mother opposed Lihua’s entry at that time, he had a way to deal with it.

After a hundred and ten days like this, Wu Sheng was reading at night while holding a candle, and the window was blown open by the wind. Wu Sheng went to close the window, but saw Lihua standing outside the window, weeping. Wu Sheng hurriedly greeted her to come in, Lihua just shook her head, and after a long time said: “Mr. Wu, our fate is over. If you think of my benefits, you can find a family surnamed Cui in Lihua Town after the beginning of spring next year. I will take care of you there.” “As she spoke, she grabbed Wu Sheng’s thumb, bit it cruelly, and pressed it between her eyebrows. Wu Sheng suffered from pain and wailed, only to realize that it was a dream, but the scene in the dream was so real.

Wu’s mother opened the door and came in, with a panicked expression on her face, she said to Wu Sheng: “Son, do you know that the pear flower you met is not a human being, I have asked someone to find out, she is a pear tree spirit. I I have entrusted the masters of Qingfengguan to arrest her, so you don’t have to worry too much, you can have a longer memory in the future, and don’t have sex with a dubious woman like this.” Wu Sheng smiled bitterly: “Mother, even if She is a different kind, but she has no intention of harming anyone, knowing that you are seriously ill, she will collect medicine for you to treat your illness.” After finishing speaking, Wu Sheng laughed and went out, even though his mother was chasing after him, he did not care.

I don’t see it in October, but Lihua Town is dilapidated and desolate, all the pear trees are dead, the octagonal building at the west corner of the town has also collapsed, and the clay sculpture of Lihua has also been destroyed, Wu Sheng couldn’t help feeling sad. Wu Sheng managed to inquire about a family surnamed Cui, and learned that he gave birth to a girl seven days ago. Wu Sheng rushed over to have a look, and saw that the little girl was starved to the point of skin and bones, and the rouge birthmark on her forehead was particularly eye-catching. She kicked and kicked in her mother’s arms, crying non-stop, Wu Sheng held her in his arms, strange to say, she stopped making trouble, and fed her rice soup, sipping it with his mouth open. When her parents hugged her, they kept crying. Her father, with his mother’s permission, begged Wu Sheng and said, “It seems that this baby is destined to be with you, so let me send it to you.” In his hands, he was afraid of losing her again.

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