The Legend Of Pear Blossom

Seeing it from afar, the town is full of flowers, which is too beautiful to behold. Looking at it, Wu Sheng couldn’t help but be amazed that there is only one kind of flower blooming in the whole town – pear blossom. The name of the town is Pear Blossom Town, which is named after the pear blossoms in the town. Wu Sheng searched for a day, but he didn’t find any kind of miscellaneous flowers. There are many ancient buildings in Lihua Town. Several famous wars in history did not affect this place. In modern times, there have been years of wars. The town has the ability to survive in the cracks without any damage. The woman flung her sleeves and wanted to leave, Wu Sheng hurriedly pulled her clothes, don’t blame my sister, just now I saw that my sister was concentrating on the piano art and looked like an old friend of Xiaosheng, so Xiaosheng would be rude. … Continue readingThe Legend Of Pear Blossom